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**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Hillcrest Cemetery"
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  **NEW** Updates On Our Site "Hillcrest Cemetery"

**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Hillcrest Cemetery" Historic Smith Valley NV!

Although this is not a very large update its relevant in a sense its Valley Grove Cemeteries sister burial ground. When Valley Grove was flooded most of the graves were moved to this site.

Its not a very large update but no less it is a location we have visited and logged. Doing the field work that is necessary is what makes a great paranormal investigator. Not sitting on facebook all day or not putting in the time to seek out the truth.

This will be the last of our Smith Valley updates at least for now its been a long run of cases and additions from this region. I think we did a great job with it Smith Valley is a special place full of beautify which shows you what Nevada is truly about.

You can check out this addition on our site directly at or to reach the archives with the epilogue you can do in the following gateway and portal.

Gateway 4/Portal 25

Hillcrest Cemetery Prologue Page
Hillcrest Cemetery Team Gallery
Hillcrest Cemetery Tour The Graves
Hillcrest Cemetery B&W Gallery
Hillcrest Cemetery Scenic Gallery
Hillcrest Cemetery Videos
Hillcrest Cemetery EVP's
Hillcrest Cemetery 1 Report

Its not one of my best pieces of work but its a little perk till we put out these other awesome locations coming out. Were about to open up our case files into some of our more extreme projects we did this year. Cold Springs will be coming to you soon trust me its a really awesome place as it has some of the finest stone ruins in the state its the real deal almost like a temple. If you have not done so make sure you check out the sister cemetery located nearby at
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