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Nevada Trails Western Region By Peter Massey

Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar is one of these forgotten boom towns that not allot of people know about or heard of. It was one of the finer ghost towns of its hey day and suffered quite a few blows only to meet its demise. It went from a massive mining town to it being abandoned for many years until recent mining has ignited activity of human life in the area. However sadly the town will never come back from this one as with each passing day history is being erased therefore when you sift through this addition on our website all that was and remains is about all your going to see here on this site nothing more nothing less!

It was in or around the 1860's when copper or was discovered below the Singatse Range and peak. Pay very close attention to our galleries as I have photographed quite a few prominent landmarks such as Artesia Lake, Mt. Seigle, Smith and Mason Valley where the current town site teeters on.  More or less after ore was discovered here a mining camp begun known as Morningstar later was changed to Ludwig in or around 1911. Many of the locals thought Ludwig would be a better name for this modern city of its time as it boasted that it had electricity and even water pipes under its streets.  Therefore the name derived from the prospector who discovered copper ore up above the town on Singatse Mountains in the 1860's named John D. Ludwig.  

The town went through major changes when the Nevada-Douglas company bought the mines in 1907. But even after the name had changed some old timers to the very end referred to it as Morningstar so I will also so that you can absorb its rich history.  Mining peaked for awhile between 1865 till 1868 then it gradually tapered off because most of the miners seemed to hold their interest more with Gold and Silver. Although mining continued a second boom would occur between 1907 till about 1914 when the town begin to decline. The towns population fluctuated often as the railroad brought in new interest for those looking to make a living in Ludwig. Despite the decline of mining after 1914 another small boom of  mining did occur in the roaring 20's but again it just would not last until other mining companies tried to revitalize it multiple times which the end result would always end up the same.

Another statistic is that prior to 1907 the miner owners had a hard time smelting the copper ore although very abundant here nobody really knew how to handle it at the time.  In 1888 a newspaper article stated that the Mason Valley Copper Mine was producing tons of copper ore and that the area needs more prospecting. Mines were being discovered here along the Singatse Range regularly and many of them became claims. One of the biggest open pit copper mines just sits on the other side of the range adjacent to Ludwig and today is still in operation.  What would start off a copper metropolis would change into the gypsum queen of northern Nevada eventually.

The town boasted two train lines as a matter of fact during its boom it peaked out at about 1000 perhaps more residents. It had multiple mills, school, hotel, community hall, dance hall, red light district, businesses, saloons, brothels, garbage dump, church, working electricity, general merchandise store, sewage, tram, two railroads that stopped in town, hospital, multiple plants, reservoir and so much more.  The town site today resides up the steep side of Singatse Peak with great views of the range above, Mason & Smith Valley all the way to Artesia Lake which has the pine nuts back dropping it sure makes you ask yourself multiple times why things ever had to end in the first place? No matter how much gets erased over time due to storms, fires, vandals or current mining operations one thing will never change and that my friends is its rich history. This is a story about how a camp turned into a metropolis only to only meet its demise perhaps the one thing that has been mainstream is that its mining does continue in some retrospect.

The town also had a smokestack at the Ludwig Mine which was blown down and in ruins due to a wind storm along with other buildings in 1904. Winds are not very uncommon in this region as they sweep over the high sierras and into these massive valleys which are found below the mountains of western Nevada. The area is also known to have geothermal springs some of them contain uranium therefore one could say that deep below the valley the ground is still a little hot. Artesia Lake was formed by a natural spring and the snows that melt off the Pine Nut Mountains. So one of the things your going to see in our pages is this very lake succumbing to drought and transforming to a bone dry expanse. One must wonder if Ludwig was built in the right area or perhaps it was just destined to fall before it ever had a chance to grow into something so much more.

The train that came into town left from Minden all the way out to Walker then northbound into Smith and Mason Valleys. Copper that was smelted could be exported on the train which then could be used in the construction of Nevada's state Capitol Carson City.  One can imagine that back in the day it must had been a really scenic ride along the Pine Nut Mountains and Singatse Range. Not only did you have mountains but there was also a lake that during its times was quite large and the meandering Walker River.  Then someone who wanted to leave Ludwig they could get on the train go up to Carson City or Virginia City NV or take another spur that ran eastbound or up into California. Therefore the railroad did help a little keep the town alive and may have attributed to its growth otherwise it may have died out much sooner then later.

The second train was known as the Nevada Copper Belt Railroad which ran from its terminus Wabuska to through Thompson Smelter, Nordyke, Wilson, Hudson, Ludwig, Mason that ran on a scenic loop just to name a few places along this 45 mile spur. I plan on doing more work in the region over time that way we can kind of connect all the dots even if its just to visit these sites to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The spur was mainly used for transporting fruit, mining equipment, copper, freight and even passengers.  The railroad rain from 1911 - 1947 the railroad did thrive and followed the old Delphi Road which you can see in some of my photos running right through the middle of the valley passing by Artesia Lake.  Sadly in 1942 nine miles of track were removed traveling from Hudson to Ludwig both towns ended up vanishing after this occurrence. Even 2.5 miles of track running from Wabuska to Thompson Smelter were removed therefore by 1945 passenger service was suspended then the entire line abandoned in 1947. I am saddened that many of Nevada's historical railroads no longer exist just as with Wabuska it was known for its beautiful train depot which was dismantled then relocated to the Nevada State Train Museum in Carson City. Back when the railroad first began many of the potato farmers in the valleys would export them to the local colonies, camps and towns.

Just as with any given boom town you had your tragedies which seem to occur even to this day for example a very massive fire broke out in 1913 less then a year after the Titanic sunk in the Atlantic. Many of the homes burned down and if you look further below I posted what the entire town did look like. You can imagine that fires plagued these downs as the wood would go up in smoke before it could be put out. Between the dry brush that grew around the town then the lack of water fires could destroy an entire town. During my journeys I have uncovered quite a few towns that had major losses some never bounced back.  Ludwig was a well mentioned town people always felt it was rich in more ways then one not just minerals but these valleys are lush enough to ranch. So technically you had access to the best of both worlds while you could ranch and mine at the same time it was very lucrative to reside here.

The post office came to the town in 1908 till around 1911 and was called Morningstar named after the town it then closed. Around 1911 the post office reopened and named Ludwig which closed in 1932. Once the post office and railroad begin to shut down it can really lead to a towns demise. If you combine that with the storms, fires and the area being mined out you can understand the factors involved that led to it becoming the ghost town that it is. When the boom came in 1911 it lasted till about 1914 where at least 1000 residents called this place home. When the copper was no longer smelted or mined their was a new gold on the market known as Gypsum which is today used in drywall for the construction of homes and business.

The mining of gypsum begin in the 1940's and lasted till about the 1960's before all mining ceased to exist at that time many of the mills as well as plants were being dismantled. In 2014 Art Wilson Mining purchased Ludwig to revitalize gypsum mining and therefore the area is closed but also very dangerous to people who might be careless or reckless. So in retrospect everything your going to see in Ludwig is here on our site and most of the town is now gone therefore please by all means take your time when going through our research project. Try to envision what this city would have been like and the people who made lives here. Imagine the children who went to school or the people who sang at church or about how two lovers may have gone on a picnic walking up to Artesia Lake that is overshadowed by the town itself. Life here was wholesome for its residents and unlike many of the mining camps of the west this one did not have lawlessness and people residing here were quite civil hardworking folks.

After the 1960's the town became a focal point for others to dirt bike, four wheel, hike and explore. I know that at one time you could find all sorts of remnants of the past such as bottles, broken glass and even clay pipes from possibly a sewage system. The town was really state of the art believe me they boasted that they made use heavily of electricity. I read that their use to be some underground chambers and possibly sumps.  I am sure that such sites today are long gone as I did a two part thorough exploration of this ghost town. I mean afterall the smoke stack blew down in a storm. Strangely you can stand on the otherside of Artesia Lake near the Pine Nut Mountains and see the massive pillars of a copper plant which became known as the Witches Circle. The murals you see painted on the pillars were done by a university art students I believe back in 2013 then shortly after is when new mining was revitalized in the area and interest grew in Ludwig's rich hills. There is supposedly a sculpture that is on a hill called the Ludwig Watcher its probably gone maybe stolen or removed by the students to protect it since my last trip to Ludwig did show signs that some people come here to vandalize rather then respect this site.

From my experience journeying to such ghost towns is some are very dangerous with many open mining pits, rusty machinery, drop offs, steep hills, nails, holes, snakes and sometimes even people. Their are many parts of the town where their are crevices or holes that just drop off down a huge mine shaft. If the fall does not kill you the toxic gases within the mine will within seconds. In 2008 and 2011 two separate men were fell down mine shafts in the area thus leading to their deaths. I will not mention names out of respect for the families who suffered a great loss but people do need to understand that any ghost town can go from bad to worst if you are not paying attention or are careless.  I know that at one of mine shafts the rescue crew could not even get to the man for awhile because of how difficult it was.

 I have heard of quite a few deaths in those mines as copper mines were more vast and its possible the ones under Ludwig strung together for miles. The dangers of such mines have led to some of them being permanently closed off or sealed while today some of the massive holes do post a potential threat. Sadly even though the mining company has put up fencing, gates and other additive measures people continue to drive through the gates or remove the fencing. It would be no surprise if you will se a caretaker here to guard the property then again nobody is going to want to go here once they realize very little remains so we feel blessed that were able to bring you some content in future years to come for those that missed the boat.

Not much has changed since the town grew steadily at least not the view of the mountains or the fact that the mountains are very rich with copper ore.  Nature has a way of consuming some of these locations and where there once were homes now sagebrush grows over them. It was only 50 years ago that entire buildings stood strong made of wood and concrete. But with each passing year that diminishes and eventually very few will ever have known that this location even existed.  That does not mean the ghosts of the past have ever left the town site I believe that certain locations may hold some kind of energy based on my rock solid research projects we did here. I believe that some of the residents lived out most of there lives here and this is where they died. Perhaps they are buried in Smith Valley at the The Pioneer Grove and Hilltop Cemeteries which are also investigations I conducted which will be available in the future on our website along with some of the other sites found in our article.

The one thing that has remained here as a constant is the fact that the mining continues to live on but slowly Ludwig is fading from existence so we must do what we can to keep it alive even through our work. This ghost town was in the heart of the wild west and unlike Bodie California which tends to steal the limelight from other ones this forgotten place is indeed impressive or was! Its very extensive powerlines that go for miles, dirt roads that traverse the range and its size really gave it away that this was at one time quite the city. Some of the tailings found here from the milling and plants are massively huge. The dump pile is very large also but more importantly is that these hills have rich copper and that was the bread and butter for most of the miners that decided to make the journey to Morningstar in hopes of becoming wealthy. The smoke stack near the Ludwig Mine could be seen all over town including those who approaching the down via train. It must had bean a truly amazing place just to visit during its boom years. All that remains today is the history and the ghosts of our past that haunt this mountainside metropolis!

Please Note:
In 2014 the Art Wilson Mining Co. purchased the town site of Ludwig fencing off approximately 300 acres which encompasses everything that is left of Ludwig. The site is off limits and mining within the ghost town have been revitalized therefore access to it is no longer available. Do NOT cut down the fencing, drive through the gates, damage the property or trespass. When I went the gate was open and their was some accessibility this was prior to when mining operations begin. The area is VERY dangerous with many random open pits with deadly falls, glass, drop offs and other hazards found here deaths have occurred here. Ludwig is being removed completely or any sign that it existed and the entrance into the main mine has no accessibility therefore this is our final project. Perhaps a gift towards the Nevada school system so please use whatever you wish found here to further your knowledge about this forgotten copper empire.  Due to recent gypsum strip mining not much remains of the town and we ended up being able to complete this project prior to this now the area is completely off limits. Therefore everything your going to see of Ludwig can be found here or at least what is left of the town site. There is no need for anyone to put themselves at risk knowing this factor.

It is very sad to see Ludwig go but for years to come will always remember what it once was and stood for within the American west's. Nothing is left as of current but a few foundations and broken glass therefore what you see here is what was prior to the current mining operation. If you really want to check out some fantastic places other then Ludwig you can visit Thompson Smelter, Nordyke, Hudson, Mason and Wilson Canyon all nearby.  Just remember we been doing ghost towns for years however most of these locations contain hazards which can ultimately lead your death or serious injuries! This compiliation is designed to keep others out so that they can enjoy the site from our website and perhaps the mining company will be more motivated to preserve the town. Chances are if people keep driving through the gates the company may feel inclined to get rid of anything remaining so hopefully their can be a happy medium between all parties involved and that this will serve as a resolve.

Copyright By
Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
Author, Talk Show Host, Producer and Paranormal Investigator

Gypsum mining starts up on Ludwig site

by: Kurt Hildebrand

January 14, 2015

A popular offroad four-wheeling destination has been fenced off after active mining operations began west of Yerington.

Art Wilson Mining has begun work at Ludwig, which was home to the Morning Star Mine and has fenced off 300 acres.

Safety Director Jesi McKee said the Carson City mining company has had considerable difficulty with people cutting their gates and fences.

“It’s completely closed to the public,” she said. “We’ve started to move material in preparation to start mining. It’s now considered an active mine.

The company plans to begin mining gypsum at the site very soon, she said.

“It’s amazing how many people drive through gates and fences, or cut their way in,” she said. “We’ve had many problems with trespassers out there.”

Ludwig is located on the west slope of the Singatse Range between Mason Valley and the northern tip of Smith Valley.

A big copper strike occurred there in 1907 at the Morning Star Mine, and the town of Ludwig was created in 1908 to house miners.

The town was once home to 1,000 people.

The mines were served by the Nevada Copper Belt Railroad from Wabuska starting in 1911. According to the Nevada Appeal, the train tracks were taken up in 1942.

Gypsum mining first started at the site in the 1940s.

The site features several concrete mill structures, many of which were painted with Egyptian symbols since the mines closed.

McKee said the site is not safe for members of the public, and that people should avoid mines whether they are active or closed.

Gypsum is used in the manufacture of drywall.

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