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The Hess Ranch was built in the 1800's and more then likely provided the boom town of Austin Nevada with livestock, produce, poultry and beef. When Austin came to be in 1862 it primarily focused on Silver Mining while some pioneers decided to transition their lives within the Reese River Valley where this ranch today is located. The river valley was very lush despite its location being in the middle of the Nevadan desert. An area so extreme that the winters can be brutal with snow drifts that are 12' high and summers where the heat index reaches over 115 degrees. Proof of that factor is during the year 1982 the old historic adobe schoolhouse down the road completely vanished due to the elemtns.

I do not know allot about this ranch as an explorer of the unknown and interested party in history this was a spontaneous project. I was traveling up to Kingston Nevada over the Toiyabe Mountains when I overshot my road into the pass. I kept traveling through the valley admiring various ranches and I even seen what appeared to be a Pony Express Station. Honestly if it were not for the ranches nothing would be here but off in the distance the Hess Ranch really stood out. You could not only see the massive Victorian home but many outbuildings that surround it.

This at one time may have been one of the finest historical ranches in Lander County and sadly it is in peril. I wish I had more time to spend working with this location however the ranch is a rodent hotel. Breathing in rodent droppings can lead to your death if it contains the Hantavirus. My time was not extensive at the ranch although from what I did see and research I found a jewel within the desert. My time spent at the ranch was short lived as in comparison the family that called this place home spent decades and generations ranching. I would have to get back on the road to Kingston Nevada and the Toquima Cave. Two mountains ranges with one of them overshadowing the ranch as Toiyabe Peak is covered with snow.

One of the unique features found on the ranch is you could see that different outbuildings were built during various time periods. For example there are a few wood cabins on site then nearby them is an adobe structure along with a few stone buildings built with native rock. Later came two brick structures and other modernizations or renovations which appeared to be scattered throughout the property. This is what really makes the ranch unique is the fact that you can see the different generations that built onto it as different outbuildings were constructed during different time periods. During the Victorian times the brick home was built during the pioneer days wood or volcanic stone structures.

Their are two types of corrals one with wood fencing the other made with native stone intricately pieced together. While some structures appear to use mortar other walls appear to just have native rock locked in tightly like a jigsaw puzzle. The stables including one of the barns was built out of wood milled from the nearby Toiyabe and Shoshone Mountain Ranges which overshadow this ranch in the valley. Many of the wood pylons that hold up the roof or create a stable for cattle, horses or hogs are native trees stripped of there bark. One of the buildings had tree limits supporting a twig thatched roof as the sun peers through.

The main home which has Victorian Architecture was originally made out of adobe bricks which may have been fired on site like most of the outbuildings that were added over time. Later on the ranch owners reinforced the home by putting a layer of bricks around it. I believe that the walls were very thick after studying the architecture here when I say thick I mean the outer wall has red clay bricks while the inner wall has two layers of adobe bricks. It did have three chimneys along with a grand fireplace in the great room. The chimneys on the roof exist but there is no fireplace or chimney found within the house. It appears that a gas and electric heater was installed in its place to create central heat and air that would circulate through a vent found in each room. The space heater looks to be from the 1980's which means that the family may have been working on upgrading this home which probably had gotten very cold in the winter months.

The house is falling apart inside the giant wood beams which make up the floor are double plied while someone tried to paint over the old fashioned wallpapers. Most of the rooms are very small and only one bathroom exist that was the one upstairs. There was an outhouse on the back side of the home as well. Many of the appliances are older they appear to date back to the later 1980's to early 90's therefore at some point during that time for whatever reason the entire ranch was abandoned. That is when vandals and rodents have taken over the property. Its not hard to find smashed beer bottles and various windows that been smashed by others who ignore the importance of such a great site.

The guest house which resides next to the main ranch house appears to have came much later. It would appear that when some of the outbuildings, guest homes or cabins became to dilapidated newer structures would be built nearby. Its a very dismal scene in both homes furniture tipped over on its sides, suit cases here and there, ripped wall paper, broken windows, holes in the floor, no steps into the attic, chandeliers missing, veterinary medicine on shelves, ripped clothes, rat droppings everywhere, boards on certain windows, broken glass, books and other personal items scattered about.

I believe that this ranch had some hands or volunteers who may have resided here either that or the family was very large. It is not uncommon to see on site a few buildings that had beds inside. Perhaps the ranch had a few buildings that served as living quarters after all it was a big operation so you may have had a few cowboys at the crack of dawn rounding up the herd.  It appears there was a public shower, restroom, milk house, garage and tool shop. In some of the buildings are appliances such as refrigerators, washers, driers, bed springs and mattresses. While the family lived in the home some of the older buildings may have housed a few ranch hands. When I investigated the Dangberg Home Ranch the set up was very similar as the ranch hands lived in separate quarters.

One of the garages had monster truck tires they were in good shape so again whoever was here booked it leaving behind a ranch that probably was in the family for many generations. Someone put there heart and soul into this ranch with there very hands adding to it for many years. Behind the home is an old stone well that is about 25' deep made of native rock that has a pipe that appears to drain into it with water being diverted from the Reese River or perhaps a nearby creek. Its a big creepy in the fact that some things are just as the ranch owners left it such as tools hanging up or a desk in an outbuilding. Prior to electricity reaching the ranch they used a generator and before that the ranch owners roughed it. Behind the home are two huge iron tanks buried underground which probably held fuel, sewage or water.

More then likely this family had kids back then they did not have cell phones or video games. These kids probably played down by the river or up in the nearby Shoshone Mountains. Wolves were very prevalent back in the day so while you sat around the dinner table with a candle you probably heard them howling. Some of the fencing is around 15 to 20 years old while others are made out of tree limbs. It seemed that the owners originally tried to utilize the land as much as possible even in the construction of the ranch. Although the ranch is not far from Clifton, Kingston or Austin its entirely cut off from the rest of the world. Maybe the owners became to elderly to keep up the property and with the remoteness they ended up bailing.

I tried to do a little more research and found that a Helena Merten Hess is buried at the Austin Calvary Cemetery along with the Merten family. She was born in 1855 in Germany emigrated to Austin Nevada and passed on in 1900. It says she was the wife of J.E. and had a foster child. It also says she lost a baby it does not say how and I am not sure if it was at this very ranch. When I do further research it says her foster child was Helena Ahlers Metzler Mattiessen. Upon doing further research that foster children was married twice hence the two last names as Ahlers was her maiden name.

The Ahlers ranch is located within the Reese River Valley as a matter in fact its just down the road from the Hess Ranch. Many of the Ahler siblings and family members are found within the local Austin Cemetery. I am not sure if Helena Merten Hess first married into the Ahler family naming her adopted child after her then later came to settle at the Hess ranch or the other way around. More then likely both the Ahler and Merten families frequented this ranch. It is also possible since some of the Ahlers passed away that this is whey Helena Merten Hess fostered Helena Ahler after the loss of her baby.

Nobody knows for sure and its hard to say if this ranch stayed within the Hess family or changed hands multiple times within the intermediate family. I believe I also found Helena Hess's baby who made it to two years old also found in the local Austin Cemetery. Perhaps the ranch tells a story about life, pain, loss, love and success. One thing is sure that this may be one of the oldest ranches in Lander County Nevada perhaps in the silver state period! It will not last its reaching a state of disrepair as with all the windows gone, roofing damaged, rodents and the elements this ranch has very little life left in it. The state needs to purchase the property and try to turn this location into a museum because it deserves no less!!

One thing is for sure though the ranch is definitely haunted if you were to ask me id tell you that if I did not know better the entire family was watching me explore the property. The feelings of being watched never go away here then you hear strange noises such as knocking sounds or feel a cold spot that is out of place. I believe however 110 percent that the ranch is haunted by a man whether he is the original ranch owner who may have built many of the outbuildings or a ranch hand its hard telling. Since I had two other projects lined up for that day deep in the Toiyabe and Toquima Mountains I was only able to do a few EVP readings. My EVP revealed what appears to be two different men's voices one appears to sound younger soft spoken the other a little more brazen. Its quite possible that the family that lived here loved this ranch so much they truly never left. I only did a few EVP sessions and every time I did I caught something especially being since my exploration was done 95 percent alone with the exception of my son taking photos of me after I finished my investigation here.  Their is just this overwhelming creepy feeling when wandering the ranch and I just cannot put my finger on it. If not creepy a real forboding type of feeling builds up as you continue to explore each building.

There is no doubt in my mind that death transpired here at the ranch whether that was some epidemic such as the diphtheria that rolled into Austin or some bizarre accident. Back in the day funerals were held at such estates within the home. It appears that whoever lived here had nothing but time on there hands especially when you see a very deep well lines with stones or a barn built with thousands of stones. Someone put allot of time and effort into building this ranch they also left it for perhaps numerous reasons. The owners may have gotten to elderly to keep up the property or perhaps they could not afford to operate it anymore. The guest house was emaculate its possible that nobody lived in the Victorian Estate but rather they downsized once the children moved out. Nobody knows for sure these are just pure speculations no less its little things like this that add to the excitement of such an exploration.

By the end of the day what it comes down to is that this ranch is a symbol of early agriculture in the region. It tells a tale about how the early pioneers used whatever they could find to construct the outbuildings that still stand today. It tells a story about the resilience and the lives these ranchers faced. There were no cities only a long wagon ride to down to gather supplies probably a days trip to and from. Off in the distance you had Toiyabe Peak overshadowing the ranch which is also known as Arc Dome nearly standing at 12'k while your backyard was the Shoshone Mountains. Just a short journey away was the Reese River which made it an ideal place to ranch because not only did you have water for crops and livestock but also fresh drinking water. Nearly all the ranches found near Austin are found in this river valley although desert at one time this valley was very lush and today being a drought stricken area it is no wonder many of the ranches are turning up abandoned.

Today many of the locals use the ranch as a party spot unfortunately what they should be doing is helping preserve what very little is left. But it appears that the entire ranch was ransacked, vandalized and used as a party clubhouse. Not sure if those doing the partying here realize that the rat and mice droppings may end up killing you from the Hantavirus! Personally for me when I explored the ranch all I was is a country boy trying to imagine myself climbing a tree or chasing some animals around. This ranch was very large and at one time children ran around playing also laughing. Today only the ghosts of the past know its true tales of trials and tribulations!

Copyright By
Lord Rick aka AngelOfThyNight
PGS Founder
Author, Investigator, Talk Show Host & Producer

If anyone has any further information in relation to the ranch please email us so we can integrate the history onto our site for further educational purposes.



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