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 Post subject: Our Expeditions At Boca, Kyburz Flat and Sardine Peak 5/2/15
PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2015 2:23 pm 
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Our Expeditions At Boca CA, Kyburz Flat and Sardine Peak California... 5/2/2015

Every time I think I have seen everything in the Sierras it turns out that I continue to find so many great new locations. When you can combine history with scenery then throw the paranormal into the mix you have yourself a really stellar paranormal investigation. I am very careful with the cases we take on or I chose because we want everyone to learn and have the ability to enjoy what each location has to offer.

I have hundreds of cases I can look into and regions however sometimes I do some historical research and I might find that this is an area we need to do work at. Were visiting an area dating back before the time the pyramids were built therefore these lands hold ancient history, lore and even the paranormal. I am more happy in nature then I have ever been in my life without it I would rather be dead!

I watched a show about why Bigfoot and UFOs are often seen on Native American lands. Its simple the government has little control over them. These locations are still some of the last remote parts of the west therefore they hold many secrets. I learned a long time ago its not feasible to find something on every investigation but sometimes I do find and get things that defy reasonable explanation. You will never know unless you do the field work necessary to declare an area to be haunted or have paranormal activity.

Our journey would be long you know you have given it your all when you spend sunup to sundown exploring till you cannot walk anymore. Nobody pays us to do what we do but we do it because we take pride in these locations which should be cherished and treated with respect. These places will not last forever both of us know that when we bring them to you its perhaps like being frozen in time. What you see in our movies, pictures, media etc is the same way some locations looked thousands of years ago so not much has changed.

It would be just Tammy and I its to bad we did not have more investigators but I find allot of people are lazy either that or they are to scared. I tend to go to places that are off limits or at least so remote you can hear a pin drop. This means no people just you verses nature and anything else that comes your way. People often take this for granted most are stuck on their cell phones or computers but ill just keep on going. The more you go the more you see that is what allows me to share the experiences with the public is we can go learn then mentor others. Its a public service not one that cost money just blood, sweat and tears. Some have it some do not!

Our journey would take us into the Tahoe National Forest to the ghost town of Boca, Boca Reservoir, Kyburz Flat, More Stage Station Site, Kyburz Petroglyphs, Wheeler Sheep Ranch, Sardine Peak & Fire Lookout Tower and into Sierraville a semi ghost town we did research at a couple months ago. Little did I know I would take an offroad jeep journey that would take me on top of the world through a forest and into one of the biggest alpine valleys in the United States. Life is good here its pristine and wild life was so abundant I am not sure I seen so much in one given day.

One of our favorite team practices is before we hike we get a coffee maybe a doughnut sometimes at Mavericks or Dunkin Doughnuts if they are open other times we make it ourselves. I enjoy sitting back smoking a cigar driving in the mountains being that we have had some recent snow storms were getting some snow pack up at higher elevations which adds to the scenery here.

The area we are now working with is north of Lake Tahoe its such a harsh forest perfect for a primate like creature. Some areas here are unexplored others have been but still seem to be so full of life that Bigfoot sightings are on a rise. I think that the deeper you tend to go into the sierras the more deep dark secrets that remain hidden especially when your not on a path or somewhere that is very difficult to get to.

As some of you know I had gotten my cam back but they messed it up worst so I had allot of problems with it for example their was a massive bear in a meadow the cam reset by the time I put on the fine settings it was in the woods and I filmed him running through the brush. Its little things like that which are a downer but no less I pulled it off and after a few more trips ill send it in to have the internal clock battery replaced so that I can use instant filming in case of a UFO or Bigfoot this upcoming summer.

I deal with what I have we work hard to get the evidence we do even with the camera problems I did photograph as much wildlife as I could while others had gotten away such as a mountain lion I chased. I like to compare our organization like a paranormal national geographic lol. Now that the weather is warming up the nature is definitely out flowers, eagles, birds, rabbits, baby chipmunks, mountain lions, bears, deer and so much more. I see so much wildlife that I have to say that it appears its moving deeper into the sierras due to drought and these locations seemed to offer refuge to them.

The drive through Lake Tahoe is nice I highly recommend it at sunup and sunset are the best times to do the lake drive as snowcapped mountains surround it. Not so much this year but no less that lake is one of the world wonders and to live near it for me is really surreal. You do not have to stray from Tahoe to hit many national forest, lakes, rivers, hiking trails, back country roads, quaint historic towns and the paranormal. My friends tell me to keep at it they want to see more and trust me the next few years the work ill be putting out will top everything you have ever seen in this field. I have big plans for future investigations but it will take time to get these cases on our site. Sometimes it takes me a few months to put out a case once we wrap up our research, interviews, copyrighting our material and then putting all the evidence together including documentaries from the expeditions. The work is ongoing and it takes allot out of my life sometimes rendering me not to have much of one except the paranormal!

Our first location would be the ghost town site of Boca this was an amazing town trust me I have photos of it and all I can say is just wow. This town would have been a lost paradise with scenic views, lakes, snow capped peaks, It resides just outside of Truckee along the way the Union Pacific Railroad continues to pass right through the middle of it forgotten and diminished to a mere few foundations and a children's cemetery.

Boca California & Reservoir

When I pulled into the town site you come up on the railroad tracks to your right is an old railroad bridge that cross the mighty Truckee River. Just a few hundred feet away from the bridge is where the Little Truckee River converges. As some of you are aware I have been doing some of my bigfoot work along the remote parks of the Little Truckee but to find a ghost town like this is amazing because it sits in a really beautiful region of the sierras.

When I was on the bridge taking photos I seen some rainbow trout shimming in the water at the morning sunrise glistened off of them. Also a Union Pacific Train came through the area as the bridge sits perpendicular to the tracks. The problem is the trains move fast so by the time you record or try to get a good photo they already are passing by as they come hauling ass through the Donner Pass area.

It appears the old train bridge is no longer in use because some of the rail beds were rerouted because at one time they went through the top of Donner Summit through a series of rail tunnels some practically a mile long. We investigated the tunnels they are very haunted due to the thousands of deaths that occurred here due to extreme cold, accidents, avalanches, starvation etc. The town came to be not to long after the Donner Party incident. Life was harsh here but this is the area where both railroads would eventually meet to create the first transcontinental railroad.

Boca was a town that did lumbering, shipped out ice blocks and provided wood for the railroad. Some of the railroad workers who were blasting through Donner Summit could have went up to Boca for supplies, food and even a place to rest their head at the beautiful hotel that once resided here. Water was plentiful one can envision hearing the sounds of saw mills cutting wood or seeing blocks of ice being shipped out on a railroad car as the train stopped here to export and import goods.

When I was done walking the old railroad bridge I figured I was off to a good start till I seen a massive foundation with brushing growing all around it. The foundation had to be a couple hundred feet long and you could seen some older concrete it was made out of. Inside was a small tram or small gauge which may have been used to export the goods that was processed here. Perhaps the narrow tracks at one time led up to the main railroad line one would wonder. Today they are found inside the foundation and end at the edge of it and well so much foliage grows within it anything could be hidden here. Besides a few wood boards, metal pipes and drums not much remains at this site.

If you continue to hike across it up the hill there is a small trail of course most of the time I did not take it because I wanted to see what I could find without acting like I am some tourist. Were there to explore find things others might miss and those hidden jewels gives the site character. People tend to overlook allot of great sites in the sierras because more then often they stick to the dirt roads and trails.

When you reach the top of one of the hills their is a rusty pipe protruding out of the ground perhaps they diverted the water from the river to the town. If you search along the hillside there are dozens of rocks with pieces of metal, broken artifacts and broken glass. It is everywhere which again gives the town some character. I remember seeing a few TNT boxes, bed springs and even an old rusty dish pan. Its very scattered on the hillside where most of the town stood along with some rusty metal bar that is bent and protrudes out of the ground as tall as me if not taller.

In the distance you can see the Boca Dam which protected the town from being flood. Near the dam is an old ranch not as old as the town but some of the structures have some age to them. The hillside looks like it suffered from a major fire all the brush and trees were burnt. It did not always look like this the hillsides had big old wood mansions, stores, ice houses, shops and even a hotel which was gorgeous but burned in the early 1900's which could explain the burnt parts of the town.

Across the road there is a series of massive foundations it could have been an ice plant or maybe the Boca Brewery. The town was famous for the brewery Boca beer was sold all over the wild west. I seen a historical plaque which showed what the brewery looked like and where it was located. This brewery looked more like a giant factory. I guess it burnt down and never was rebuilt even though the hotel was it was not as elaborate either.

Fires and the demand for ice as well as lumber really seems to have been the towns demise so its a bit eerie just walking around and seeing hardly anything left but a bunch of broken rusty metal pieces, glass bottles and remnants of the past. In one area there is a broken shovel and a mangled rusty canister of some kind. It also appears that at one time the town had various narrow gauge railroad tracks that had wood bridges that connected them to the main railroad line it was rather intricate.

At the top of the hill is the children's cemetery with three rusty wrought iron enclosures two with fencing the other one with pipes. There was also about 40' away three more graves that were on the ground. All of the interments here are children except for one adult. Not all the graves were marked but many children died in this town due to epidemics so it kind of shows you how harsh life was in the sierras. When you ventured to them trying to raise a family was also a huge gamble here.

One enclosure had one grave the other one three and the enclosure with just pipe fitting had none. It was in pretty bad shape allot of scattered debris and glass here on the ground. Some of the hand blown glass is amazing all the way from shades of pink to blues and purples. Not to far from this battered graveyard I found a large track it looked like something stepped twice in it and I thought of it to be that of a very large cat or another wards a mountain lion. I sure was right later when I back tracked to where the track was found near and we spotted one of them.

Beyond the graveyard we went over a ridge and down a hill where we found a brick chimney, piles of bricks and a foundation. Maybe some house or business resided back in here who knows. I took on off by myself to climb another hill running through brush where I had gotten a beautiful full view of the Boca Reservoir. You could tell the water was down and its only going to get worst each year due to mild winters. Standing on these hills puts things into perspective as the view has not changed here for hundreds of years except what came and what was gone here built by the early pioneers who came to the area.

I went back to the cemetery where I did some more readings and took some EVP's. You never know the town site or cemetery may be haunted. We visit these locations and sometimes we get more then we bargain for other times not so much but no less were out their busting our asses each time going to bat for those who like these kind of locations. I did take a food and drink break at the cemetery that is when a train was heading eastward through the pass and what a great view of the snow capped peaks back dropping it. I will say one thing its quite difficult to photograph a train and video record it at the same time but I pulled it off. The trains that came through here and short lines within the town are a part of its long history.

I was doing some filming of a grave embedded in the Earth when Tammy said to me she seen a large animal with a long tail. Based on her description I knew she just seen in broad daylight a mountain lion. This is a rare event we have came very close to them a few times but they see us before we see them generally and if they do not see us they certainly know we are there using other senses. I probably should have ran over to Tammy but I was in the middle of documented the children graves so by the time I ran over there the mountain lion ran up a wash with allot of brush growing throughout it.

I ran down the hill at the mountain lion Tammy advised me not to then again she tried to advise me to not do allot of the things I do but I like the thrill of the hunt what can I say lol. As I went down the hill the wash which also is at times a season creek was extremely overgrown. The perfect place for a mountain lion to hide with bushes, tall grass and smaller trees. I heard it booking but I could not tell where it went or where it was hiding so I stood there in silence panning back and forth with my cam. I have yet to really film or photograph one yet I come so freaking close every time so I really apologize. Sometimes when I am in the field investigating I sometimes miss out on incidents, wildlife and even the paranormal. This is because my hands are full all the time with gear and equipment I honestly been shorthanded for a few years now and so I cant be everywhere at once. All I can do is try which brings me to another incident later in the day I had with a bear up near Sardine Peak.

Tammy and I would head on out to the reservoir nearby we actually took a trail that led us down to the shoreline. The water is extremely low at the reservoir far below the dam or where the levels should be. I am starting to seen a pattern in the sierras with many similar reservoirs being below normal levels. Keep in mind that within a few years of drought lakes, creeks, rivers and reservoirs are on the brink of vanishing. Its a scary scenario and water is becoming with each year more scarce. We tend to take things for granted but this is not something we can afford to ignore. If this has only taken a few years imagine what the area will look like in a 100 or even a 1000 years here!

Before I left Boca I drove across the tracks and parked across the road from a series of foundations covered in heavy foliage this is when my internal clock battery went out so here I am running through the brush and trying to avoid old concrete ruins because a freight train was coming towards me from the east. This would be my third train but the final train for me was really special because I ran the hardest I could ever run just to make it to the tracks to film it going past me then try to photograph the engines with the foundations in front of it. I waved to the engineer this time around but you can imagine here I am running through brush trying to changing my settings so that I could film the train. I think what I am going to do is when I post the video on youtube I am going to combine all three train videos with the photographs of those trains for those who enjoy this kind of thing. I remember as a kid my father use to take me all the time to see trains we would park for hours just watching them go by and as a boy growing up I found that to be quite amusing especially when you flatten out a penny lol.

I left Boca quite satisfied there was quite allot of bird life and flowers were beginning to bloom. I seen allot of trains and old railroad bridge along with allot of remnants from the towns past. I would have never known about this place but I do allot of research. To be honest with you when you watch these paranormal television shows some of them producers take places right out of my play book because they are to boring to actually physically come up with something on there own. I look forward to finding more ghost towns and semi ghost towns in the sierras lately I been visiting quite a few. The more I visit the more I want to see afterall how many places exist like this place? When you have such beautiful nature, history and scenery you tend to get the best of all worlds combined. As far as the mountain lion goes who knows how long that creature was stalking us just as a bigfoot like creature could easily pass through Boca and go right up into the wilderness since technically the town site does exist in it. With so many thoughts and such a great adventure it would be time to focus on our next destination called Kyburz Flat.

Kyburz Flat

We would leave the Truckee and Donner Lake area heading north towards Sierraville and passing Sagehen Creek. The Sagehen Creek and Meadows is an area I did recently that takes you up to a very ancient location where today the Stampede Reservoir resides. Since I had gotten some bigfoot evidence there I had a good feeling about Kyburz Flat since technically it just sits on the other side of some smaller hills and peaks. Relatively both are very close to one another therefore yes you can hike to all these regions via foot from one to another if you wanted to were just trying to connect the dots and be thorough in our research.

To get to Kysburz Flat I would pass over Sagehen Creek then the Little Truckee River which keep in mind also passes through the ghost town of Boca California. I also stood on it when I went hiking at the Stampede Reservoir and when I went offroading up near Impendence Lake back in March. Eventually you turn off down this dirt road to an area known as Kysburz Flat which is this massive alpine meadow with wetlands and numerous historic sites. It also is overshadowed by the monolithic Sardine Peak which you can see Fire Lookout Tower 117 just quietly sitting at the summit above from afar. This investigation had all the elements of what one should be involving a mix of ghosthunting to chasing Bigfoot who says you cannot do both at once?

When I was driving down the dirt road Tammy spotted on her passenger side a coyote just moping along. Its so rare to see them during the day its not impossible but it does happen so I definitely made sure I tried to get photo and video. I was not even at my destination and already I could clearly see nature was very abundant here. On this expedition alone it would involve the rest of my entire day exploring, hiking, offroading and learning about the region. Which would involve an Indian village site that had Petroglyphs, More's Station and Ranch Site, Wheeler Sheep Ranch Site, Sardine Peak and the long back country tip to Sierraville a semi ghost town we did some work in back in March.

Washoe Village & Petroglyph Site

I would start my journey at the most ancient indigenous site which resides along the Kyburz Flat area but in the woods. Its actually more extensive then what others might think but its known for this massive stone slab which actually is broken into three pieces. You have to understand that this site was occupied dating back to 5000 years ago. Besides the Washoe their were a few other tribes that converged here and one could see why. Their was and is an abundance of wildlife, water and natural supplies to sustain the tribe which often lived in the Nevada high desert in the winter months while in the warmer months migrated to Kyburz Flat when the snow melted here.

I am not sure why the call the petroglyphs Cupules but to sum it up many of the rocks have them. I know this because while Tammy was at the stage coach station site I was off roaming the woods studying various rocks. The cupules are small little pits or holes ground a few inches into the rock while some are all by themselves others appear to have some sort of pattern. I always thought that the cupules were grinding rock site where the native women would grind herbs and berries for decades causing them to form but at this site this may not be the case at all as opposed to Chaw'Se an area I visited in 2008.

There is a plaque near the main petroglyph site its a good read I try to cover such historic sites through my videos as well to help educate others. The woods that border the flat seem to have many rocks and boulders scattered throughout that contain these cupules. I am sure that they can be found anywhere along the flat considering that more then likely it offered a home to the natives.

More's Station

Across from the Petroglyph site is a boardwalk which takes you around a small loop at a place known as More's Station. The station site boast multiple locations where the state stop stood or sites that were part of it. Nothing remains but each area is marked where something once stood and its very apparent that something at one time did reside within the central region of the flat. Those sites would include the hotel, collapsed root cellar, corral, barn, original part of the Henness Pass Road and a deep collapsed well.

Along the boardwalk their is plaques all of them contain pictures and some history. Walking on the boardwalk allows great views of some of the peaks surrounding the region and off to the south appears to be a pond perhaps some wetlands. There are also some dirt roads that seem to pass through the area at one time early pioneers some very well known passed through here via horse carriage.

Personally as a paranormal investigator its a must that every location I take EMF readings and EVP sometimes which produce great results other times not so much so. You cannot possibly declare a place haunted all the time but some of the time you can depending on the evidence gathered. I never know what secrets each site may hold I might one day get a UFO on film or a picture of one or an apparition sometimes even finding a strange track that matches Bigfoot. The work we do is ongoing even if we do not see anything their is always history I try to bring to the table.

I spent a good amount of time at the station site you can see where the old corral was or as some refer to it as a fence line which today is just a rock wall. You can see the well site which is just collapsed in on itself while where the massive hotel stood is just a flat grassy knoll and the root cellar is merely a hole. This station saved lives countless emigrants traversed this route and laid their head on a pillow at this exact site so its very relevant. I also seen some old time photos and have to say that the site today looks entirely different as opposed to the 1800's when trees surrounded the stage stop and ranch site.

Wheeler Sheep Camp

We hiked back to the jeep then I drove on out to the Sheep Camp which at one time resided on the north end of Kyburz Flat. Today not much remains of the camp but a restored brick oven maybe some scattered remnants of some wood and even a log bench. I even seen this split log resting on two smaller logs as if it was used as a table top at one point in time. A little shelter was built to help protect the brick oven and yes you can reserve to use it as back in the day the Basque herders used the oven to make bread in.

We had a nice picnic at the camp as a matter in fact we were the only ones out here so it was extremely peaceful and really a great day to conduct our bigfoot research. I generally do not like when their are others around I find the less people I see the more nature and bigfoot experiences I have. In this case the camp had so much to offer me I spent more time here then any other location at Kyburz.

One could stand on the north end of the massive meadow or as some call it the flat and look south for over a mile where sheep once grazed. Spring is just beginning up here so their were not as many wild flowers here as their should be but still its very green back here. There are also bird houses all over the place and I found a rusty bent metal pipe out in the woods. If you explore enough you will find some signs that the camp/ranch once existed back here at one time.

The one thing that stood out to me here is that the bird life is amazing seriously! I seen a few chipmunks checking us out eating, blue colored, lime green colored and exotic birds. Their was also quite a few humming birds I spent an hour trying to photograph them and they just simply were to fast. They never stop fluttering nor moving around but to have a picnic with dozens of them flying near you checking you out is really awesome something everyone should experience. I seen birds at this location that I have never seen in other parts of the sierras its pretty amazing how wildlife changes based on region. Their were allot of sterling's also flying over us and by then the weather really had gotten almost up to 70 so it was a beautiful day to be out here.

This was a strange site I have to say out of all the locations I hiked at and explored nothing revealed more evidence of Bigfoot then the Wheeler Sheep Camp which ill get into in a bit as to why I think what I found holds some weight. Then again it does not surprise me the Stampede Reservoir is just to the south over some hills on the other end of the flat. The Stampede is known for its Bigfoot activity and even sightings. Its a real deal of a place very primitive and pristine back in this region alone the flats are very large perfect for deer to graze. The flats have small seasonal creeks and the ground is very soft in it so I did get my feet a little wet but its a good area to find tracks at of various wildlife or even Sasquatch.

At the camp Tammy found a bunch of bones scattered back here which may not be paranormal but we know there are predators back in these woods. On this trip I seen three types of predators bear, mountain lion and coyotes. Therefore the bones we found may fallen victim to one of these predators although I could not tell what animal they came from. There was a skull at the site which I picked up to study, possibly a leg bone which was split open marrow sucked out of it and then part of a spine with vertebrae still attached to one another. It was not a large animal may have even been a small dog at least based on my examination of the bones and mutilation. I did not see any scuff or teeth scrapes on any of the bones which adds to the mystery.

I did go hiking on the northern side of the flat tried to check for tracks since the earth here is very soft and muddy. This meadow has a bunch of small seasonal creeks that trickle through it thus life is lush here. You have a variety of wildlife that probably come down to the flat to get a drink then again others might grave in the meadow. Its very large therefore since its surrounded by quite a few very large peaks anything could come down to the flat to hunt here including possibly bigfoot.

I drank a beer here also chased some butterflies I enjoy to smoke a bowl at each location that I visit. Its very relaxing to me but it also helps with some of my medical issues the best therapy you can have for them is some herb, brew and some serenity with mother nature. Its very therapeutic for me and I wish I had a bigger team because technically people are really missing out on some of the best locations you can possibly get back to and physically explore. Think of how many people have burned their bridges with me or ended up not taking a chance at joining our team. These folks have missed bigfoot sightings, UFO sightings, ghosts activity, ghost towns, caves, mines, beautiful scenic locations, offroading to remote locations and so much more!

When I was exploring I found a watering hole which was manmade as if water from one of the season creeks or some natural spring was diverted via pipe into this pit. The pool was deep filled with wood boards and green algae. Further away was a smaller second pool or just a rectangular hole in the ground also filled with water. I did not have a stick to test the depth but it also was still stagnant water therefore it had algae in it. Further away was a well or rusty pipe protruding out of the ground which may have been used by the sheep herders here its hard to know all what was here at one time.

I did find something strange while hiking on the north side of the flat which was a single track and I cant say for sure bigfoot made it. As the track was only the first half of the foot as if something put all its weight towards the frontal area. How I knew it was a track is I studied it further only to find out that it had toe impressions. You could see that whatever put weight down created mud to be pushed up between the toes forming small barriers. Although the track was oddly shaped the toe impressions were very real so we have to take this into account. Besides the fact what I found odd about the track is that it truly was all by its lonesome self. Although I found signs they continued on after a few impressions they mysterious just vanished in the soft ground which is very common with the Bigfoot investigations I do and I cant put my finger on it just yet but I do have a few theories.

Before I left the camp I found this tree stump also with a giant rock on top of it quite considerably it weighed a lot and was oddly shaped. It appeared that something may have been using the stump to tree knock or as some theorize tree bang common in Sasquatch incidents. You have to take into consideration that you have bones at the site, a strange track and a rock sitting on a stump. It may not be paranormal but all of it may not be coincidence and maybe just maybe something now uses the camp to sustain itself as wildlife is abundant and their is plenty of seclusion as well as a viable water supply. Also at the camp had a few bathtubs in the woods I believe they were using them as watering troughs for the sheep and later I would find plenty more.

Sardine Peak & Fire Lookout Tower

Once we left the Sheep Camp I was on the road to the summit of Sardine Peak which is really one of the highest peaks in this region surrounded by large meadows and valleys at every angle. We would leave the flat only to enter into a narrow canyon that graces the edge of Sardine Valley. As you approach the valley and look to your left you can start to see how large this mountain is.

We would take this canyon road where Tammy pointed out there was a bear on the edge of the woods in a clearing. I stopped right away but since I was driving I went about 15' past the bear because at the time I was focusing on offroading. As soon as I seen the bear I tried to take its photo and my camera was not turning on our working. I finally left the truck Tammy was hesitant on me doing this but I wanted to try to get the bear on film. I did film the bear lumbering off into the national forest but it was brief. This was a giant male bear probably about 600lbs easily with brown fur and definitely is a rare event to see in the sierras.

I went around to the back of my jeep after filming it I tried to snap a few photos of the bear in the woods. I begin to film again as I seen the bear coming out between some trees then it turned around and locked eyes with me. I thought I was filming him staring directly into the camera and it turns out the cam never did not sure why. I was really upset about this not that I have not filmed or photographed bear before but to have one lock eyes with you is truly an exhilarating experience and is what I live for when I study nature.

I wish I would have finished filming it here I was documenting the sighting of the bear better looks like my cam is going to have to go into the shop once again. You see the cam was sent into the shop to be cleaned but when they sent it to me it must had gotten damaged during shipping. Therefore the internal clock battery keeps resetting my settings which takes time to fix especially when you only get a bear sighting for a matter of seconds. I was pretty perplexed when it did not film I am a realist adventurer so everything I see I document and here I risked my life confronting a bear for nothing! More then likely after my birthday near the end of the May ill be either getting a new cam or having this issue repaired what if it was Sasquatch? I cant have this ever happen again!

After the bear sighting their is this road that ascends along the edge of Sardine Peak although its not to difficult its rocky and you do have to take it slow. To get to the peak was still miles away so the journey to the top of the peak would be that of a slow one. The road edges the south end of the peak as it switchbacks all the way to the top zig zagging along Kyburz and Sardine Valley below. There are directly below two volcanic vents that rise out of this meadow its a must see if your into these type of geological monoliths. They are both just rising straight up from a meadow which is surrounded by marshland and some very thick vegetation.

As we went higher the view became phenomenal we were not even at the top but I had gotten out to peer over the cliffs below and all I can say is we were finishing off the day to an amazing end. The amazing peak views were on the agenda to finish off our day I was just excited to drink a cold beer once I reached the top and eventually we would turn off into the woods parking at a gate. You have to be very careful as you take the dirt roads to the top of the summit as their are many dead end roads some of them take you right to the edge of drop offs.

We would gather our backpacks then hike the rest of the way to the top of the peak peering through the woods is an old fire look out tower. These towers back in the day were small little cottages that sat on many of the peaks in this area. In this case this wooden fire look out tower was three stories high the first floor which is the garage then the two upper floors were your living quarters while the top had a deck all the way around it so you could see the sierras 360 degrees. There was also some snow in the woods as we hiked to the tower but not allot probably from the previous snowstorm we had a couple weeks prior to this.

I eventually would reach the tower where we climbed this narrow stairwell to the top and I have to say the view from up here is stellar. From the top you can see all of Kyburz, Stampede Reservoir, Truckee, Lassen Peak, Mount Rose and the Sierra Buttes of Sierra City. You will not get a better view then this I could see easily a 100 plus miles in every direction. I also seen the peninsula I stood on in the middle of the Stampede from above. I cant believe that I stood in the center of the reservoir a few weeks ago then here I am on a peak above it so that is one of the benefits our viewers will get to absorb is that they will get views from the shores of the Stampede all the way from being high above it. The one thing I did not see is Lake Tahoe as mountains to the south obstruct its view.

One of the windows was open on the fire tower it appears that they were airing it out for Spring and although I do not think they are renting it out but if they did it would be well worth a nights stay up here. The tower has been restored at one time it was abandoned and merely a shell of its former glory on top of a peak which offers some of the best views in this region. I spent sometime on the deck taking scenic photos and some video footage. It was very windy when I stood at the top of the tower it almost feels like everything is going to topple over.

Below the tower is a patch of woods where I found an old outhouse or maybe some wood storage shed. Above that is a wall that was made by the CCC which prevents any mud slides so that the tower does not fall off the edge of the peak. There is also some old stone foundation I found and engravings in the cement used to secure the beams which hold the deck around the tower up. I bet when renovations took place the scouts and some of there parents wrote there names in the drying cemetery to commemorate this event.

There was not allot of wildlife on top of the peak although I did see an eagle flying around eye level with us but over the meadow gliding back and forth. The wildlife is truly amazing in this region at this point I just about seen every form of nature you could see on one single trip. Its possible that due to the lack of people and remoteness that this is one of the last untouched areas in the sierras as compared to regions like Yosemite which has allot of tourism.

Road To Sierraville

Our decent off the mountain would be much easier but the sun was starting to go down if you were to take into account the ride off the peak combined with the long back country dirt road out of the wilderness into Sierraville I was looking at about 20 miles of off roading. I was almost sure I would not make it out of here before sundown but I was fine with that. The road through Lemon Canyon is full of thick vegetation the type of area you would expect to see Bigfoot.

The canyon out of here was rough in some areas but doable as we followed this meandering creek, wetlands, ponds and areas the woods were so thick that it would be difficult for a human to get through it. There were parts of the road just simply covered by trees it felt as if they closed on in around us. The road that we took we had no idea where it would lead us as at times it was confusing as the road branched off to the south. Sometimes as a bigfoot field researcher ill just take roads in hopes of catching a glimpse of something back in the national forest.

The Tahoe National Forest in my opinion is challenging its mixed with allot of vegetation ranging from high desert to full out very dense forest. There is allot of back country and there are no shortages of Bigfoot in the region. One could see why a creature like this may exist as its a very remote area with allot of offbeat peaks, streams, rivers, lakes and forest. Driving through here was even a little rugged but no less its an area we need to work with and we have been the past few months.

At times the canyon really narrowed I seen a few deer cross the road and go up the mountain. I took there photos and some video no problem but for me seeing deer is common. However based on the fact that the national forest is full of life you can tell that there is enough wildlife here to sustain such a creature like bigfoot. Besides the deer on the road I seen my second coyote of the day just trotting through the forest checking us. I also seen rabbits and some odd squirrel species I never seen before. We stopped at this one location on the road where we came across a Marmot or some kind of large rodent looking at us from the top of this rock.

By the time we came out into Sierraville the sun was behind the mountains and the skies were glowing orange. Living here grows on you some of the most gorgeous sunsets transpire in the wild west. People tend to forget that besides Bigfoot in this region this area was home to thousands of emigrants who traversed them via horse wagon. I am sure they would have seen the same thing I did as they came out of Lemon Canyon which was downtown historic Sierraville.

Sierraville has not changed since the 1800's some of the old homes, cemetery and businesses look the same as they did in the 1800's. The cemetery which is at the opposite end of the valley is also a historic wonder to see. After riding through Lemon Canyon I needed a break so I had gotten out to take some sunset pictures. The moon was full and bright in the sky to the east behind us as downtown Sierraville just a couple miles up the road was illuminated by a pretty sunset as you could see the old wood buildings of downtown glistening in the distance. The Sierra Valley is one of the large alpine valleys in North America and trust me when you stand in it you feel very small.

By this time I had done a full loop starting off near Sierraville then going deep into the national forest and back out into the town from the east end of the national forest. I covered allot of miles but it was time to go home. My day was filled with mountain lion, coyotes, bear, deer, eagles and exotic birds. Never have I ever hiked in the Sierras and seen as much wildlife as I did on this journey which in theory raises the question whether Bigfoot could sustain itself in this region? The answer is more then likely a big fat yes as none of the wildlife here is underweight or has ribs showing. Their is still a very healthy food supply to sustain these animals such as a bear or coyote so why not Sasquatch?

The drive home was very quaint it does not get any better then having the moon hovering over you while your driving around Lake Tahoe. In conclusion the ghost town of Boca and Kyburz were both very amazing sites. I spent the day chasing nature, bigfoot evidence and looking into the haunted history of these very old areas that once were home to natives as well as emigrants who today are long gone. Both locations were very large so it took us from sunup to sundown to really delve into them! I cannot wait to see what else this area offers.

Once I get these locations up on our website I think our viewers are going to be quite pleased with our finds, photography, videos, history, B&W old time photos and so much more. Their is no doubt in my mind that we stumbled upon some great locations to share with the public. All in all with all the great sites we visited each one has its own little twist to it that being Boca, Boca Reservoir, Kyburz Flat, More Stage Station Site, Kyburz Petroglyphs, Wheeler Sheep Ranch, Sardine Peak & Fire Lookout Tower and into Sierraville. Which just pieces together more locations in this region all together and more parts of the Tahoe National Forest that are new to us.

The thing about what we do are sometimes meant for our eyes only meaning I cant video record and photograph everything. But some things that we encounter are rare events like seeing a bear or some new species of wild life or even something paranormal. Their are only some things in life that will happen once which is why I try to encourage the public to join our team and group. Because I can write all day long even share evidence but to physically see a Bigfoot track or a UFO darting over the trees is far better to see with your eyes then anything I could ever say. I enjoy what we do here at PGS were not ran by some producer faking things or any other drama.

Were all about having a good time exploring uncovering history and the strange. Also having a few beers toking some good 420 and being with others who I care about. Despite the fact that we are a very small team we get allot of work done between offroading, hiking and exploring. I would not trade what we do for the world sometimes the only happiness I feel is when I am off on an adventure. I cannot wait to see what other jewels remain hidden in the Tahoe National Forest. I am going to try to get up to Independence Lake and Peak in the future which is just westward of Kyburz. So with that in mind that will be our next expedition in this region which is very remote and many miles offroading. I almost made it there back in March based on how most of the snow is melted and the fact that the roads are in better condition VERY soon I am going to make it here. Sardine Peak can be seen from a variety of locations that are below it such as the Stampede Reservoir, Independence Lake, Kyburz etc etc so when I am at these locations ill be able to look up and tell everyone that I stood on top of the Tahoe National Forest and at the top of its summit!

In the past few years I have been so many wilderness and national forest in the sierras. I have to say every single one of them varies as some have more Bigfoot sightings or activity while other places may just have more haunted history. No matter what is lurking within the sierras I can assure you we will find and bring it to all of you!! Our success rate finding the paranormal is very high and the work we do is credible that is because were one of the few remaining old fashioned paranormal groups. When you think about it when your around for almost 15 years and you work with locations that are connected to one another your going to unmask unexplainable things but only when you put yourself there!

I love this region its full of old ghost towns, beautiful wilderness areas, historic sites and the Bigfoot in this region seem to be off the charts. I found evidence in Kyburz but also near the Stampede Reservoir. This is an ancient place dating back to 5 thousand or more years so petroglyphs in the area are common but so are old stations like More's and historical ranches. This is a rich area full of lakes, streams and beautiful scenery. Its an area of California that is pristine and very lush this might be attributed to the fact that some of the snow is still remaining here so when it melts it provides water for all the wildlife and meadows that have seasonal creeks thus allowing flowers to grow as well as attracting allot of bird life. This is gods country here and we hope that others will value our journeys into it.
Lord Rick
PGS Founder

PS This is a rough draft evidence, final report, videos, historical write ups etc will be put onto our site from these locations in months to come!

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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