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 Post subject: **NEW** Updates On Our Site "Ludwig aka Morningstar Nevada"
PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:09 am 
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**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Ludwig aka Morningstar Nevada" Absolutely Stunning!

The best words I can describe this place as is that its stunning as it resides in two valleys and between two mountain ranges. Its kind of like a lost forgotten oasis that has a lake which dried up but the river still flows through this region making it a prime spot for early mining colonies and towns that sprung up in the mid 1800's.

Our first expedition we did not make it here to almost dusk and it was close to the holidays so I returned in a month later in January to conduct a more thorough second investigation and I am glad. Because of this all of you are in for a really awesome ghost town which at one time during its hey day was considered a major metropolis that at least lasted for about 100 years unlike most of the ghost towns that went bust in the later 1800's. Ludwig was a major copper empire some of the copper you see today in some of your cities was mined here at one time just like some of the gypsum that was discovered later in time.

This is a huge addition to our site its one of our more major investigations and research projects trust me when I say that. But its an important site because I am trying to do all the ghost towns that ran along the Copper Belt Railroad and were almost nearly done with this project. There is definitely allot to see such as scenic photos, valleys, mountains, dunes, pinion forest, historic sites, mills, mines, extra lengthy videos, EVP's, reports and so much more!

I put allot of work and efforts into this location because as it stands the ghost town is being eradicated and now is off limits. But I also did this to save others from having to go here then having to turn back. So in a way it serves as some resolve for other ghost town explorers and really will be an important resource for high school students in the region believe me.

Your also getting to see some of my latest work here in 2015 and one of our last investigations we did last year ago. Of course I have one or two more from last year ago before I really get pounding out cases we did the past 5 months and trust me I will. You will see so many sites that will blow your mind and even other oddities. I can assure you I never half ass the work we do here at PGS it gets done always right and with heart.

Ludwig is also known as Morningstar which some old timers still call it that I prefer myself to really call it this. It sits right up nestled in the Singaske mountain range with views of Artesia Lake and the beautiful Pine Nut Mountains which are full of lore and myths. I would not trade it for the world and besides after traversing over a 100 miles of dirt roads in this valley it tends to grow on you. I seen so many great sites and some nature along the way while driving here.

Everybody says to me they want to see the places we go well the only way to see them is to delve into our site. I post everything we do on our site I only post team pictures on my groups or social media so that we can give you a taste of things to come and now its here. This is a great ghost town it had brothels, saloons, stores, offices, mills, dance hall, mines that ran for miles, stores and so much more. Allot of the town is just gone and the new mining company is removing what little remains so I had gotten VERY lucky because a few more days and I would not have gotten any of what your seeing on our site. However we can preserve it for years to come and all of you can enjoy it for years to come!

Historical preservation is always my goal and to educate others but we try to integrate other elements into the mix such as the paranormal, nature and everything that comes with such an expedition. We want you to live it dream it and absorb what were bringing you the viewer. Very few people know about this place including the Witches Circle that is mill ruins that have giant Egyptian murals on them its far out! Despite is beauty its been a place of accidents, fires, wind storms and even tragic deaths so yes it is also haunted TRUTH.

You can check out this update directly at or if you would prefer to visit the archives you can do so by visiting the main page of our site by clicking investigation archives their are a couple banners on the main page then enter the archives and find:

Gateway 4/Portal 25

Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Prologue Page/Old Time Photos/Ghost Town Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Team Stills Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Team Investigative Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Scenic Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Smith Valley
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Mason Valley
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Pine Nut Mountains
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Singaske Mountains
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Wilson Canyon
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Artesia Lake
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Nature Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Black & White Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Remnants Of The Past
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Milling Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Mining Gallery
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Witches Circle
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Dusk
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Video Footage
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar EVP's
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Expedition 1
Ludwig Nevada aka Morningstar Expedition 2


Paracomedy 2014: Some of the last funnies of last year.
Paracomedy 2015: Newly opened as of today will contain all our funnies from this year.


This is a very unique place between cattle ranching, farms and mining the land in these valleys are very rich. That is why today their are many smaller towns and thriving ranches that been around for generations. Its very lush here you have creeks, rivers, ponds, natural springs and all in the mix allot of really beautiful historical sites if your willing to seek them out which we totally did on these Ludwig excursions jeep included lol.

I welcome everyone to delve into this I know you will like it if you have time watch the last video I film almost our entire trip from Ludwig all the way through Mason then Smith Valley showing you views of snow capped mountains to a vast expanse for over 20 miles of offroading. So its jam packed and I am very excited to get it out to you. Allot of people do not understand as a paranormal investigator I do allot of cases but the other half if not more is spent on research, interviewing others and then compiling it all together so others can enjoy it.

I have plans to do another town site or mining camp higher up in the Sandaske Range but were saving it for the fall so its not to late to get on board if your interested in coming with me back here. This is truly what the west is about and its a really killer addition on our site. Nothing but blood, sweat and tears that is all you will find. I try to do locations that intertwine with eachother not to far away from Ludwig is Hudson which will come out in the future but still Morningstar really is one of the much larger we have done recently.

If you wish to donate to our society so we can buy batteries, cover the cost of our site, replace our gear etc etc you can do so at paypal to even if you want to tip us for every case we add. But I wont beg and honestly if you do you do if you do not you do not I just know it helps being that I tend to pay for everything and really never get a thanks so its a bit of a bummer.

The next update that will arrive on our site will be much smaller of the Ponderosa Saloon & Belcher Mine in Virginia City. I do have other locations I did near Ludwig but they are not set to release for a couple more weeks but they will and they wont be as large but they are some pretty awesome locations.

This weekend is busy for me between Jurassic World, cooking today's Chicago steaks with lemon garlic flounder, yard sales, fishing adventures and my sons birthday so the family down time is nice. Next week is the air show and possibly a bigfoot expedition in the sierras. The week after more then likely were camping with another paranormal group anyone can come and we can all do a joint expedition so get involved you wont regret it. Were here to have a good time and do solid adventuring you cant beat that! Nor can you beat today's milestone on google which put us at over 3k members which is fantastic. Please let me know did we knock it out of the park can you imagine yourself here? I am Lord Rick and these are my chronicles!
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