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 Post subject: My Exploration Of Snow Mountain Yesterday.......
PostPosted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 11:36 am 
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If you been tuning on into the show then some of you knew today was our first visit to Snow Mountain. I did not do as much as I wanted because I need my full team for this so consider this our basic exploration till we can get a climb to the peak in two weeks. It was nice out so we wanted to get a closer look at the terrain and area.

Karen was with me for this one and she is pretty psyched to get out and look around with me. Its a fascinating mountain as it sits deep north in the Valley. I have never been this far north in Las Vegas years ago where we drove it was all desert but slowly they are building closer and closer to this mountain.

The idea of exploring for caves and other oddities here is really fascinating. We had quite the adventure today it turned into more then what I thought it would be so read all about. When Karen came over today to chill I was sending out articles to the group.

The anticipation was killing me I could not wait to get out there today to do a little off roading. Things took a strange twist as we were nearing Snow Mountain.

Snow Mountain

Odd name for a mountain in the desert but it is true that when it gets very cold snow graces its peak in the winter. Years ago when I looked at this mountain little did I know that I would one day set out to climb this beast.

Karen and I drove closer to the mountain I was getting out taking photos and film. It is amazing how the mountain changes the closer you get. It looks like a flat cliff but once you approach it you see definition on its side.

We pulled off to try and see which roads led in which was not many. Their appears to only be two roads miles apart from one another. One has a gate but sometimes its open the other one does to but you can get within hiking distance of this mountain.

I pulled down this long road along power lines, walls, a water treatment plant and power grids. It appears the hilly road leading to the mountain is an area they are constructing into a park and rifle range. It is not done yet but you could see giant machines, signs telling you no motor vehicles bordering the road and finally a gate with pad locks.

The gate is about a mile from the mountain perhaps less so we shall hike in on foot into the desert which has a trail leading right to the mountain itself. I wish we got in closer to have a look but judging from the mountain it looks like will be switch backing it to get up to the peak zig zagging up the steep side and as long as we cut it carefully it seems the peak will not be all that impossible.

At the peak appears to be a structure of some kind so we will not be the first man to reach the peak but it is something very rare for others to climb. Actually unheard of but the view above has got to be spectacular.

Karen and I decided to take a road that runs parallel with Snow Mountain just a mile away. We cut to the left and took a utility road which appears to start at this location all the way to the Spring Mountain range.

The further we offroaded the more obvious that this area was the old quarry for the building of Las Vegas. You could see various locations that were dug into and quarried. To my right was Snow Mountain and the further we followed the road the smaller the mountain became. That would be to easy of a climb I want to face this thing head on hopefully find some caves up near the peak.

When we were on the road things were getting scary serious just a lot of rocks, dirt, at times gravel with deep tread, and even large rocks. I kept myself very calm cause I had to concentrate at given points of the road as some of the dips if they were not taken the right way could lead to losing the muffler....or even getting stuck.

I always tell Karen not to worry her car has good horsepower but its low to the grown its a convertible so you do have to be careful. I mean I had to coast a certain speed but never stop rolling the car otherwise we would get stuck but then certain places you have to gun it because the gravel was so thick or deep down steep grades that the car was fishtailing. As long as it was NOT the Subaru everybody is a winner right lol.

I had a lot of fun I mean I got stoned before we left so I was chill but even still its a very stressful situation to keep on moving in a place your not supposed to bring cars back into lol. I took some photos of the old quarry it was just imagine how at times their was hills with steep cliffs and piles of sand at the bottom of them.

The road at times was very hilly at times so steep we could not see what awaited the front of us. The dust was covering the car and on two occasions I got out of the car to see if I could make the dip to further ourselves down the road. I did not have much of a choice considering I had nowhere to turn around haha.

I did some filming while driving to but not much again I had to watch every rock in the road, every dip and at times the front tires would go into deep holes so I had to try and get at least one tire on some solid surface. I did get photos of the road, video of some of the obstacles etc

We came across some rough patches but the final one which appeared to be our only resort out of this hell was a pile of gravel in the middle of the road with deep treads. My concern was if I drove over it the rocks would be to high and would consume the entire underneath of the car causing the tires to spin freely.

I walked outside stood their staring at the mountain thought hmmmm lets see if I can pull this off. I went off into the desert found a wood stake, two pieces of Styrofoam put them in the treads. removed larger rocks, and moved small stones over the treads. I seen Karen sitting in her car thinking to herself oh no Lord Rick has lost it. The look on her face was priceless as I watched her sitting in the passenger seat.

We had a giant hole earlier in the road I had to hit at an angle but see one tire was able to catch. But the reality was that this obstacle was worst both tires would have to free spin and I would have to get enough speed so we would not get stuck.

I was thinking to myself honey your about to see the best of the best. I got back in the car and told her were going for it. I gassed it the car fishtailed...and I climbed out of the dip...the bottom hit but brief I had just enough momentum to glide over the loose rock car bounced hard twice....and pow we made it past. This obstacle had to be hit head on no traction just had to get enough speed to carry the car over the 10 foot series of deep treads and loose rocks.

I somehow loved the adrenaline lets face it if the car got stuck their would be nearly impossible to get out of let alone even a tow truck. So I had no room for errors I just sat back and cruised doing what I do best.

After this I had to stop and on both sides of the road we found a giant open area with the quarry on both sides so I parked. The quarry ran for miles on and off just as on our way to Snow Mountain we seen what appeared to be a dry reservoir or dry lake rather with a tunnel under the wall.

I think we stumbled on a lot more then I thought was back near Snow Mountain besides just desert. We left the car running Karen hiked with me up the road. She noticed the giant opening within the quarry so I climbed down the steep bank, up another bank, and down into a hole. I found a small cave which was a dead end perhaps it collapsed.

When I climbed back out I looked to my left and this thorn brush was covering another hole. That brush I cleared and stepped on. The thorns like to break off inside your skin so between my hands and feet I was feeling them. I decided after clearing them that it would be easier to squeeze through a small hole above the cave.

So I squeezed into the hole legs sticking out the ceiling of the cave was coming down....sand was falling all over the could see rocks from the ceiling piled within the was not a good scenario. I looked in the cave and it curved to the right with some soft light peaking in. I then knew their had to be another entrance into this second cave I found.

I followed the hill around sliding on the loose sand and gravel only to find a blocked entrance which was the opposite of this cave. I could have squeezed into it but it was pointless since I was able to see light around the corner of where I just been. What is interesting about this is that these caves are natural it appears that they were found while quarrying and left alone.

Which proves my theory that a lot of areas surrounding Vegas are hollow much like Snow Mountain could be considering how close we were to it. I did pick up some rocks and they reminded me of corral very sharp, porous, and feel even.

Karen and I walked further up the hill past this quarry only to find out the dirt road ended at concrete road blocks with a medium separated the road on each side. On the medium they also had road blocks but at an angle. I thought to myself maybe I could drive up on the medium and onto the concrete road. Then all of sudden Karen is like hey Rick can you drive on top of this and squeeze threw the barriers. I thought to myself I like how this girl thinks haha.

I left Karen walked up the road put the video camera on then went up the hill and went over the curb at an angle. I climbed right up onto the medium at a sharp angle and squeezed between two concrete barriers and right onto the main road. Not one problem whatsoever hard to believe since I had to cut it at such an angle and the curb was so steep.

We escaped the treacherous road and to our right was a dog, kids and there mother hiking out on the dunes. I looked back at Snow Mountain and was pretty excited about coming back here in a couple weeks minus the offroading.

It was really awesome to journey right along the base of the mountain. Karen liked it also we have taken that convertible and took it to places most cars do not go. Its fine that's the main thing and so are we. I am glad when we came out onto the main road nobody was around can you imagine how that would look coming off a utility road with fences...barriers etc a convertible driving over the curb haha. I told Karen its a goddamn miracle we even made it I asked her what her mom would think if she knew a stoned man was off roading her Sebring at Snow Mountain she just smiled real big lol.

Now will make our final preparations to climb Snow Mountain its about all we can do. I will have two weeks to try and get me a knee brace....and hopefully a pair of shoes. I would have taken the pair of brand new sneakers I found on the dirt road but after I seen a flogger next to them it kind of soured the deal. Somebody likes to be spanked although the sneakers were tempting lol.

Karen found the flogger and was whipping it she was liking this excursion a bit tad to much lol. I mean its amazing what you find in these secluded locations around Vegas its obvious we were not the only ones down that road. You could do just about anything out their and nobody would ever know. So Snow Mountain will be very secluded even from afar nobody will even see me up on that mountain lots of crevices, ridges etc.

We captured some nice photos of the quarry, power lines, road, danger signs, and mountain itself. Its going to make a nice UE for our site. So our schedule goes as follows....Saturday El Dorado Canyon....the week after Snow Mountain climb to the top!

My final question is where is Diane's truck when you need it not worry will be taking her truck out in a few weeks offroading to one of the most remote ghost towns in Nevada!

When I got back home I gave the car and inspection it was dirty that was about it. I thought earlier on the road something was dragging I told Karen she is lucky I know how to fix things because I could fix it if it needed to be at the house. But surprisingly the car was just dirty despite the bumps we hit. It was an amazing experience not sure Karen has ever done anything like this. That is when you know you have freedom is when you can take the road less traveled.

Lord Rick

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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 Post subject: Re: My Exploration Of Snow Mountain Yesterday.......
PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:24 am 
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