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 Post subject: Our Investigations Of Salmon Falls and Old City Cemetery
PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 6:31 pm 
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Our Investigations Of Salmon Falls and Sacramento Old City Cemetery.....8/29/15

I am beginning to spread our reach on the west coast so this also means working with locations in the Sacramento Valley. Every time I go up to the big city the one thing that frustrates me is traffic and sometimes people. That is why I prefer to just stay in nature obscure from human eyes but some places are worth a few sacrifices like Salmon Falls and Old City Cemetery.

What I have learned in all of my years of doing this is that the more I keep seeing the more I want to see. Every time we explore new locations we find more on top of the ones we already visited. This was kind of the case as we explored the ghost town of Mormon Island which later drew my interest to explore its sister settlement called Salmon Falls. As far as the cemetery well it is the oldest in the county and city of Sacramento perhaps even the central valley.

The one thing I adore about being in the ElDorado Hills just below the high sierras is that nature is abundant. Even in cooler months flowers and nature thrive. When I go out into the field looking for bigfoot or anything strange I always love to spend time with nature itself. People are so driven at seeing something paranormal however patience is part of the equation. We all must learn to enjoy the paranormal as a whole but also where its found at.

This was going to be a nice trip I was looking for to heading out to the Folsom Lake area. I packed food, sodas and a cooler for our trek into the valley. I had a fun day planned a little hiking, bird watching, paranormal investigating, partying, historic walks and a nice scenic drive through the sierras. You cant beat that! I think more folks really need to live life a little enjoy yourselves nobody gets paid to seek out ghosts or the strange.

It was an early morning I sometimes like to get breakfast and this time I had gotten some cinnamon coffee for the ride out to the valley. I guess that is one reason why we cant keep investigators they always hate that we head out early. But considering how much ground in one day I can cover we need all the day light we can get to conduct our research and if things run into the night even better lol.

When we arrived at Folsom Lake our first location would be a hike out to Salmon Falls. Keep in mind that the lake is at a record low therefore many gold rush towns and settlements are being unearthed. Salmon Falls will not stay above water forever not if we get a few good winters therefore I made it my mission to get here to see this ghost town.

Its kind of shocking when you arrive at Folsom here they are building new dam projects but honestly the river is barely flowing and where water once resided is now open vast meadows. Tammy and I would park on the NE side of the lake near the woodsy gate that you have to go around. Our adventure to Salmon Falls would begin here!

Salmon Falls California

I was excited to get hiking as a mile or two away is another ghost town that has been unearthed called Mormon Island. If Salmon Falls is anything like Mormon Island then I had hoped for some good EMF readings and EVP's. When the dam project came to be in the mid 1900's many of the gold rush town cemeteries had to be relocated however not all graves were removed and they flooded the American River to create a lake. Now where the lake should be today its gone therefore Salmon Falls is 110 percent exposed above the receding waters.

You start off hiking through the hills in this very thick forest then come out following the meandering Sweetwater Creek. Higher up the hill where the creek use to flow forcefully there are falls which are said to be really nonexistent especially with the drought. You could tell the area was hurting everything was brown and trees were already shedding there leaves despite its not fall yet.

Eventually you will come out to an area that has little tree growth they are rather little meadows. I found some wild flowers growing back here but not many. I am sure in the Spring they are more prevalent but one can see how the effects of low water are effecting the region period that includes the meadows the wildlife grazes in. I found some foundation in the woods or at least a pile of rocks where someone probably had a miners cabin at one time.

It is a very cozy hike you are literally surrounded by these rolling hills and are traversing the lower sierras. I have worked allot with the lower sierras and I must say there are some paranormal gems to be found. As you hike towards the north you will eventually begin to see a green oasis surrounding the creek then further due north a perpendicular stretch of greenery. So I had realized that I had reached the area where the creek and the American River converge. Although the creek was barely trickling the river was glowing therefore this area was much more vibrant with colors.

Along the creek I came across an old dyke built with native mortar, stone and a hand poured type of concrete or at least reinforced at a later time. Nearby were little pools of water I seen a few small fish and these yellow flowers were growing along the banks of the creek. Further past the dyke was a couple of ruins it looked like they were designed to hold a small bridge that crosses Sweetwater Creek.

Further down creek not to far from where it drains into the river is a massive concrete foundation which edges the creeks bank. Maybe this was part of an old dam or the bridge it spans both sides with the middle slab missing as if it were washed away in a massive flash flood. From what I read the town had smaller bridges that crossed over various water channels that were being diverted from a nearby lake. I like to climb on things so I went to the top of this to stand.

I found a series of stone blocks that led down a hillside also towards the creek and stone ruins left behind back when Salmon Falls operated the Natoma Project. It appears that this stone tube narrows as it begins its descent which causes the water to flow through it faster so that it can be diverted via channel to other local settlements such as Red Banks and Mormon Island. To find a remnant of the Natoma Ditch Project was really awesome considering the last time I seen such stone tubing I was at Mormon Island and did not learn about the Natoma Water Project till after the fact.

There was a bluff that Tammy and I stood on overlooking Sweetwater Creek and the South Fork Of The American River. The canyon is very beautiful not as intense as the higher sierras but no less the river was flowing nicely and there was some mild rapids. The bird life in this little area was amazing as many birds were nesting and landing on the rocks below. This area is very green, lush and cooler the birds seem to gather here. I even seen some geese across the river then again many flocks would fly off and new ones would land here. At one point we seen three beautiful violet colored birds on a small rock all together.

This was a great area to watch nature but we would eventually follow the river to the bridge which is this ghost towns most prominent monolithic feature. The bridge spans across the canyon and river it was one of the earliest of its day in the state of California. If you pay close attention to the bridge you can see cracks in it and some of the slabs that span the river are leaning. Do not get me wrong its very safe you can ride your bike across it but it has seen better days considering it was underwater for decades.

Prior to the bridge there is what appears to be more foundations which made have been part of another dyke or dam project near the bridge itself. These spans are long gone but the stone ruins that once held them together are still there and stone anchors. Some of those stone pillars have metal rings on the top of them you could tell they attached to something more at one given time.

We spent sometime up on the bridge by then the sun was really baking another reason why I leave early in the morning. I try to avoid the hot sun especially in the valley where temps get dangerously hot. The valley is probably a better winter destination but I had gotten a report that Salmon Falls may be going under. Were supposed to get one of the strongest El Nino's in the regions history with rains, flooding and record snowfall. It only takes one good winter and the entire ghost town of Salmon Falls including this bridge which traverses the river for a couple hundred feet would be completely submerged so you can see my urgency!

Tammy spotted a nearby hill which had a bunch of stone foundations or so we thought. There is no trail so I just climbed the steep hill to the top which had great views of Salmon Falls below but apparently the scouts took piles of stones from the original town to build a variety of different things. One of the things they built out of rocks was a BBQ and fire pit another was this bench. These kind of stones are often used during the gold rush to build miner cabins but it would appear that those stones found crumbling on the hill have been re purposed lol.

We walked down to the bridge then had a nice picnic under one of the arches. I am telling all of you it was a really great time butterflies all over, lizards sunbathing, river flowing, shade from the bridge, cool breeze and good food. I smoked a cigar and kicked it I never felt at home so much in my life. Folsom Lake might be close to Sacramento but its a world away from a world trust me. Sitting under a bridge and chasing a few butterflies makes for a good day.

Not only did I play with nature but I did do quite a few EVP sessions here trust me I did very well at Red Banks, Mormon Island and Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery. I am hoping this fourth location will reveal more but its hard to say. You also have to understand that there are graves all over the place that were left behind and remain unmarked. Back in the day when you passed on they buried you anywhere in town during the gold rush days.

I did take some EMF Gauss readings I have to say back at the collapsed bridge over Sweetwater Creek and the bridge area of Salmon Falls that crosses the river both had high readouts. I found this a bit unusual there are no power lines nearby or transformers but there was times where I took readings at various foundations only in return to get abnormally high readings. Mormon Island was very similar especially whenever we pointed it towards the ground which had me theorize that maybe it spikes when you get near certain unmarked grave sites. But between the EMF readouts and comparing them with my EVP I believe that both of the results will finalize this case as to the Salmon Falls Ghost town site containing some unseen energy.

Under the bridge we also begin to track these large tracks we found which I proposed they may be mountain lion. At first I said large dog but the claws in those tracks were almost tiger like. These hills are still part of the sierras people tend to forget this and they also forget that big cats roam these hills. Not just big cats but coyotes and sometimes an occasional bear. The pads, claws and size of the tracks found near the water were bigger then my fist.

It was a nice day people were hiking, running there dogs and even swimming. This place is a jewel and for the most part I was alone the entire time. I hated to leave but we had other areas we wanted to hike around at including an old water wheel which I never found. I have an idea where it is but its not easily accessed and it may have been washed away from the river. You kind of have to look around throughout the brush also I found a few foundations and remnants of the town half buried in mud or covered by foliage.

There is also an old road I believe it was downtown Salmon Falls which today is still visible. Tammy and I found a foundation along with a trough for horses along it. Salmon Falls may have been a mining town but it had ranches and vineyards as well. You had to have ranchers to feed the miners working that Placer Gold which was diverted from the river using channels during the beginnings of the Natoma Project.

As we looped around down the road we came across a foundation with steps leading down to the bottom, a massive stone slab, a few concrete fallen pillars and a set of stairs all by there lonesome self. This was a nice find considering how very little is left of Salmon Falls. I am not sure what was here Salmon Falls boasted stores, hotels, businesses, ranches, offices, mills, saloons and so much more. When you see stone or concrete ruins its hard to make heads or tails of what they could possibly be.

That was all we were able to find the brush where downtown use to be is so tall and thick you cannot get through it. You can if you do not mind dealing with the ticks but I have a feeling there is more that remains to be seen. Their is plenty of stone slabs probably made with native rock then made with an older concrete. You can see material embedded in it of various local geology mixed with the sediment.

Eventually we would head on back through the woods I was amazed at how low the lake is. Let me rephrase things the lake is gone and once again the American River flows through here. I also found another creek in the woods while exploring but it was dry. It is a treat in itself to be able to see Salmon Falls because for years it was underwater. Today with the lake so low there are foot paths and place you can go only the early settlers explored. I know the area is ancient they have found grinding rock and village sites nearby.

The weather was really getting hot a few times that morning I had thought it would have rained as it was overcast on and off with gentle sprinkles. But it was nothing substantial therefore once the clouds cleared up we were thankful to get back to some air conditioning and ice cold drinks. Before we would entirely leave the area I had one last stop.

If you travel a couple miles down the road there is a bridge that crosses the American River Canyon. Although its the new bridge well not so new it truly is a wonder I highly recommend you visiting. As you climb higher into the foothills this large iron bridge crosses the ravine. The higher up you go into the sierras the bigger the American River becomes and deeper. I ended up parking by the entrance to the bridge then had gotten my gear for a hike.

I climbed along the side of the bridge to the bottom of the ravine where I followed the river to some rapids. This is a busy area you had groups of people chilling on rocks, swimming and women sunbathing. This seems to be an area where people do outdoor recreational activities in the river. Hell I seen one guy snorkeling in a clear pool of water. I would hike under the bridge where Tammy was yelling down to me from the top of the ravine. That is when I rock climbed out of the ravine nearly straight up for 80 plus feet. At one time during the gold rush many miners panned the river below for its placer gold.

After our big adventure we drove up to Roseville which is lovely historic city just north of Sacramento. I spent quite a few times up there years ago and almost once lived there. I like Roseville but mainly because it has a Dave & Busters. While we had plans to eat a fantastic lunch I also was excited to play some games win some tickets. The one advantage of investigating haunts in the foothills or valley is in between you have access to some cool places to chill at. You cant be all work and no play;) I stopped at an organic store while waiting for my table and had gotten me a chocolate milk. It had to taste but it kept me hydrated outside by the fountains for the time being.

I ate quite well eating spicy Buffalo Wings, Steak, Shrimp Mushrooms and an Alfredo Linguini with a lobster sauce. After we ate we played all sorts of games one of them ripped me off it was one of the most expensive and it did not give me anything not even tickets. The games are fun but it would appear that Tammy did a much better job then I do although I scored a ton of points on the basketball and skeeball stations. I also played this balloon game and a few other machines to win tickets. Last time I was here I won a basketball and a shot glass this time though I was going to just save my tickets.

We still had one more location to work with the problem is that this second place is that they fold early. The Old Town Historic Cemetery in Sacramento today is more of a museum then it is a graveyard. They have security and nightly visits are out of the question. So we had to keep our appointment and well let me just say it is such a large cemetery it may take more then one trip to complete it.

Sacramento Old City Cemetery

May I just say that it is a nightmare to drive in central California. The valley is home to over 11 million people so for me being in the city is a different change in pace. I was happy though to have the sports car to take since my jeep is being repaired. Nothing like some good tunes, wind blowing through my hair and the thrill of ghost chasing. I was stuffed I partied hardy at Dave & Busters honestly cannot complain because Salmon Falls was a great morning event now we were on our second project for the day as the evening was rolling on in.

The cemetery is a big wrought iron black fence when you enter it however there is a visitors center just within the gates and place to park. When you park there is a kiosk which gives you a map to the cemetery and some historical information. I could see rows of crypts and allot of big trees. Their were vines, hills, flowers and many beautiful stones for hundreds of feet. I was excited to just get out and explore its Victorian gardens. I also found out that this is not one cemetery but actually a few with multiple sections.

Various sections would include the Masons, Odd Fellows, Old Soldiers, Pioneers, Fireman's, Civil War and Government plots just to name a few. I was told however three of the cemeteries blend into one another so technically there are multiple burial grounds found here. Its also very easy to get lost as you go down aisles nature and so much large foliage puts you in a maze garden.

The trees are so full that for most of my walk through the gardens and cemeteries were shady. As a matter in fact there are even palm trees and oaks that grow here. It certainly is a world of its own despite being so close to downtown Sacramento. I did not have any place in mind I wanted to go I just wanted to see as much as I could see. If you were to look around beyond various trees and flowers growing you could see statues, crypts, memorials and giant vaults everywhere. All sections blend except for a few that have wrought iron around them.

I kind of went into the center of the cemetery then spread out to other sections that way I could view most of the gravesites on both sides of me. I also took Gauss Readings and EVP here because this cemetery is supposedly one of the most haunted sites in Sacramento. Personally I could sleep near a crypt all night long and id be happier then a kid in a candy store. That does not mean its not haunted I tried to visit some of the more prominent gravesites and it seemed that I had gotten very abnormal readings. Some politicians or well known famous wild western legends buried here seem to be sites of high electro magnetic energy based on my first investigation here.

Many of the graves have very beautiful inscriptions just as many of the stones were engraved by Masons. The oldest grave dates back to the late 1840's and I seen it near the entrance it was extremely weathered. While most stones stood some were broke in half or buried half under the earth. This cemetery has suffered some vandalism as a statue in the Crocker Section is missing its head. Due to this factor security is now posted here and the cemetery is heavily preserved thank goodness. Because without them I am afraid that most of the historical gravesites may have been lost.

The one thing I really loved more then anything else is that the cemetery is also a nature area. There are gardens everywhere but every gravesite appears to have its own kind of flowers that grow. I probably seen over 60 different species of flowers that I tried to document using some professional photography so we can eventually share those flowers with the public. I seen many various species of wild flowers that only grow in the high sierras and mountains that surround the Sac valley. I seen this one flower that was larger then my head, rose gardens and these alien looking like blooms. I read that there is over 100 flower species found here some bloom in the Spring therefore by the end of August you would expect most of them to wind down yet this is not the case. The cemetery is heavily irrigated therefore the grass is green, trees extremely large and flowers grow everywhere.

I have to admit I was taken up by the beautiful vines, roses, flowers, butterflies, old historic trees and nature here. I sometimes am like a kid chasing nature and I tend to forget that I am also there to seek out the paranormal. The one thing I did like about this graveyard is there is over 20 different areas with plaques or at least historical write ups explaining each section or notable interment buried in it. For example the fireman have there own cemetery which talks about the first fire department and the battles these men faced.. Outside of the cemetery is an old fire bell its Liberty Bell sized made of iron and resides in a bell housing at the gates.

There is also this old gothic looking chapel but its currently being restored and even a fountain. There is also some wood crypt like structure back by the old soldiers section. The Grand Army Of The Public section is also very prestigious. In the center of this plot is the statue of a Union Soldier. I also seen the tallest monument in the cemetery and stood on a hill which is supposedly the highest point in Sacramento. I also stepped under a tree that was shedding blossoms or perhaps red leaves. The walkways and gravestones were covered in a red hue.

There is the old pioneers section this is where the cemetery started which boast quite a few prominent individuals. Most of the interments found here were prominent names and are those who made history. One of them is a governor another was a railroad magnate. Many of the pioneers found here shaped central California and were individuals who shaped the west. I seen the John Sutter Jr. Gravesite the man who's father was the commander of Sutter's Fort the same one that nursed back to health members of the Donner Party and the founder of Sacramento.

There is a haunted gravesite of a little girl named May Woolsy which I had found accidentally. Maybe it was calling out to me or either I had gotten lucky. Her grave dates back to the 1800's as she died from an illness. Their were toys on the gravestones pedestal while a nice write up about her. I had gotten some substantial readings here then again her mom always believed that her ghosts lingered around and that she was in fact able to communicate. Their is allot of strangeness surrounding her death such as the old trunk they found over a century later hidden in a house of items May had held onto.

Their is also an area where politicians are buried such as secretary of state, governors, assemblymen, senators and even mayors. The politicians have some very large marble and granite vaults. Some of there stones stand as tall as me while the monuments tower up among the trees. Politics in California were very prevalent considering that Sacramento was the capitol. I also seen a treasurer and first councilmen buried here. I believe one of the politicians found on a hill was one of the legendary's big four of the Central Pacific Railroad with a 350 ton granite memorial.

There is this one section that is full of statues two of them are the same but different family plots. While other statues including angels sit higher up on the top of some monuments. The statues are all weathered, cracked and crumbling. They almost have a creepy appearance about them or you fee like they have taken up a life of its own. I was very impressed with the multiple rose gardens that grew around such beautiful graves. It kind of gave the cemetery an creepy look and well eventually id love to get permission to visit this place at night. They have all sorts of events at this cemetery such as lantern walks and even tours that talk about the tragic deaths of the interments found here.

If you head towards the cemetery entrance there is three to four very prominent individuals buried here. I am not sure if they were moved or they just decided to put up memorials to greet those who first enter the cemetery. The entrance is very unique as there is a few monuments including a plaque which kind of keys you in on the history of this graveyard. To me history is relevant in connecting the past to the ghosts that may haunt this place. This cemetery is rumored to be haunted by many of the legends buried here. Not to mention members of the Donner Party, Cholera Outbreak and many graves that been exhumed from other cemeteries being relocated.

I never had gotten to see the entire cemetery as nobody is allowed past 7pm even if it was still day light. There was a caretaker doing some work here and there were a few folks touring the grounds. But by the end of near closing we were the only ones here wandering the gardens and grounds. I wish I had more time but even finding this location took time because Sacramento is huge and driving in the city is slow. Even if I had gotten here an hour earlier it would not matter I will have to return here to document more flowers, take further gauss readings and do some EVP sessions.

Walking through the gardens in magical you have no idea your even in the city. Technically this is one of the oldest sites in Sacramento the only other older one I know of I am working on getting into. But the more I see around old Sacramento the more I am getting into some of the haunting's there. Downtown is full of old big historic mansions, estates with large wrought iron gates and even old town which still remains preserved from its wild western heritage years.

I will say this was a great investigation but I only had visited about 30 percent of this cemetery. Their is so many sections, isles, plaques and flowers you kind of get lost here. The fresh smells of earth, flowers and various fragrances fill the air. At one point in time I was chasing a butterfly trying to get pictures of it. At times I did not feel alone here but as if I was being followed, watched or had something near me. There are some areas in the cemetery that just give off that kind of vibe especially in the shadier areas where graves may be covered up with allot of underbrush.

I did get to talk with the security guard and he had some stories to tell me along with some historical information. He also told us about the zombie run downtown later that night under the Super Moon. I wanted to go but was not sure where to park nor did we have any costumes such as rotting flesh or fake blood. Thousands of zombies just running loose on the streets sounds fun but its a once in a year event. I had to get home we had a long ways to go although Sac is not that far from me its still a good trek to go back up into the mountains home.

I hated to leave the cemetery believe me I want to see more the nature is peaceful and the gardens are exotic. The cemetery has plenty of ghost stories between that and its serenity it is a heritage site most schools should be bringing their students too. You have civil war vets and those who founded local towns in the valley as well as sierras. There are miners and early pioneers as well as famous politicians buried here.

If you head away from the cemetery you can drive through the historic sections of downtown. I drove past the capitol building its so gorgeous it almost surpasses the one found in D.C. The capitol building in Sacramento has a huge white dome and massive columns. It looks like a giant white temple and surrounded it are many old buildings that have stayed preserved for a 150 years. Many of the old structures had owners who are now buried in the cemetery. Just as the politicians who made history in the region are now found in the cemetery down the road.

I was pretty much done it was time to head home wish I had more time to do more research down here. Some of the old mansions are pretty creepy and it might take me time to schedule more paranormal investigations down here. I am not to comfortable in big cities I have expensive camera gear and with people hanging out on street corners just giving you the eye let me know that I would not stay any longer then I had to. I was driving all over Sacramento looking for an Icee or slush for my ride home. I finally seen heaven when I found me a blueberry coke slush right as they were closing the lord was saved.

When we begin heading up into Placerville which is an awesome location we explore time to time passing Folsom Lake where Salmon Falls is located the moon was big and bright. It was actually a super moon out which is not that rare of an event but it is an awesome space event to capture if you like the full moon looking many times larger then normal. I found a location to pull over in the hills and had gotten a few pictures of it as dark clouds passed through it. I liked the shots I had gotten it will be a nice addition to our cemetery updates.

One thing is for sure I do have plans to return to Old City Historic Cemetery. I want to bring my son also because he loves places like that. Tammy and I did not have enough time but what we did see and gather will look really great on our website. I took allot of videos, photos and worked hard on that investigation. The cemetery is a beautiful place all in all its one of the greatest historic sites in Sacramento besides the old fort downtown.

It was a great ride home some 80's music, slushees and the fresh smell of flowers still lingering. The ghost town of Salmon Falls was fantastic with a great morning hike and allot of nature. Then going to Dave & Busters eating nice meals and playing games was some nice downtown before we went off to the cemetery. Finishing the evening off exploring a very old historic cemetery in Sacramento gave us a blend of rich history and nature in the heart of this very green valley.

I cannot wait to work more with this area there is so much more to see and I like to mix it up. Ill do cemeteries, buildings, trains, tunnels, caves, historic sites, forts and anything I can explore. Going into old City Cemetery was an exploration where every single turn has a different surprise or has some relevant history in relation to the person buried there. The same thing applies to Salmon Falls it is a site not on a trail but a location that in order to see you have to explore it. Both places were about discovering history and honestly both places offered it.

It was our second weekend out this way in a row that has to say how much we love the ElDorado Hills and the valley. I was just out here visiting Pilot Hill and the Gold Bug Park which resides in the hills above Sac. All year around flowers grow in the valley you can hike or explore in comfort. I cant wait to get these locations up on the site it should be stellar. With that in mind this completes our Folsom Lake Projects as far as gold rush towns and the cemetery will be ongoing as we continue to put this all together.

Much more remains to be seen and until next time I look forward to delving into this location.Old city is only an introduction to the great city of Sacramento we are going to be working extensively at in the future. I do want to make it fun but also the sites we do are relevant to educating others in schools and the paranormal community alike!
Lord Rick

PS Reports are subject to change these are rough drafts that eventually get added to our website and finalized along with all evidence, media and research gathered!

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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