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The Lord's Crew

I started AngelOfThyNight Radio back in 2004 named it and did it with a UFOologist who was intrigued with my work. She tried to steal the name and cut me out of the show due to the fact she wanted more out of me as much as daily. When services like Newmedia and Live Video it really revolutionalized online radio. Now some of the shows like we do are better then tuning into your car radio. There is no limits I been running adult radio since 2007 actually a combination of taking my own personal life a very paranormal one with adult comedy extreme entertainment and knowledge.  Some call it stoner radio perhaps one of the first green shows to ever be produced LIVE. 

Before socialbroadcasting sites came to be I was prerecording AngelOfThyNight Radio which went from putting our episodes on a file sharing program all the way to youtube and now we sell it on disc or give it away. I always try to expand the show and watch as overtime it evolutionizes. We have brought the world bands, special guest, crazy callers and a dose of reality.  We have turned a few loyal listeners into thousands and we are loving every minute of it!

I am a very inspired single father of three bright beautiful boys and lion Sneezer.  I am also an Author, Founder Of The Paranormal & Ghost Society, Producer, Talk Show Host, Paranormal Investigator and Spiritualist. I try to bring a whole new energy to the air waves across the world with deep openminded philosophy and  a wild unforgettable ride.  I do it for the fans and members of our society.  We hope to take the show to new heights forever expanding it. and 

Sneezer is the Lords Companion as he was held just an hour after he came into this world. Perhaps one of the most well known cats across the country he has camped, hiked, fished, and even threw up LIVE on camera. He is extremely 420 friendly, loves birds, children and knocking everything over with his tail. He is more then human and took an interest during show hours making him one of the first animal co-host on the web as he had his own chair. Sneezer does not miss any shows. He was born May 22th 2007 into the world and has many tales of his own to share. He once attacked a woman guarding the Subaru who tried to sleep in the backseat. Sneezer brought 4 kittens into this world all of them died accept the one which was kidnapped at a spaghetti dinner breaks my heart. He is one of my greatest inspirations and sometimes we call him a lion because he leaps and knocks everything over in his path. 

Angel brings a whole new side to the show with adult humor, news and she is also our music coordinator for our show. She is also into the dark side of life such as the paranormal.....gothic music...and the strange. She is published and fairly experienced with radio.  Out of all the people I have met I find her to be extremely loyal and trustworthy. She is a wonderful person and will also help operate the show during preview hours.  Some of her inspirations are poetry, music and of course her children.  Angel is like the coolest chick your ever going to meet and she is just a great soul all around. 

Paul is our international Co-Host and caller from England. He is 110 Percent loyal to PGS and an avid listener. He is rather warm and friendly to all the fans and never misses an episode. I am glad to have him on board as he traverses through ancient Europe exploring and having high times. He is a great chatroom host and loves to snowboard,  toke, UE,  Adventuring, Partying and so much more. He brings the party to the show and is my bro!

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Every Other Friday 7pm PST 10pm EST LIVE

AngelOfThyNight Radio Now Plays Various Re-Broadcast 24 Hours A Day State Tuned As We Add A Few Classic Precious Episodes.  This Widget also plays our LIVE Shows!


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