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**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Lovelock Lone Mountain Cemetery
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  **NEW** Updates On Our Site "Lovelock Lone Mountain Cemetery

**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Lovelock Lone Mountain Cemetery"

Although a very small addition to our site its a nice one just with any of the locations we visit. I try to keep things diverse by visiting a variety of locations whether that is a cemetery or some cave high up on a mountain. The Lovelock area is fairly remote and I have only worked with a few locations here but so far I like what I have seen.

Lovelock is buried here he led an interesting life but like you or I also suffered some hardships. This is a prime example of what a high desert graveyard looks like in Nevada. The great basin has awesome views, lore and plenty of history. I have worked with plenty of ghost towns near the cemetery as well so I am just trying to piece together all these locations little by little.

Well on with the show you can check out these updates directly at ... metery.htm or if you wish to visit the archives for the epilogue you can do so within:

Gateway 4/Portal 25

Lone Mtn. Cemetery Prologue Page
Lone Mtn. Cemetery Team Gallery
Lone Mtn. Cemetery B&W Gallery
Lone Mtn. Cemetery Notables
Lone Mtn. Cemetery Scenic Gallery
Lone Mtn. Cemetery Videos
Lone Mtn. Cemetery EVP's
Lone Mtn. Cemetery Investigation 1

Tomorrow or Wednesday ill try to put out the Lovelock Chinese Cemetery its a very intriguing location. If you want our video in Lone Mtn. you will see me walk up to the fence and film it from afar. Very soon were going to be added some very large cases, adventures and investigations its going to be epic. If you liked Unionville you should see what else I have up my sleeve I have some great things coming out this next months.

In the next couple weeks ill be adding some pretty large ghost towns and all of them have cemeteries multiple times the size of Lone Mountain its crazy but one thing is for sure were all going to die some day.

Well its off to go rest I have three appointments with my sons tomorrow and an early mountain biking ride. We have another bigfoot expedition also coming up our work is always ongoing but its better to put effort into these locations then to sit home imagining the paranormal I say. So on with the show!

Lord Rick ... 1008715603

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