The purpose of this page is to list any cursed artifacts we receive from clients, members, or those who pass them on to our society.  When we receive a cursed object I will place it below with its history as well as story. Sometimes what occurs is some people acquire such objects haunted rockers, silverware, clocks, ouija boards....artifacts etc and the only way for it to end is to secure them elsewhere or pass them on. So if you have a cursed object you wish to pass on to our society contact me for details on the main page.

Aside from that there are many items on the black market or being discovered everyday. No normal man could every wield such an object like the Ark Of Covenant, Holy Grail, Spear Of Destiny or something that belonged to a God. I am searching for rare items such as those to be handed down to our society. Such rare items will never be listed on this page to preserve them or sold unless stated otherwise. 

If you are the owner of such an artifact we can sign a contract of the sorts so that you know our society is not trying to benefit financially of such items or we can hold on to it for so many years. Some artifacts cannot be used or unlocked without the rightful users or at least someone who is able to withstand its power. Hitler was said to have control over the Spear Of Destiny some felt it actually took over him. I feel alot of these objects in our history have caused downfalls to empires....deaths of its users...and even have altered our course of history.

Just as rumor has it if the Ark is opened that it would kill those in its presence just as those that drank from the holy grail could obtain immortality. Whether they are myths or they are not myths our society would like to test them out and is willing to obtain such items to do so. Some of these items are dangerous to its owners some of them were not meant to fall in the hands of any normal man. Some of them were meant to fall into the hands of our society as we are not out for greed like most rich men who have came across such items.

I started this page because about a year ago in 2007 a member contacted me about an item that belonged to a god. Something that was said to open up portals to other worlds maybe even control demons or be used to cause death to many at one time. It was an ancient staff of the sorts handed down to her family for many years. It was eventually buried out in the desert lost in time so it would not be misused. These are the type of items I would like to come across you can ship them to us, email me if you have a question, meet with me if you wish to hand over one, sign a contract with us in passing such an item onto our society. Cursed or haunted items I will place below...rare artifacts will be kept between our society and its previous owner on a discreet level. 

 Some of them we will try to unlock, test or use. That is afterall the purpose of this page is to find the mystery to each of these artifacts which their are thousands in our world today.  Have a weird artifact or object you want us to look at or take off your hands? Contact me for details!


If you have an artifact you wish to send us or for the matter anything paranormal related you can do so at the following address!


Paranormal & Ghost Society

PO Box 6175

Gardnerville, NV 89460-7564