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 Post subject: NOTE: Please Accept My Deepest Apologies Everybody..Virus Nu
PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 12:23 pm 
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About a month ago someone told me that the site was full of spyware and I thought yeah right. Because why would there be were a paranormal site not a marketing one besides the person was not very reputable to began with.

Anyway's at that time my pc had crashed so not being online in a few weeks I was not able to monitor the site or security. That being our site was viruses what had happened is every webpage an Iframe code was installed. That code then would open up a secret window to this Chinese site that would install worms and viruses on your system causing it to crash. Hence why my PC did what it did.

But if you have a good virus scanner like they can fix it before it becomes a huger problem. Also the resident shield detects it instantly. Last night I went onto my site figured I would give it a test run since a button was not showing up and bam the resident shield popped up with two worms then I went to another page same thing.

Here is an article explaining how this can happen. I have no doubt that this was caused by a hate group I will not point fingers. But lets say a few times this year a few from that hate group threatened to do this. Sadly what that hate group does not understand is that they not only virused me and our members but they also viruses there friends they explore with. A lot of peoples computers crashed but the article is here about this sort of virus. ... -to-typo3/

I have fixed the problem so that this can never happen a again. I have installed new security features at unfortunately some of you may have a worm or virus so you are going to have to check your system if you been to our site these last few weeks. I am sorry its not my fault the Internet is full of little punks that play games instead of being a man and settling differences. People attack me because I am me they do not know the group or our site or even me they do it because everybody else does it which goes beyond playing fairly.

Now even though my website is now secure other websites are starting to get this iframe virus you can stop it by reading the tutorial below at this link. You can disable iframes in your browser to prevent this from happening and it should work. which gives you a tutorial on how to disable the iframes feature since I learned other sites are having similar problems as this is the newest threat on the net.

There is not much more else I can do but with PGS owning almost 2000 pages I will need someone who can direct me towards a way to remove the link from all of them that was causing the havok. Because if google picks it up they will say were a threatening site then nobody will find us in the search engines to join our forums.

I do currently have the virus blocked that is the good news so you can browse all you want with ease. I know because I just tested it and no resident shield viruses popped up and I even enabled my iframes feature and still nothing so the virus has been fixed.

I am very upset at some of you that you could not at least write me as the founder to let me know our site was viruses. Some of you I am sure browse our site and have a virus canner or resident shield with auto detection. I cant do this alone in life you have to speak up come to me if there is a problem don't wait cause some people did get the worm that occurred from this. Thanks for your time and for those that did not read this well your probably going to wish that you did that is exactly why I always say get involved with us because if you do not you could miss out on this important notice.

But I want to clarify for the record I would never virus anybody but someone thought it would be funny to virus me which led to everybody being virused who visited our website. So with that in mind problem is fixed the new security feature will never allow this to happen again as I stayed up last night working hard on it so the laugh is on them now.
Lord Rick

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