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**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Lovelock Chinese Cemetery"
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:49 pm ]
Post subject:  **NEW** Updates On Our Site "Lovelock Chinese Cemetery"

**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Lovelock Chinese Cemetery" Cultural Site!

This addition on our site is not as much related to the paranormal as a relevant cultural site in northern Nevada. This cemetery was hidden for years and has been recently unmasked. It still till this day is not being treated right but was relevant to Lovelock's growth as the Chinese laid the tracks of the transcontinental here and worked the mines. All that remains of Chinatown in Lovelock is this very burial ground so we do hope you enjoy it even though its a very small site.

You can delve into this addition on our site at ... metery.htm or if you wish to visit the archives for the epilogue you can do so directly within:

Gateway 4/Portal 25

Lovelock Chinese Cemetery Prologue Page
Lovelock Chinese Cemetery Team Gallery
Lovelock Chinese Cemetery B&W
Lovelock Chinese Cemetery Interments
Lovelock Chinese Cemetery Shattered Remains
Lovelock Chinese Cemetery Scenic Gallery
Lovelock Chinese Cemetery Videos
Lovelock Chinese Cemetery Exploration 1 Report

Our next website addition will be of Sierra City which is an amazing semi ghost town up in the high sierras full of nature, beauty, history and one of the finest hillside pioneer cemeteries. Its definitely a very beautiful place and it will be 10 times bigger then today's addition. It has allot of different angles and elements those include a cemetery, downtown, mill site and a jewel hidden deep in the national forest behind the town itself.

I should have that out in about a week but for now three days three updates starting with Unionville, Lone Mtn. Cemetery and finally Lovelock Chinese Cemetery. So you are more then welcome to enjoy them and learn a little along the way. My goal is preservation getting the paranormal is to simple but saving these sites requires all of us to do our parts just remember this!

Ill probably be back late late tonight to post the paranormal news on our google plus community and facebook page. For now I have another appt. to attend to its my third one of the day busy busy.

Lord Rick ... 1008715603

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