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The NYC UFOs On 10-13-10 My Review.......
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  The NYC UFOs On 10-13-10 My Review.......

When I seen recently that UFOs were seen over some of the worlds most major cities I was beyond excited. I remember years ago we had a member join here who said anybody who believes in life on other planets is nuts. But it would be very ignorant to think that were are the only life in a universe so large that we cannot fathom it.

I remember back in the day this month of October was filled with horrifying ghost stories all over the news but now all you hear about its UFOs and sometimes even USO's. Of course some believe that these are not aliens at all but rather demons from another dimension so technically something that is unknown to us may be much more scary then any ghost we ever encountered.

Their is allot of debate whether the UFOs that were over NYC last week were real so many stated weather balloons but then that goes with my question as to why no air craft were sent up to investigate this. The objects were seen about 5000 feet up over NYC which is definitely within reach of a helicopter to examine them rather then guess.

I noticed that these objects did not move but rather they stayed stationary during the day and partially at night. Strangely if you study the object footage at night you will notice their are four twinkles so they are not helium balloons and they certainly are not weather balloons since it was verified that none were launched that day.

People are still guessing as to what they were or are and ill continue to share any information I have on them. I believe they were UFOs extraterrestrial in origin maybe or maybe not. The government may have done this purposely just to see how the public will react to such an object to perhaps see if we are ready to face the real truth that this planet is being visited by races of beings outside our solar system.

I am not sure what they were but its strange how recently the world is being cloaked with mass sightings in many major cities. This could be a sign that something big is coming our way perhaps contact on a mass level. Then we have the worries of new diseases brought to us......perhaps even wide riots and panic. It can be a rather scary scenario when you think about it.

NYC had millions of residents so what better then a place where aliens can land and say we are here! I see evidence as have three objects in the sky hovering for hours on end that were not even mobile. What could they be and perhaps we should ask who are they?

Lord Rick

PS You can see the video here at youtube

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