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George Lovelock was the man responsible for the forming of The Lone Mountain Town Cemetery which is overshadowed by a small series of geological features which it was named after. I believe that George founded the cemetery upon his wife's death in 1881 along with the rest of the Lovelock family. George has a lovely memorial which does mention that he was an early pioneer and founder of Lovelock Nevada which in the 1800's was a very successful mining town. George never had gotten sick a day in his life but in 1907 he did succumb to pneumonia. He suffered great loss as after remarrying a second time his second wife drowned in the creek behind his home.

Each grave here tells a tale one of the most sadder gravesites is a young mother and her two deceased daughters who were around 3 years old and 3 months. Their were eight children that lived on from his first marriage. As far as I can tell based on research it is Mary Lovelock that holds the earliest of interment burials here. Although some of the other grave sites I found may have predated Mary Lovelock. and are simply unmarked. I did find about five other very lovely engraved stones surrounding the Lovelock family but they followed a short time later after her death.

I was told and I cannot say its true that Lone Mountain Cemetery is haunted. This is how I found out about it and thought it at least warranted a visit. We have to verify and look into such claims when they are reported to our organization. But for me investigating the paranormal is not about ghost it is about history because on one given day this cemetery may be haunted and the next may not its just how it is in this field.

The cemetery is rather extensive and nearby buried throughout the high desert sage brush is the Lovelock Chinese Cemetery. One can tell that segregation must had still been present in the later and early 1900's. Just as it was evidence that many of the interments found in the Lone Mtn. Cemetery are that of a younger generation ranging from children to younger adults. Its a bit of a sad place and tells a story about the hardships the early residents of Lovelock faced.

Where the cemetery resides today use to be entirely underwater as this area would be considered to be one of the lower regions of the Great Basin. The Lahontan Sea at one time consumed the region and all the peaks you see in the scenic gallery were exposed more or less looking like a chain of islands. If you have a really great eye you can see from afar The Cave Of The Red Haired Giants. This was an ancient race of 11' tall giants that were covered in red hair who were here before the Native Americans arrived. They would boat across this very cemetery in search of food and sometimes ate the natives. The giants were killed by the natives then sealed in the cave where the bones were excavated eventually.

Some of the interments found within the Lone Mountain Cemetery were not individuals who resided in the Lovelock area their whole lives. Many of them came from other nearby towns surrounding this basin higher up in the mountains. Some of those mining towns nearby were Star City, Rochester, Seven Troughs
& Unionville. I have visited them all because as a researcher it is important for me to tie in the various connections found within the region. Miners moved around allot and sometimes they would end up settling down in Lovelock because other towns went bust and unlike the other towns this one had the railroad. Below I have opted to post a little more in depth history in relation to the town and the founder of this cemetery. If the cottonwood trees found throughout the cemetery what would they say?

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Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
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The area in which the township of Lovelock was to be established first came to prominence as a lush way station on the Humboldt Trail to California. According to an 1849 description of what were then called the Big Meadows, "This marsh for three miles is certainly the liveliest place that one could witness in a lifetime. There is some two hundred and fifty wagons here all the time. Trains going out and others coming in and taking their places is the constant order of the day. Cattle and mules by the hundreds are surrounding us, in grass to their knees, all discoursing sweet music with the grinding of their jaws.”[5]

A few settlers stopped on there to harvest the wild rye growing in the meadows and scythe the hay each fall, which they then sold on. Arriving there from California in 1866, the English settler George Lovelock (1824–1907) bought the squatters' right for 320 acres and got with it the oldest water rights on the Humboldt River. Although born in Wales, Lovelock was from a family of Wiltshire origin that is known to family historians as the Lyneham Line.[6] His brother Daniel moved to Australia - and one of Daniel's sons to New Zealand - so that the relations of the man after whom the Nevada town was named are now widely scattered.

The town's foundation came about with the building of the Southern Pacific Railroad through the area in August 1868. George Lovelock provided 85 acres for the site and the depot was therefore named 'Lovelock's' after him and appears as such on old maps.[7] Thereafter he put his mining expertise to work and discovered many valuable lodes in the surrounding area, which contributed to enhanced railway traffic. He also acted as the town's first postmaster and invested in hotels. In particular he was the first proprietor of the Big Meadows Hotel on Main Street, adjacent to the train station and what was eventually the Greyhound Bus depot.

By 1900, the town of Lovelock had a school, churches and a business district along what was then called Railway Street - later renamed West Broadway.[8] Also included among the businesses were no less than three weekly newspapers: The Lovelock Tribune, which ran from May 1898 until February 1912; the short-lived Lovelock Standard (April–September 1900); and The Argus (May 1900-Jan 1905). In August 1908 the weekly Lovelock Review was founded, becoming Lovelock Review-Miner in January 1911 and remaining under that name to the present day.[9]

Lovelock was incorporated as a city in 1917 and in 1919 it was named the county seat when Pershing County was carved out of the southern part of Humboldt County. Its famous round Court House was built at the end of Main Street, on the site of a school, which was then located elsewhere. While mining and agriculture acted as the commercial centre for the locality, the community thrived on the state speciality of gambling, with many casinos and three legalised brothels, although all of the latter are now closed. The town’s centenary was celebrated in 1968 with a Frontier Days theme suggested by two of the founder’s great-great granddaughters, Elaine Pommerening and Pat Rowe, who had only recently moved back to Lovelock. In 1983, old U.S. Route 40 through downtown was bypassed by Interstate 80, and in the early 1990s the rail depot closed, killing much of its prosperity. Since then it has promoted itself as a tourist attraction with its historic buildings and special events.

There have been several mining booms in the neighbouring mountains. These included intensive activity in the Rochester and Seven Troughs areas at the start of the 20th century and subsequent drilling with more advanced techniques later in Rochester. The Coeur Rochester mine began further open cast mining for silver and gold in 2011,[10] test drilling for gold continues at Relief Canyon,[11] and diatomite is dug at the Colado Mine.[12]

George Lovelock

From the
Lovelock Centennial Booklet 1868-1968

Pershing Co. Nevada

George Lovelock
George Lovelock, pioneer, the founder of two towns which bear his name, honored and respected as the patriarch of the town of Lovelock, Pershing County, Nevada, had during his life of eighty-three years, a career of varied experience, passed in different climes, and of successful effort and accomplishment.

He was born March 11, 1824, in Swansea, Wales, and was reared and educated in England. He married Mill Mary Forest, April 5, 1847, and shortly thereafter they took ship to Australia.

Their first son, Fredrick, was born while they were on passage. In Australia Lovelock was employed in the copper mines for over two years, after which he and his family embarked for the Sandwich Islands. Leaving his wife and child on these islands in the Pacific, Lovelock set sail for San Francisco, California, arriving April 3, 1850.

Lovelock had learned the carpenter trade, and for the first few weeks he was engaged in building houses in Happy Valley. In May he went to Sacramento, where in June, he was joined by his wife and son.

Soon thereafter they moved to Brown's Valley, and thence to Feather River, where he built the second house in what is now the city of Oroville. His son Thomas was the first white child to be born there, September 1851. In 1852 he moved to Marysville, California, for more healthful location for his family, and thence to Butte Creek. he built a store there and the place was named Lovelock in his honor.

This little California town still exists. During his stay in the area he was engaged in placer mining, teaming, and also built a sawmill at Lovelock. At the beginning of the Civil War, however, the demand for lumber ceased and he abandoned his California enterprises and struck out for Nevada.

He was located at the mouth of Rocky Canyon, then Humboldt County, until 1866, when he moved to where the town of Lovelock has since been built.

Upon arriving in the "Big Meadow", he bought the squatters' right, 320 acres for $2,250.00, from the Blake brothers and got with it the oldest water rights on the Humboldt River. He established his home and operated a newly acquired stage station on Hill Beachey's line at a point nearly opposite where the railroad depot now stands.

So far as can be determined, in 1866 the Blakes and George Lovelock also completed one of the earliest irrigation canals in the Lovelock Valley. They harvested the Great Basin wild rye growing in the meadows and along the Lovelock Slough with scythes each fall and used or sold the hay. The L.N. Carpenter priority in the union Canal is based upon this early Blake-Lovelock water right.

When the building of the Central Pacific Railroad reached the site of present Lovelock in early August of 1868, George Lovelock gave eighty-five acres for a town site which the company named Lovelock. The railroad company promised to give his a block in the town in exchange, an agreement that was not kept, and he had to pay five hundred dollars for half a block. Also, in return for giving the railroad the right of way, he was to receive a free pass - but he had only one free ride.

George Lovelock was a tireless and faithful worker in the developing of the agricultural and mineral resources in the Humboldt County section. He was one of the first men in the county to engage in mining enterprises and at the time of his death his holdings were quite extensive.

He was the discoverer and original owner of the American Nickel Company's nickel and cobalt properties at Cottonwood Canyon, and has valuable holdings there and in many other districts in the county. Mining was his life's work and study. In the delirium of fever, the night before his death, he was going down shafts, a candle in hand.

"Uncle George" was a short stocky man with bush whiskers. He is remembered sitting on the porch of his adobe home surrounded by ore samples and the town's children who gathered to hear stories of history and admire his collection.

The well-versed pioneer with his extra wide suspenders and handkerchief around his neck was also noted for his unusual foresite of the future. His granddaughter recalls sitting on his lap watching pigeons, when he predicted: "One day we will be flying through the air like the birds. You will live to see this occasion, but I will not."

His prized possessions were an unusually large pocket watch and chain that he had brought to this country from England; his "stogie" knife with its long sharp blade which he used to remove corks from various types of bottles; and his miner's eye glass, a tool of his beloved trade.

He was never sick a day in his life prior to the three days before his death. His longevity was often attributed to his daily ritual of dipping his penknife into a blue bottle of quinine powder and consuming all the knife point would hold. This was followed by a cup of tea which he made from the wild sage brush of which he was so fond.

Besides his extensive mining interests, George Lovelock was also engaged in the hotel business. In Lovelock he first owned the Big Meadow Hotel which he later "exchanged for a consideration" for the portion of land belonging to Ed Asher. This land beyond the Lovelock Slough is the present location of the Ruddell Ranch. He owned a hotel in Trinity when the town was in its hey day and also operated a large hotel at Oreana.

He never joined societies. His career was its own justification and eulogy. In politics he always voted the Republican ticket and he remained steadfast in the Christian faith of the Episcopal Church of his childhood. Above all, he was staunch in his belief and practice of the Golden Rule. "No one in need, be they of the dusky native tribes or the 'paleface' brother, was ever turned from his door empty handed. Indured to the hardships of pioneer life, yet he had a tender and sympathetic nature, always glad to divide his last morsel with those in need."

Mary Lovelock, first wife of George, mother of his children and sharer in his pioneer hardships, passed away July 5, 1881. She was 58. After a time a second companion, Mary Evans, was taken. No children were born of the second marriage and the wife was accidentally drowned in the old river channel which passed back of their home three years after the union.

The eight children born to George Lovelock included, Frederick, Thomas, George Jr., Daniel, Stephen, Nellie Lovelock Carpenter, Jennie Lovelock Ruddell, and Ellen Lovelock.

George Lovelock passed away March 28, 1907, at the age of 83 following an attack of pneumonia.
Information collected and compiled by Elaine Pommerening, Lovelock, Nevada [Histories chairman for the Centennial Booklet Committee, and co-chairman of the Lovelock Centennial Committee.]

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