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 Post subject: Our 2nd Expedition Of Kings Canyon Nevada - 6/3/15
PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 10:53 am 
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Our 2nd Expedition Of Kings Canyon Nevada - 6/3/15

As promised I would return to the Kings Canyon area of Nevada roughly a year from the date of our last expedition. My goal was to reexamine the strange massive shelter and bigfoot encampment we found but also to summit Carson Cities most prominent peaks.

This would be a very special adventure as I would take both of my kids and they seemed pretty excited to explore the area a little further. Honestly Kings Canyon is your gateway to adventure in the Carson City area. Its one of these places that once you delve into it its another world in itself and time slows down. Their are no cars or traffic and running into people once you begin your climb is next to none.

We would start our climb off not to far from C-Hill which the seniors did a class prank changing the CC to a giant 15 for graduation. They have been doing this for at least 20 years as far as what I know asking others about it but I think its pretty awesome. It must had took allot of effort for the seniors to go to the top then rearrange all the white rocks in the dark above Carson.

When we arrived at the canyon we were dropped off which is something we do time to time rather then drive in and park. Sometimes this has its advantages but not this time around as I ran into a major problem after the expedition and believe me I learned to prepare for anything when we go journeying. I was pretty upset my good camera was broke or not working it had some electrical issue. I just had gotten it back from the shop and they messed something up so it was a bit disheartening however I had other gear so in the end we still came out of here with some awesome pictures and media. It was to late to call off the expedition so I just had to deal!

When you get further back into the canyon you have allot of options such as you can hike up to a waterfall, Spooner Lake, Tahoe Rim or in the foothills which are magical as well. You have allot of options and their are trails. My goal is not to take trails here but to journey to places not allot of people traverse. I believe over the last few years of my research that Bigfoot comes over the sierra down into these Nevada Valleys right up to the edge of the forest as we proved that with our Jobs Peak expedition outside of Gardnerville.

I have to say that knowing how to get to the encampment made things allot easier as the kids and I made it up to there in a matter of no time at all. But its still not easy you have to cross the creek, climb through a meadow and then push through the forest. The terrain is steep its nearly impossible to see any scenery or peaks at times so its very easy to lose your way if you do not know where to go.

We did come up on the moonshine camp once again this time their was a water bottle filled with some moonshine. Last time their was a glass bottle and some other tools at the site. It appears that the camp has changed their is no longer a fire pit, benches, shovel or rake. The hill above it use to have bait traps most of them are now destroyed or gone then again most look like they have not been used in awhile.

The boys and I pushed on we took hardly any breaks hell I did not even take off my backpack which has a ton of supplies in it. We really wanted to go out to the encampment to see what changes had came into play in the last year. On our way to it we seen groups of deer same place I photographed and filmed them last time I was here. Between the creeks and deer in the area its easy to understand why a Bigfoot like creature could reside back here.

We would eventually arrive at the encampment lets just say I was stunned when we had gotten here. The twine that was in the tree used to probably hang meat was now tied around the entire shelter. Their was a Xmas stocking laying inside the shelter all shredded to bits. The crystal rock sitting on the nearby log used in tree banging was still here believe it or not while the shelter itself was very scuffed up. Its obvious humans had been up here their was peoples garbage laying around.

Before I ever posted the encampment on our site or videos of it nobody cared about this place. Now everyone has an opinion on it or others in the area try to seek it out. Its not the hardest to find but you would have to really look for it. I seen only one human hiking away from it early in the morning so its like hmmm. Most people here stay on the trails trust me when I say this.

The Christmas stocking was intriguing to me because it looked like it was torn, shredded and threads were pulled out. People do not understand that these bigfoot like creatures are primates to a degree so yes they do collect and scavenge things. For all any of you know this creature took the decor off someone's ranch below the canyon then brought it up to the encampment to be used for something or just because they liked the bright reddish color.

Although the shelter is very strong the wood was discolored their was signs that the shelter was starting to become a victim of the elements. In the past year I have had 20 different people write me saying they built it. People are constantly lying because they cant be a part of something so they think they are going to be famous its ridiculous. What also is ridiculous is these Bigfoot shows and others trying to steal our research because they are hapless morons who cant open up their own case files into the paranormal so they depend on Lord Rick to do their work for them so they can line those pockets!!!

I wanted to check for any stool or mutilations however the deer bones are gone that were near the encampment so either something hid them or a person removed them. Like I said before people think that its okay to step on others research messing with these sites rather then leave them as is for further scientific study and observation. We had a nice break up here always felt watched other then that it was peaceful lots of deer, flowers and serenity.

We would leave the shelter my goal was to climb over the sierras to the Tahoe Rim and overlook the basin. However my main goal was to stand on top of the regions most prominent peaks which some refer to as Overlook Peak. This is because this triangular peak peers down into Carson City and is one of the tallest in the area. There is another overlook area also but that one has trails the one we were climbing did not. Along the way if you look south you can see all the snowy sierras its very very breathtaking.

The climb towards the peak was very strenuous and steep at times as we would keep climbing to higher elevations. Nothing is ever as it seems in the sierras even if you can see the crown of some peak over a hill your going to find out that it still might take hours to the top because you will have to traverse canyons, hillsides and work your away around rocks. I was shocked when I came up over a smaller peak on this plateau and this peak did not look any closer. The only difference is we were able to see it to its entirety as it sits nestled back behind other ridges making it a little obscured.

The boys and I were in for a rough ride we would have to push through a ton of red brush some of the harshest on the planet. I tried to walk between it but at times could not therefore it cut my legs up really bad. I know all about this brush as numerous times we were caught in it and I ended up getting gashes in my legs. By the time I pushed through a mile of it I had blood running down my legs of course not the kids they do not wear shorts hardly ever so it helps. The problem I have with red brush is not the cuts because my pain level is high so I do not give a crap about blood or cuts. However it causes your body to go into shock or shut down so cuts on the legs means muscle spasms, cramps and the inability to walk which could be detrimental to my safety while climbing or up on a peak.

At first I thought this was Snow Peak but its not although its nearby I made the mistake of assuming. However Snow Peak has a trail that goes to it this did not. This was so primitive that we never seen one sign of humans in the woods on the peak period! Their was no trash, shelters, camp sites or anything which means some of the terrain may not have had more then one or two humans traverse the terrain in a thousand years.

We would dip down into this lush canyon which split to the left up to Snow Peak which we could see through the woods was much further away then we thought and to our right where the overlook peak was peering through the tall trees. We took the right path dipping down into the canyon where we crossed this really pretty stream hidden from any human eyes period. Once we crossed the stream my son took us up through the woods were we came out below this volcanic crown full of rocks with lichen growing on them.

The climb up to the peak or final half mile was extremely rugged with allot of loose volcanic rock. Its not very easy actually its quite steep and you can fall. Unfortunately I fell and my cell phone was broke so guess what? No way to call for a ride once we had gotten out of the canyon below. I was pretty upset lets just leave it at that because I had to order a new phone when I had gotten home and it still has not arrived.

Eventually we would reach the peak its amazing how when you climb to the top the peak narrows to just a matter of 20' at the summit. It looks allot different from Carson City or even standing on some of the other peaks near it. What appears to be a rocky solid crown is just a pile of boulders and loose rock to the very top. At the top were a few large rocks and boulders you could sit on which we found a little alcove where we could break at fueling up for the journey home.

The view from on top of this peak is amazing with many visible landmarks such as Slide Mountain, Mt. Rose, Snow Peak, Pine Nut Mountain Range, Minden and many other great sites. The view of Carson City is simply stellar one of the best your going to find. Behind the peak looking west was this huge canyon which if we wanted to head to the Tahoe Rim as well as Snow Peak we would have had to go all the way down then all the way back up over another ridge which could have taken three hours. We simply ran out of time the sun was going down and a storm was brewing. To make matters worst on Overlook were 40 to 50 mph winds which made things all the more difficult. You could see across the canyon the top of the Tahoe Rim it was only a couple hundred feet higher then this peak so we made it on foot very close and considering we never took a trail that is pretty good adventuring.

The kids and I decided to head down the north face of the mountain where we would just push through forest. I was pretty happy because I found 4 to 5 new wildflower species up here which I logged. Its odd because sometimes wildflowers may only grow in one area of the forest and you may never see those again. While other flowers may only bloom one week out of the entire year so maybe timing is everything when it comes to the nature of the sierras.

We actually found some overgrown animal trail not one human footprint or sign that anybody has used it in years. As a matter in fact a few times we lost the path had to retrace our steps. But eventually this came out on some old overgrown service road where we found some antenna and makeshift picnic bench. I also seen some pile of wood. Strangely prior to finding this not on any path but found some very old wood boards stacked in the forest. Maybe a hermit lived back here at one time or maybe its from the old lumbering camp days hard telling. But the boys and I took a long break here my son said its creepy back here I had to agree.

We would eventually come out on some forestry road which gave us really picturesque views of Kings Canyon. But also we were up above all the beautiful mansions and estates that grave the canyon floor. Some of those estates have ponds while others are owned by politicians. Some of the most beautiful homes in the state of Nevada. The scenery is so beautiful as we walked the road above all the rooftops slowly taking this road that meanders right into this very nice neighborhood. Besides the foothills within the canyon this time of year are very green and with Carson City back dropping it made the journey totally worthwhile.

We eventually came out right where we hiked in which I thought was some pretty good navigating considering we found this remote peak shrouded by national forest and managed to make our way out of the canyon nearly from the Tahoe Rim. Were talking miles and a couple thousand feet of elevation as well as loss. Its very tedious and it does require allot of work because its all primitive no trails or handouts. The wilderness back in here is unforgiving and even if you think your a top outdoorsman it will challenge you to the very end. Near the end of the journey we found a painted rock which was a grave marker maybe for a pet or someone put it there for a loved one.

I have a friend who lives in the canyon but while heading to her home we found this gentlemen who was doing some things around his estate asking to use his phone. He said I can do better and gave us a ride his name was Thomas. You do not find folks like that anymore but he was a pretty nice guy an eye doctor and an older gentlemen who told me I am sure you would do this for me so its the least I can do. He told me that lately Kings Canyon is having a rattle snake issue that his friend had to deal with three of them and to stay on the trails. Here I was hours ago climbing through thick brush and pushing through the wilderness. Its pretty obvious I was bleeding, muddy and all of us looked pretty exhausted.

When I arrived home we went out for a frosty and burgers how can you not celebrate? This is an honorable hike it puts us at a league of our own to be able to journey to the places we did. I was at least over a thousand feet above the shelter we found perhaps more and last year I thought to myself that we were far above Carson well wait till you see this second journeys photography as well as video footage. This was a stellar expedition with a return to the massive shelter, stellar views, hidden streams, lush forest and allot of wildlife. I am not sure if ill return here next year generally with all the cases we have lined up its hard to do any given place more then once or twice since we have to cover a vast area in this mountain range which could take many lifetimes something none of us really have.

I am not sure what made the shelter or who its possible humans made it then Bigfoot came along later to use it in the cooler months. Its also possible that Bigfoot made it and now humans found it thus invading the site because we as humans are the invasive species on Earth. No less either outcome intrigues me and that is why we came back here to purposely follow up on this location. Next year the shelter may not even exist as it appears the forestry continues to put in and make way for new trails in the canyon. Just as I found a new wooden footbridge that went over one of the creeks. Eventually creatures like Bigfoot get pushed further back into the wilderness so for now all we can do is soak it all up!
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

PS All reports may or will be revised with renditions once the cases get added on our site this is only a rough draft.

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