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Re-Vamped The AngelOfThyNight Radio Show Page....Check It Ou
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re-Vamped The AngelOfThyNight Radio Show Page....Check It Ou

Better late then never the AngelOfThyNight Radio Show Page has just been revamped. I really think most of you are going to enjoy it more. Besides the fact that now we are able to promote our show like 15 times more. I do not want to ruin any surprises so just check it out and browse around. I been sort of AWOL the last few days because I been working on all of this to enhance the experience. Not to mention that overtime most of you will be able to visit our site to tune in during our show hours. Make sure you mark the page in your favorite places. Although I do not archive the shows here they will all be available on disc in the near future once I go in an edit the episodes. I have not had time considering we have hours upon hours of radio. But you will get highlights...know how are crew is...etc It had to be done our program has just grown so much the last couple of years its madness really. So check it out maybe in a few days ill add on a guestbook for the fans. I am to tired to do it tonight and sick. But its done so now I can get to work on other things like this weekends second trip to the Goodsprings. I enjoy doing my show it has allowed me to meet so many of you and our fan base just keeps growing. I am sorry for the folks who missed our show on livevideo it happens but as a courtesy of good faith I uploaded the rebroadcast to my livevideo account for those to listen to. Make sure you check out the revamped AngelOfThyNight Radio Show Page....enjoy! I have a busy few weeks ahead of me but if you have a question feel free to get in touch. Also do not forget May 8th ill be LIVE its Sneezers Birthday Bash come on out lets burn!

Lord Rick
Talk Show Host

PS Let me welcome our newest crew members Jeannie, Paul and of course the very awesome Angel!

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