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 Post subject: Our Expedition Field Report Of Scott's Lake California......
PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:00 pm 
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Our Expedition Field Report Of Scott's Lake California.......7/5/14

I was very enthralled to visit Scott's Lake as I just had gotten a new backpack and this was another remote area in this lake basin that I could explore. Other lakes we have done work at nearby are Round, Meiss, Showers and Lake Dardanelles. All of them which had some great Bigfoot evidence so you never know what your going to get.  This area is full of Washoe history and the last time I was up here was when we hit up Showers Lake finding that amazing track in the snow then being surrounded by three tree banging Bigfoot like creatures in the woods. So you NEVER know what your going to get here and Scott's Lake was on my bucket list for a very long time lol.
Tammy and I just hours before were at a BBQ so we had gotten to watch the Carson City fireworks show. Its the first time I seen a show in years to be honest with you. But it was a good time played Dominoes, toked, watched fireworks, ate like a king and the kids had a great time. I did not stay out to late because I did have the hike in the early A.M. to tend to and this hike has allot of uphill to it. I took video and photos of the grand finale so add to our site as well. It was cool they actually spelled out Carson City letter by letter with fireworks I thought that was pretty sweet.
Anyhow.....Scott's Lake is one of the sierras best kept secrets allot of folks take the road on in from Hope Valley I much rather enjoy the hike which is rather scenic, overgrown and full of nature. We would start off at Luther Pass which is just South of Lake Tahoe. They have the Big Meadow Trailhead which then you can decide which way you want to split off to explore the basin.
I remember last year when we hiked here their was snow as the trail steeply climbs up to Big Meadow by the time you reach there you can go to the right hiking through the meadow or go to your left and go up to Scott's Lake.
One thing is for certain is that when you get to Big Meadow you can see Red Peak far off in the distance. Its hard to believe that I been up there a couple times and when you stand below it you really feel so small. The Scott's Lake trail runs along Big Meadow on the left hand side so eventually when the meadow runs out your surrounded by nothing but national forest.
We never realized that their would be so many bugs on the trail here it was 7am and we were being eaten alive. It was cool only 40 degrees granted the temperature was climbing we would not escape the bugs till nearly over a mile into the hike.
Their was a wood bridge to our left some really awesome peaks very vast lots of rock formations at the peaks. Even along the trail their was one rock almost the size of my house. You will see allot of rocks scattered throughout the woods anything could be lurking and you would never see it.
The one thing the trail has is allot of wildflowers they are just about everywhere. I always think I am going to see the same ones when I discover one that is much different. For example these orange flowers I always see while hiking this time around were purple never seen them with a purple hue it was much different.
Their was a makeshift gate laying on the ground which actually gets hung up on the trail to prevent vehicles from getting back here. The gate was down then again a hiker was on his way back with his dogs some people they hike very early in the morning in this region before the sun gets to hot.
We eventually began to walk the road then seen further below in this bowl the blue waters of Scott's Lake where we would scramble on our descent to reach its shores. We must had spent two hours on the lake Tammy had gotten to much sun not allot of tree cover at the lake itself.
Their was a dirt biker who was doing stunts even riding through the water he almost lost it at one moment. Allot of people come up here some mountain bike others dirt bike meanwhile you will come across other hikers its more busier then I thought which might be why their just is not allot of Bigfoot strangeness found here being the road gives access to allot of visitors.
The views of Hawkins and Waterhouse Peak are simply stellar as Hawkins I want to summit with my kids. I know a back way in to climb that beast hopefully when I came up near it I can conquer it that way I can get views of what its like above and below it including all the great lakes found in this region.
I had a picnic on the lake very strangely it is low where we sat was once underwater while at times the stumps peering out of the water found just off shore give signs that this lake was at one time smaller then grew large and is now shrinking again. If you were to remove the shoreline where the stumps protrude all you would get then is a pond.
Tammy and I walked around half of the lake I found a set of bear tracks along its shore. You can always tell the difference between those and Bigfoot. But we knew we were not alone up here you share the forest with nature. Not allot of deer tracks at the lake which was a bit unusual considering how muddy it was along the shore. I drank a Miller Bear even toked up in the woods on a giant rock it was nice just took in all that pretty scenery. Id love to climb Waterhouse in the background but that is a rough peak not allot of shade and where there is not much cover their is not allot of Bigfoot sightings or tracks unfortunately.
Hidden nestled on the otherside of the lake was a teepee or bark house made out of drift wood. Nothing like the Bigfoot encampment we found in Kings Canyon but still it was a good find. Its obvious a bushwhacker or survivalist made it using the old ways big enough to sleep one person maybe provide some shelter as well from the elements. Their are some hardcore hikers and adventurers out there not just me the difference is I am more focused on collecting data on Bigfoot like sightings, tracks, broken branches, stool etc that way we can compile charts and get an idea how, when or where this creature migrates to.
Not to far from the bark house I seen a large track I cant say if a piece of wood was pulled up causing this giant impression or if someone had a large foot stepping down. Their were no treads and it was just a partial impression like 3/4 of the foot had touched down but no toes it was a bit strange but who knows could be anything. I think it was a track it had a large heel and foot like impression but very large like maybe size 16 perhaps size 18 so unless Shaquille O'Neal is hiking here it just might be bigfoot lol.
The kids were rock skipping they seemed to enjoy it here while I was off playing with butterflies and snakes. Their are a ton of snakes back by this lake they are yellow and black although non-venomous they have toxin. One of the snakes was lunging at me which is strange because we caught one a couple years ago up at Mount Raymond and it did not mind human touch. But the one I found was pissed off and I have a photo of it coiled up ready to strike. I love nature what can I say lol!
Our hike back would be much simpler it was the middle of the day no bugs biting on us and we would make it back to our jeep three times faster. Tammy also gave me an adjustment while wearing my pack so my mobility increased greatly.
We found this old logs resting along Big Meadow where we would break at it was one of the only breaks we took on the way back out. But it was nice with views of lush meadow land and Red Peak it was nice just to smoke a cigar take it all in.
Going downhill into Luther Pass was a cinch it always is when you head downhill in the sierras you triple that time so we would get home for dinner no problem. But I am sure at night on the lake itself probably would be a great Bigfoot viewing area. Its very lush back here I told Tammy welcome to the jungle because its like one for sure. You have to watch the sand and dust back here it got up into my lens causing focusing issues.
The terrain differs then other lakes in the area I mean your totally on the other end of Red Peak and this ridge line that separates you from other lakes in the region so its a bit isolated. Maybe someday in the future ill do a drive up here see where the road takes us. There is also one other place but its hard to get to called four lakes. Their are no trails to it but I figure I can find it maybe next year to complete the entire basin which would really make my day. I have a feeling ill see this area again but with the sierras being so large in size I have a million lakes, peaks and hikes its never ending lol.
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