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Dutch Flat California may just be magical all in itself as it resides in the lower foothills of the Sierras. Before I go into an enriched history of this semi-ghost town I really want to thank the local residents of this small community for taking the time to talk with me. My time may have been spent here short but many of the local residents made it memorable with tales of ghost stories, history and hospitality. Allot of people often wonder why we chose to invest so much into our research and paranormal investigating. Well the truth is its sometimes about the people you meet through your journeys like one shop owner took out her photo album showed me photos of Dutch Flat from the 1800's and another one told me a ghost story. Even Roscoe the town dog on a warm sunny day can be seen sitting by the curb waiting for a passerby to scratch his head that is just the type of place this historic town offers.

Dutch Flat was settled and founded by two German Brothers Charles and Joseph Dornbach in 1851 during the gold rush. Others called the settlement Dutch Charlie's Flat, Charley's Flat and even Dutchman's Flat.  The entire town is registered as a Californian Historic Landmark so every structure you see in our photos and videos is a piece of wild western history. How can you not love that? We can bring this magical place to millions of our viewers but nothing compares to actually setting off on foot and exploring the town itself.

The Dornbachs mined in the mining camp of Green Valley which had thousands of men there were also camps across from Bear River and one called Little York in Nevada County. Then to the west a trading post called Cold Springs later changed to Gold Run. These camps were supplied via mule train from Colfax but back then called Illinois Town which also connected via stage route to Iowa Hill another lucrative gold rush town. Those that ran the mules to supple the mining camps often referred to Dornbach's mining camp at "Dutch Charlie's Flat" hence the town name was born.  Most towns in the wild west started off as small camps the more gold that was found the more miners and pioneers that would flood the region.

The post office in Dutch Flat opened in 1856 actually today when you tour the town the Odd Fellows Hall, Dutch Flat Hotel, Methodist Church, Trading Post, General Store and Masonic Temple all were built in the 1850's. Even today they are in excellent shape considering the fact that the town has been plagued by storms, fires and commercialism.  Thousands of miners came to this area in the 1850's working the ridges, canyons and hillsides. I read that in a very short time miners had over 45 claims where gold was being extracted from ore. The scarring from the hydraulic mining is finally healing being consumed by nature. However at one time the miners used these huge water cannons called monitors which would blasting the placers for its gold.  From 1854 to 1882 Dutch Flat had some of the richest hydraulic mining operations.

Dutch Flat really gained its prominence as a stagecoach stop which made it one of the largest and most important towns in Placer County from the years of 1864 to 1866.  One of the shortest and best wagon roads in the sierras ran through Dutch Flat so the route was widely used by pioneers and miners during the 1800's.  In 1860 the town was peaking thus it had the highest vote in all of Placer County until other nearby towns expanded into largest cities like Placerville for example.

It was here that Theodore Judah and Dr. Daniel W. Strong made the original subscriptions to build the first transcontinental railroad which would include the engineering for the Donner Pass Railroad Tunnels.  It was Strong who invited the railroad surveyor and chief engineer of the Central Pacific Railroad Theodore Judah to come to Dutch Flat to survey a possible route that would cross the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  In the fall of 1866 the railroad reached Cisco 20 miles further up the ridge and the town lost its importance as a stage stop. Below is an excerpt taken from wikipedia about the railroad so you can better understand the rise and fall of Dutch Flats struggles. Our society also explored the Donner Summit Railroad Tunnels which is one of the highest points the railroad traverses prior to it descending down into the lower sierras where many of these mining camps resided.

In 1859 Dr. Daniel Strong of Dutch Flat invited railroad surveyor and chief engineer of the Central Pacific Railroad Theodore Judah to come and evaluate a possible route across the Sierra Nevada mountains. One of the first large mining ditches to reach Dutch Flat had, in effect, demonstrated the existence of easy grades up to Emigrant Gap; from there, the line of the old Donner Trail across the Sierra Nevada was also such that a railroad could be built. Judah argued vociferously for the Central Pacific's financial backers—including California's "Big Four": Leland Stanford, Collis P. Huntington, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker—to employ the route for a trans-Sierra route that would link up to existing Union Pacific service in Utah or Nevada, instead of Huntington's less-ambitious plan to cater to the lucrative stage and wagon-hauled freight between Sacramento and the Comstock mining boom by building a well-surfaced toll road from Dutch Flat to Donner Lake, and then onward to the Carson Valley.

Judah may have been the most vocal critic of the Dutch Flat-Donner Pass Wagon Road, but he wasn't the only opponent. San Francisco investors, Sierra miners, and even the general public believed that the Central Pacific Railroad was focused only on getting their line built to Dutch Flat. Other Californians believed the whole railroad construction project a scam and that no one, not even "Crazy Judah," had ever really figured out a practicable route through the Sierra range.

The perception of greed and avarice raised the ire of many. San Francisco newspapers boldly accused the Central Pacific of planning only to lay track up to Dutch Flat and no further. Numerous articles and pamphlets arguing against the "Great Dutch Flat Swindle!" flooded the press. San Francisco's Alta California editorialized, "The Sacramentans Big Four are determined to have no railroad but Dutch Flat. The Capital City has aided in the raid upon this county for $80,000, upon Placer County for $25,000, and upon the state for millions. There will never be a railroad via Dutch Flat to Nevada Territory. There are obstacles which cannot be overcome. The Pacific Railroad will follow another route, not through Sacramento or anywhere else in the vicinity."

Despite the intense backlash, there was never any foundation to the stories spread by detractors of the Central Pacific Railroad. Judah's successor as chief engineer, Samuel S. Montague, was immediately ordered to continue surveying the future route as far as the "Big Bend of the Truckee River" (where it turns north toward Pyramid Lake), more than 40 miles (64 km) east of the California border. Obviously, there was no doubt among the Big Four that the Central Pacific line would eventually connect with the Union Pacific somewhere in Utah or the Nevada territory.

Dutch Flat was a very cultural town some referred to it as the Athens of the sierra foothills. It had its own dramatical and debating society. As a matter in fact Mark Twain lectured at the towns Opera House. Bret Harte mentioned Dutch Flat in his best seller called "Muck-a-Muck: A Modern Indian Novel After Cooper" and "Wan Lee the Pagan". Russel Towle composed over 1000 newspaper articles, essays, poems, diary fragments and short stories in the "Dutch Flat Chronicles" from the mid 1800's to 1906. You can see the Towle monument in the Dutch Flat German Cemetery which resides on a hill which overlooks the town. Then you have M.K. Hobson's 1876 fantasy novel called "The Native Star" which has several scenes of Dutch Flat. Mark Twain wrote a poem called "Smooth and Blubbery" for the Californian in 1864. He noted in this small piece that Dutch Flat was the death place of "George" in the subject of his essay called "General Washington's Negro Body Servant: A Biographical Sketch".

The Towle Brothers Lumber Company was the largest in the state which operated from 1861 to 1907 based out of Dutch Flat.  It was the largest in the state they owned over 20 thousand acres of land. It even had a private narrow gauge railroad that ran for about 38 miles and employed a work force of 200 men and fifty Chinese workers.  This lumber could then be shipped out to build many other well known towns today like Carson City, Placerville, Auburn etc etc.

The Chinese played a very large part in Dutch Flats history granted a majority of the town was German many of the Chinese came here to work.  While some worked for the Towle Lumber Company others came to the region to help build the transcontinental railroad. It was dangerous work considering many of them died in dynamiting the Donnner Summit Railroad Tunnels in the 1860s. Some of the Chinese worked the mines but there was allot of segregation going on at the time between German and Chinese immigrants.

Dutch Flat's Chinatown was erected in the 1850's during which time the population of the Chinese stood at 3,500 residents of the 6,000 townsfolk who resided here.  When the building of the transcontinental railroad was underway Dutch Flat had the largest Chinese settlement outside of San Francisco if at the time not more since many of the immigrants traveled to wherever there was work available.  In 1877 the original older Chinatown was burned down which ran along both sides of Sacramento Street in downtown Dutch Flat. More then likely the fire was the work of an arson as I said segregation was at a high during this time period therefore the Chinese were not treated right. Many other European Immigrants felt that the Chinese were taking away their employment and they were willing to work for allot less.

A newer Chinatown would be built up near the railroad tracks and depot of the Central Pacific Railroad which was about a mile above the main town site. At that time many of the Chinese had cleared out with the exception of about 1000 residents. The only remnants of Old Chinatown downtown Dutch Flat is a Chinese Adobe or rather a rammed-earth store building which if your a history buff like me you will find a fascinating piece of history or at least a reminder of what once was.  The new Chinatown by 1893 dwindled to a mere 350 residents according to Russell Towle who wrote in an excerpt in the Dutch Flat Chronicles that it had around 40 to 50 wood framed buildings, a dozen rammed-earth stores and even a headquarters building for the Chee Kong Tong.  Today not much remains of either settlement which is very sad considering how much involvement the Chinese had in the development of this region. One of the only remaining  signs that they pioneered this area is the Dutch Flat Chinese Cemetery which resides not far from where the New China Town sat. The cemetery is overgrown and nature has kind of consumed it while there are some graves most of them been exhumed and sent back to their homeland of China.

It was in the 1870's that hydraulic mining operations were reaching their peak. As a matter in fact in 1872 the Cedar Creek Company of London purchased 32 claims. They made millions of dollars in gold from the placers one nugget they found was worth $5000 imagine what that would have been worth in today's times!  The problem is this kind of mining would destroy the land as some of you can tell Dutch Flat is very scenic but during its hey day not so much because entire hill sides were blasted for its gold deposits.

The town began to die down as the United States District Court banned the flushing of debris into streams. What this meant is that hydraulic mining came to a halt many miners had a hard time dealing with this decision. It was a messy scenario you had miners disobeying the new lie, court challenges were filed, injunctions were not being obeyed, inspectors were threatened with violence who came around to make sure no monitors were being used and many towns faded off the map just like Last Chance California which today is a ghost town that did allot of Hydraulic Mining at one time.

Today life in Dutch Flat has slowed down quite a bit with merely just over 300 residents living in the town it is a national historic landmark.  If your lucky you might get to talk to some of the old timers who have some really great tales of ghosts and the towns transition from a boom town to a downsized semi-ghost town. Nature has seemed like it has bounced back as the area today that once was used for its lumber is full of pine trees, wild flowers and lush meadows. When you enter Dutch Flat you feel as if you stepped into a time machine it still has that old wild western vibe not allot has changed just that most of the people are long gone but many of the original buildings have stood against the test of time and the elements. It is in my opinion one of the most picturesque friendly towns I have ever been to and that is why we have interred it onto our site. We hope that you can enjoy its history, ghosts, culture and beauty the same way we have portrayed it for you here.

Copyright By
Lord Rick
Author, Talk Show Host, Producer and Paranormal Investigator

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