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 Post subject: Our Monster/UFO Expedition At The Crystal Basin Loon Lake...
PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:58 am 
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Our Monster/UFO Expedition At The Crystal Basin Loon Lake Area June 26th-28th/15

Whenever our team adventures we think we have seen it all and realize we have not even graced the tip of the iceberg. The Sierra Nevada's mountain range is very diverse with cliffs, peaks, streams, rivers, lakes, glacial basins, mountain ranges, wilderness areas and a wide range of nature. It never gets old when I journey here and I am always working hard to bring everyone new really ungodly locations that will leave you breathless. For me I felt like a kid in a candy store the moment I turned down the road heading into the Crystal Basin waiting to see what I could see or explore wanting to hop rocks, lay in a meadow full of wildflowers, chase butterflies and chase that squatch. You can imagine the anticipation of exploring somewhere new and having a hundred locations within miles at your disposal.

In this case we would be doing a joint camping trip with Christina George along with her team of P.P.R.S. and of course our team P.G.S. no less I think it is great to spend time with other paranormal groups. I think more groups should work together and camp. If more groups did that allot of friendships and truth could be obtained by putting minds together. I wish we had more folks to hike and camp with that is the way it should be nothing wrong with some good times with good folks I am not in competition with others I just love the paranormal. It does not get any straight forward or real then when you can share a beer with others or a joint its a bonding experience. Friendships are so important and people should relish them because all of us have one life to live that is the truth.

I never was one for competition or jealousy I am happy for everyone who I can work with because we never can have enough eyes or ears when it comes to UFO watching or Bigfoot chasing! Nothing wrong with having a campfire, drinking some beers and shooting the shit about the paranormal! So I was rather excited to meet everyone and I hope they felt the same. Sitting on facebook gets nobody anywhere and I know people tried to create fake rumors about me anything to try to cause drama before this camping trip happened. Some folks online enjoy to tell lies about me especially one tooth Missy who thinks she is related to Billy The Kids and goes around telling everyone I tried to have sex with her when she lives a over a 1000 miles away and is delusional. People will do anything they can to ruin my good name because they fall short in life that is not my problem I do good work and their are some in the field who seem to have envy or jealousy issues because of it therefore they story tell shame on them!

As some of you know I am a simple guy I enjoy the outdoors the butterflies, birds, scenic views, roasting marshmallows, hiking, rock climbing, offroading and most of all the paranormal. I feel that what you put into your work you get out of. Sure you can hike the kiddie trail but imagine hiking off the trail to some remote peak that probably will produce the best results. You will work at what we do work is the only thing that produces concrete results in this field believe me when I say this I been doing this for a very very very long time. So I hope merely to inspire others that you have to BELIEVE if your going to SUCCEED!

Our trip would take us on the west side of the Crystal Mountain Range within the Crystal Base along the edge of the Desolation Wilderness in the El Dorado National Forest. This is Rubicon Country its where all the people with souped up big wheeled jeeps, hummers and SUV's conquer the 20 mile rugged trail. Its world famous people come here from Europe to conquer this place and I feel I somewhat conquered it to especially after you read this report. This location borders the Desolation Wilderness and the Tahoe National Forest so its very extensive to a degree some humans may have never stood in some areas. Most people hardly ever leave the trail back here its a mix of forest and some of it is the harshest in the sierras.

The Rubicon OHV Trail starts up at Loon Lake taking you over the Crystal Mountains to West Lake Tahoe its definitely a beast well worth traversing. Every year they hold races on the Rubicon and someone dies it can be dangerous if you lack off roading experience of course I think in the future I am going to do it as it looks like allot of fun and its definitely something everyone should experience even if its just once! You only live once I wish more folks understood that but meanwhile folks spend time on facebook with petty drama and forget about what is important which is friendships, adventure,discovery and living life to the fullest.

To be honest with all of you I never knew this region existed I did not even know there was a 30 mile road that went this deep north into the El Dorado. When you think about it 30 miles through the forest in the middle of the wilderness and range is quite the trek. Its so remote that nobody is going to hear you scream back here. The basin is full of deep canyons, cliffs, streams, rivers, multiple lakes and peaks some of which have absolutely no trail to. So one can go off into the forest and may never been seen again. I did allot of leaving the trails for miles on this trek it was amazing some of the sites I bared witness too.

The sierras hold some of the best kept secrets in the world I am not sure ill ever see everything in my lifetime but I promise ill try to bring all of you as much as I can of them. The Crystal Basin was home to three native tribes for over 2000 years its the real deal full of Bigfoot Lore, UFOs and other oddities. Their are more Bigfoot sightings in this region then anywhere in the country to a point that its almost scary for those who may not understand how this creature sustains itself or remains elusive. But I promise you it lives here and its very real.

This was a special trip because we would work with the Loon Lake area which is one of the finest lakes in all of the sierras. Their is also Spider Lake, Gerle Creek, Gerle Reservoir, Robbs Hut, Big Hill, Devil's Peak and other sites we would work with. Jarrod and I at one point hiked over 20 miles in 24 hours and if you include everything id say easily 27 miles which is really allot of ground to cover for a weekend camp out. I wish I did not have to leave because its such a big area that I only seen 2 percent of it but ill tell you what it wont be my last trip here I am IN LOVE with Rubicon country! Between all the creeks, rivers, waterfalls, peaks and sites it reminds of me how blessed we have to have access to locations like these. The Crystal Mountain Range is very beautiful but the basins on each side of it hold allot of gems and best kept secrets in the state of California. I told Tammy this place should be deemed as a national park and one day it probably will TRUTH!

We would leave early Friday June 26th and I would not get home till almost midnight on the 28th. I stretched this adventure as far as I could because I wanted others to really get a general ideal of what the Crystal Basin is all about and I cant do that unless I do a great first expedition so everyone can get their hands into this location. So I definitely took allot of videos and photos they are epic with allot of blood, sweat and tears put into our work. Our research is my baby I do not put out anything less then stellar not because I want money or fame but because I want our members to have something in their hands that will leave them with a long lasting impression. I want others to learn from what we do everything I do is strictly volunteer it has always been that way.

When I camp I do believe in having the best so you will always see me bring the best food, drinks, beer, bud and even hammocks to sit back read a book. I like to camp with class although I am just as happy sleeping on the ground looking at the stars. I miss the ole days when we would do group camping trips back east and everyone would offroad, hike and explore together. We would have one group climb a peak while the other one might be below it looking for tracks. This trip would be a challenge because it seemed like we ran into so many obstacles one after another and I had to try to work past them regardless.

We would take the long road that takes you into the Crystal Basin which is heavily forested but certain areas open up where you can see the Crystal Range. When you get closer to Loon Lake there is this massive canyon and you cannot even seen the overgrown bottom where the Rubicon River flows. If you guys think the grand canyon is amazing you should see some of the canyons I stand on top of in the sierras. Some of them may not be as big but they are definitely a boss! Such canyons are so remote because getting to the bottom is a very daunting task and sometimes ill rock climb down into them because they are prime bigfoot hotspots due to the difficult to get down to them.

We had plans to camp on the north shore at a camping area right on the lake the problem was when I arrived it was full minus two spots they had that were so small I would never be able to fit my tent let alone put up my hammocks because their was no trees or shade around them. I would have went down the road to camp along the lake but the rangers station told me I cant do that at all and that I would not be able to use my grill. I guess the lady I spoke to had no idea what she was talking about because she told me that Loon Lake is in the Desolation Wilderness and its not. However you cant argue with them some of their volunteers have no idea I probably know more about the sierras then they do. But I only found out later from Christina that yes you can camp primitive on the lake as they had found a spot and had a fire permit. The dumb ass lady at the rangers station said even with a permit you cant do it I knew something seemed off even with the huge fire risk as long as you have a permit and stone pit its fair game.

Unfortunately when I arrived I did not see them because the North Shore was full and I did not go past it at the time because we thought that we might get stuck on the Rubicon. Although my jeep could do it I need new tires mine are getting worn down from all the ghost town trips in Nevada so I turned around and totally could not find them. We ended up instead heading to the south shore area and found a nice cozy spot in the forest. The camp spot I stayed at had 200 year old trees, party grill, massive granite rocks, wilderness behind us for miles and it was a short walk to the lake. I really did not mind it besides they gave us a picnic bench and a fire pit so we had it nice. Although its funner to make a fire pit because then you can have mega bon fires and get your eye brows singed off lol. I brought the wrong tent its an old one therefore the poles were left at home for it and my son had to use his tent poles to combine with ours to get the tent to even stand but it worked the kids a genius!

We also had a variety of games horse shoes, football, badminton and a bow to mess around with. Like I said if your going to camp you should make it fun. I brought some of my firewood from the high sierras we cut it up into logs then used it for the campfire. The wood varies all the way from Pine to Cedar to Douglas Fir. It smells really good and can put out hours of solid heat. Not that we needed the heat it was so warm camping generally the national forest in the sierras is cool but not lately that is why their are so many fires because its very very dry. But a fire is nice to sit back roast marshmallows, sausage, hot dogs and sit around toke one up. I brought some really nice bourbon also for everyone kind of to bad everyone left because the food I brought and booze was for everyone.

After we set up camp we tried to find Christina its a very big area so we kept going to the North Shore Camp but never seen them. Apparently we just did not go past it because their was so many trucks parked along the road we thought they were all there for the Rubicon and well camping in that area is down a hill near the lake so we missed them numerous times. I also drove to other areas in search of her and was like wow this is like a needle in a haystack. With so many camping areas in the region and 117 miles worth of trails you can literally get lost back here. After hours of looking I just decided that I would try to get some work done and hang a sign at the entrance to the area I was camping. They have these clips where you can hang signs its pretty cool because we put Lord Rick PGS luckily nobody knew who I was otherwise id have to feed an army or something lol and so our adventure would begin here.

Day 1

Our first location we would journey at is a place called Robb's hut one of the reasons for us visiting here was to take in the views. I like to get a good view of an area before I investigate it so in case we go off into the wilderness I know where we are at or have a general idea.

The road up to Robb's Hut is very remote their was not a single person on it let alone anyone back here. Besides the road that traverse up here I seen a couple other ones. It would appear the Crystal Basin has quite a few back country roads you can take which honestly makes things more exciting for exploration.

The forest here is very lush and green full of a variety of foliage as the road narrows to a degree your almost brushing up against it. Eventually you park at this gate and can go no further having to hike on in. When you hike on in the road is very shady then you come out to this big overlook to your right overlooking the Crystal Basin and range. Well at least the southern portion of it and it just seems so surreal.

You continue up the hill till it winds around to the top of this flat area which has a fire lookout tower that has been abandoned constructed out of wood and this wood cabin with the name Robb's Hut on it. You can rent the cabin and I may do that if I can find others to go in on it with me. I am kind of tired of having to do everything alone such as hiking and exploring. People need to understand that if we combine our finances we can rent cabins at locations like these and it will be beneficial to everyone!

We spent sometime at Robb's Hut I enjoyed standing up in the tower just admiring the Crystal Basin which is full of forest and beautiful scenery. Behind the other side of the range is views of the sierras and more forest. It does not matter where you look the mountains are found everywhere 360 degrees. The view here is more centralized unlike Big Hill or Devil's Peak which focus on other regions of the Crystal Basin.

Their were allot of huge butterflies at this location but none of them ever stood still they would land on us which made it hard to photograph them. I had to take a half hour just to get two of them flying in mid air which takes great timing but so worthwhile as their were hundred flying around us some very large. With nature patience is a virtue. I had more luck with butterflies then I did birds on this trip as I seen a red and orange bird that I just could never get a photo of. Birding is challenging then again capturing any nature can be.

This place is so cozy so many wild flowers and pretty views not sure how anyone can miss this place. My first day I wanted to spend relaxing I knew that the next day would not be such an easy trek. A couple miles to the Hut made me understand that we were in for a rough ride as the heat index was in the 90's and their was very little relief in site. We could not even see the hut or lookout tower until you almost reach the summit which is probably a mile from the gate on the road.

After visiting here I did take another run out to the North Shore only this time their were signs up saying P.P.R.S. so then I just had to figure out where Christina and her crew would be. I went further up the road and found them past the campground to my right in the woods on the lake. I was kind of glad I did not camp there its beautiful but man their are just to many folks not good if your trying to do the whole Bigfoot thing or perform vocalizations especially with infants nearby it just will not work for that.

Christina did see my jeep and ran out to the road so I knew she was looking for me. We then all packed it on up went out to the damn found at Loon Lake. Right across from the dam is the entrance leading onto the Rubicon OHV Trail. We had taken a photo of the sign leading onto the rugged road which btw has this one area where it starts off at that is massive giant granite glacial slabs that you can drive on openly for a couple miles its really cool. I know because I hiked on them and seen other jeeps driving over the massive inclines and thought wow how awesome that you can have that sort of freedom. It was like Murphy's Law because they missed our sign and drove right near our campsite but not far enough missing us. Then before I found them they seen our jeep on the other side of the lake but due to all the other jeeps they probably were not sure it was us so it was definitely hit and miss lol. What matters most if we found one another and next time will go smoother now that we know the area better I am sure.

I showed Christina, Rene and Mike Devil's Peak they wanted to cook dinner instead of get a closer look near the Pleasant Dam. I figured we could just do it Saturday morning and spend the evening chilling. Peaks can be deceptive they may look large and when you get close to them sometimes they are easy to summit other times they may seem close in reality being miles away. Devil's Peak is a large mountain or volcanic vent that overshadows Loon Lake's north side thus its a relevant site to explore. But do not be fooled although its not the tallest in the basin it is a boss as my son puts it and when you near its cliffs its a bit overwhelming knowing that their are no paths to the summit other then the one you must create. Devil's Peak may look intimidating but compared to other mountains its relatively much smaller then others therefore its more appropriate to do a team hike there for those who have never climbed a mountain the high sierras.

We came back after viewing the peak to our camp where Christina and her team brought Ribs/Corn On The Cob. Mike must had been very hungry because he was barking orders at me to fire up the grill. Our campsite had a nice large charcoal grill great for cooking everything on it at once. The ribs were very good you have to have meat when your camping its almost a necessity. I even put on some steaks for the family they are not huge on ribs like me. I could eat ribs all day long if I wanted but then again that is the mountain man in me.

After dinner we went back up to Christina's Camp they had a fire going on the lake. We did a group UFO watch not sure what they seen when I arrived but the skies seemed to be pretty clear accept for planes. Jarrod seen a few things but the two objects off in the distance near one another were Venus and Jupiter which are at there closest in 2000 years. We brought the telescope to look at the moon and there was also on the dam a couple lights which turned out to be two all terrain vehicles one glowing green. We did see a satellite moving across the night sky above us and Mike looked up on his phone another satellite that flashed above the tree line.

You would not believe how much junk is in orbit its madness. Rene was on his phone also trying to use ghosts apps. at the campfire. Honestly I do not put to much faith into them as they are for entertainment only but that is just me others might feel the ghost box is a valid ghosthunting tool but logically their is no real science to it therefore we just do not use this methodology. I had tried to walk away from the fire to make it easier to view any UFOs in the night sky and there were a couple objects I cant explain were they UFOs? They could have been afterall when some object moves across the night sky then disappears one must wonder. I busted out a joint then again I can assure you if you camp with me I am going to smoke you out with some herb nothing wrong with passing the peace pipe lol. Throw in some beers and some campfire tales your all set!

Day 2

I woke up at sunup as some of you know when your backpacking in the high sierras its imperative you start early for numerous reasons one being the hot sun the other being that you want to make it back in time for dinner. Their are no short cuts in the high sierras sometimes your left with no choice but to rock scramble or go through natures obstacles courses so you cant always put a time on how long you will be out in the bush.

When I camp the night before I pack everyone's backpacks with food, drinks and gear. Believe me we use everything we can when we journey and need it to sustain ourselves. Not sure what is with everyone hating to get up early that includes Tammy lol but when everyone is complaining how hot it is they will be wishing they left at 5am not 9am that is just the truth no reason to sugar coat shit. I found that where I was camping most of the folks were up even before me making breakfast, jogging or hiking. I am the same way the morning hours have allot of nature but also if you want good bigfoot tracks get them fresh in the mornings before others trample on them or get ruined.

I arrived back at P.P.R.S.'s camp in the morning around 6:30am everyone was still asleep I was waiting for them. I did not want to seem intrusive by putting my face against their tent and making ghost sounds lol. But I brought brownies for everyone for breakfast my other batch fell thus the glass lid broke and they had glass shards on them so I had to toss them. I was so disheartened by that they were damn good milk chocolate brownies and I made them for all my friends to enjoy. I like to do things for my friends and investigators if they work hard they are going to learn allot from me things they never knew. But they are also going to see things as some of you know all you need is one really good adventure with me and your perspective on life as you know it will change. My intent was to take them out show them a taste of the high sierras because this mountain range right now is one of my lifelines in this field and has been since we relocated up near Tahoe over 4 years ago. You can learn allot from me how to climb a summit, about nature, safety and even the paranormal because most of my Bigfoot experiences have come from regions like the Crystal Basin and I promise you if you really go the entire way your going to have more questions then you do answers by the end of the journey.

Christina came out of her tent but was sick and throwing up so I knew it would not be wise for her to hike period. We decided to put the radios on channel 4 so that we could stay in touch. Not sure what the guys were doing because neither of them had their packs ready to go, ate breakfast or told me anything. I waited at the truck for an hour to be told by Mike they are not going and for Rene to tell me hey maybe will see you at Spider Lake. Its okay to separate as long as everyone knows the plan or stays together. But nobody told me anything and nearly almost 90 minutes was wasted sitting in my truck waiting for them because I thought they were getting ready when in fact they were not lol. I seen Mike walk to the bathroom which is a 10 minute walk one way then Rene walked there not once but twice. I had a bathroom at my campsite also but mine was only a 100' away and I never used it once if I had to piss I did it in the woods I like the au natural feeling ha. Time is of the essence and well if you want to see the sites you just have to get r' done! But everyone needs to be more forthcoming with me since our paranormal group is designed to produce solid results so its always business before pleasure hope in the future others understand its just my policy and work ethics. I do not read minds I do not know everyone's experience outdoors or how far they can hike or what they will do and will not do. But communication is the key if your scared and cannot do it just say so then will figure out something but its okay to hike somewhere then split off the group that way I can do the more difficult terrain and someone can help provide support below it or whatever if that makes sense.

Someone could have climbed Devil's Peak with me another person could have searched for tracks at the bottom and another person could have ran base camp. This is how these expeditions need to go down their cant be my son and I hiking on some mountain while everyone has their own plans because anything can happen. I could not even get a radio signal up by Devil's Peak their is some kind of interference up there its weird but when they talked on the radio it was so broken up it sounded like chop chop chop lol with a noise here and there so yeah! I was a bit worried about losing contact with them. If we had someone to stay below the peak, camp, lake etc we probably could have triangulated the radios but since we had to go on the hike ourselves it just was not possible to do this therefore once in the bush that was it we disappeared for the day. But if everyone asked me I could have made it so all of us had a triangulated expedition rather then have nobody go period and I am left in the dark in the middle of the forest. I know what it takes to put out a good expedition and well nothing will ever come easy you just set your eyes on it and go for it that produces results especially if your really wanting to get solid cryptid evidence you almost have to. Their are greater causes then me staying back at camp to smoke or drink I always put my viewers and the paranormal community first because if I do not do it who will? So Devil's Peak was in my sights and its a really unique peak as you will come to understand later in time.

Jarrod, Tammy and I parked up at the Pleasant dam as to the right is Loon Lake's western shoreline you can follow and to the left is the Rubicon OHV Trail both ways can take you directly below this beasts summit. You can take either path in this case I wanted to follow the lake shore all the way to Devil's Peak. I felt it would be a little bit of a shorter route and perhaps it was but sometimes rocks can impede an expedition taking twice as long to work past as most of you know the glaciers left millions of them behind in the last ice age. Loon Lake has allot of sandy shores, meadows, rocky shoreline and areas where the brush is thick making it a challenge to the furthers reaches of the NE area of it. The peaks to the east are very amazing imagine a bunch of rugged cliffs and rocky steep summits that reside behind the lake once raging volcanoes its absolutely gorgeous. The lake shore is very pretty with a mix of grassy shoreline, beaches, rock alcoves etc etc and the water is crystal clear blue great for taking a dip.

When we begin hiking along Loon Lake it was like entering a jungle. The NE section of Loon Lake is actually Lake Pleasant but once the dams were formed it seemed to blend the two bodies of water together. Loon Lake is also 77 thousand acres so we had quite the battle ahead of us to traverse northbound along it. It took us a couple hours alone just to slowly follow the shoreline.We had to climb through brush, over rocks, descend down granite slopes and hike through wet muddy shoreline as we searched for tracks. Much of the shoreline on the NE side is concealed by woods and giant rocks its really cool to explore. But their are no paths so you do have to find feasible ways to traverse it. I even found a little off in the woods along the lake sections that had little ponds. Tammy also pointed out a giant lizard a couple feet in length I tried to get it on cam but it darted under some boulders. This area of the shoreline is full of fish, lizards and bird life such as geese. It was one of my favorite parts of this expedition really including this area that turned into a meadow where the lake receded that we crossed.

Once we were done traversing the brush and forest along the lake the banks begin to heavily steepen this made things rather hard as we walked on rock after rock. I told Tammy to take her shoes off and walk through the lake since its softer on the feet and you can make double time. Trust me folks if you want to learn about the wilderness I am the man you go out with. If you want to find Bigfoot you go with me and if you want to live you go with me. I am an experienced outdoorsman so I know how to safely traverse these locations. Thus I also took my shoes off and wading through the lake OMG that was so much fun the water really cooled us down as fish were swimming around us. Yummmm trout to bad I left my fishing poles back at camp lol. The water was perfect for swimming and so clear you could see the bottom many feet from shore. On a downside the lake was very low many islands that were once underwater were exposed and much of the rocks along the shore were not exposed so it did add to the intensity of the hike. Across from the lake to the east are numerous peaks, volcanic domes, vents and mountainous terrain. In between all of them is the monolithic devils peak!

I will tell you this I learned allot about hiking along Loon Lake at least the geology of the region but also that I can see why a Bigfoot like creature may reside near it. When we were hiking up along the primitive part of the lake we kept smelling rotten egg like odors on and off for about a mile. I also heard some vocalizations off in the distance. Now keep in mind the lake shore is very steep, wooded and primitive so getting back here is a daunting task. You really need a boat to get back here into these little coves which we seen one and almost boat hiked ya know its like hitchhiking only you flag the boat down to take you across the other side of the lake lol. I have no idea what the odd odors are perhaps bigfoot peering down at us on the lakeshore.

When we begin to leave the lake via cove we hiked up into this forested area but the trees were spread out far apart so very little shade here. We found an area that may have been part of the lake at one time or mud pond which was completely dry that sat 50' above the lake. This area was returning to a meadow again and their was a little creek that trickled through it. I see all sorts of tracks but nothing out of the ordinary but it was a good area to search considered you have this giant muddy meadow not to far from Loon Lake where something may have crossed to get down there for a drink of water. Just remember we always must be thorough in our work the moment you decide to take short cuts or you quit is the moment you might miss the biggest discovery of mankind so if I get muddy in some meadow its okay its for a good cause and for science.

We took a break in this area beyond the meadow at the woodsy tree line where Tammy pointed out this lone cloud with what appeared to be a hole punch through it. Their was a weird contrail that ran from the bottom of the cloud then out the top. When I say weird the contrail looked like a human spinal cord and when it begin to dissipate the entire cloud transformed. It begin to develop ripples which looked like the Sahara desert in the sky. Not sure what kind of meteorological event just took place or if it was one but its the strangest thing I had ever seen in a long time in the sky. Its almost as if some object shot up through the clouds then vanished leaving traces behind of some element which caused the cloud to be effected physical in some manner.

Eventually we would make our way to the Rubicon OHV Trail which actually can be found north of the lake probably about a mile or so. Their is an area that resides above the lake which appears to have once been a part of the lake or some pond that was nearly drying up. You could see grass, pools of water, mud and even where a small creek once flowed. I did check for tracks in this area as well but the only thing I found were geese and deer tracks. This does not mean that Bigfoot does not come down to these areas but to get to a part of the lake you have to cross this area. I think muddy places out here are so hard to find so this was a good open area where something could have crossed. Such areas are obscured by the forest so to find them is like your own little slice of heaven.

We eventually climbed a bunch of rocks which led us to the OHV Trail at the time a group of Rubicon Jeeps were traversing it. Their are parts of the Rubicon that are fairly easy and mild to offroad at while other parts are so extreme you can flip your jeep in an instant. We would walk the road where various jeep clubs passed by sometimes as many as 10 jeeps in a row slowly climbing the rocks past us. They also had spotters or men who walk in the front and the back. I must had talked to about 50 people on the OHV trail alone people back here are truly friendly folks and have the same appreciation I have for the great outdoors. You would have to in order to take this back country trail. I seen young kids in some of the jeeps, families, infants and even cute girls behind the wheel. You get all sorts of people who take this OHV trail and if I had a Rubicon or souped up vehicle I would also because it looks like so much fun.

We would eventually come out near a bridge which crosses Ellis Creek it was so nice back here. Allot of the jeepers were parked near the creek cooling off others were passing a joint or drinking ice cold beers. You see folks if you think I am the only one smoking a joint hiking or drinking a beer in the middle of nowhere its more common then you think. People come out here just to party and chill I cant say I blame them life is short. This is a great trail to take but it has its dangers also so live it and soak it on up!

We continued to pursue our hike ascending up the road climbing rocks normally meant for jeeps to traverse. To our left was Devil's Peak and it was very easy to see how intimidating this location was considering the cliffs that overlook the road as half of the mountain appears to be just gone! Below the cliffs is two types brush both can slice you open its unforgiving mixed in with boulders the size of cars and some trees older then the Civil War. Its a primate jungle up in there and there are no trails to get to the top.

My son and I devised a plan last minute to hike another extra mile down the road then cut leftward up the side of the mountains foothills leading up to a three tiered ridge line. This hair had newer over growth so it was not as harsh or as tall to try to traverse through and this theory did pay off in a major way. Jarrod and I would begin to leave the Rubicon we seen a few tents where the jeepers set up camp but honestly this place is so remote nobody can hear you scream. Tammy ended up talking to a jeeper who told her anyone who climbs Devil's Peak is crazy and its five miles to summit it. I told Tammy we are not that guy we can do this and well after summating Devil's Peak I learned that its one of the easier climbs to do if you have the know how and experience.

One minute your on this jeep road the next your pushing around brush between giant rocks for two miles trying to get to this tier. Tammy ended up not going with us she is having knee problems and told me I have expended her these past few years on our hikes. The radios work here thought because you have nothing to block any frequency. She does however sometimes set up a small base camp of operations below some of the sites we go to that way nobody loses one another and we all know where we are at.

What we do at PGS is not for everyone I work hard to maintain our athleticism within our organization so it takes years upon years to get where we are at so its not for everybody. Its so important others at least make an attempt to help out if they cant go the entire way I can assign them positions or other things at the time so everybody can participate in these projects. I am not a mind reader so its also relevant others come talk to me privately so that I can find things to suit others rather then just assume they can hike all day based on being told that. No less I have to know where everyone is at as if I am going to do the more difficult treks I have to have others below supporting us. The thing about the sierras is two folks can scout the woods below the mountain, two can climb the peak and another couple folks can check deeper into the area. I always have more then enough positions and ideas to get everyone working in unison so we call can get to the truth.

When Jarrod and I cut to our left we worked our way up the side of the mountain although their are trees here its very erratic as its not woodsy at all. So one of our biggest obstacles is dealing with the hot summer sun and being exposed to it for awhile. We climbed up to the first tier or overlooks with each one came a massive plateau giving off scenic views with every single step we took. The brush began to also recede the higher the elevation we traversed and their was mountain sides of wildflowers. When we climbed up near the top of the ridge line we would have to cut to our left or westward which took up almost to the top of these cliffs which we had to go around to get to the summit by taking another ridge. Its the only way because their is a smaller peak in front of Devils Peak which you have to cross its ridge then another one to the backbone of the summit following it up to the peak so its rather an intricate climb. The summit from afar is a bit eerie you can see prior to it a thick patch of woods up near this cliff and a few trees growing up at the summit. I told my son that is where we are standing on he was like are you freaking nuts dad how come you keep going and going. I said simple BELIEVE!

My pants were falling to make matters worst I lost multiple belt sizes throughout the day to a degree that my paranormal gear was weighing my cargo shorts down. I had to cut a hole into my belt to tighten it around my waste. Unfortunately my knife closed on my thumb as it was not fully locked into place slicing it to the bone. Their was blood squirting everyone on the rocks, plants, knife and even me. My son was all freaking out and I told him ehhhh it is not the first time and it wont be the last. I sucked on my thumb then wrapped it really good it is what it is.

Jarrod and I also found this ravine hidden by foliage earlier that revealed a nice path quite a ways off the mountain. The problem is the higher you climb the harder it is to find. You have dozens of small hills that are embodied below this massive mountain so you have to figure out how to zig zag past them to the top. At times it would be flat for awhile then began to ascend for a couple hundred more feet with that kind of pattern. We would then cut on top of the ridge which took us to this saddle where we entered these really dark eerie woods. I did a few vocalizations and I guess I was really hoping to attract something because earlier we heard some along with this rotten egg stench.

That is where this 9' to 10' dark brown hairy creature was lumbering off on two legs. Within three steps it was gone and I had my cam saved because minutes prior to this we were doing some rock climbing and I seem to break all my cams trying to film or hold it while climbing so I was like grrrrr. The creature appeared to have been doing something let me explain. In this patch of woods found on the saddle leading up to the peak are cliffs while the other way goes off into the Desolation Wilderness known for its mass amounts of Bigfoot activity for many years. The creature was standing in a small clearing within those woods that contained this big water flowers it was almost surreal tucked away from the eyes of man with a small pool of water nearby.

We spent a great deal of time trying to study tracks in this patch of wood and found a few impressions but all collapsed. The geology here is composed of decomposed granite which is almost like fish tank gravel. Therefore if you step on it the rocks collapse in on itself thus leaving behind no evidence that anything was there. This maybe a huge attributing factor as to why Sasquatch is sighted here more then anywhere in the country. Maybe they are able to use the geology here to their advantage that would make sense to me. Besides the plentiful food supply you have allot of water two important factors that play a role in the possibility of this creature using such an area as a self sustaining habitat.

When we came out of the woods climbing up this hill we could see two peaks one to the right one to the left. The one to the left with some rocks and trees on it is considered the summit. When we arrived at the summit their is this gold colored plate which says the word Devil on it. You have no idea how awesome that felt to raise my hands at the summit overlooking all of Loon Lake including Christina's campsite lol. The summit is nice and flat but its only a 30' area. Beyond the summit it drops off with cliffs found at the North, South and West Face. Trust me you do not want to get remotely close the rocks have decomposed granite which is close to sand crystals you could easily start sliding and go right off the edge hundreds of feet down. I seen that someone carved an X into the rocks as well and to the east was these rolling hills of the ridge which ran to other mountains in the range.

My son took a nap under a tree at the summit I did a documentary to talk about some of the geological landmarks which include Pyramid Peak, Guide Peak which looks like a witches hat, Loon, Spider, Buck Island and Rockbound Lakes. We also seen nice views of the Crystal Mountain Range and basin along with this massive gorge/canyon behind Devils Peak where the Rubicon River flows. Although this peak is only around 7,600' the views are worth a million dollars here my friends. The best part of this peak is that its offbeat while folks traverse the Rubicon OHV Trail I am standing on a peak that has extremely limited accessibility therefore its a special climb for us. Just turning around 360 degrees to do a panorama I can attest to seeing over 30 peaks easily if that gives you an idea how remote this region is.

Nobody says what we do is easy but I promise you that if you do this your world and the way you view it will change trust me when I say that. I bring people out with me because this is the closest chance they will have to experiencing the outdoors on this magnitude. We as paranormal investigators have to understand to get the maximum experience you really have to put yourself out there. I had a few cuts on my legs, bruises, sweating head to toe, dirt between my toes, sand in my shoes, hair knotted etc. But just being here for me was an honor something so very few ever get to see. My son and I talked about visiting this peak a few years ago for us this was definitely a little personal. As long as others support us the amazing things we do will never stop.

I drank a beer and smoked a bowl at the summit it was so quiet here folks their was not even an ounce of wind. We had lunch up here at the summit and in some way it just felt surreal. I did not even care that an hour prior to this Sasquatch was climbing through the woods trying to get away from us. In a sense I bet whatever it was still had been watching from afar from this overly grown patch of woods. I told Jarrod to stay close because although these creatures are peaceful if they feel threatened they can charge or even kill you especially if your by yourself its fair game then. We even seen a few rock shelters high up on cliffs where something like this might be dwelling no doubt their are caves here.

I did not see hidden, mud, fawn or mud lakes but what I an tell you is that the view here really shows you why this area is perfect for these creatures to remain elusive at. Their were mountains 360 degrees around us including this canyon between two peaks that leads into the Lake Tahoe Basin. Those lakes are probably hard to find because below the peak is massive patches of forest and you can make out glacial granite shelves as well as deep canyons. I seen also a reservoir in the Rubicon Canyon over some ridge but only a very small slice of it. Their is just so much its beyond words or even comprehension thus anything can be back here. Some sites you cannot see as the trees blanket everything from above it really reminds me of some lost world. You could technically envision dinosaurs roaming this land if we were millions of years warped back in the past.

We then made our descent down it can be a bit confusing as you peer down off the mountain you have to go around the cliffs and try to find the best possible way. Jarrod and I made our time off the mountain extremely fast. We spent a few hours up on the mountain and less then 45 minutes to get down off the summit which is actually quite amazing. The only difficult part of working your way off a summit is making sure you do not slip and fall. You have allot of rocks to step down on some are loose others have decomposed granite crystals making them extremely loose where one can misstep. The other thing is making your compensate the descent correctly and you do not end up where the horrifying brush is not over your head because once you get stuck in that their is no getting out and that red brush can cut through you like butter.

When you make the descent all you see is tiers of rocks and thick forest below as your above the trees. So every ravine, canyons and rock formation looks the same. We would have to reach the forest at the lower end of the mountains and find this ravine to follow where the brush can easily be avoided. Eventually when we seen the Rubicon below and some jeepers we knew we had made it. We still had to rock climb along the edge of the ravine and through brush but it was not as bad as below the cliffs or Devil's peak or having to go a mile or two around it. This time we were able to cut nearly straight down and come right out onto the jeep OHV trail.

When we arrived to meet up with Tammy she said we were gone for around five hours which is really good timing considering my son took a nap, picnicked at the peak, took three other breaks and did a full investigation into the bigfoot near the summit. We would have been more in touch but the one radio must had turned on in my backpack so the batteries were dead. We snuck up on Tammy to spook her for fun and well I am not sure she would ever seen Bigfoot because we hiked behind her for a few hundred feet without her ever noticing lol. The only reason why she noticed us is on the jeep trail their are these big smooth rocks they are very eroded thus slippery to climb down and I ended up falling. When I fell everything crashed my camera hit the rocks, backpack and lastly me that all you could hear is a loud crash. Not only are the rocks eroded but so are the tree roots. They are so worn and smooth it feels like glass but again its very slippery as Tammy hit her head and had a small concussion she was dizzy but it happens everyone falls nobody can hike perfect for miles without a few bumps or bruises when truly exploring.

We hiked with three other jeepers the one individual kept slamming his jeeps tail end on rocks. You have to wonder how much damage these folks do to their vehicles due to the lack of inexperience to handle such roads. I seen a few folks broken down off to the side on the Rubicon others were busy making repairs. Then you get the folks who stall backing up the long line of jeeps or people heading towards you in the other direction. The road is very narrow so at times only one jeep can pass other times you can pull off a little to the side in the forest. With all the offroaders and jeep clubs the OHV trail is slow going and yes you can walk faster then the jeeps on foot. I had two different jeeps who let us pass because of this fact while one guy hit a rock so hard he almost tipped and damaged his back end. Some of them even let there dogs out to follow along side. I met a few furry friends including these two Huskies both with different colored eyes whose owner camped right near us. They were really cool dogs my son and I played with them awhile on the jeep road and when they were hanging around our camp we were like ahhh it is a small world indeed! Although its a large area you tend to run into allot of the same folks hiking or offroading here.

The hike back to the dam was quite the journey as instead of taking the western shoreline to the dam which is very difficult we just followed the OHV Rubicon Trail all the way out. The road heads west past the lake then south and then loops around to the east so its quite the trek considering that it goes around what was once Pleasant Lake now known as Loon Lake. You can see the lake through the opening in the trees but eventually you hike below it and the massive dam. The last mile before you climb up to the dam is this huge open rocky area its phenomenal maybe a few square miles of nothing but pure desolation. You have a few trees growing between the rocks but mainly you have massive general granite rocks and slabs in this giant open area. Its kind of hard to follow the OHV trail at this point on foot unless you find the reflectors embedded into the rock. This area I may take my jeep through next time its very open full of scenic views of Guide and Devil's Peak. You can drive anywhere you want down glacial shelves and bit rock expanses I absolutely loved it. I did fall twice and my camera hit the rocks twice on those falls so it broke I was very upset but shit happens. I had another camera on me but its not as good I prefer to not use it if I had to but I was kind of left without a choice. Then we went through another patch of woods coming out near the dam where the river was just punching through at full force and their were rapids along the trail for a short time. Not to far from that was a broken down jeep the local law was helping them what a cool job to have working out in the forest in such a pretty area.

As soon as I was done we headed to Christina George's camp she was not there someone else however was. We kind of figured that she had left with her team since they told us that morning she had been throwing on up all night long so we assumed maybe between the heat and that factor she went home. I tried the radio did not get nothing either because they were going to move to our camp. Our camp cost 50 dollars but it was a group site so we had room for multiple tents and vehicles. But to no avail they were not therefore we took on off to get ice which is almost a 30 mile drive through the forest to get to the general store. I never had in my life a cooler full of ice melt so that gives everyone an idea of how intense the heat was out here. Generally I go up in the high sierras just to stay cool but not this time. To make matters worst it was almost dark out so their were deer everywhere and one of them jumped right out in front of our jeep. We had to brake so hard that when we stopped we miss the deer by inches. I did not see any deer on our hike allot of other nature but the deer appeared to jump out from the extremely dense woods making it hard to see them till last minute. The general store wax expensive we bought a bag of ice, candy bars and a few drinks including a southern ice tea it came out to 17 dollars lol holy shit!

When we arrived at camp I fired up the grill we had a feast its ashamed Christina and her crew left. I had Kentucky Bourbon mixed drinks, blunts, burgers, veggies, mashed potatoes and even melon. You have to eat good when you camp especially with me hiking all day the most forward thing I have to look forward to is a good meal back at camp. It was good to sit back and relax after the day we had up at Devil's Peak. I wish we had time for more I wanted to knock off the other lakes nearby but with Tammy further below the mountain and it nearing supper time I figured we could try to hit them Sunday morning if possible. We had a big ole fire going I put a few logs and it burned for at least 5 hours nonstop I was pleased although it really was not cold out like it normally gets some summer nights in the high sierras. I was prepping my sleeping bag for the night and those two adorable Siberian Huskies came in my tent starting licking my face. Those dogs hung out with me at the campfire to. The guy camping up the road I ran into while hiking earlier on the jeep trail so all is cool.

After everyone went to bed I grabbed my gear and went night hiking alone. This is a very important element to Bigfoot investigations. Although we do most of our work during the day so we can see the terrain at night offers a few bonuses or perks as well such as seeing eyes. These creatures are nocturnal but not always if your in an area that is remote you may see them during the day based on my studies but at night it really ups the ante. I went off into the woods if you think they are intimidating during the day try at night. You have trees that are over 200 years old that have fallen, dense foliage, pine needles all over the ground, giant rocks everywhere and little light. Something was moving around may have been an animal I have no idea but what I do know is something through a rock hitting me. I was lucky I did not get hurt or that it did not knock me in the head. But believe me I felt it and may have been attributed to a territorial bigfoot in the area at the time. Other then that besides some movement like twigs breaking you could hear plenty of frogs in sync.

You wont ever see people out here go off into the woods once people are at camp they stay at camp especially if your not on any trail. I was just pushing through the woods with no path or way to go making sure I followed the same path out as I did in. My cam worked briefly had to push the lens into place but managed to get some media before it completely conked out. After getting to camp I put out the fire, saved all the food and called it a night. Tomorrow that was upon us would be our final but no less challenging day with over 13 miles of hiking in the bush. We hiked around the entire west side of Loon/Pleasant Lake now we were taking on its eastern shoreline which is even far more extensive so the challenge would lay before us as we continued to press on this journey!

Day 3

I enjoy waking up at camp then making everyone coffee you have to have the coffee if your going to camp. It was our final day in the Crystal Basin. I was pretty sad about having to leave considering that their is so much to explore it sort of becomes like an addiction. When you see Bigfoot in its natural habitat one must wonder what else is out there so for me it was hard to go. I know that the Desolation Wilderness area is a primates playground and if you see one their probably are more in the woods remaining elusive. Its allot of work what we do here at PGS but I would never trade it for the world. I wish I did not have to leave I did not even have time to fish but we did play some fun games at camp including target practice. Their really are no luxuries back here since its 30 miles from the main road so you make due with what you have but it is truly being in the wilderness a home away from home!

We packed up our gear, tent and campsite you could not even tell anyone had been there. After a nice breakfast, readying the backpacks and playing with the huskies we rolled on out. We would have to park up at the Orion and Spider Lake Trail head. This is not even all the trails near the parking area their is other ones that lead to Shadow Lake and even the Rubicon River. We only had our eyes set on one of them for now which was the trek up to Spider Lake which is a rewarding hike trust me. Even though its not part of the Desolation Wilderness you still need a permit because the forestry considers it to be a part of it since its so close to its boundary line. I was bumming about having to use my older cams for the rest of the trip but its okay we may go back to Spider to look around the shoreline is quite large and there are other lakes back here I plan on visiting eventually.

We would hike through a thick lush forest that meandered along the eastern shoreline of Loon Lake but slightly above it so you can get nice scenic views. Quite a few folks were heading back with backpacks its fairly obvious most of these hikers camped back here for the night. I do not blame them if you want to get away this is the place to disappear. The forest here is very unique allot of old large trees the branches are as big as some of the trunks you see on some trees. The forest is full of giant rocks, slanted granite glacial shelves and a mix of foliage. Its a rock apes paradise back here and if you leave the trail you could get lost if you do not have the know how. I told Tammy some of the trees we seen are older then the Civil War so their is some history back in these woods as far as the forest being so preserved. Their are rocks back here larger then houses and massive volcanic domes which give you some pretty scenic views of some of the lakes peaks off to the west.

Although Loon and Pleasant Lake are supposed to be separated the dam project has united them so its a very long shoreline that you follow on this trail. As a matter in fact the trail is more difficult because it tends to ascend and descent constantly sometimes traverse 50' to 100' up then back down. At times you could not even seen the lake because of this. About an hour into our hike the skies turned gray it looked like rain coming on in and it seemed humid outside also. Not to mention how the foliage closes in on you narrowing the trail to just single file at times. I did not bring my dogs camping generally I do but their is a tick warning for pets in the region due to the drought and short winter.

Jarrod led the way for awhile and we did experience something strange back here which absolutely made no sense to me but to us it was very real. Jarrod was about 15' in front of me now he is a fast hiker so sometimes he likes to lead while I stay back behind him so he can scout the trails. About two miles further down the trail their is a split which to the right is a wash or rather seasonal creek and straight ahead is the continuance of the Rubicon Hiking Trail. I am 110 percent sure I seen my son veer up the wash continue walking in it ascending then turning the corner as it went up these rocks and into the forest. As a matter of fact I followed him this way and when I turned a corner he was gone. I was like WTF calling for him to let him know he is not on the trail and needs to turn back. I never heard a single reply let alone nothing then 10 minutes later he came back down the trail and was like what do you want dad. My jaw nearly dropped I was like how did you go from there to there well it was not him lets just leave it at that.

There was no way he would have hiked east into the woods down some wash then south and east again in the woods when we were heading north along Loon Lake. Their is no way to get to the trail from the wash they kind of go in opposite directions. All I could think of is this documentary I recently watched about Doppelganger's. Which talks about how some entities can take on that of another human to lure people to their deaths or even mislead them. It looked exactly like my son same backpack and everything. I even tried calling to him in the wash and this evil twin just kept walking ignore me the entire time which is weird in itself. The natives believe in these spirits and even willow wisp that can lure someone into the woods only for them to end up lost or even worst dead. What did I see? Everyone agreed that this was pretty over the top something replicated itself as my son then vanished. When he came back down the trail I asked him if he was playing tricks on me then looked up at these cliffs and dense woods thinking if he did then how did he do it that fast or without making any noise. Its impossible not to make noise in these woods between the crisp pine needles on the ground, breaking twigs, rocks hitting one another when you step on them and the sound of foliage that a person would have to push aside to maneuver around.

Eventually after all of us discussed the incident we did move on where the trail begins to bend around the north side of the lake. This part of the lake is hard to see from the dam or even the western short. As the lake has many big coves and arm line bodies of water that extent into the forest. This part of the lake was nice their was even a sailboat and others kayaking below. The thing is that before you leave the furthest section of the lake you begin to ascend above it a couple hundred feet. I should have took the little side path to go down to the coves beach but instead I climbed these 200' cliffs down and they were slippery so I had to be careful. What is on the beach?

When you reach the beach their is a place where the Rubicon River flows into the north end of the lake. From above it draws in curiosity because the river never crosses the trail so I wondered how does this lake get its water. Well their is this massive tunnel big enough to drive a pickup truck through if you could and the river flows through it dumping right out into the lake. I was able to get about 10' into the tunnel hopping rocks then you have to push through water the entire way which is very dangerous during a rain storm because the tunnel fills with a wall of water and death is imminent if you were to be caught inside. You cannot see any light from the other end of the tunnel which leads me to believe that its easily could be over three miles in length as it runs right under Devil's Peak then comes out the back end into this massive canyon. I stood on Devil's Peak and see this river canyon from the cliffs its probably a 1000' down to the bottom. Although a great shortcut to get into this canyon I would not want to be in the tunnel if it rained and at this point the skies were gray. Tammy walked the short path there told me their were folks gearing up to do a subterranean jaunt in the tunnel I was like what a bunch of dumb asses if it rained you would never have time to get out of here this is the Rubicon River being funneled down this long narrow tunnel.

We would continue to ascend as to our right was a massive peak and to our left was Devil's Peak. You kind of hike between the two peaks then the trail widens for the last mile to a mile and half. To the right of us as we headed east are a bunch of smaller peaks which you can rock scramble them in probably a half hour if not less for great views of Spider Lake. The trail continues to head east towards the Desolation Wilderness while to your left are Spider, Buck Island and Rockbound Lakes. Since the trek was so long and our time was limited here we were only able to visit Spider because we still had a long journey home and other sites to explore. When I was heading up to Spider Lake just seeing some women or older folks hiking made me even more sarcastic I was like sure sure if a medical nightmare and my son can hike this what is everyone else's excuse lol. I have great respect for women who are not afraid to get dirty and do some extreme adventuring. I seen women offroading, rock climbing, hiking and even some older folks doing it. The Crystal Basin is an outdoor Mecca for adventure no matter what your into whether that is boating, cliff climbing, rock scrambling, summating mountains, swimming, camping, fishing, offroading and even bigfoot chasing. But kudos to all those who really are not afraid of a little adventure its not for everyone but when you spend enough time up in places like this you definitely want to see more and more it becomes a passion but also a quest to see the things others may never get to see that includes a Bigfoot in its natural habitat.

Spider Lake you can miss with a blink trust me their is this basin full of rocks, trees and ponds to the left. When your walking if you do not look between all of this you can easily miss it and end up at the other lakes. Their really is no trail to Spider Lake this place is so remote you just have to rock scramble and climb around all the obstacles to get to the shoreline. When we arrived down here their was a look out tower and no matter where you stand on the shore you wont see all of the lake. They call it Spider Lake because it has these tendrils or long arm like coves so its a fairly large lake with allot of hidden shoreline. We set up base camp up on some flat rocks near a patch of woods great for track seeking and an offshoot with a bunch of lily pads and tall grass growing out of the water. It was very cozy back here to lay back on the rocks eating lunch, toke one up and scenic. Across from the lake on the north end is a cabin also the Rubicon OHV trail passes by there so that is another way to access it. Its hard to believe we were only a half mile away from it on Saturday walking the OHV trail so we did sort of make a little extra work for ourselves but then again we needed the ice to get our drinks cold.

When we arrived at this location we sat inches from the shoreline their were two kayaks we found the owners did eventually get in them rowing away. I talked to the couple they climbed this peak that overshadows Spider Lake then again their are many but this one probably takes less then a half hour to scramble to the top if you want good views of all the lakes close up found in this area. He also asked me about Devil's Peak because they were thinking about going to the top on their camping trip. I highly recommend others doing that climb if you want some of the best views of Loon Lake it definitely offers you that and the entire region to put things into perspective. They started to row away and it started to pour out although the rain did feel good cooling us down. It rained for about a half hour I was okay with it because it was a very long humid hike and we needed some of that cool mountain rain. My son was skipping rocks and playing that was nice to see also. I was trying to search the area we were at for tracks as the south end of the lake has muddier shoreline rather then a granite one but did not find a single track maybe a few deer that is it. We also heard a vocalization back here I cant say what it was but it was loud enough to echo it could have been anything. Jarrod took a bunch of drift wood and made a shelter to stay out of the rain that was coming down letting his primal instincts out he gets an A+ for creativity.

Our hike back was more pleasant because now we knew where we were going and how far we would have to traverse. By the time we finished the trek to Spider Lake we nearly hiked 11 miles in total back here. When I was going up to Spider Lake a few folks came back while being there and heading back I never seen one human soul. We hiked out of the basin a completely different way making our own trail where we found a few hidden ponds and even a creek that flows near the lake its very serene. I did not get to make it up to Lake Winifred, Buck Island, Rockbound or Fawn Lakes. Its a big area their is allot to see and these offshoots are definitely side trips some further then others but good areas to check for tracks along their remote shorelines. Your not going to find humans at some of these locations if you do its very minimal as most of the lakes are primitive and you cant just pulled up in a vehicle at them. You have to backpack in this unforgiving wilderness just to grace their shoreline.

We did keep discussing that Doppelganger we seen and went back to the same spot so I could describe it more in depth to Tammy and Jarrod. They were pretty shocked also and well earlier I scolded my kid I was like you went the wrong way or your trying to prank us he was not happy at the time. Till I explained to him what had occurred because even if something looks like a said individual does not mean it is. When he showed up from the north trail rather then the wash I was livid earlier and I am like how did you go south ending up in front of us. At the time I just was as confused as everyone else but maybe that explains why so many humans vanish without a trace. Maybe they are being misled by a higher power or maybe something causes others to hallucinate thus they leave the trail ending up somewhere they should not be or that is dangerous.

No matter what the case is getting back to the jeep was a really good feeling as I was soaked but the sun begin to come on out. Its amazing how when its cloudy as opposed to sun how quickly the temps. heat up out here. When I arrived at the jeep we were glad to get some ice cold drinks thank goodness for the ice we had gotten the night before we would survive. In my opinion this is a great trail for kids I seen a few packing out with their kids earlier in the morning. The lakes found back here are very pristine and nestled deep in the national forest. With all the scenic views and this offbeat lake the only way to see it is to use your legs or if your willing to take on the Rubicon Jeep OHV Trail which if not done right you can easily flip it. However by hiking you can take in more views and explore some of the back country more in depth.

In Conclusion

We would head off to our next destination its called Gerle Creek and Reservoir which boast a 1.6 mile interpretive trail. Their were deer back here then again life seems to thrive out here and the drought seems to have little effect on this region of the sierras so the ride was very cozy. I went to Gerle Creek because my paperwork from the forestry stated they had historical interpretations of the region about the three tribes that had villages in the basin. Those tribes being the Washoe, Miwok and Maidu Indians. Everyone was really tired so I told Jarrod and Tammy to stay back ill jog the entire trail to get photos of the historical plaques.

I entered the Hardwood Forest which is allot different then the Loon Lake area. The Eldorado National Forest is so diverse in wildlife and the types of plant life that grows here. Its climate varies also some compare it to the Mediterranean where summers are warm, dry and the winters are cold and wet. The Eldorado National Forest alone boast over 400 miles of trails, rivers, lakes and some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation. Its also the same national forest we have done many of out bigfoot jaunts and camping trips. I love this place so every time I see a new area it differs from the last depending where you are hiking at and what national forest found within it.

Along the way through the forest I climbed over some old fallen trees till I came out near this wood bridge. Gerle Creek was flowing swiftly you could hear the rapids. This creek is full of giant rocks but their are fishing holes and if I had time I would have fished below the bridge especially in this deep area that had to be 10' deep. The trail after it crosses the creek follows it until you reach Gerle Reservoir. I had to bushwhack but had gotten down to this private beach the trout were jumping and the area around the lake is heavily overgrown. Their was no folks back here at the time I had the place to myself. I enjoy the peace and quiet but it was to quiet back here. The trees are so lush and large that the woods were fairly dark. I felt watched the entire time and extremely uncomfortable back here as if the entire time something was going to jump out get me. I generally never feel this while hiking but here something is just not right I just cant pinpoint it. Its one of the prettier forest I been to but its very remote and probably not good to hike in the evening here by yourself as they have a major bear problem also.

When I reached the end of the trail I found not one single historical interpretation which upset me because you have to understand I am a history buff. Yeah I like to hike and the adventure of it all but to me history is very important that way we can kind of show our viewers that their is more to a location then just some mountains or rocks. The forestry gave me a booklet which said the trail had native American interpretations never found anything but an overgrown picnic site known as Angel Creek. Although from what I do know is that the area is on the Georgetown Divide and was named after two brothers who were early pioneers at this location and ranchers. Then again most of the pioneers that settled the region operated farms and ranches in the 1800's in these big open meadows which today are now reservoirs that provide water to the Sacramento Valley. So besides the native American history you also have early ranching history here so when you hike or traverse these shorelines your probably walking where a ranch use to be so definitely their could be energy sites like Gerle Creek within the Crystal Basin.

When I made it back to the jeep we ate potato salad I had hot dogs to cook also but it was getting dark and I was pressed for time. We had 20 miles to drive up to Big Hill to finalize the expedition and less then 40 minutes of light as the sun already was down behind the mountains. The other obstacle is that when you start to reach the southern portion of the Crystal Basin deer jump out of the woods which the trees are so close together that I cant even squeeze between them making this a difficult area to traverse.

The road up to the top of Big Hill is a long one its easy to miss but it is paved surprisingly which takes you along these cliffs all the way to the top of this vista point. On top of the vista point is a helipad, ranger tower and a series of other buildings including multiple antennas. This appears to be a rangers station and fire lookout area as you can view nearly the entire Crystal Basin, Range and Sierras leading all the way up to the Sacramento Valley.

By this time the sun was setting beyond the Sacramento Valley so the skies were orange and pink to the west. Then if you looked to the east the entire Crystal Basin was under darkness because the mountains kind of barricade it from the sun setting. I could see multiple sites including the monolithic Ice House, Union Valley Reservoirs and the Infamous Bigfoot hotspot known as Stumpy Meadows Lake. All of it with just simply turning my head. The view up on Big Hill is one of a kind and on a clear day you can probably see the Pacific Ocean all from the mountains. Id drive out here again soon just to stand on its peak seriously!

The downside to this all is that I did not have my good camera and the other one does horrible taking any photography let alone videos after sundown. You see my cam can do all sorts of tricks then again its very expensive and it was broke. So next time I am out here ill come visit Big Hill early so I can do a better more detailed video of the region and get some daytime photos. No less this is one of the views that is better to be here then it is to even share a photo. Its worth a million dollars up here and when you stand above the basin you can see in great detail every single peak, lake, river and canyon. I did what I can with the other camera managed to get in a photo or two before nightfall set in.

Once nightfall set in the entire city of Sacramento and Stockton was lit up wow what a view. I mean really the city is a 100 miles away and here I was standing thousands of feet above it in the high sierras. All I can say is that after standing on Big Hill I never felt so small in my life it is no wonder why this region is one of the most major bigfoot hotspots in the world now I finally get it and my questions were answered! From what I could tell this may have been one of the most gorgeous scenic views I ever had in my life and trust me I only vouch for the best.

More or less will be back here and ill go back to Big Hill for our viewers so they can see all the sites in the region. Most of the sites I seen from the top of Big Hill are areas we have yet to journey at but plan on doing so. Its a taste of things to come and I cant wait to get dirty here again. You know that you busted ass when you have dirt everywhere even where the sun does not shine but you have no idea how it happened lol. If I told you we did not work hard at what we do that would be a lie. Blood, Sweat and Tears goes into these trips this one alone cost us over 200 dollars but its commitment.

Not sure what it is but I seen most of the men with their Girlfriends taking the blunt end of their grumpiness including Miss Magoo who condemned me for the terrain being so rocky the entire trip driving me crazy. Hell I seen some poor guy trying to show his girlfriend up by Spider Lake some nice vista points and kayaking on the lake. It started to sprinkle and he was like I love you baby she literally snapped at him. This wilderness is not for everyone sure their are much less unforgiving wilderness areas in the sierras but none match its beauty like the Crystal Basin and well if your looking for great views or Bigfoot this is the place to soak it all up! I did not feel to bad though when I see other men getting blasted by their girlfriends for adventuring back here.

On our way home we had gotten to see Venus and Jupiter which in the sky early on they are positioned near one another or so the optical illusion seems except that Venus appears much brighter then Jupiter. This is an event that only takes place every 2000 years so driving around Lake Tahoe under a rare astronomical event certainly made the drive allot more sweeter. We ended up going to Jack In The Box which has awesome food if your on the go and so we had gotten some hot food on the way home. When I drove out by Cave Rock in Tahoe someone hit a deer it was on the ground of course the vehicle was parked on the opposite side of the road so I missed the dead deer by inches as I swerved around it. I know I scared my son and Tammy but as I told them I react not think about it. Its so dark out there if their is a dead animal on the road I can assure you that you will not see it till last minute and they will damage your vehicle so you have to be very careful up here in the sierras.

When I arrived home I was happy to get the gear unloaded and food. I had fixed myself a snack and watched Falling Skies which is one of my favorite alien series if your into that sort of thing. It was quite a trek up in the Crystal Basin as I had hiked 27 miles most of those in a 24 hour period which in itself is phenomenal but also shows my love for the sierras. I seen so many new types of wild flowers, some rare insect as well as exotic bird life, lizards, big butterflies and plenty of deer. I seen fish and beautiful old trees as well as beautiful lakes that can only be seen with effort. Devil's Peak was an amazing climb with some very stellar views lucky my cam was working at that time because that was really the core of the expedition the other locations were just side quest lol.

I want to thank Christina George of P.P.R.S. and her team to chill with us Friday it was a get together long overdue for sure and I just know everyone had a blast hanging out together. I wish she did not get sick on the trip I did not know or hear anything till I looked on her facebook. She said between the heat, elevation and her concussion she had recently that the trip had to be cut early. I have to admit the sierras were much hotter this time of year then usual I had gotten a bit of heat stroke hiking off of Devil's Peak due to the lack of shade. Its so important to drink water regularly especially with the drought here out west it heats up 15 degrees cooler then it did four years ago. Also if you live at sea level it takes time to adjust to higher elevations this can be solved by simply spending more time in the sierras. Lastly Christina should find a new doctor if they told her what I am about to tell all of you. Its just scientific fact that having a previous concussion cannot effect you due to being at higher elevations. As a matter in fact some NFL players who have multiple concussions spend time at higher elevations because its supposed to provide relief.

I fell a few times on this trip because their is allot of sand and crystals found on the smooth rocks. However what is funny about me falling is that I did not get hurt my cam was damaged then again it already was when the repair company sent it to be prior to the trip with a huge screwdriver gash in the lens. But I ended up getting a small concussion at camp you see I am a tall dude and I ducked under a tree while setting up dinner Saturday when I cracked my head on a tree limb. My head was bleeding and everything felt dizzy too so shit happens. With no pain their is no gain we all strive to do our best and if it were not for explorers like me discoveries would never be made. But I opt to show others the world less known before all of your eyes and we will definitely be back. I am excited about this place it has UFOs, Bigfoot and even Doppleganger's. Can you imagine whatever else roams here? This was not an easy expedition trust me I do quite a few and this one was difficult with the extreme heat as well as rough terrain but I welcome the challenge its worth getting to the TRUTH.

In light of things I slimmed down allot on this trip we have to train for the bigger journeys so this was a great location to do so at. I hope in the future Christina can come out again and maybe do a project with me but when it comes to the Crystal Basin most of the hikes are high end moderate ones so it can take a few years to get to that point to be able to handle this kind of terrain. But I swear it its one of the most beautiful wildernesses in the world and still looks the same as when the last ice age was coming to an end. I would not say give up however with anyone going here id say give it a try or at least if you cannot do it their are many lakes you can hike around which are fairly easy or areas like Gerle Creek which is generally completely flat for .8 miles along with a few others around Loon Lake which may be better for those starting to backpack in this region. Its very trying I have been on the east end of the Crystal Mountain Range this time we were on the west side of it from my experiences here I have had quite a few strange experiences range from UFOs to Bigfoot. Both sides of the mountain ranges within the basin are full of lakes, rivers, ponds, peaks and other geological landmarks. This is an area that provides food, shelter, remoteness, heavy supply of fresh water and multiple means to migrate through canyons to other parts of the high sierras which could explain why Bigfoot in this region is so prominent.

On a good note I was shocked to find out I won the California Lotto I did not win millions but the 10's of thousands I won on the pick is enough for me to buy a second offroading jeep for our bigfoot expeditions, extend the PGS website membership, take my family to Hawaii and by a cargo carrier for my vehicle so we can bring extra supplies during our camp outs. Ill probably even by a new computer I have a few but I want a state of the art one so that I can do my work more feasibly in the future and run our communities more swiftly. I have a good PC do not get me wrong but to be able to get one strictly for PGS would be really cool maybe even buy a server for our future expeditions. I am excited about going to Hawaii were going snorkeling with tropical fish, shark fishing and hiking the volcanic loop so we can see lava along the ocean. I know I could have chose anywhere to go in the world and I still might also buy a ticket to go to Scotland/England because most of my paranormal friends live there and can show me some of the most haunted sites such as asylums or the catacombs! So as you can see this was really great news because I never have that much luck but sometimes when I go camping in California not that I do not live minutes from there I buy a few scratch offs and lotto tickets. If I lose no big deal taxes go to the California school system so really its all good and so I spent most of this week in a state of shock so I decided to just spend the week relaxing no paranormal, hiking, research or running the show because after this last expedition we deserved it. If you even want to know more great news Tammy was also very lucky as she had to go into work early so she stopped at the casino to use her card and used her free slot pulls hitting a 1300 dollars jackpot. So the beer, bud, food, gas and campsite for our Crystal Basin was completely free and we now have a nice little nest egg where we can take a few trips out of state and put out some really great work for our fans as well as viewers. I did allot of videos, photography and research up here the Crystal Basin which everyone is really going to enjoy. Its ashamed about my cam busting but ill get it fixed that will give me the excuse to take a break or vacation lol. I may also replace allot of our gear upgrade it all because again I want to bring our fans and viewers with the best of the best if I have the tools to work with I can do that for all of you. The future of PGS is going to get allot more exciting let me just leave it at that will be blowing your minds for another 20 years soon believe me when I say that.

Good things happen for good people believe me when I say that and I am excited because I plan on returning sometime in the near future to camp out in the Crystal Basin again maybe when Christina goes back here ill join her so we can do more together maybe work on some projects together. I really like it here as there so many peaks some easily obtained while other ones may provide more of a challenge just like with anything only million dollar views. I have already starting putting together some deeper research into where we could camp next and what lakes we could hike out to in hopes of seeing tracks. Its hard to know where to start you could hike at some no name peak and end up having a solid Bigfoot sighting and another area for example a hidden lake with muddy shores may not have one animal track. Its a huge hit and miss but I will say that if you do not put forth the field work you will not produce one shred of evidence or see anything strange. We as paranormal investigators sometimes have to put our work first in order to find the truth even if that kills us and why? Out of love for the strange world we live in! One can see why the ancient natives here fell in love with this place making in their home for thousands of years its literally paradise. Have a safe and wonderful independence day everybody party at my house ribs, melon, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, fresh salad from my garden, steak, beer and good herb you cant beat that right? To hike good you have to eat good and to be a great paranormal investigator you have to be willing to travel to the outer limits! For us this is a completely new region to work with and for me its some new bigfoot stomping grounds therefore I cannot wait to see the places we visit here in the future and journey at this is all to exciting!
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

PS This is a rough draft the final revision report will be indicted onto our site in the future along with the entire expedition in the future. So I may add some things to the report or make renditions over time thanks.

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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