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Greetings Friends Check On Out Our Kick Ass Revamped Logo We
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:07 am ]
Post subject:  Greetings Friends Check On Out Our Kick Ass Revamped Logo We

Greetings and salutations,

If you wish to believe that 1:30am is not evening you would be wrong considering us night owls live, breath and sometimes become the night. Well tonight I have a nice surprise for all of the members in the group. With that in mind I had bad news then some very good news which occurred after countless hours of hard work we were able to get our logo wear shop back up and make it available to all of you viewing this letter..

The bad news was that months ago I believe my ex deleted our logo-wear store. The only way into my shop was using my mothers maiden name so I was saddened that someone would attack not just me but my entire group on a level considering I did not know it was down.. This means she also cashed in on the profit and sadly I use that to give out gifts to members on occasion. I guess that two days ago I was really upset and tried to turn all of this into a positive. I am so tired of dealing with jealous vindictive people I wish others would realize that we are all brothers and sisters who walk amongst one another.. For one I would have to rebuild a new store with new products.....and fix the damage done. It took me two days to open up the new shop get the products up...working....etc so I am glad I can chill maybe drink a couple brews why not right lol?:)

I worked really hard on spending the last two days designing clocks.....T-shirts....Women's Apparel...and even goddamn Aprils hahaha:) and I am happy that I did because we now have a full line of new awesome products like bumper stickers......hoodies.....keep sake boxes, caps, calendars..... and even something for pregnant mommies. I am proud that we are able to provide some of you with these collectable's. My point is that check it out find something you like and if your not happy with it you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

I do not want to sound like a saleseman.but I do want to be honest with all of you. I work hard on our store because I want you to be a part of our society and have something that is more personable. Since we opened our logo wear shop in 2003 I have seen some products come in that are bomb from the wholesaler meanwhile prices are raised by them. Then some products they no longer carry so when you get something from our shop keep this in mind it may not always be available. I am more then happy to fill special request for my friends and members of our forums if you want a different design on a certain item we carry etc.

I back up my logo wear as I own some I love it people come up to me all the time asking me about the paranormal and if that is our site. We have a ton of clothing some of our stuff is sharp looking and we have some collectable things. I keep my costs very low around the wholesale price because I want some of you to enjoy the products we carry including the various BELIEVE logos I designed and integrated onto our mugs...shirts....and other products.

I know I am boring you with all the small talk so just check it out lol..... so instead ill talk BIG no just kidding. But seriously I am proud to present our shop its been revamped with new products that have arrived....older collectable products were removed that are no longer our carried....and all the products that were removed from the deletion of our old store I recreated them all from scratch. If you click an item you like you can chose sizes, colors on some and enlarge the products for better viewing.

If you have any questions feel free to email me and remember all Do not drink and drive products proceeds go to MADD as I know that their are some good people who are killed needlessly each day from a drunk driver. I hope that my message will say something and I hope some of you will support me on that cause. I have sons and would never want to lose one to such carelessness of someone drunk behind the wheel.

I want some of you to realize that we are more then just a paranormal group so we offer everybody a bit more. I know haters think everything is a get rich scheme but you see their is where they are wrong. Last night my girlfriend and I ate at TGIF's I had this odd drink.....listened to great music....ate giant buffalo wings....toked one viewing the lights on the NW side of the valley.....picked up some shakes from a burger joint....then went off roading to nowhere watching shooting stars....gas almost out....rocky dirt roads with plants growing on them and pow found my way out of the maze. My thought last night besides the drunk lady wanting to get it on with everybody was getting the Logowear shop up for you guys you should see how excited I got should have put that shit on youtube lol:).

I may start to carry radio show attire I will put together a store for the fans and listeners of our radio show. I am still thinking about patterns, designs and types of products that ill carry. I wont carry them in our logo wear shop ill make a separate one that can be accessed on a different webpage.

I know I am babbling what can I say I been chilling at home played with my son...enjoyed the cooler weather were having tonight....made these chilly cheese fries....watched a movie....and probably drove Tammy crazy because I spent the last 2 days MIA working on this like I was a zombie lol. I am sad that our original 2003 store got deleted but in reality it allowed me to get new items up and resolve it with a fully working shop so check out the link and please leave me some comments on my shops page when you get something from us....and if you can take a photo of yourself with it and ill put you up on our site:) and that officially makes you a full member because you took the time to show your support.

I am sorry that this is so long tonight maybe some of you are not use to someone who is personable like myself. But the main thing is to have fun....make friends....get some cool logo wear for yourself......and enjoy all we have to offer each and every one of you. I feel that each of you are important that is why we want you to have the things we give out like our comedy radio shows....books....posters....then of course our Paranormal & Ghost Society products which includes coffee mugs as well and tonight I am drinking Kona its great coffee.

I did not get articles sent out today due to the fact that I spent all day trying to get the shop back up and reprogramed it so its all good and happy that its done. As time goes on ill add new things and when products are no longer available their will always be something else in its place or to suit your interest. So their it is everybody enjoy....have a wonderful night.....thanks for taking the time to read this I appreciate it and I hope you guys can find something cool that we offer in our store. Ill announce our radio shows store and maybe if our PGS products dont interest you then maybe our radio show logo wear might. Different strokes different folks or whatever tickles your pickle. Lame I know but its the weekend and some of us do party we live life to the fullest and well if you live it do it in some of our clothing lol.

All joking aside thank you for your support show me some love my friends we aim to please I know that sounded dirty it was not. Ill reword it in simple terms.....I work my balls off on my website and its stores hahaha so please all I ask is that you take advantage of all the things we have such as forums....paranormal investigations....and events that we host. Some of you are so far away but what we offer brings us all a bit closer. Thank you folks and cheers to the birth of a new age here at The Paranormal & Ghost Society as we have so many awesome functions which is for those that been a part of our group for years so again thank you for your loyalty. .
Lord Rick
Author, Talk Show Host & Founder

Our Logo Wear Shop "BELIEVE"

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