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 Post subject: Were You Banned From Our Show? Note
PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:38 pm 
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I will make this as painless as possible....but as you know I did two live shows one the day before New Years Eve and one on New Years Eve. I started to notice a pattern while running my chatroom....when my ratings hit the number 1 show which technically beat other featured shows my personal fans and friends were being banned. Then I got told that they do not like our show so now they are trying to lower our ratings by banning anybody they can. I have no control over it I looked and nobody is banned. But on there end they have permanently banned some of you.

My suggestion....or ways around it A. Create a new account NO EMAIL VERIFICATION:) B. Listen to the show from the widgets I have placed across the web no chatroom but you still get it live or C. Ill give you the number to call on in without even being in our chatroom.

What nowlive does NOT know is that if they do not STOP I will put my sun glasses on, smoke a big fat bowl and walk down to the FBI in Las Vegas and let them know that they are in violation of every music copyright law in the country. Then I will privately talk to every music company personally on the phone with the pipe in my mouth and have a nice long entertaining conversation. What it has come down to folks is that our show gets higher ratings then some celebrities so now they got certain staff on board screwing with our show how sad is that? They need to let the voice of the fans and people decide what they want to tune into. As you know I do promote bands and just for a little back up one band I know is willing to make a report on nowlive.

I purposely on New Years did an episode to test this theory and its true game over for them. I will have a show at 7pm pacific time at on the 9th never think I banned you folks I would never ban my fans I love my fans and that is why I am live on camera for the fans. I would not bring guest to my studio....put together a show if i did not want you there keep this in mind.

Know that I have surpassed what most people cannot do and its caused a lot of hate....jealousy etc etc over my success during the years especially recent times. If you were banned Fu$$ing write nowlive and let them know you will be turning them in for musical copywritten infringements they might shutt hem down but trust me I got others who want the good Lord on the air so go for it.

I have had friends writing me in tears saying Rick why would you ban me and trust me ITS NOT ME I am a cool ass guy I don't go banning people unless its idiots in my forum or lurkers but when it comes to my show it doesn't happen I host it and what goes on in chat well hmmmm. I want to shock nowlive lets piss them off everybody create new accounts you get banned create another account come right back in in the show...view it from my widgets elsewhere F$$$ them I have some big name that contacted me and there not impressed with how nowlive treats us at all especially after my New Years back to back episodes.

This is Las Vegas sin city the city that never sleeps full of entertainers and viewers to our show imagine how bad it looks for them. But I wanted to clarify this if they think I do not have the balls to put on my sun glasses....smoke a bowl.....and walk in the FBIs office with my brief case I will cause I am sick of morons and there little jealousy games. I do not know why they cannot just say hey Rick great talent great show....keep up the great work but instead they have to play with our ratings....ban people for no reason....because they want us to quit were not quitting.

Its amazing how when one man does so well another man can knock it serious. You find out that their are very few good radio host or staff once you start seeing the behavior of some of them folks on that site. They can dish it out but cannot take it back lol.

I purposely put my son on my last show because I wanted to show them a dose of reality. I should not have to do that but its the truth. I am a father trying to make my way. I did not want the fans to think that we were doing things to mess with them in tuning in cause were not.

I am a very friendly guy and I love to make new new faces...etc but mark my words when someone tries to walk on me they pay and they pad dearly worst then they ever realize and I make sure to let them know its me who is making them pay lol. I am very ruthless when I have a fan come crying to me because of something like this and well by the 9th if I do not see the little problem fixed then they leave me no choice and believe me with me running for present I had no problem speaking in front of millions at a time so a little jaunt to the FBIs office ill have a field day with a nice smile on my face lol.

I had to at least clarify this I am not angry with any listener its the people hosting me playing there childish games and then having others tattle tail to me who is doing it. Were good at what we do but I wont stand aside and let others censor our show or me. When you start to beat celebrities on a show you do bi monthly people are going to get angry.

So help me out listen to the next show do it from the widgets...go in the chatroom as a guest don't even make an account just go in as a guest by clicking the banner I been running my show for almost 2 years people enjoy it. I had a radio show host write me tonight and if you don't believe me I got the screen shot....they told me to rock on and that they have been a regular listener to our show and they were banned to by nowlive so nowlive is also banning other pros in the business.

I want others to know this hence why I did another episode on New Years last minute because I felt I needed to get this out real quick before other problems arise and users cannot even get into our chatroom for our show you see? I have nothing to lose lets face it I have had the roughest year of my life I got holy shoes, great kids, and I am loveless so I have nothing to lose when it comes down to give others what they certainly deserve.

You are more then welcomed to tune in on the 9th to our show and Ill talk about this further with the public. Ill be creating on nowlive a secret page and doing secret shows to hahahahahahaha like I said I am a real menace when somebody makes one of my fans shed a tear. Its like cheating at a race where you trip the guy because he is winning its the same thing here they been tripping me on ratings and its not right at all considering I been reaching top show almost every freaking time I host.

I said my piece I got more control because I know more people then most so they want a war will give them a war I urge 1000 of you to come see me live on the 9th heh do it from every source I got ill open up the phone lines as well for you to call in. Personally myself I had to give you this explanation in full because its the truth.

I did not want someone to feel hurt or upset or disappointed. I host the show for you so I would never get rid of YOU just remember this. The most important thing for any entertainer is his fans and no entertainer ever gets rid of them if he wants them but man nowlive just doesn't get it they dont like us and its not for them to say you dont like something you dont tune on in.

Anyhow that is about all I have to say to bad so sad I need to go toke and rock n roll.
Lord Rick

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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