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**NEW** Updates On Our Site: Hercules Nevada Mining Camp!
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  **NEW** Updates On Our Site: Hercules Nevada Mining Camp!

**NEW** Updates On Our Site: Hercules Nevada Mining Camp!

This is a really nice little precious gem its the sister ghost town of Wonder City called Hercules a silver mining camp. Although its not huge it is a really great place hidden deep in a canyon behind Wonder Peak known for its rich mines. Its definitely wild horse and home on the range country that is so offbeat it takes mile of offroading to even get here.
With that in mind id like to present it to everyone I am working hard to try to put out cases that we have done week by week slowly but surely all our work will get added to our website. Everyone enjoys our FB photos but keep in mind I do not run our society from FB that is why we have our own site so you can check out our work more in depth.
I loved Hercules not allot is known about it but its very pretty back in here almost seems to be timeless in a sense. You can check it out directly at or if you wish to enter the investigation archives to check out its epilogue you can do so in:
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Wonder City Prologue Page: New Town Site Photos Added
This previous update is not as paranormal as some of the locations we do but my goal is to education and preservation. The perks are when your able to find the strange and not every case we do turns up to be haunted or full of the paranormal. That is how you know I am the real deal because admittedly not every location can or is that of the unknown some places are just historic. In the cooler months I spend time at ghost towns that is why I been putting so many up because these places are from locations I visited in the winter to early spring :) Its odd to look back from months ago and be like wow I explored that place!
The next update that ill be putting out will arrive next week its a place called Unionville and its a whopper of a ghost town. Its bigger then and more preserved then per say Hercules and Wonder City combined. Its a creepy place the locals do not like outsiders there but it has a very unique site which is a home built by Mark Twain by his very own hands that I had a picnic lunch at and investigated so that was pretty cool. Plus the town has a very very gorgeous cemetery trust me its the real deal so state tuned for when I announce that special edition good stuff!
Anyhow have a great weekend coming up everyone as you know I am always doing expeditions and investigations. It does not leave me allot of time for much else so in a day or two ill be back out in the field which means more cases and more additions on our website. They will never stop coming so follow us and join us on this journey.
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

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