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SYFY's Haunted Highway "Debunked"

By Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight

On July 3rd 2012 many of you are aware of SYFY's new paranormal series called "Haunted Highway" which was produced by Base Productions located out of Southern California.  To give you a short generalization of what the show is about it starts Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack, Poker2nites Dana Workman, SYFYs paranormal princess and Jael De Pardo.  One team chases the paranormal on the east coast while the other on the west coast of the United States. At least that is what they want their viewers to think that every show includes a monster, ghost or something cryptid.  Unfortunately fans of SYFY and such television malarkey need to understand the cover ups that go hand and hand when it comes to paranormal reality series.

They want those that watch the show to have you believing they are filmed without a camera crew and that the shows investigators are actually adventuring.  However the more you indulge deeper into this article and page you will enlightened to the real truth behind scenes in relation to another failure of a paranormal series.  SYFY over the years has been criticized for hosting fraudulent shows or airing shows that are nothing but a bunch of good actors. Truly science fiction is just that FICTION thus anything being aired is not always a viable truth or resource. What it really boils down to is money and ratings.  How do I know all of this information?  Well very simple let me tell you my story as a member of the crew of Base Productions "Haunted Highway" for the El Dorado Hell Hounds Episode.

It all started back in the earlier part of 2012 when Base Productions contacted me.  They took an interest in some of my work as I spent a good amount of my time in the Nelson, Searchlight and El Dorado Canyon region. Back in the 1990's I did some paranormal work in a mine where hundreds of men perished in.  Back during that time the only way back there was a very rocky rough road and their was no tourism. Then eventually the ghost town began to be restored and new homes were built in the area. Many years later I returned to the area to conduct further paranormal investigations and explorations.  Apparently my cases and my sightings of a "Hellhound" or anotherwards Ghostly canine peaked the production companies interest. As a matter in fact I was one of the first individuals to divulge theories and information about this phenomena in the region. Prior to that we worked with such ghost canines up in Buffalo NY where we were originally based many years ago.

I was asked to be the lead guy in the show at least that is how the producer hyped it up on the phone.  Then weeks later I was told that Jack Osbourne invested his life in this and will be heading the El Dorado Hell Hounds episode. What is this? The Paranormal or celebrity show down?  Being the son of a famous rock star most of us have all watched The Osbourne's.  Nothing against Jack but we did chat at a diner/casino in Searchlight and one of his greatest paranormal experiences was when he seen his friends name on a headstone at a cemetery he visited. Everybody knows that Jack has been in and out of rehab and I commend him for being now clean but come on bro Sharon and Ozzy are honest about their work why cant you be?  However it became very apparent he had no outdoor experience and so you have to ask yourself are paranormal adventure shows cut out to be paranormal investigators due to their celebrity status.  How can someone chase a lake monster, Bigfoot or a ghost when they cannot even start a four wheeler?  As much as their are things that upset me I did take notice that the producers had put down Jack Osbourne on his driving ability as we followed a black SUV rental to each location.

Just as I met Dana Workman very sweet soul that has done some television work but do people want sweet or do they want someone who isn't scared of a little bobcat?  Just as in the skinwalkers episode she had mistaken coyotes off in the distance as paranormal.  Paranormal shows are no longer about who is more qualified nor knowledgeable.  Its more about how you look or perhaps it is who is more willing to lie on television to the public! I had a chance to talk with Dana quite a few times she was quite spooked to be in El Dorado Canyon at night.  This is despite the fact that their was a crew of sixteen other individuals and that the set was near the parking lot of a place called Nelson's Landing which is the mouth of El Dorado Canyon.  When a paranormal crew comes to me and ask me what is going to eat them out here they really have no business chasing the paranormal or being outdoors.

Now to the really good stuff as I have nothing against any individual personally however let me ask our readers and honest question.  If you knew for a fact that someone falsified paranormal evidence for ratings or just to earn money off the publics lack of knowledge about the paranormal would you ever trust any of their finds?  Over the years before their was TV people were photo shopping UFO photos before that it was a man in a gorilla suit posing as Bigfoot.  Today it is very mainstream that big name television show to falsify their finds rather then to debunk them. I been doing this work for years I spend sometimes days on investigations hiking for miles. Sometimes we gather good evidence sometimes locations turn out to be less then paranormal.  Why is it shows like Haunted Highway always turn up a Bigfoot? Shadow?  or even a trained German Shepherd caught on a thermal cam played off as if it is an actual Hell Hound!

As some of you know our society has spent over a decade risking our lives for the unknown. Nobody pays me to do what I do.  We do all our own case files which totals over a 1000 plus on our website.  Were a reputable paranormal group who has no reason to lie as we understand how important it is to back up our claims.  Their is nothing pretty about what we do as we do not have a truck load of food, fancy hotels paid for and I have more injuries then anybody you will ever meet over the years of chasing the unknown.  We are not catered to and when we say were alone in seclusion we actually are.  So let me dispel and debunk Haunted Highway at its truest form as other professionals in the field have been doing so when the show aired.

I was brought out Las Vegas as a member of the crew for four days to work as a crew member.  This was so that we could take photos of the area and I could locate a resident who could give us permission into his mine which has ghost stories associated with it.  I was their to give knowledge on safety to the crew and show the producer around a little bit since I spent sometime doing case work here.  I also was to show the producer where I had seen the apparition of a hell hound a few years ago.  Keep in mind the sighting DID NOT take place in El Dorado Canyon but before it.  Generally most of the hell hound sightings have taken place around the local mines not the canyon.  El Dorado Canyon has an entirely different story associated with it as back many years ago the entire port and restaurant were washed away in a flash flood.  Many people died that fateful day at the mouth of the canyon so I spent some off time putting together my own investigation while I became frustrated at certain aspects of the show which I will explain further into this article.

I was told that my interview was very important and that it would be filmed at the location.  When I arrived at the airport in Las Vegas I was then told that I would be interviewed at a diner in Searchlight.  Which by the way if you watched my interview for the El Dorado Hell Hounds they put me down as a local resident which I am not and everybody knows that my name is not Richard Fisher its Richard Rowe or as some call me throughout the years "Lord Rick"! I was asked to wave at Dana and Jack as if they were strangers then talk to them about the theories, lore and science behind the Hell Hounds as well as my sighting that occurred in 2008.  As many of my fans wrote me they felt I was a nothing and unfortunately was treated as such.  Although many of the producers complimented me on my interview telling me I am very well spoken and full of stellar paranormal knowledge we have to assume this was done purposely to cover up the falsity of the show which I will explain deeper into this article as to why.

As just a couple weeks after my interview I was contacted by Base Productions and they asked me to remove my article which talks about them falsifying a Hell Hound. They did not want me to ruin the element of surprise for the viewers so anotherwards they are asking me to 
blatantly LIE! As during my interview I stated that this is an apparition and is not cryptid thus only mammals give off thermal energy not ghosts.  Thus it would contradict them from faking the scene where a trained German Shepherd runs towards Dana and Jack is filming it on his thermal cam.  The German Shepherd was brought on in during the evening as one individual wrote me they told me you can see Dana holding something.  More then likely they felt it was a treat as it runs towards her in the canyon if you carefully inspect the footage right after Jack says "Holy BEEP".  Which means not only is Jack and Dana acting but it also means that the entire series is defunct.  The producer told me they are only bringing in the trained dog to do a scene with for their advertisement little did I know they would use it to have others believing that its a real hound from hell.  I will not mention names but an employee for Base Productions asked me what I thought of the German Shepherd thermal footage he said cool huh?  Since I thought he was a cool guy I will not release his name as some of the crew probably had no idea of Base Productions intentions.
As far as dispelling myths about the show lets break it down fully so our readers can understand the real facts about Haunted Highway.  By the way what is so haunted about chasing cryptids and monsters?  I mean lets face it the crew for Base Productions has very little experience with the paranormal.  They are not trained to deal with scientific evidence and without mystifying the public the show would not have enough ratings to air for a second season.

First and foremost their is a film crew Jack and Dana are not alone again I repeat NOT ALONE!  Although they are given handy cams their are other crew members standing only a few feet away.  I read a recent article in the newspaper that talks about one of their earlier shows which discusses them seeing and possibly filming a shadow.  Although Jack dismissed the shadow is just that I believe the producers played it off as it is.  With the multiple cameras being waved around and crew standing around them is just factual that their shadows are going to be as far from ghostly as you reading this article. 

Adventure?  How can their be any adventure when Base Productions only has permission to film in given locations.  For example most of the land surrounding El Dorado Canyon belongs to the BLM thus they production company was only given a small quadrant to film at from the NV Film Commission.  I was told that since this is a low funded show that they could not afford to pay the BLM for a chemical test because it would cost them thousands.  However I have video footage that I took of the production company filming on BLM land anyway's not abiding by the laws during the production as they walked on an old mining road approximately 100' from Route 165.

When Jack and Dana are walking around with their backpacks ultimately they are walking in circles.  Their is no cliff climbing, pushing through brush, traversing hills nor riding ATV's for miles on end. As far as I am concerned everytime a new scene gets ready to roll the producers hand the investigators empty back packs then everybody walks in circles as if they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off!  That my friends and fans is NOT paranormal investigating. It is however a lack of passion for the unknown and most of all an easy paycheck.  The best way to shut down shows such as this is by not watching them at all but more importantly knowing what to believe and not to believe.  So many thousands of people watch shows like Haunted Highway then go on in life believing what they are seeing is real and sadly with a conscious being who I am I cannot let it go on or should I say I won't!

I have refused to watch the show nor will I ever become a fan just as many of my own viewers will NOT be a supporter of this show.  After receiving hundreds of letters of others writing me telling me that if I am not in it they are not interested I was touched.  Prior to the El Dorado Hell Hounds even airing I had letters from fans, friends and those browsing our site condemning the show!  I never had to write an article or share some of the truths for others to realize how poorly this show is. I can imagine SYFY's Paranormal Princess and Jael De Pardo the circumstances are similar.  I believe that once an individual is a liar more then likely they will always be a liar.  Even if they are doing what they are told I came out and spoke publicly as to where they will not.  As I have been involved on television before it is important that our society or myself is never associated with such falsities.

These people are not successful because they are great paranormal investigators they are due to the fact that they are paid to pretend.  As to where a serious paranormal investigator is not going to pretend to react when he knows he is filming a trained German Shepherd.  More or less any paranormal investigator is going to show fascination in their work and will try to debunk it.  Just as the Vergas MN Hairy Man episode was a huge failure which Matt Moneymaker Bigfoot researcher condemned.  We have a feeling that we have not seen the last of the mistakes per episode and their is no doubt most professional paranormal scholars will be lied to as well. Fortunately their are other production companies that contact me who are more honest but until it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt all of us only ride on good faith.

Other segments with the El Dorado Hell Hounds episode are quite concerning.  For example since many of the locals would not let them into any of their mines they traveled over 40 miles away to Southwest Las Vegas to film at some mine which has nothing to do with El Dorado Canyon not even remotely close.  Just as allot of the filming was done in another town 30 Miles away called Searchlight an entirely different location that again has nothing to do will Hell Hounds as its a semi ghost town.  During the interviews I sat in on other views when the curator at the Searchlight History Museum looked at me and shook her head.  I traveled with the producers as they were so desperate begging locals for stories about Hell Hounds when all along I am one of the very few who came face to face with one.

What is even more disturbing about the show is that certain scenes are manipulated then later during the episode they ask the opinion of other paranormal scholars. For example in the El Dorado Hell Hounds episode the German Shepherd which was brought in is walking towards Dana Workman. Jack films it does the whole drama thing to hype up the audence. Later during the episode they show off the footage to a Biologist I believe his name was Dr. Grey Stafford who perhaps they are trying to win one over on him even though the know what it is they are filming. Do you see a similar pattern for example in the in the Vergas Hairy man episode the team captured a thermal image then tried to send over the evidence to a Dr. Meldrum purposely knowing that the bidpedal creature was actual a human. The article you can find below on this page two seperate cases two similarities. Anyhow the PHD declares it as a canine since the thermal cameras that are being used on Haunted Highway are low quality the PHD could not say if it was a coyote or a dog however he declared it as not being paranormal. Later on after the conference only then does Jack agree afterall he was not able to decieve a PHD Biologist just like I felt decieved with this production. This also goes on to another scene during the Hell Hounds episode where they interview a historian named Jeremy Meador showing him the thermal images. Since he is not a paranormal investigator he does not know what to believe from it but you can hear some skepticism with his answers. Strangely did you notice that they did not at the diner show me this footage? That was because prior to the trained German Shepherd being brought in they did discuss it with me and I was not comfortable with this situation. I climb mountains for a living search for Bigfoot I see the real thing I would never need to fake any investigation because we are a volunteer paranormal research group thus we contribute to other peoples education.

Others might want to know all that I am getting out of this well the answer is simple!  I am staying honest to me that is more important then money or any future work for Base Productions.  What I do is real I am not an actor I did not act in 2003 when my friend was killed by a hit and run driver while on investigation.  I did not act when I climbed into those mines surrounding El Dorado Canyon.  Base Productions fails to realize that I have done a production prior to them that I have not posted that interviews some of the locals.  The work we do is real and it comes out of the passion for the paranormal.  We have nothing to prove such as worrying about getting enough ratings to continue for a second season. We have the freedom to travel the countryside visiting places that "Haunted Highway" will never get to see nor experience.  It is true that when you put enough energy into perfecting a hoax you are going to miss out on the real thing!

Base Productions paid me $200 for my time they said it was all they could give since it was a low budget film.  This included some of their crew pranking my hotel room by knocking on it then running as I seen them out my peep hole because I heard a bunch of laughing in the hall.  Not to mention the fact that they made an entire mockery out of the El Dorado Canyon region especially to the locals who have really seen these ghostly canines.  When I finally was paid they forgot to send me my check it sat on someone's desk for three weeks.  My interview was cut down to 10 seconds despite my wealth of knowledge and they couldn't even get my name right.  I never was a local resident of Searchlight nor Nelson and without them giving my organization any credit at all it does not allow other viewers to tour our website to learn about our scientific research into the paranormal.  Isn't that the way it is leave out the paranormal scholars to help make it look as if the crew of Haunted Highway knows what they are doing?  I find it quite humiliating and feel that the only way they were going to get me on board was by promising me the moon and the stars.  Then after I committed by slowly taking certain aspects away which is just bad business period!

I spent four days with the crew traveling location to location met quite a few people that I will say.  I helped photograph the canyon for the producer and climbed some hills to show him that the canyon is not to difficult to traverse.  I was asked to study maps for the producers and we exchanged allot of blotter months before this episode even ever transpired.  I was kind enough to inform the crew of the hazards such as wild animals in the region and flash flooding.  Something they had no prior knowledge of which still baffles me as to what they are getting paid to do period.  I would have rather been given credit for my case, knowledge and real name then to be paid just for wasting four days of my time on a show that contaminates their evidence.  Just as with the case of most paranormal scholars who just want to get their names out there so that the public can learn about the unknown much more in depth.  I can say I was there but I will say I was not a part of it and sadly they have lost many viewers who are upset about how all of this transpired.

On this page are videos, crew photos, articles, reviews and some member comments about the show.  We have put it all together to debunk "Haunted Highway" as honestly as we can put it. As we owe it to our fans and friends of  The Paranormal & Ghost Society who refuse to support Syfys Haunted Highway.  I have appreciated the hundreds of emails received from others regarding the show.  Some emails stated how they were hoping to watch me investigate on television or they were not going to watch and were very disappointed when they found this out.  Just as we had other emails stating that during the Hell Hounds Episode as soon as they realized that I was given 10 seconds of air time they shut it off as they would have rather listened to an interview then watch Jack and Dana.  Then we have those who are disheartened how I was treated just as I was told that I would be appearing in the first episode when in fact that was not true and instead was filmed sitting at a diner.  That night alone SYFY in fact lost thousands of viewers and that night alone was when the public seen a German Shepherd; a mammal just as you or I played off as if it were a hound from hell!

With all seriousness set aside Base Productions wrote me three weeks after the filming of The El Dorado Hell Hounds.  This time it was another one of their offices that contacted me in southern Californi.  They had no knowledge to who I even was although I am on their payroll; thus they wrote me multiple letters asking to buy one of my ghost videos for their show called Fact or Faked!  When I told them who I was that I had worked with another producer they never wrote me back again of course. This is after I told them that they can use the video as long as I get full credit for my hard work.  If I was not of great interest to them why is it they keep coming back?  I am sure this will not be the last time unfortunately each and everytime I will decline as I would rather earn millions of dollars for a television network who wants the real thing!
 Someone have asked me if I would ever work for Base Productions or do another show for SYFY and the answer is probably not.

 I have experience working with producers as I am one just as being on television as long as I know their is passion for what it is we are working on.  However in all my years of working with the public and media this show is a sinking ship just as much as the network who airs such hogwash!  In today's world most people can turn off their television and go on out seeing the real thing then to waste their time with a fairytale and thus "Haunted Highway" has just been DEBUNKED!  It would not be fair to say the crew of Base Productions and its investigators are paranormal scholars when so many across the world work so hard like myself risk our lives in search of the TRUTH out of love for what we do! Leave the paranormal investigators to the investigating and the actors/
actresses to the movies.  Our motto is Truth, Adventure and Friendship with that in mind these are the key elements to becoming a paranormal investigator!

By Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
Author, Paranormal Investigator, Producer and Talk Show Host
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What the SYFY network wants you to believe or at least the production company who produced this series is that the celebrities notice I say celebrities NOT investigators are alone. They want you to think their is an element of danger that their is no back up. When indeed you can view further videos/photos below to show that this is the furthest thing from the fact. The show has a fairly large camera crew most of them stand within touching distance of the host while they perform some filming it is the rest of the crew picking up the slack thus any shadows or noises are contaminated paranormal evidence. Hyping up the audience means you as viewers line their wallets!

The image running towards Dana caught by Jack is a German Shepherd which was brought out onto the scene. As one individual who sent me the video says you can clearly see Dana is holding something that looks like a treat in her hand. Later despite Dana and Jack doing their job which is following the script regardless they still send the footage over to a PHD and even a historian perhaps hoping to get one past on them. The thermal cameras being used are out of range thus the heat signature being picked up is very weaker only exposing the extremities and head region to hype up the audience nothing more. True ghostly apparitions of dogs or as they call hell hounds do not show up on a thermal camera period!

The camera man is taking some film footage of the highway that takes you down into El Dorado Canyon. No its not Jack nor is it Dana doing the filming. The producer is taking some photos with camera and were just waiting on everybody else to arrive before we head into the canyon.

My first day arriving here I showed the producer where they are going to be filming at. The producer is taking photos to show the crew the location. As you can see their are dumpsters and where the vehicle is parked that is the parking lot.  If you were to go past the parking lot you would end up at the shores of the Colorado River just a few hundred feet away which is also called Nelsons Landing.

This is truly the first location the crew filmed at in the El Dorado Hell Hounds episode. I seen the filming take place I stood across from everyone on a ridge I climbed to get a good advantage to film the scenery.

The executive producer is walking this old mining road as he is waiting for Jack and Dana to arrive.  If you look carefully you see the two of the men in the background holding their backpacks. Where are they backpacking to they are pulled off of route 165 on BLM property. It is public hiking land but illegal to film here. Why would you take a risk at filming here just to walk in circles if your going to film here you myswell backpack miles on in. Again scripting is occurring they are not alone as it was stated!

The El Dorado Hills is one of the harshest regions of desert in southern NV. Their are cactus's that are so sharp they can penetrate a thick boot. I climb this mountain allot of it is hands and knees so the camera is shaky hand is bleeding from being stabbed. This is the vantage point as the crew for Haunted Highway is being filmed. I was pretty disappointed that they walked in circles for 20 minutes by Route 165 notice their is a crew they are not alone Dana is wearing the red jacket as I zoom on in. I eventually make it off the mountain sliding down the loose rocks leaving the trail was the beginning to a great day.

As you can see from this video their is no actual investigating the crew rounds up leaves the road for about 100' then they walk in circles filming the terrain. Dana does arrive at the scene eventually getting out of the vehicle she is in the red jacket. Later on after the video they hand her an empty backpack they pretend like they are roughing it in the wilderness and eventually everyone heads on their merry way. This is route 165 its not even in El Dorado Canyon and its on BLM land which they do not have authorization to be on. In order to get a permit to film here they would have to pay the BLM thousands of dollars for a chemical analysis test shame shame! A friend who operates his own paranormal organization was on the crew filming this at the time and was crushed that they made it out to seem like a big grand adventure when in fact it is not.

The ATVs parked on Route 165. Jack and Dana are in the SUV on a mining road talking to one of the camera men.

This is the parking lot to the right a SUV full of food my backpack is on the ground sorry. To the left is Jack and Dana. Dana is on her cell phone behind the black SUV you can see a dumpster.This is the only area the NV film commission allows films to be performed at. Its not a very big area their is no backpacking into the wilderness unless your me since I am not airing my content on public television.

Jack and Dana on the ATV's no they did not ride them all over the wilderness more or less a couple hundred feet up the canyon for a couple minutes and that is a wrap.

This is the parking lot at Nelsons Landing and the mouth of El Dorado Canyon. This is where the filming took place. Everybody just arrived Jacks back is facing me Dana is with the red jacket.

As you can tell the show is scripted the producer is carrying around his book Jack and Dana are being instructed of what they want them to do. Their is no real adventure to the show of the both of them given a back pack and them heading off into the unknown. More or less its lets film the both of you riding a couple hundred feet make it look good to the viewers like you are adventuring when in reality your being catered to the entire time. This show is terrible Jack and I would say the entire set just needs to hit the road its worst then a B rated movie!

This is Nelsons Landing more or less it is at the mouth of El Dorado Canyon however the hell hounds are scene around the mines and El Dorado Hills. The canyon however is just a place of flash flooding and a burial ground which they neglected that fact. Their were many people in 1974 who died right around where their vehicles are parked so rather then search for hell hounds why did not they not investigate the ghost that haunt this area. However I am posting the video to show you that A. They are NOT alone and B. That their is a film crew and C. Their is back up! The proof is in the video thanks for passing this on to us!

More scripting going on I just happened to be in here taking photos of some of the artifacts within the museum. That is Jack and Dana talking to the executive producer.

Jack talking with Dana in front of the museum office. The crew is still getting set up for the interview.

After recording the canine on film Jack and Dana decide to see if they can get one past one on a PHD  Dr. Grey Stafford in Biology. The Biologist states its not paranormal and later during the episode Jack just agrees to it. Even though in the first place both Jack and Dana were scripted to work with the trained German Shepherd. If you watched the Vergas MN Hairyman episode then you would know that Haunted Highway tried this trick before sending a false image of a bipedal human to a Dr. Jeff Meldrum. Thus history repeats itself and so does their methods of investigation or should I say poor scripting.

Jeremy supposedly is said to be a local historian of course their are no records proving this fact. However Jack and Dana try to show him the thermal footage taken the night before of the trained dog they used to pawn off as one of these hell hounds in El Dorado Canyon. Even though the historian is fascinated with the thermal image he does not seem convinced either as its quite easy to tell that it is a canine that was used to hype the audience up rather then conducting honest research.

This is how you know this is a scripted series! The executive producer is rehearsing everything with Jack and Dana near the museum office. Just like he asked me to wave to Jack and Dana at the diner. Nobody likes a scripted show it takes away from the real emotions of an interview and investigation.

The crew is getting ready to film at the Searchlight Museum of History. Most of the crew is standing in the lobby the cameras are being set up. Do they look alone traveling the countryside? Undeniable proof their is Dana and Jack!

The film crew pulled over on the side of the road to wait up for Jack and Dana to arrive. This is an area they filmed at again see the video below I climbed a peak and filmed them hiking a 100' off the road. My question is why hand two individuals back packs to walk in circles for 20 minutes technically speaking that is BLM land they are not supposed to film there. Not trying to be an ass but when they tell me one thing and do another it kind of makes you wonder why they would be willing to risk this when they are not willing to interview me near here where I had my sighting. This is not El Dorado Canyon its a bit further up the road you can clearly see the atvs behind the uhaul which is full of film equipment.

This is the producer taking photos before the crew arrives during my first day when I arrived in El Dorado Canyon. Its just him and I to his right is Nelson's Landing if you see that touch of blue. To the left is El Dorado Canyon its very wide and you are able to drive through the canyon with ease. You can see some sage brush in the area but the foliage is not very thick in the canyon as very little grows here. Trust me the hell hounds are not seen in El Dorado Canyon they have however been sighted outside some of the mines in the area. This is due to the fact that many dogs back in the day were abused and left chained to die. Their apparitions haunt allot of the mines entrances not the canyon. The canyon however is prone to flash flooding and people have died. I do feel that they should have focused on the ghost on the waterfront but the producers do not want to listen. May I also mention their is very little wildlife in the canyon more so you can find it in the El Dorado Hills. The German Shepherd ran from the sage brush you see you can see just watch the video we have posted further below on this page.

Dana and Jack head into the museum as they walk in to conduct the interview with the gentlemen to the right. Producers are standing with the curator she is a pretty nice lady with some good information about the region.

Dana is getting ready to leave the museum. The curator is talking with one of the gentlemen who also was interviewed about the hellhounds. I did not agree with some of the things that were said considering he thinks that they are cryptids not sure where people get this information.  But I know the curator shook her head hearing about it.

That is a wrap Dana is leaving the Historical Museum in search light. Their is a camera man, audio tech, producer and curator in the picture. They are reviewing everything as she is heading out the door.

This is where my interview took place its a casino in Searchlight. Then during the interview they aired of me they put me down as a local resident. I never lived in Searchlight I only traveled their to conduct paranormal research.

One of the film techs is actually filming two stray dogs hanging around the casino they interviewed me at. These dogs were hungry and I felt pretty bad for them. Stray dogs in searchlight is an ongoing issue.

Before my interview I pet one of the dogs its ashamed this dog had no home.  I think this dog was more important then my interview as they were roaming right near the highway.

These two stray dogs were roaming in front of a casino called the nugget in Searchlight NV. This was not in El Dorado Canyon nor was it even close. They are nothing but a bunch of strays or dogs that belong to the owners that live behind the casino. Again click the debunked website and you will see one of the camera men actually filming them via photo. Their is nothing paranormal about it!

The original interview was supposed to take place at the location where I had my sighting. To answer my viewers questions no my name is not Rick Fisher and no I was not a local resident. I was literally years ago one of the first paranormal groups to work with the hell hounds and lore surrounding El Dorado. Originally my interview was supposed to take place at El Dorado Canyon then they moved me to the Nugget Casino in Searchlight. My beer is blurred out if you noticed and the long interview I gave about these hell hounds was cut down to a mere 20 seconds. It is ashamed that the show Haunted Highway cannot give paranormal scholars credit for their finds and their discoveries. It is all done to make the cast look like the experts when in fact they have no paranormal expertise whatsoever. I can tell you what shame on SyFy and base productions for ruining a really great interview. I had over a thousand emails of others stating they would have rather watched that full segment of me then a German Shepherd running through the sage brush. My interview was not scripted although they tried as I operate my own radio program, paranormal organization, done news editorials and been on television quite a few times prior to this interview for the El Dorado Hell Hounds Episode!

This was taken after my interview and before dinner with the crew. Unfortunately to many people judge me for how I look rather then my knowledge. I am no model but I know my paranormal and what a good brew is. By the way my name is Lord Richard Rowe not Rick Fisher!

Sitting next to me after my interview is Dana Workman and then Jack Osbourne. I felt their questions they threw at me were fair unfortunately as nice as they both are I do not feel they are cut out for the show. I hire investigators all the time 99 percent of them do not make the cut no offense just being as honest as I can being an owner of a paranormal organization.

The producers are sitting down studying photos that were taken during our first day at El Dorado. I am not sure what all needs to be planned that is what ruins the show its all this planning for basically spending a few hours to walk around in circles.  

A photo of me with the ATVs behind me I did ask to ride them was ignored. Since I signed a release technically I agreed not to sue them so that is the least they could have done for me since I did help out the crew. The other photo is one of the camera men by the road with the El Dorado hills in the background.

Some of the crew in the background and a photo of me. These are called the El Dorado Hills it is not the canyon at present time.

Photo of myself with the producer taking a photo of the mountains. Technically by law the crew should not be on this section of the BLM land. I am not trying to be an ass but on the other hand my sighting took place near here so if they were going to risk getting fined then they should have just interviewed me at this location.

Matt Moneymaker Criticizes SyFy For
Shamefully Sending Dr. Meldrum Fake Thermal Footage Of Possible Bigfoot

On July 3rd Syfy’s latest paranormal reality show, Haunted Highway, premiered and reviews have been mixed. The show stars Poker2Nite host Dana Workman, television producer Devin Marble, Ozzy Osbourne’s son Jack, and Syfy’s paranormal princess, Jael De Pardo. The show is filmed without a camera crew, so the scenes are all pretty shaky and could make the toughest sailor feel sea-sick at times.

The first episode went in search of the Bear Lake Beast in Utah (Utah’s Nessie) and all they found was a cattle/deer rib in an underwater cave. They then went to Vergas, MN to look for the Hairy Man who is described to be an aggressive Bigfoot. Jael and Devin went out to Squatch Hill to see if they could lure out the creature. After blasting some snowmobile sounds, knocking on wood, and a bunch of running around they managed to get a thermal image of a bipedal creature and they found a freshly broken branch along with some long hairs on a tree. This lead Jael to conclude that this was the closest she had ever come to encountering a Bigfoot. If this is all true, they have found more evidence than many Bigfoot researchers find in their lifetime.

In comes Dr. Jeff Meldrum to pop the bubble for everyone: yes, the creature on the thermal camera is bipedal but the hair appears to be human. This leads Jael and Devin to conclude that they were probably hoaxed since everyone in the small town knew they were there.

President of the BFRO and Finding Bigfoot star Matt Moneymaker is not pleased with SyFy at the moment. Moneymaker tweeted the following message, suggesting SyFy knowingly sent Dr. Meldrum a fake thermal footage to analyze.


'Haunted Highway': Jack Osbourne Doesn't Believe In The Black Star Shadow Man

Posted: Updated: 07/12/2012 4:19 am

Haunted Highway
"Haunted Highway": Jack Osbourne doesn't believe in the Black Star Shadow Man

On the latest episode of "Haunted Highway" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on Syfy) Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman were out in the Santa Ana mountains in Southern California.

The pair were on the trail of the rumored paranormal entity known as The Black Star Shadow Man.

After nightfall the team set up cameras around a tree and Dana acted as Shadow Man bait. When they examined the footage, there did seem to be a shadow moving across all the cameras.

Dana was convinced they had gathered proof that the Shadow Man existed. But Jack, however, was skeptical. "It's not proof that there's a shadow person," he argued. "It just proves that there's a shadow."

Friend/Fan Responses

Angela Anger Mastrincola Rick, do you know approximately how far into the episode your interview is? Zeke Hernandez and I were under the impression that you would be on the repeat episode that aired last night and by the time I put it on, it was the last 10 minutes or so of the show. It was so bad that I couldn't even watch it and had to turn it off. So we'd like to see your interview without having to watch the show. haha

Kathleen Schueler You go Lord Rick. And you're right, this is what gives us paranormal investigators a bad rap. No wonder people find what we do so hard to believe. Kick some ass with this one my friend...
July 18 at 4:28pm
Carolyn Seibertposted toLord Rick Rowe They didn't do you justice!!!! just mentioned you like a nobody in a diner...Nice thermal of the German Shepard!!!
Zeke Hernandezposted toLord Rick Rowe  July 24 near Wanaque, NJDamnit!! Only a minute of Rickness!!! Man, I'd actually watch this show if you were on it!! I mean like one of the crew! Damn you jack for fucking up a cool concept!
Zeke Hernandez It was ridiculous! They totally made it seem like you just happened to be at the diner! Ah well, we know the truth!

Tammy Austin that show is a joke and that is the nicest thing I can say right now..
July 25 at 12:22am

Friend/Fan Responses

Joell Moore Thanks so much for the truth! I watched 1 episode and saw it for the BS it was. U rock!!

Judy Robertson Well done rick?! Its about time more of us started to shout about all these fakes!! I know your so far way, however same happens here. Cheap party tricks to trick people out of there $£ and giving the rest of us a bad name!! Keep shouting rick.

Anna Leclaire thanks for spreading the word Rick. keep it up. I dont watch that crap anyway. you are awesome.
I watched Haunted Highways the other day and seen you on it. You look good on tv. Somebody should give you your own show. :)
Mary Potter I dont watch the show but I had to see it when I knew you were on it.
Karrie SalisburyJust saw my friend Lord Rick Rowe on Haunted Highway. You looked awesome, Sweetie. Pity they didn't give you more screen time. That show is such a crock of crap! Lol.
Karrie Salisbury I feel ya, Buddy. Shows like that are a bane to our entire field. It's good to see someone like you exposing them, even though you know it hurts your chances of getting more of your own exposure, Bravo, Sir!

Karrie Salisbury Yeah, I was pretty pissed because I knew the amount of good information you gave them. They must have regarded you as a hostile witness for doing so. If it's any consolation, I have another friend whose tape appeared on Fact or Faked, and Syfy totally lied about the explanation for it as an excuse to dismiss it. They blamed it on the setting his camera was allegedly on, and dismissed it as a camera artifact, but they knew damn well what setting the camera was actually on, and it was the correct one for the lighting conditions. I guess they decided they couldn't reproduce it easily enough, so they dismissed it. Side note, did you notice Jael's totally cheesy acting in the Skinstealer segment on Haunted Highway? I literally LOL'd over it.

Penny Ray Tesman I would Rick Thats BULLSHIT! But know we know the real you! I just watched it OMG! I could see it was a freaking dog walking! They really think people are going to fall for that shit? Ok well maybe those who dont knw any better but to investigators of the paranormal you can see it!
July 18 at 4:22pm ·

Stacey Geraci thats bullshit rick cause its not like there isnt anything out there.....ive seen shit and I know youve seen shit so its all about entertainment atleast your about the truth
July 18 at 4:28pm via mobile

Karrie Salisbury Hon, that's American "reality" TV for you. It's all staged. I got mad during the Skinwalker episode when Dana acted all freaked out by the sounds of what any jackass who has ever been to the woods or desert at night would know were coyotes. Instead of saying "I hear coyotes", which would have perfectly fit the Skinwalker thing anyway, she was all like "Omigod! I hear something!" It's how they are trained to act. To really piss you off, we have a show called "House Hunters", where people supposedly look for their dream house. Thing is, it just leaked out that in order to even be on the show, you have to have already closed on a house! COMPLETELY fake.July 18 at 4:57pm ·

Jim Battista ‎"make money off the ratings" That's the whole reason for a TV show. to make money. like i said they can't just film setting in the woods with nothing happening. That wouldn't draw the people to watch. we did watch last night, wasn't impressed. a ghost dog i don't think would give off any heat. figured it was just a critter. On the bright side you did get air time if only 10 secs. you should be entitled to a copy of the full interview they shot.
July 25 at 7:26am

Stacey Geraci and it sux they cut out your story about the hell hounds I would have rather listen to the rest of that then watch jack run away from a german shepard
July 25 at 11:14am via mobile

Donna Sisson i only watched it to see you
July 26 at 7:22pm  

Carolyn Woodrow Good morning Rick, I've only watched the show once of Haunted Highways and didn't like it. you can tell it is a fake show. You are amazing do what you do.

Chris McDaniel I'm glad you came forward...I have been saying that Haunted Highway is staged and scripted. What gave it away was Jack trying to ablib off the script and showing that he cannot act. The same goes for the Haunted Collector. Been saying it for sometime...watch and you will catch on to the parts that are scripted. I'm sure they catch evidence of paranormal activity but it's all accidental. The sad thing is, there are so many paranormal groups out there collecting real evidence and are the real deal when the Paranormal Reality TV celeb's get the credit. Oh well...have to keep in mind that we investigate for the passion of new discoveries in the paranormal and not for fame. Good luck to you and your team.
July 27 at 8:33am


Pierre Prop Budke dude just watched it now and what bullshit!!!!, the whole scene is fake and the dialog is all made up any normal person would know this, thats a dog and she is standing there with something in her hand as a treat for the dog to come towards her...........dont know about you but im gonna blast this bullshit all over the web, they are going down!!!July 18 at 5:07pm

A Few Reviews

Thomas McDonnell · Department Manager at Lowe's Home Improvement this show is the worst that I have seen in a long time take it off the channel now.
Ashlea Gibson · Works at A school library
You can tell this show is all scripted and crap. Totally unworthy of being called a Paranormal/Cryptid Investigation show.
Anthony Blaster · Top Commenter
I thought it might be a childrens show, but the bleeped out swearing made me think again. Regardless, it was terrible. It seemed very scripted and unorganized. The emotions of both "actors" wasn't very convincing.
Robert Jeffery · Shift Supervisor at Caribou Coffee
How can people ask if it is real when it's about the paranormal. Is obviously FAKE it's GARBAGE and on top of everything it is BORING and OBVIOUSLY overly DRAMATIC.

Matt Freeman
This show tries too hard. Notice how they leave too many moments in that should be cut out. They are trying to appear low budget and sincere in their approach but it is sooo obvious what they are trying to do. I've worked on a few shows and everything that appears accidental or unscripted, is very carefully scripted. Soo bad. Trust me. I know.
Misty Smead Locke ·
Its so fake that its annoying. LAME!
Craig Furrow · Cutter at Parker Hannifin
Either scripted or jack and that girl are idiots. Howling last episode was either coyotes or wolves. Thermal this episode was the same thing. Get out of the big city and you'll find their is four legged animals in the wild! duh!
nyder2 at 2012-07-12 14:24 CET:

omg this show is so fucking fake.
just saw tonights eps of Pioneer Cemetary LOL check it out when she is sitting on the tree look to the bottom left side you will see a shadow of someone else move, then when she walks around the tree & the ball rolls down, right b4 it does look at the bottom right side above the SYFi logo U will see like something was pulled to make the ball roll. All fake and as bad as the Oct 31 live ghost hunters that showed us it was fake all along. Where is Paranormal State that by far was real or at tried

Did anyone notice that right after they found the hair on the tree, when the camera was scanning back and forth that it looked like a human was standing back behind some bushes. Jack Osbourne says no camera crew so is it a camera man or someone from town playing a hoax? Did anyone see this?iggypay48 

I was quite disappointed watching Haunted Highway. I hope it gets better. I thought that they would be traveling and investigating the many haunted roads and highways in America. This is like Destination Truth in many ways.~victorianlulu
I only watched this because Jael was on it. This show is by far the worst of the "paranormal" bunch. Shit camera work and just boring as all hell. TRE1275
This is sooooo fake!!! U can tell their acting their just embarrassing themselves!!!!!! :pMelissa Hernandez

OK SyFy, we get it! Everything is haunted! Or at least you think so. Alright, I love shows revolving around ghosts & stuff, but this show is so staged & acted out it's hilarious! Jael & Devin at least seem to act things out better than Jack & Dana, but still this show is just so FAKE! Maybe Jael or Devin will submit some footage from this show to the Fact Or Faked crew, they'll quickly be able to debunk it! I think anybody could.Grizzlywolf9

03:43 PM on 07/11/2012
I watched this last night...it was lame. Jack needs to find another job. Haunted Highway is a Destination Truth wanna-be...that's all. Hey Jack it's been done!!!

Friend/Fan Responses

Tami Anderson-cuney ‎:( sorry that really suxs! I will no longer be watching the show... But u did look awesome and I was excited 4 u. I'm sorry they turned out to be fakes!
July 25 at 3:27am via mobile

Penny Ray Tesman Sorry Rick I will stand behind ya and spread spread spread the word! won't get my VOTE! Agree with Debbie you needed your own show!

Christine Anstasia Hodges apparently syfy has a habit of putting on fake paranormal shows I know of another one that did all that when they shot here locally and also bio doesnt check their stories for validity before they air them
July 24 at 10:39pm
Teresa Lynn D'Amato I wondered about that show. I watched it for about 15 minutes the other day. I got bored and turned the channel. It was all to fake to be believable.
July 25 at 7:39am via mobile

The producer sending me information on the maps of where the film is going to transpire and the place. Despite the fact that they should have walked the road at night my idea was ignored as along the road are many mines where most of the real sightings occur.

Just an email about my airline ticket. I flew from Reno to Vegas for the show. At first prior to all of this they asked if I could drive can you imagine driving 8 hours then having to deal with the fiasco of all of this?

As you can see the NV film commission only granted one mile of the canyon for the investigation. To the right is Nelsons Landing to the left is the canyon highlighted in pink.

This is a closeup of Nelsons Landing. The highway is right next to it and this is the parking area. For a series that searches for the unknown their space is very limited isnt it?

This a letter thanking me for my assistance and for helping on out. I am not sure I should applause the production company or condemn them  for being cheap. Bringing me for four days onto the crew was a waste of both our times considering all I got was an interview at a diner that aired 10 seconds after on the phone I was told otherwise.

Some conversation about my check. Somehow my check was never sent out. Honestly its not about the money its the fact of all the mishaps with base productions. The constantly change their stories, lose your check and on top of it make a mockery of the paranormal by faking evidence.

What kind of producer does not see the final cut to his production? I mean seriously I get called Rick Fisher and put down that I am a local resident that is an insult considering the voice conversations I had with Patrick about wanting full credit for my hard work.

Weeks just after my interview Base Productions contacts me from Fact or Fake. They want to purchase this ghost video Click Here: Shadowman Of The Garraty House
He has no idea who I am even though I just worked for Base productions a couple weeks prior to all of this. Anyhow he pitches the video to SYFY and the production company they end up ignoring me treating me again like trash.

The only way to reach Nelsons Landing is to take route 165 which eventually runs parallel with El Dorado canyon. I was traveling with the crew of Haunted Highway you can hear them ask me a few questions as I film the entire scenic ride. Sure at the times the winds are whipping this is a very primitive location but its also one of the most beautiful deserts in Nevada with bright red rocks, hoodoo's and off in the distance the blue water of the Colorado River. This is a must see video for those scenic lovers!

This is a very narrow trail that follows the landing from above its not used very often as their were no footprints. During this video I discuss a bit of lore and my dealings with a hell hound I experienced back in 2008 when I did paranormal investigations in this region. I also discussed concerns as the crew was bringing in a trained German Shepherd to be used on a heat signature camera. At the time you can hear me voice my concerns about this because I knew at that point that rather then them truth seeking they were finding ways to up their ratings by frauding the public. What I do is real but some of these productions do is just disrespectful towards those who work so hard at their paranormal research.

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