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  - AngelOfThyNight Radio was born in 2003-2004 as Lord Rick gave a whirl to his talents bringing pure paranormal truth to his fans. The radio program was stolen away from a very selfish lunatic ha.....but I took it back for the show is really named after me. Although I have many names AngelOfThyNight is who I am the words alone say enough. 

- AngelOfThyNight Radio was bred into a prerecorded show put on 4shared. I was only doing about an hour of it somewhat adult but nothing to raw. We started that function of our show May of 2007

- As Of Dec. 5th 2007 The Paranormal & Ghost Society goes LIVE from NOWLIVE as we kicked it off with with widgets and people being able to tune in from our site as well as myspace. I was broadcasting a few times a month and by Oct of 2008 we reached listeners in the thousands. We started doing our first few live shows stoned thus fans called it stoner radio.

- That same month in Dec. of 2007 we hosted our first live guest Bill Bean making history.

- The first few months of doing LIVE Radio Lord Rick goes raw boasting everything from our first topless girl on camera to extreme radio.

- In mid 2008 AngelOfThyNight Radio signs its first band R.H.C. who put out their first CD across the world.

- Nov. 2008 AngelOfThyNight Radio gets its first in studio Co-Hosts same year we did our first commercial also Lord Rick makes a few LIVE guest appearances on camera for the fans with some extreme stunts like fighting a drunk Santa Claus.

- Jan. 2009 AngelOfThyNight Radio Goes up for sale on Disc

- March 2009 AngelOfThyNight joins The Network and broadcast off of LiveVideo

- The show does bilateral simulcasting till spring of 2009

- Summer of 2009 we sign on Winters Thrall our first music contract.

- We move our show to the blue room May of 2009 for the summer where Nightfall Radio is born our music show

- Nov. and Dec. 2009 The Show is recorded within our studio in high quality sound format for resale

- Feb. 2010 Our Shows Go Back On Camera LIVE

- March 2010 Shows Are Performed LIVE In CD Quality Sound and stereo for the first time


This widget below plays some of my most recent shows and users can listen to it right from the widget itself.


Every Other Friday 7pm PST 10pm EST LIVE

AngelOfThyNight Radio Now Plays Various Re-Broadcast 24 Hours A Day State Tuned As We Add A Few Classic Precious Episodes.  This Widget also plays our LIVE Shows!


Disclaimer: The Paranormal & Ghost Society its Pictures, Videos, EVP's, AngelOfThyNight Radio, Theories, Satire, Articles, Content, and Features are for Entertainment Purposes and Research Only. DO NOT try this at home! DO NOT try this away from home.  Donations received are to help pay for Lord Rick's Aka AngelOfThyNight the founder/webmaster/editor/talk show hosts time creating, coding, maintaining, updating and web mastering this website www.paranormalghostsociety.org as well as time spent researching paranormal articles for the Paranormal & Ghost Societies mailing list throughout the web! By browsing our pages you agree to this disclaimer.


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