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**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Kentucky Mill & Mine"......
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  **NEW** Updates On Our Site "Kentucky Mill & Mine"......

**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Kentucky Mill & Mine"......

This small little gem coincides with Sierra Cities history as its one of the only operable stamp mills in California. I am excited to add this location its so historical, serene and truly a great site to explore. Were not finished with this location just yet I plan on investigating the inside of the stamp mill next year but this should hold you over till then. It is a haunted site and a relic of Sierra Cities history just on the outskirts of town.

You can check out this update directly on our website at or if you wish to enter the investigation archives on the main page of our site just go to then enter then find the archives banner there are a few. This is what has been added and where the epilogue/case can be found at:

Gateway 4/Portal 25

Kentucky Mill & Mine Prologue Page
Kentucky Mill & Mine Team Stills
Kentucky Mill & Mine Team Adventure
Kentucky Mill & Mine Mine
Kentucky Mill & Mine A Look Inisde
Kentucky Mill & Mine B&W Gallery
Kentucky Mill & Mine Sierra Buttes
Kentucky Mill & Mine Bigelow Museum
Kentucky Mill & Mine Historic Remnants
Kentucky Mill & Mine Videos
Kentucky Mill & Mine EVPs
Kentucky Mill & Mine Investigation 1 Report
Kentucky Mill & Mine Investigation 2 Coming 2016

The next addition on our site will be a location called Snag Lake it was the only lake I could access in the Lakes Basin due to a wall of snow as high as the windows on my jeep. But its an introduction to the Lakes Basin area which resides over a ridge on the other side of the Kentucky Mill and Sierra City. Its also an area that has some of the strangest Bigfoot reports.So look for that update as well either tomorrow or over the weekend. Peace

Lord Rick
PGS Founder ... 1008715603

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