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Our Expedition At The Ghost Town Of Dixie Valley Nevada
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Our Expedition At The Ghost Town Of Dixie Valley Nevada

Our Expedition At The Ghost Town Of Dixie Valley Nevada On 10-10 -15

The first time I heard of Dixie Valley was earlier this year when I visited the ghost towns of Hercules and Wonder which exist above the valley floor. As a matter in fact I stood on the top of Wonder Peak and thought holy shit that is some vast frontier. These expanses in Nevada are timeless and I love bringing the jeep out into them so I can explore the places less traveled. This was a jammed packed action packed adventure trust me that will take our viewers to the edge of there seats so read on.

I try to give our viewers a blend of different investigations ranging from ghost towns, haunted houses, cemeteries, forts, caves, scenic gems etc etc. Dixie Valley offers a little of everything from nature, scenery, history, life, death and early pioneer ranching. As a matter in fact the entire area is there for the taking if your willing to leave the pavement. I learned about this place but someone I know in the military told us more about it in depth which really added to the curiosity factor.

The type of projects we do you wont find in any book or even website if you do chances are someone went after us or they just did not put the time into a location that we have. For me October and PGS are like two pees in the pod. Last year I brought you outdoor to historical sites this year we hope to give you a bit of both as well. Around this time of year we were up at the top of the Sierras and seen some monster in the woods this year it has not gotten there yet but between Dixie Valley and a couple other haunted places I have coming up were going to have a stellar month in the paranormal field believe me.

I try to involve my family with some of my work but not all of it in this case we were going out to Lattin Farms in Fallon to enjoy cider, pumpkins, hay rides, corn mazes and shopping around the outdoor shops. Previous years we been to the Corley Ranch and Apple Valley. I did however want to give the farm up in Fallon a chance considering this is an area that offers some pretty great ghost towns and freaking awesome scenery. You cant go just about anywhere in Nevada or in California you wont see it all but the places you will see deserve National Park Status even if they are not one.

I sometimes pack up the jeep with supplies, food, beer, gear and extras then I just take road trips. I do not even always know where I am going or what I will see. I see allot of things in my paranormal journeys if you want to talk to a man who has come face to face with aliens and Bigfoot I am your guy. Make no mistake about it I put myself in these situations that is the only way to get to the truth or results.

I chose to also visit Dixie Valley because it is autumn and the valley I figured would be a nice place to venture into. I also think that abandoned ranches and Halloween really go together. As most of you know I dress up in costumes during October so when you see our team pictures you will know its me goofing off. You cant be all business I get my work done and I play just as hard. When I go to these locations I am in a giant playground ill climb, run, offroad, explore, delve into everything and make new discoveries. Not every place has the paranormal but some do and its important with either scenario that we share these locations with the world for educational purposes.

Our adventure would begin at Lattin Farms you would not think ranches would exist in the heart of Nevada so green. But at these farms there was giant trees, green grass, rose bushes, flowers everywhere, crops such as corn growing and history around every single turn. They have at the farm a nice little cafe and even a store with produce. In October its a big event here since they boast one of the largest corn mazes in the state and some of the most interesting gourds I have ever bear witnessed too.

They have these stands some of them sell jewelry, native American goodies, baked goods etc etc. One of the ladies had this NFL stands and I had her on site make me a Buffalo Bills key chain its really nice. It has a Bills red helmet encased on glass on a metal chain. Its hard to find anything Bills out here in Nevada and being I am from Buffalo I do watch my sports teams from WNY. That is the one thing I miss about Buffalo is the sports but my heart and home are up in these mountains for sure.

My son helped a lady set up shop she actually gave him a pretty cool necklace for offering his services. It was early in the morning we had stopped for coffee enjoyed the sun coming up to the east and many of the sites at the farm were not open yet so we had time to kill. I had bought me some skull earrings and Tammy had gotten a wicked cat necklace. Its good to sometimes let loose you wont find merchandise like this just anywhere believe me.

The farm is littered with allot of historical relics such as wagons, farm equipment rusting away and even some very old wood structures. Some of the old machinery found here dates back to the pioneer days just as the wagons date back to the mid 1800's so as one can imagine the history is simply stellar. This was and still is one of the oldest ranches in the region. It probably has its fair share of ghost tales but I was not there to investigate only spend time with the family. They also had this petting zoo the goats were climbing the fence as Tammy and the boys bought some food from the dispensary to feed them. They also had some weird looking chickens and allot of plaques with valid farming facts.

After our fun at the petting zoo and shopping we had also went out to the patch picked up four pumpkins if you get them already picked towards the entrance to the farm its very spendy trust me on this. I understand thought it takes almost a million gallons of water alone to grow the corn maze that you will see in our gallery. That does not even include the watering of the pumpkins which seem to grow as far as my eyes can see. I can imagine it was a difficult year drought is hitting us so hard and the canals in that area are dry completely as to where four years ago they were spilling onto the road.

After we carried our pumpkins to our jeep we went back out to journey in the corn maze. The tickets were 8 dollars a piece but we had the entire maze to ourselves. There is a wagon where they offer some Halloween goodies and the guy manning it told me to be careful he shot at multiple mountain lions just a short time before we were about to enter. I told the guy ill punch it in the nose if it attacks me and yet people keep doubting me. They think its better to run scared and the problem is with any big cat you certainly do not turn your back on it so you can get pounced. Ill trust my meat hooks before I become kitty food so the dude laughed because he is bragging how he shoots at them to chase them out.

The corn maze internally has a scare crow integrated into it and its huge. It also has a Jack-o'-
-lantern as well carved into the corn field. Its just a corn field but still I enjoy getting lost. I went into the maze wearing my mask and toking some train wreck. Your not supposed to do either but what the hell I was lost right? You try to find your way out of corn that grows over 10' tall in some areas going in circles. Pretty soon I just starting making my own paths to find my family making bigfoot calls oops wrong place!

Before you enter the maze you get this questionnaire the only way to find the answers is to find them in the corn maze. Although we knew some of the questions just by common sense there were a few that pertained to the ranch that I had yet to learn. We found all ten locations in the maze with information pertaining to the questions. We all won a gourd apiece it was pretty cool well my sons grabbed a couple small pumpkins but it was all good fun.

After spending some time on the ranch we had moved on to get lunch in Fallon before we headed to Dixie Valley. Since I planned on spending the rest of my day deep in the wilderness this may have been for me the last supper lol. I was getting ready to get my A game going on this is where I leave the pavement taking roads less traveled in search of finding a settlement that has been lost for decades.

This is an interesting area there is a place called Sand Mountain which looks like the Sahara. There is also an area where the oldest mummy was discovered in America. Then you have quite a few ghost towns which are haunted. There is allot of military zones also surrounding the area and massive extinct volcanic peaks. The great basin is a world in itself full of pretty views, salt flats, lush canyons and valleys. Its an area with many natural springs some hot some cool which made it an ideal place for early ranchers to be drawn to.

Dixie Valley begin as a mining settlement in 1861 eventually it transitioned later on to a valley full of ranching which may have supplied many of the miners from other nearby boom towns. Believe it or not some of those ranches remained operable till the 1960's. The settlement had a school and over fifty families each with very large ranches. Its a massive valley just to get to the main settlement site is a 25 mile plus ride north between to very massive mountain ranges one being the Stillwater Range other being the Iron Clan Mountains. Believe me to get to either range to the west or the east takes balls there are dirt roads some of them lead to old mines.

The NAVY bought up this land in the later 80's and early 90's to use as a training practice area. Planes would fly in bomb the ghost town taking out ranches, NATO would do exercises here using dud grenades and firing off rounds for target practice. This has really led to the settlements demise but do not get me wrong among these green pastures, tall grass, patches of foliage and cottonwoods hold plenty of remnants of the past. That is if your willing to explore its a big valley with allot of dirt roads that go for miles to various ranch sites. There is also tanks, armored vehicles and other military goodies left behind. I was thankful enough the military has not fenced the area off or banned ghost towners like me from visiting although there are warnings to exercise caution because practice warfare could be transpiring.

It would be a long lonely road you more then likely will not see anyone for miles although its paved for about 20 miles it will end then spider out into miles of old ranching roads. Some of those roads are extremely overgrown others are pretty rough trust me I had to drive through this ditch very slow and down another road that easily could cause you to tip over. You have your typical dirt roads but some are great for jeeping if your into that kind of thing which I am. What would we find and where would we go? Our journey would begin here braving a vast frontier one that challenged the most hardened of men during the days when the pioneers settled this region.

Dixie Valley Nevada

Named after Southern Sympathizers I came up to an area where you could see patches of cottonwoods off in the distances separated by miles. Each patch of shady trees signifies a ranch its a Nevada thing. Most ranchers always built there homes and barns near a shady area. This provided a place for the cattle to stay cool and the people living on the ranch. You have to pay attention because the first dirt road has a military warning sign its the one with this rusty mailbox that is barely clinging for dear life.

I decided to head to the west there was two roads one of them I believe goes out to a mine and a mill site. Honestly the first dirt road was much further away due to it heading diagonal to the SW the other road went due west up in the Stillwater Range. I wanted to go up into the mountains so I could get better views of the valley and check out a site that caught my eye.

As I drove down the dirt road I could see a massive canyon up ahead then below it a very lush green area. The area at the mouth of the canyon was full of dense trees and foliage, I was not sure if I would find a mill, mine, ranch or some other site relevant to the ghost town itself. I just know that we were making our way down a road to nowhere. This was a bit of a rough road the other road I would not have time for only had enough time to take one or the other wagon road to the Stillwater Range. This green gem miles away drew me in so I went with it.

When I arrived here we climbed up at the mouth of the canyon parking above the valley. I actually parked the jeep under a huge tree one of them nearby was so large its limbs grew on the ground. It was kind of woodsy back here so thick even the sun could not piece it. I put down a blanket for us to lay on brought out some food and we begin to enjoy this hidden oasis in the desert.

Tammy pointed out a very young wild horse all by itself under a tree I had to go check it out. She also told me it was a female horse and I took her word for it. Until I quietly walked up to it to take pictures, videos and tame it a little. This was a beautiful brown mustang with a long tail, brown fur and for the most part it was comfortable with my presence as long as I took it slow. Now and then the hair would stand up the tail would get swinging but eventually the mustang calmed down.

It calmed down a bit to much as it did get an erection which made it to the ground then it started looking at me and was getting ready to make me its bitch. I was shocked because I thought it was a female till I see king dong rising out of nowhere so yeah I slowly had gotten the fuck out of there pardon my French but truth! I have heard of male horses trying to mate with humans because there so aggressive and full of testosterone of course my family was watching and laughing at me. But I did get some close up footage and pictures with the pipe hanging out of my mouth.

Tammy and I were pretty hot it was in the 90's which I definitely try to avoid going to ghost towns in central Nevada when its this hot because rattle snakes are everywhere. I did not see any but we heard one up on a hill leading deeper into the canyon. If you get bit here in the wrong area it wont take long for you to die and there are no hospitals so one can imagine that you have to be very vigilant out here.

What I did not realize is that the area I found was a natural spring and there was a seasonal creek that derives from the canyon. Although the creek is dry the springs keep gurgling fresh sulfur water and therefore the entire mouth of this canyon is an oasis residing above this beautiful valley. There were all sorts of butterflies, exotic birds, dragonflies, wildlife, mustangs, flowers and so much more. Fall really has not taken its toll here so it seems that nature has kind of flourished in this little area. It was my own slice of heaven to sit under a tree above the valley and spark up a bowl that is how I do things.

We went into the canyon where we found another world in itself but more importantly an old strip mine or wall that had been chiseled perhaps for some kind of mineral. One of the main minerals mined here was borax although some miners did seek out gold and silver here as well. You could see a bunch of gravel below this rock face and an area cleared out. Its hard to know what was beyond this point but it was a perfect place for mining since the springs sat directly below. We had to be careful though we had to push through allot of brush and yes we heard a rattle snake close by. But were more use to this kind of thing if your not I would not go out there unless you know the lay of the land.

I hated to leave the oasis I spent a couple hours here and lost track of time which made the expedition cut short because here the sun goes down really early. You cant see anything in the darkness of the night so I still had quite a few roads and areas to explore. I had to pack it all up then hit the road off the range passing by this old rusty Ford surrounded by Sage Brush. I ended up taking the road to the north where the valley narrows just to see if I could locate the cemetery which is supposedly on Dixie Valley Road of course wasting another hour I just decided to come another time to visit it. However if you head deeper into the valley there are walls of pink quartz and bright red rocks including this triangular massive peak which is an extinct volcano. If you look to the east you can follow this fault line which produced in the 1950's the 12th largest earthquake in the world no lie! Its very visible and one can imagine if the ranchers experienced its tremors as the earth split wide open.

If you get back to the main road there is three other roads that run perpendicular with the one your on. You can take any of those dirt roads east towards the iron clan mountains and they intersect with other platted roads from the towns hey day. There are many dirt roads that intersect with one another but three to four main ones that go east to west. While some dirt roads come to an end others seem to take you through miles of ranch land and patches of giant cottonwoods.Its pretty overgrown in some areas where cattle once roamed or alfalfa was grown today are being consumed by a sea of sage brush. While other areas the fields are just consumed by trees and very tall grass.

The first road I took was very overgrown it was so narrow that tree branches and brush were entering our windows lol. But somehow I made it work and eventually it went around this bend to a very old ranch. The long driveway led to the newer house while behind it was a garage,original homestead, cattle loading area, collapsed barn workshop area. There was a few very large trees surrounding this ranch but quite a few of them were on there sides like dominoes surrounding this country home. One could see why the property had allot of groundwater there was springs flowing everywhere including inches from the homes foundation. So I do believe that the trees routes became waterlogged and they no longer could support there weight thus falling over.

We had to walk through wetlands to get to the home which in my opinion appears to be sinking or consumed by the groundwater. You can hear the springs flowing fluently surrounding the home at one point I thought it was a creek. The ranch itself sits in the middle of the valley so you have 360 degrees mountains and both ranges viewable from its window.All the windows were gone but the stonework on the chimney was older then the wooden home itself as if additions and renovations were done here.

When I went into the home it was all gutted the ceiling was collapsing and it was in disrepair Jarrod had not arrived yet he went around the eastern edge of the house and ended up falling in mud. There was a hole in the dens floor and inside was a basement filled with water. My concern was what if we fell through a floor we knew what was beneath our feet and it would not have been a pleasure bath.

There was a utility room, large den, kitchen and a few bedrooms. Every single room was painted a very bright pastel color no two rooms were the same. One of the rooms had this bed spring with a pile of rusty steel wool. You could tell that at one time rats had overrun this house as droppings were in the hallway. You always have to be careful though not to stir them up it can be deadly just a tip from the wise. I like to explore so its nothing new to me but when exploring it has to be done with care.

Next to the home is a garage and workshop its rather long looks almost as if it were a barn. This also was empty but surrounding it was some old appliances. I am sure back in the day the workshop had gotten its fair share of use. I also found near it a chicken coop as many of the ranches had ones in this valley besides raising cattle or growing alfalfa. Behind the newer home was an older cabin and a collapsed homestead. I am not sure if this ranch had a guest house or if it started off with just a cabin then the newer home being built later. I also seen a barn but it was just a pile of wood and debris but at one time its stables could have housed horses.

Jarrod and I found this wooden platform maybe something to load cattle on its hard to tell but on it was old glass jars. You had to be careful back here allot of nails protruding from the wood itself. The grass was very tall behind the ranch house with allot of piles of wood. The land was very marshy and green but this told me something. What it told me is that these natural springs that are found throughout the valley must had fed most of the ranches here. At one time 50 families had ranches here and they did not need sprinkler systems because the land was very fertile from the get go.

After this ranch I begin to just drive down numerous dirt roads I visited at least 10 ranch sites and that is not even all of them. Some of the ranches had springs others downed barns. Others had fencing made out of tree limbs while some just had wood post remaining. I found chicken coops, collapsed cabins, barns and quite a few livestock buses. Perhaps they transported chickens, horses and cattle but its hard to say.

The one thing that stood out more then anything is that as I drove along these dirt roads and visited various ranches I found allot of bones. I found bones at the oasis and some were just along side of the road. I found a huge femur bone including an entire spinal column. The bones were very large but they probably were from the cattle on the range or wild mustangs. One must wonder how these large animals died if it was due to the harshness of the expanse, predator such as a mountain lion or if they were victims of little green men from Mars. It does not take very much to reminds me of where we were exploring as throughout the day dust devils and sand tornadoes were twirling everywhere around these ranches.

One of the ranches had a water tower, barn, coop and homestead.The scenarios were very similar the barn was surrounded by intense ground water as I stepped on into mud. It appears to be that many of the ranches had succumb to the very springs they utilized on their ranches during the towns hey day. Many of the ranches had foundations, troughs and springs. Most ranches I pulled up at were just a few wood post remaining or hidden among the cottonwoods a collapsed shack. The military really leveled this place when it was a playing field for exercises or rather one giant chess board.

There is this one area the trees grow so close together that you drive through this tunnel of foliage and no sun gets through its pretty cool. Back there we found a very large ranch I just wish there was more then one or two houses to explore. The ghost town has allot to it but you can spend hours hiking around in the valley searching for what was and we just did not have that kind of time here.

Another observation I made is there are allot of ravens flying around these ranches most sitting on fence post giving you dumb founded looks. While other ravens seemed to be circling over some pastures and shaded areas one must wonder if there are carcasses withering away. Based on the fact that I found so many bones and you can see them when you wander the valley more then likely this would be an easy meal for such birds where food may be scarce here.

As I drove around I found two homesteads that were occupied both were posted by the US Navy and probably are homes to some higher clearance officials. The one location was a large ranch with many vehicles, horse trailer and other structures. Just as in the valley you will see these substations with armored vehicles guarding them. Despite the military has a small presence here its quiet nobody ever messed with me and a few military personnel driving around waved at me. This is for those hesitant to explore this place do not be but also you cant go here unprepared there is no civilization for miles let alone a town.

I almost made it out to the Iron Clan Range there are some ranches that are just below the range. The main road that goes through town is called settlement road and we found about 10 side streets that branch off of it. But its very easy to get turned around you come out one dirt road there is another and this one meets with that one. Then with all the overgrown pastures and cottonwood patches it all kind of blends. I do not mind exploring is what we do here at PGS and I live for it. Problem is that it eats into our day of seeing all the sites and sometimes we have to make a second trip.

One of the ranches I found had a series of concrete slabs for foundations and a building made out of cinder blocks. On that site I also found this stone foundation well it was just an impression in the ground surrounded by stone walls. Between this ranch and the one next to it there was natural springs being filtered into these pools which were just pouring over in water. The springs here are active that is why most of the valley is so lush and green. That is why the trees have been growing here for almost 200 years in some places. The water smells like sulphur you can smell it no matter where you go in Dixie Valley.

The last leg of our day I would spend searching for tanks, military trucks and armored vehicles. I managed to find at least seven of them which is more then what other explorers have found here. Most folks do not realize that many of the military vehicles are hidden under trees or in brush you really have to take it ranch by ranch. Some of them tanks are gigantic nearly towering two stories tall and yes they are funner to even climb. I climbed a couple myself but there is no ladder or even area to step you just grab whatever and pull yourself over the treads. One of the tanks was open on top but it was filled with water with no way out and well I did not feel like going for a swim. But I purposely brought my kids to Dixie Valley so they could be boys climb around the old military hardware.

The sun was not to far from going down but driving down numerous dirt roads I had found 10 different ponds each one has its own name and is the site of natural springs. Many of the ponds are surrounded by cattails and high grass while others have some little docks. Between the ponds and beautiful mountains in the distance I really have nothing but adoration for this location. Its not something your going to see on the internet well you will now or in any books. This place has allot of gems ranging from the mountains to the valley and the lush canyons in between.

The last area id pull off at was this location about 300' off the road which had a military jeep residing between two armored vehicles. Between the one armored vehicle and the jeep we observed something very strange. At first I thought it was a tree it was far away and you get some stumps that resemble a person standing there,. I was very hesitant on going out to the area out of safety for my kids. Although I am armed numerous ways I did not know if this was a person, tree or something else.

I left the jeep starting filming because Tammy said there is someone hanging out over there. I was thinking impossible there is nobody around let alone a vehicle. I figured to myself id try to zoom in to see who or what it was they were talking about. When I grabbed my pack and gear to hike out to the location it was gone. My son said hey dad you know that tree you spotted? I said yeah well he said to me its gone! I was like WTF!!! He was not lying it was gone and Tammy also said the same exact thing,.

So at this point in time I am thinking maybe there is some NAVAL soldiers in training hiding behind an armored vehicle or under it. I walked along the road a little ways and I seen something peer around the back side of the armored vehicle no lie! I am thinking what is going to happen if I come around one of those vehicles will I be jumped or maybe even shot at?

I went a little ways down the road to get a better angle and sure enough there is this scarecrow leaning against the barbed wire. I looked at my movie and media content which shows that this scarecrow moved over 15-20' from its original position. I have the proof seeing is believing and in all my years of doing paranormal project I never dealt with a scarecrow that is capable of moving let alone coming to life. But its obvious that originally when I begin photographing the military vehicles the scarecrow was between them then later on it was to the left of all three of them.

I decided to take a chance so I left everyone behind and hiked out to the given location. A good paranormal investigator is someone who fully investigates the situation despite the risk. In my years of doing this I have seen bigfoot encountered aliens and entities from other dimensions. I have no regrets I want to believe I want to know but I also have to know. Tammy told me I am nuts I told her sorry but I have to know and this is what I do. I cant ignore a scarecrow that gets up and starts walking around so I set on off.

When I arrived on site I did realize it was just a scarecrow but not any one I knew it had moved. But when I arrived it was no longer movie. It had a torn shirt on sneakers,, jeans and stuffed with foam. There was duct tape holding it together and it was holding something. It seemed to be secured against a barbed wire fence I could not even move it well I did not try hard but I did touch it and it seemed secure. I called my son out after it was safe he took a photo of me with my hockey mask and knife stabbing it. I think it was a great mood lightener. I know what I seen was real and this experience topped off my day. It scared the kids and Tammy a bit but its progress. Between taking EVP and the Scarecrow incident in Dixie Valley I am sure this will be a great addition on our site for the month of October.

The armored vehicles were really awesome I climbed in the back of one popped my body through a hatch. My son had went into the periscope hub and he climbed into the truck. None of these are off limits I told my buddy who has daughters abound it and told him how to get there. Not sure he wants to see a moving scarecrow though but the old equipment is a fun experience for any kid to check out. These vehicles are so large that when you stand up to them your pretty small. I sat in the back of one of the armored vehicles and lit my pipe up lol. I drank a few beers to while hiking around this is the west its what we do!

When I left this area I tried to spend the last half hour before sunset to find the town cemetery. I never did find it even though I had good directions. I drove 15 miles back and forth looking for it. I even pulled up on some ranches with some enclosures but they turned out to be enclosures for livestock. The cemetery is not very large but it is a huge part of this settlement since its symbolic to the towns past and the folks who resided here. On a good note I did find some other locations to check out because in November I am coming back I want to see more besides the fact that I have to do a mine expedition and another ghost town nearby it should work out nicely. I think most folks wont complain about a second investigation of this location who knows what ill find next.

I made it back to the main road then I pulled off to get my drinks and food ready for the ride home. Two guys pull up they were a bit strange who knows what they were doing out here but it was not exploring. But they talked to me and I shoed them off since I had my family with me. They took off then parked down the road sitting there. When I drove past them the guy pulled out a rifle so they may have been illegally hunting or trying to intimidate me. My older son was pretty spooked so I cranked the jeep at about 100 mph and they could not keep up with us. I told my son if you have to grab my gun and things get rowdy ill shoot it out my window at there tires. Tammy is like hey now what do you think your Mad Max. My answer to that is do what you have to do to survive I wont end up on someone's meal plate!

I road off through Dixie Valley into the sunset which btw some of the worlds prettiest sunsets can be seen from here. You get shades of orange, pink and midnight blues its very picturesque with the mountains and all. I want to see more I know there has to be a few more abandoned houses, cemetery, mill and mines here but it will take a second jaunt. We just ran out of time and at night you wont see anything because everything is hidden in brush you need light to find the goods. Despite all the military training and jets bombing the pastures there still is allot that remains. I loved it here kind of a world of its own more or less besides the seclusion much more remains to be seen no doubt!

I did seen a dud grenade here and I also found the lower half of this skeleton which may have been a deer hips attached and everything. There is not many predators here so if the wilderness is not killing the local wildlife something else is whether that is a hunter or maybe even a mountain lion hiding in the tall grass. This is a true wild western jewel because it symbolizes early ranching in the region as opposed to the mines. Generally most ghost towns are mining communities but with Dixie Valley that is just not the case. Children laughed, played, farmers harvested crops, cattle roamed, horses were ridden and tractors plowed the land. Now its all abandoned and such ranch sites may pose some kind of haunting possibly. I look forward to returning and it definitely was an eventful day to say the least! There is allot of history to uncover and who knows what else ill see but this place has allot of oddities.

On that note I just wanted to say RIP Sneezer my paranormal cat who passed a week prior to this trip. It felt good to just get out and away from it all. He died of a very deadly cancer that basically consumed his body. Ill be including a tribute video to go with this expedition and some words on our website. Also my newborn kittens turned a month old on the day we boasted this expedition. It was a good day toking, paranormal investigating, family fun, picnicking, hiking, good food, great beer, exploring and allot of offroading. We will return here for a round two and I cant wait to see what we find next! This is a strange area UFOs, Mummies, Aliens, Ghosts and even legends of Giants! I told Tammy lets hope that the military did not release some biohazard and that I do not grow extra eyeballs or something to that effect lol.
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

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