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Subject: Our Expedition Of Unionville & Lovelock Cemeteries 3-7-15
Date:3/12/2015 4:17:59 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
To:ParanormalBuffalo@yahoogroups.com, ParanormalGhostSociety@googlegroups.com, paranormalghostsociety@yahoogroups.com, ParanormalGhostSocietyConnections@yahoogroups.com, TheParanormalGhostSociety@yahoogroups.com, SupernaturalFlorida@yahoogroups.com, ParanormalCalifornia@yahoogroups.com, ParanormalNevada@yahoogroups.com, Paranormalflorida@yahoogroups.com, sierraparanormal@yahoogroups.com, PGSPhantoms@yahoogroups.com

Lovelock Chinese Pioneer Cemetery

The cemetery is actually not far from Lone Mountain but you have to physically exist out of there and then head up this lonely dirt road that goes off into the open desert. Before I went into the Chinese Cemetery I would visit the Lone Mountain Metal Sign for a picture and video footage only then would I take the road less taken into the sunset.
By the time I had gotten back here I came to realize that tales of segregation seem to hold some truth. The old Chinese cemetery was out in the desert not to far from the backside of Lone Mountain Cemetery. It was obvious that the two were segregated from one another. The only way you would ever know of this place is at the entrance before you take the road is two metal poles holding a wood sign up that says Chinese Cemetery. I never even knew about it this was just a random find hiking around and sometimes when I go out in the field not all places I document are planned but rather spontaneous adventures.
It kind of reminded me of back in the day when in nearby Unionville 18 plus men were convicted of hate crimes because they deported 35 Chinese laborers to another town and sent away on the Union Pacific to another town. But the miners and Chinese often were mistreated in the west such as in Dutch Flat all of China Town was set ablaze some believe purposely numerous times. In many cases the ones that worked in saw mills around Tahoe were often murdered then thrown to the bottom of its depths while in other regions they were often mistreated, abused and kept segregated from the rest of the community.
However, I knew differently because it was really the Chinese who built the west. They are the pioneers who made the railroad that crossed over the high sierras possible. They were the ones who did most of the hardcore mining which provided precious metals to the Union in the civil war. They were responsible for the building of most boom towns and they brought in Opium Houses which were quite popular back in the day as well as legal in the 1800's  They even built a great wall at Donner Summit and I know because I visited it. So as much as I could go on I can say that they added culture to allot of these boom towns just as any of the other emigrants did.
This cemetery is more like a Potters Field it probably was in much worst shape then it is today. Today all the graves have chicken wire fencing that surround burial mounds. Each mound has a vase on top of it while some vases are either broke, tipped over or have dead flowers in them you can see that a restoration project did take place here.
Sadly none of the graves are even marked you do not know who is even buried here. The flag on the pole is badly torn while at the entrance is a statue on the ground of Buddha along with some flowers that are in a pot and sort of clinging to life.
Their also is a giant earn it had some candles in it and two gravesites made out of brick. One of the brick graves has these tiles on top of it while the other one has an open area which is filled in with some dirt. Its pretty obvious that the urn and the one gravesite is used for candle vigils and the lighting of incense using one of the bricks which had holes drilled in it.
There was also a gravesite surrounded by wood fencing from the 1800's and next to it was an old wood table. Not sure what this table is I never seen a table inside a cemetery. Not sure if its symbolic to the individual buried here or if its some kind of sifting table a Chinese miner may have used to separated minerals from smaller pebbles. Not to far away is a wood gravemarker one of the only ones that exist here surrounded by a dilapidated wood fence that was falling apart.
There was a section of the cemetery where you could tell at least 8 to 10 graves were exhumed. You could see where the dirt was filled in or displaced. Allot of times many of the Chinese emigrants before heading back to China would also take their deceased family members with them. Allot of early Chinese did not feel wanted in America or these boom towns so more then often after the vandalism of their loved ones graves they would exhume the body or ashes relocating them overseas. I learned about this when we visited the Chinese burial grounds in Dutch Flat and their were signs that this scenario may have also transpired here in Lovelock also.
One of the burial mounds had chicken cooper wire around it but at one of the corners of the gravesite was this tall odd out of place wood post. Nailed to it was some homemade flower display it also had some kind of wood or basket like material that was entwined with them. I am not sure if someone made it as decor for their loved one or if those that were restoring the cemetery put it there.
I would say there was about 30 gravesites in all but its difficult to say how many were exhumed or how many graves were unmarked. It is apparent that all of the graves had headstones hence the fact that I found one burial site with a wood grave marker original to the 1800's so more then likely all the others did at one time also.
Just outside the entrance into the cemetery which btw is not a gate but three tiers of metal roping that you have to climb between or over. Its probably to keep others out however I cant teach or preserve this place if we cant do a story or get in it. But upon further investigation near the gate we found a bunch of broken tombstones laying up against the fence of Lone Mountain Cemetery. Next to that we found tiles which were used to restore one of the gravesites and a pile of bricks. So in theory the broken stones probably were pulled from the Chinese Cemetery then replaced with a vase, chicken wire fencing and a bouquet.
The sun was beginning to set it was time to head home the long road back to my jeep is filled with a desert to my left which was full of broken glass bottles where probably more Chinese are buried while to my right are lovely trees which separate Lone Mountain from the high desert.
My kids I have to say set off my jeep alarm three separate times because they would exist the vehicle and every time they did that it went off. So even though they did not want to visit either cemetery they came running at me for the keys to turn it off lol. So my son did get to visit the Chinese Cemetery and took a few photos for me here.
Just as with Lone Mountain its hard to say if this is a haunted place I hope I had gotten killer EVP's but their was not so much even a mild EMF Gauss reading here. I knew one thing I had a long trip home and by the end of the day we really covered allot of territory ranging from the semi ghost town of Unionville in Buena Vista Canyon, Unionville Pioneer Cemetery to Lone Mountain Cemetery and finally making a final stop at this forgotten Chinese Cemetery so many pass by or just do not realize that it is here. The ones that do tend to throw glass beer bottles all around it and really have no respect for the Chinese history that surrounds all these historic towns in Northern Nevada.
Allot goes into what we do driving 400 miles in one day and spend at least 100 of it offroading in remote northern Nevada will take the wind out of you. These trips start in the early morning and sometimes go into the evening. I felt pretty luck to get home just a little after 6pm even had the honor to drive around downtown Lovelock which is very historic including its courthouse. From what I hear many of the sites near the cemetery do have haunted history and they might be placed ill consider bring our viewers in the future.
All in all our day was full of adventure the kids had burgers and I just enjoyed my scenic trip home and I could not wait to see Horrible Bosses 2 when I had gotten home as some comedy would be a great way to top the day on off. Nothing is more beautiful then driving westward into a pink sunset with snowcapped peaks miles off in every direction. I would love to return to Lovelock to visit some of the other cemeteries but to be able to visit the towns founders grave and find this little pioneer Chinese Cemetery really topped off my day. That is besides the fact that the cemeteries were peaceful but Unionville had more trouble then what its worth. No less everything worked out really great on my way home I tried a new medicine which helped my neck somewhat but my knee was feeling it and boy it always does after every single adventure I do.
I bring allot of good food on my adventures ranging from fruit snacks to muffins to fruits and gourmet chocolate. So as some of you know I spent the ride home drinking me some chocolate milk, iced mochas and even devouring a hazelnut chocolate bar. I did eat an apple which was so sour I threw it out the window for the coyotes to enjoy lol. Sometimes I buy subs and make other dishes that I can enjoy during my long drives home. It can be rough everyone passes out generally accept for me because I have to drive in addition to explore so it can be quite tedious.
It was a good adventure every time I go out near the Humboldt Range and Lovelock region I always get to see some cool ghost towns, cemeteries and historic sites. The great basin here is very beautiful allot of red rocks and this area is known for its red haired giants that once roamed these lands eating the natives and stealing there women. Lots of mystery, history, lore and offbeat places to explore and in the future we will return to see more of what this area has to offer. It took me three years but I finally was able to do check out Unionville and actually investigate a couple cemeteries in historic Lovelock so its a start as we continue to spread our wings across the Silver State.
Despite the fact that it was in the 70's which is great weather soon it will be time to start our research back up in the high sierras of NV and CA. The problem is with the high desert its beautiful but once summer begins its to hot to hike and to dangerous to roam due to rattle snakes which are found everywhere hidden in sage brush which is quite common in cemeteries and ghost towns in Nevada. I do look forward to returning to the Sierras since the snow is starting to melt so truly some of our last trips in the Nevada frontier are coming to an end soon and will be back once it cools on down no worries.
As far as my foot its healing just fine the nail that went into my foot at Unionville did no major damage. Its healing up and I am recovering. I have just accepted the fact that no matter where I go your going to get bruised, cut and battered if your truly exploring these locations. You have to sometimes climb up into these places and hike around which in turn might cause you some pain but its the rewards that outweigh it as we collect great paranormal evidence, take some really fantastic photography and bring you guys documentaries of all the locations in depth that we visit so truly in the end all of you are a part of our journeys and that is what makes what we do here at PGS so special! The real adventure begins my friends when the pavement ends!!!
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

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