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 Post subject: **NEW** Updates On Our Site "Kings Canyon" Bigfoot's Lair Un
PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:55 am 
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**NEW** Updates On Our Site "Kings Canyon" Bigfoot's Lair Unveiled.....

This by far was one of the hardest projects I ever worked on this year so far lets just say I spent endless hours to make it all happen and well what we hope to do today is blow your minds. More then often we come fairly close to Bigfoot even gather evidence and have experienced rocks being thrown at us as much as seeing this creature.

Although their was no sightings we made one of the most amazing discoveries in the country so this should really be talked about a long time in the crypto community. Included in this update is also a documentary that I produced it has music and all the evidence unveiled during this amazing encampment find.

Allot of heart went into this expedition all the way to climbing nearly to the rim of Lake Tahoe to thousands of feet above Carson City the state Capitol of NV. Their is a ton of nature photos the best of the best, scenic gallery, investigative shots, oddities, waterfalls, paranormal evidence, reports, history and even a hike to C-Hill where one of the countries biggest aluminum flags resides.

When we did this expedition May 28th it was my birthday my only dream was to find something that could prove further that in my research these creatures along the sierras do come down to the edge of the high desert of various bustling towns and cities. For example when we did Jobs Peak we found out real quick that this creature came to the edge of Gardnerville but we upped our games and now we have evidence it lurks just a couple miles from the city maybe even peering down onto it.

This also finishes off another portal each of our portals has 40 locations with cases within and so it was a grand finale expedition so its solid good work scientifically and overall. I also am promoting my friends band the player is quicktime a song on the 1st evidence page and prologue pages so if you approve the plugin id respectfully appreciate it so I can promote the great musician that Jez is. You can listen to it or take the player turning it off while you view media or whatever.

Nothing comes easy we worked very hard on this project the irony is its far from over I have plans to return in the fall and even climb higher peaks to find even further evidence. Then next year ill camp in an area setting up cams to try and catch this creature on film so this is only the first phase but still its allot to take in because you can spend an hour or two sifting through everything that includes the documentary and the videos plus studying evidence too.

I will always let all of you know multiple news sites, journalist even the newspaper ill be working with to do an interview but to also share my finds publicly. Their is a good possibility this will appear on the news especially here in Northern NV as our discovery is an important find because it shows this creature migrates and is more sophisticated then we thought but nonetheless following tribal ways of our native American ancestors in order to sustain themselves in the sierras.

I am sorry that I did not receive Andy's report as a matter in fact he is right now AWOL and he was supposed to have written one so I could add his perspectives about this case so I am a bit concerned that due to his back issues he may not even be mobile right now. However Andy is in the documentary and I did interview him if you watch our videos. So he has put a bit of his own perspectives and theories into what we found here as well as along with my son who helped with the investigation. My son Jarrod did make this discovery but all of us worked hard at the site which at this point in time is hidden for numerous reasons that includes kids trying to destroy it or maybe the US Govt. etc However I can tell you leaving the trail and finding a site like this is like a needle in a haystack so it was lets just say a great birthday gift lol.

Your going to see a snare in a tree, Bigfoot shelter with the post pounded into the ground, toys of probably a youth Squatch, wood pillows, tree banging log and even a track. There are black helicopters involved and even bones. There is a moonshine camp all the way down to us finding a remnant of the past. I will not force you to believe just go see for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I was so excited tonight about this update that I had to smoke a cigar just now because ill tell you what I never worked so hard on an update like this in my life well there are a few awesome places that stick in my head but I wont forget this place for a very very long time.

Kings Canyon was used by the ancient Indians to migrate during the warmer months through here to Tahoe. Its full of deer I know I took some great deer photos but in the 1800's the white man came here during the gold rush. They built a ranch within the canyon, trading post and lumbered the region to build the local cities like Virginia and Carson City. There was a military base here its now gone but also this canyon is covered by national forest land, various peaks and many hidden hikes that go up into the high sierras so its very vast. Recently human bones have been found higher up in the canyon they do not know the cause of death but its strange real strange but quite a few people in the last few years have come up missing in this region so you can imagine why I want to camp up here by backpacking to this location once again. What we have here is something very special and it defines the research that we do. Of course sites like Coast to Coast will ignore us they always do we could bring DNA evidence or Bigfoot itself yet their will always be those who dismiss our viable scientific research into studying these creatures for many years of my career.

So without further ado you can check out this update directly at and if you want to see our documentary it is 110 percent free as I am giving this one to the Bigfoot community and the world so that all of you watching this can learn but also enjoy the movie called "Bigfoot Encampment Found Into The Giants Lair" at if you wish to read the epilogue it can be found as the 40th location in:

Gateway 4/Portal 24

Kings Canyon Nevada Prologue Page History etc
Kings Canyon Nevada Team Stills
Kings Canyon Nevada Team Investigative Gallery
Kings Canyon Nevada King Falls
Kings Canyon Nevada Nature Gallery
Kings Canyon Nevada Toiyabe Forest
Kings Canyon Nevada Scenic Gallery
Kings Canyon Nevada Carson City As You Never Seen It Before
Kings Canyon Nevada Minden/Gardnerville
Kings Canyon Nevada C-Hill or Flag Mountain
Kings Canyon Nevada My Birthday Bash Investigation Celebration Gallery
Kings Canyon Nevada Lake Tahoe Gallery
Kings Canyon Nevada Camp out Gallery Coming Next Year
Kings Canyon Nevada Night Gallery Coming Next Year
Kings Canyon Nevada Videos and Media
Kings Canyon Nevada Expedition 1 Reports, Conclusions, Evidence & Finds
Kings Canyon Nevada Expedition 2 Coming This Fall
Kings Canyon Nevada Expedition 3 Coming Next Year


Paracomedy 2014: new bloopers added an Andy has been initiated/indicted lol.

Check out our sister expedition project we did work at which was very similar to this case at

Check out our Sierra Canyon and Genoa Peak expedition which is adjacent to Kings Canyon at ... oaPeak.htm

Check out our Bigfoot expedition on the other side of Kings Canyon called The Flume Trail & Lake Marlette where we captured a UFO and other evidence not to far from this site at

The next addition to be added to our site its a nice place but bustling thus it only brings our viewers a great exploration. It is of Five Lakes and the Granite Chief Wilderness which we only worked along the edge of it but I do have plans to return and do an expedition to the hell hole reservoir which is really deep in this place. So Five Lakes should come out in a few days or earlier next week. With the 4th of July cookout and then this weekends expedition I am finding time very hard to find hell I hardly sleep anymore.

We have Saturday another major expedition in a region that we have found great Bigfoot evidence at but this is one of the last areas within that region to go to so were very excited because we have been to other nearby lakes in this basin in the high sierras.

Please make sure you help us out by donating towards our research using our paypal at or using the donate feature found on these updates. If you do not donate that is fine to just keep in mind the work we do is ongoing it requires allot of gear, state of the art cameras, expenses to travel, offroad, food to hike etc but we want to keep bringing you guys these major discoveries and prove that these giants of our forest are in fact real and exist.

Also make sure you give our Facebook page a LIKE at we hit 4k likes this week that is great since when it first opened we did not run the page for its first year to year and half then from there it just grew massively. Also check out our community on Google+ it is the top place for the strange guaranteed their is a wealth of constantly unexplained news as well as evidence flowing there daily at ... 1008715603

What is ironic is how close these creatures come to human civilization sure many teens visit the falls. But once you leave the trail the real adventure begins. Their are a million places you can just disappear to in this region which is why I think these creatures thrive here. If they could do it I certainly could if this world ever falls and others should understand that what we do is more then just about finding new species. It is about survival, exploration, beautiful photography, friendship, adventure and most of all truth! Also in our investigation archives Portal 25 is now open to the public so the first case added to that portal will be Five Lakes once I get it finished.

We are very proud to have your support please share this update and addition with your friends or family. Share it with other Bigfoot communities even cryptozoology news sites. Share my post on FB or Google+ so that others have an opportunity to see our discovery as its important that they do because the world needs to know the truth. Truth seeking is who we are we do not do this to get paid we do it because we love the adventure and getting really close to the unexplained. This here is a discovery its better then tracks its the find most Bigfoot chasers only dream to come across and experience. Get ready to have your mind blown and join us for this journey into Kings Canyon one of the most amazing Bigfoot expeditions in my career. A place like this is to great not to share with the world but it only matters when you the viewer take this information and learn from it. This is how we have you become a part of our journeys and so now that it has gone public for years people are going to enjoy this place from their homes. This credible evidence we hope will enlighten you and have a greater respect for these giants of the forest whom like you or I are just trying to survive!!!

Lord Rick
Founder PGS

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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