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The first white Europeans to lay eyes on Buena Vista Canyon were members of the Reed - Donner Party who came here to rest with their very overloaded wagons. The canyon has and still flourishes with fresh water and wildlife making it a prime area for wagon trains to utilize this location as an area to rest. The early pioneers could hunt antelope within the Humboldt Range while the horses could drink from the creek that flows through the canyon. The Donner - Reed had made a fateful decision to take a short cut which cost them their lives along that short cut was where Unionville stands today. The Donner Party would eventually make it as far as Donner Lake where a majority of them succumbed to the elements and the harshness of winter.  Such canyons provided a stop over for early pioneers and emigrants who may have decided to set up camp here for awhile before moving on to the high sierras.

Years later when Indians came to Virginia City NV in 1861 with high grade silver ore from Buena Vista Canyon many miners flocked to the area. This led to the Buena Vista District just a little over a week later. Buena Vista Canyon is nestled within the heart of the Humboldt Range surrounded which overshadows a vast desert expanse and along the edge of the Humboldt - Toiyabe National Forest. This made it a very relevant area for miners to set up a town here because it offered the best of both worlds and silver ore was abundant for a short time until eventually most of it would be mined dry. The natives who often led the white men to the gold and silver ended up receiving the lowest wages of all and rather then owning the claims they worked them.

Before the town or as some referred to it as a hamlet was called Unionville it took on the name Dixie in 1861. The town was divided between Union and Southern Sympathizers during the Civil War. When the amount of Union supporters began to outnumber the southern sympathizers a vote was put into play thus it was changed to Unionville as its residents wanted a name that symbolized Patriotism. This fueled allot of anger amongst the locals and disputes were common due to opposite political views. Although Nevada played a small role during the civil war its mines and tycoons did support the Union. Today their is very little proof that the name Dixie ever existed however their is a ranch found within the canyon which has the words Dixie Ranch on its front gates.

Unionville at the time became a center for mining in the area although you had sister mining towns nearby which eventually went bust such as Star City, Mill City and Rochester Nevada. Some of the miners may have decided to move around between all three towns in hopes of striking it rich. Many of the locals could take a wagon to these sister towns and it would be a day trip if that so Unionville despite its seclusion was not cut off from the world. Both of these ghost towns I have explored and although a little less preserved then Unionville they all served one another completing our Humboldt Range historic explorations. Please note that today most of 
Rochester Nevada is gone due to strip mining while so very little remains of Star City unfortunately. But if its anything I learned from venturing within the Humboldt Mountain range is that it does not disappoint!

One of the most notable residents who lived in Unionville came to live here in the winter of 1861 and stayed till about 1862. His name was known as Samuel Langhorne Clemens or as most of you know him as Mark Twain. When he arrived he built a dugout cabin within the hillside deep within the canyon to establish residency here and to try a hand in mining. Most early pioneers who came out west had no idea how hard it was to become successful at mining or what they were getting themselves into. Twain described Unionville consisting of having eleven cabins five on one side of the canyon and six on the other. When he built the dug out he roofed it with canvas leaving a corner open to serve as a chimney. He mentioned at times hearing wolves howl and having his sleep interrupted at night by cattle that would stumble on his furniture. He also talked about how difficult the winter was within the Humboldt Range and if you do not believe it take a look at the scenic photos those tell a tale on their own!

You can actually read about Twain's life experiences in Unionville in his book called "Roughing It" written in 1872. Twain realized real quickly mining was not for him as he tried shoveling, sinking a shaft and even taking a pick to a canyon wall but learned that allot of the glitters he seen were not of silver/gold but rather Mica and Quartz crystal. In his book he states "That nothing that glitters is gold" and "would have supposed he was walking among bloated millionaires but life in Unionville was a beggars revel". Twain also referred to Unionville as a dark and dreary place as the sun would not illuminate the canyon till later in the morning. He mentioned that generally the sun seemed to only glaze the top of the mountains which tower above Buena Vista Canyon. Twain expected to see steep walls of glittering silver but instead realized that it might be more profitable to commandeer the mines and miners rather then to do the mining yourself. Today the cabin still stands deep within the canyon beyond the town site and it truly is Unionvilles most prominent historic sites found in the back of the park or what some refer to as the towns oasis. The cabin along with the walls surrounding it were built by Twain himself their is not many sites like it in the country therefore it truly is one of Unionville's most remarkable historic sites. He found out the hard way that being a miner was hard work and it was almost like slave work. Why be the miner when you can own a stake in the mines?

After Twains departure the town continued to bustle and grow despite his failure to yield profit in mining here. The town boasted nine saloons, multiple hotels, various residences, businesses, stores, church, brewery, three ten-stamp mills, one five-stamp mill, school and even a covered bridge you crossed to get over Buena Vista Creek. One of the only covered bridges in Nevada can be found in Unionville and yes it still stands today but on private property unfortunately.
Most of the wood structures were built with lumber imported from outside of Unionville as it was scarce in the high desert. The original school had one room and was constructed of adobe then a short time later the historic Buena Vista Schoolhouse you see up on the hill came to be in 1871.  The schoolhouse is found up on a hill facing town its one of the best preserved buildings of its time period found within the canyon. Its also one of the best preserved schoolhouses from that era found in the state of Nevada. Unionville also boasted three newspapers named Silver State, Mining Topics and the Humboldt Register. Its post office remained open from April of 1862 to about 1956 when it met its closure. As most of you know when it comes to boom towns most post offices only stayed open a few short years but this one remained open for over 90 years. The population fluctuated all the way from 1500 to 3000 residents during its boom years to a mere 20 residents as of today!

The mining boom lasted from about 1863 till about 1872 as three million in silver had been extracted from the silver mines found deep within the canyon.  The Arizona Mine was the largest producer in Silver as it operated from 1862 and met its closure in 1880. The silver became less abundant in the 1870's despite the fact that their were four mills that were still in operation during that time. While the ten-stamp mills processed the lower grade ores the higher graded silver ore was freighted off to Sacramento and to Wales. The miners were paid as high as $4 dollars per day while Indians and perhaps Chinese only $2. Today that would be equivalent to $52 - $26 per day so life was rather difficult and many of the men who resided in Unionville were poverty stricken. They worked in harsh conditions all day long in the mines and outdoors in the elements. Despite the lower wages the town had about ten years of good times and crime here was much lower then other boom towns in the region. The adobe School was the first of its kind within the county but also was used by the Union League, Knights Of The Golden Circle, Free Masons, I.O.O.F and E. Clampus Vitus all well known fraternal groups. The school would be replaced with a wooden structure which you will see further below on this prologue page which is worth a gander.

Unionville also held the original county seat for Humboldt County from July of 1861 to about 1873 when it was relocated to Winnemucca. Humboldt County was renamed to Pershing County in 1919. However the relocation of the country seat is not what caused Unionville's demise. What caused it was not just the decline in rich silver ore but the completion of the Central Pacific Railroad in the Humboldt Valley and the establishment of Winnemucca as a major trading and shipping center. It was a combination and many variables that led to Unionville going from boom to bust. In the 1800's many of the towns residents relocated to Winnemucca or ended up taking the railroad to other larger mining towns to seek out profits. Today people still live in Unionville among the ruins the only tourism that it receives derives from the Old Pioneer Garden Country Inn originally the old wagaon shop is now  a bed and breakfast which has a very nosy and rude owner therefore they will not be getting rave reviews from the PGS organization or its members anytime soon. Some of the structures within Unionville have been restored as from what I read preservation is underway but may not come soon enough. The Hadley House has been restored and I hope one day the rest of the structures found within this canyon also receive the same love necessary to keep them standing for years to come.

Now lets talk about some of the ethnic diversity in connection to Unionville such as some of its notable residents and occurrences. For example in the 1860's the Chinese came to Unionville to work the mines. The Chinese were hardworking laborers and they worked for lower wages. This led to allot of anti-Chinese racism especially since the Democratic Party led newspaper known as The Humboldt Register referred to them as baboons and trained monkeys. That is when some of the locals within the town organized the Anti-Chinese League which had a goal to expel the Chinese from Unionville. Their plan would come into play in January of 1869 when 35 Chinese men were put on wagons then taken 25 miles to Mill City where the closest railroad 
Central Pacific Railway station resided. 

It would not end here as eighteen men were indicted however only two were ever arrested. Despite the eighteen men involved its rumored that more were involved but either never caught or indicted. Two of the men Lewis Dunn and John J. Hill were released under the write of habeas corpus by District Judge George G. Berry. The U.S. District Court also released an Alex W. Baldwin under similar circumstances. Getting justice for the Chinese was very difficult but I suppose it is the principal to prevent this ever from happening again. This incident was a prime example of anti Chinese sentiment throughout the wild west. While many of the Chinese avoided Unionville many of them sought work at The Donner Summit Railroad Tunnels before and after they were constructed as well as mined along the American River. They played an active role in the development of the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Another example of anti Chinese sentiment would occur in the town of Dutch Flat California when China town was burned to the ground. Such hate occurred just about anywhere sad to say not just Unionville! Despite the poor treatment towards the Chinese it does not dissuade some of them from remaining in Humboldt County. When Unionville began to decline as a white mining center many of them returned to harness the water within Buena Vista Canyon using Rockers rather then sluices for their mining claims.

Another prominent citizen of Unionville was born in Mexico in 1841 named Paul Laveaga and was the only member of his family to leave for Nevada. He came to Nevada in 1866 and did some mining Unionville also serving as the postmaster for a brief time. Many of the citizens started off as miners in Unionville then settled down here even after the mines closed. However Laveaga eventually transitioned from mining to opening up a lodging house and restaurant which he ran till about 1884 where he then left for Winnemucca. Many of the locals left for Winnemucca when Unionville went bust because it was a growing town at the time and posed greater opportunities. However prior to leaving for Winnemucca he served as Humboldt Counties treasurer for eight years and in 1874 he was elected to the state assembly where he served four terms. He can be found buried along with his family within the Winnemucca Historic Cemetery which I did a full research project at.

The last prominent citizen I want to discuss was the Kinkead family who at some point resided in Unionville where their adopted child is found buried here within the cemetery who went by the name Kahtz. I am not sure how this child died but when you roam the town cemetery you will find that their are quite a few children buried here who may have had difficulty braving this harsh frontier as illness and accidents were very common in the wild west. John Henry and Lizzie Fall Kinkead were this child's parents a very prominent well known family not just in Nevada but also Alaska. John Henry Kinkead served as the only Territorial Treasurer born in Somerset Country, PA in 1826. He relocated to Carson City in 1860 to establish a branch of his father-in-law's mercantile firm called Kinkead, Harrington & Company. He was a member of the 1863 and 1864 Constitutional Convetions and resprested Ormsby County which today is Carson County. He moved to Alaska in 1867 residing there for about four years then returned to Nevada to become its third governor serving from 1879 - 1883 where he served in office at the Nevada State Capitol Building which today is a beautiful architectural historic site which boast a portrait of every governor who ever served in within the Silver State. After Kinkead served as governor he would return to Alaska a second time to serve as Territorial Governor in 1884 - 1885 then came back to Nevada where he would eventually pass on in 1904.

The Buena Vista Cemetery serves as one of the largest historic sites in Unionville although the graves are very scattered many who are buried here lived out most of their lives in Unionville. It is still being used today as I had found a few newer interments but generally many of the pioneer graves found here are in a state of disrepair. Some of the grave sites have wooden gravemarkers that have illegible names while other stones are crumbling. Many of the grave sites are not even marked or are just a pile of rocks and downed wooden fences which signifies that someone is buried at that location. The cemetery was erected in the 1870's as Unionville was reaching its peak and death was unavoidable. Lets face it the life of a miner was a dangerous journey some men were given their last rites the moment then entered the mines due to how unsafe conditions were. Their is a memorial also found in the cemetery which reads "In memory of all the departed brothers of the I.O.O.F. who rest eternally in this hallowed ground". Which meant that multiple interments did occur here and the gravestones at some point in time were lost. Nobody knows for sure how many graves are unmarked its been proposed that their is 15 unmarked interments but in theory I believe that the number is higher due to the large amount of open space and plaques that list multiple names. Nobody knows for sure because the records kept on this cemetery were not very thorough but it is a true example of a wild western burial ground overshadowed by the beautiful scenic Humboldt Mountains. I do remember an epitaph found within the cemetery that says they were killed by Indians so outside of Unionville life could get dangerous very quickly!

Today life has slowed down in Unionville their is about 20 residents that live throughout the canyons entrance as far back as three miles. Its very scattered with debris left behind by the miners and pioneers. For example old wood wagons, mining equipment, rusty trucks, machinery, vintage machinery such as a meat grinder, ore bins, bean cans and broken glass. Their are stone ruins, wood cabin and other structures that came along from different eras all the way to newly built homes. While other older structures been renovated and restored by some of the locals such as the Pioneer Garden which the owners live at. The town went from extreme Silver Mining to becoming an epicenter for agriculture and ranching. Its still not uncommon to see cattle roaming the range or wild horses surrounding Unionville. Its extremely scenic and in the winter all the peaks are snowcapped. The springs and the creek still flows strong through Buena Vista Canyon which is full of trees especially large cottonwoods which stood at the time the miners worked the mines here. Its not as woodsy within the canyon as it use to be their is allot of open spaces where structures use to stand and allot of the history is now fenced off and resides on allot of the ranchers properties unfortunately so its hard to extensively research everything within the town. But everywhere you look for three miles within the canyon has a tale and is historical while wildlife is very abundant here much like Star Canyon is nearby.  While some sites are well preserved other sites are in ruins and some structures are just collapsed which may have been a miner cabin or some other business.

I know that their are allot of websites that revolve around Unionville and some are travel sites which recommend this location for families. However I strongly discourage others from visiting Unionville. Many of the locals do not like outsiders I found this out when I faced a series of incidents that occurred here which made my family and I feel very un welcoming but we did finish our project here despite this factor as I was armed on this trip.  I read on various sites how great it is to take your family here and feel free to explore the town. But such sites are bogus and if you have not really experienced this ghost town like we have then take my advice stay vigilante and stay armed if you have a gun permit. Let me explain in further detail because I am deeply concerned for anyone trying to visit Unionville alone or with their families. So understand just with any remote location in Nevada heed my warnings that visiting here does come with some risks. Back in 2005 they found two 16 year old girls dismembered and found in an old rusty truck downtown. We have a photo of that truck if you check out our investigation one page now I cant say a local was involved but I heard the story from a local who called it the Devils ride!

For example of risk as well as the towns lack of friendliness occurred when we first arrived I stayed outside of a fence line to take photos of some old miner cabins when a lady came outside stared at me with my son then went back inside to bring her two dogs out one a Doberman Pinscher. She was getting ready to release her dogs onto us honestly was my son and I a threat for taking photos enough for her to stand on her porch trying to intimidate us with her dogs? I hope this individual realizes that it is illegal and a crime to have your canines attack an individual and that legally I could have put them both down if it came to that. Not only was it rude but it could have been settled with a simple wave or even walking up to me to talk. I believe good things can come from being civil not from unleashing your dogs to attack us when you have no idea what is we are doing even though were both holding cameras and taking photos.

Then we have the incident where a local in a truck started speeding up and tried to run me off the road to chase us out of town we were not even doing anything but taking photos on the main road. What is even more eerie is when you roll into town and people just stare at you out their windows watching you the entire time from their trailers like this is the movie Deliverance its pretty creepy and tells me the locals lack in socialization skills. This is very odd behavior compared to some of the other semi ghost towns I have visited. Other towns in the region like Austin for example welcome researchers and tourist with open arms. Without visitors you have no reason to operate a B&B and you will not get recognition to have funding for deplorable sites to be restored. So honestly if the town looks the way it does or has a lacking economy it more then likely is attributed to the locals who think that by conducting themselves in this manner its not very productive!

Then we have the owner of the Old Pioneer Garden Bed & Breakfast which I was going to promote it now I refuse because he came out of his establishment yelling at my girlfriend because my son and I were taking photos of old wagons that we were never even touching. The wagons were in a field which turned out to be private property that is unmarked and their is no fenceline because most of it is gone so how would we know? He ended up calling the owner down the road of that property who in turn sat down the road in his vehicle watching us the entire time talk about uncomfortable. My son is less then 5' holding a camera yet the senile backwoods hillbilly still had to ask what we are doing as if its not obvious! I can only imagine how he would have treated me if I was Chinese or if I was not with my children at the time.

The only individual who said hello waving to me was a man exploring the town with his wife with Oregon license plates so Unionville is NOT a welcoming place and this is not the first time I heard of this so be forewarned if you decide to go here. Do not stay at the Old Pioneer Garden there are plenty of other places in Winnemucca and you do not have to worry about being shot at or have the locals snooping around. What is the whole entire point of staying at the bed & breakfast in Unionville if the locals do not want you exploring the ghost town? Think about it!!! I read a few stories about how people went off exploring and almost ended up shot at here. Apparrently some of these locals within Unionville still think we live in the mid 1800's. Nobody and I mean NOBODY has a right to deny others history or the ability to learn.

Therefore you are more then welcome to enjoy this research project we have added to our site everything that is accessible is posted here even some of the non accessible sites. My advice is to the residents of Unionville is that you reside in a big ghost town with Mark Twains cabin of course families, journalist, authors and paranormal investigators are going to visit here to explore I do not think that is unusual. If the locals want tourism and these sites to be restored then they need to let individuals such as myself on in to do our work so that in the future the sites that need renovation, restoration and recognition like the Twain Cabin can transpire. Without researchers such as us Unionville's rich history would never be told as their would be no photos, history, video or other media. I could have sent all our members, viewers and ghost town enthusiast to stay at the Old Pioneer Garden B&B and now they just lost a major amount of funding because of how poorly the town treated our group and how threatening they were towards our visit here.

What it boils down to is that if your going to boast one of the only covered bridges in the state of Nevada, historic cabin that Mark Twain built, historic remnants like wagons from the mid 1800's and majestic scenery then your going to get an influx of visitors. My theory is if you do not want outsiders do not live among such a great historic site and if you do get visitors show some love. Not everyone is out to steal some folks just want a great ghost town experience. The only time I felt at peace here was when I was at the cemetery which is outside of town and at the park which is deep in the canyon that is because at both sites their are no locals but in between be prepared to have a bunch of folks with absolutely no lives stare at you without waving and threaten your very existence all because you decided to conduct some research here. It is the researchers like us who assume all liability and risk which very few ever take into consideration to bring you such great content so when you browse our pages try to keep this in mind.

In conclusion I found Unionville to be one of the more amazing Silver Mining Towns ever visited in Nevada the problem is you either cannot get to half of these sites or the locals are looking for drama because again they have no lives back here and are bored. I know that seems harsh but when other locations are kind to me they get sponsored and they get business from us. When you try to zig your dogs on my son and I, try to run us over, do not wave back to us and make threats; your going to end up on the ghost town hall of shame plain & simple! It appears that allot of the political issues that existed back in the 1800's have not changed very much. Based on my investigation the two most haunted locations found within the town is the graveyard and the Mark Twain Cabin site which also boasted other miner cabins surrounding it. The one resident who welcomed visitors and shared tales of the town passed away a couple years ago a Native American woman who I wished I had gotten to meet with. It seems since then the town has gone downhill since her passing! My advice to the local residents of Unionville is be kind to others because you never know who might be passing through just as Mark Twain did in 1861 and today is still one of the most well known names and authors in the country! Now I can understand why he never made Unionville a permenant home it was due to many factors and may have also been attributed to some of the towns residents who were unruly and as you can see not much has changed! Just as with the Anti-Chinese movement where they expelled them from the town the same thing continues today only with those who visit it!

Copyright By
Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
PGS Founder
Author, Talk Show Host, Paranormal Investigator, Producer & Journalist

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