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Tune In To AngelOfThyNight Radio's "Jingle Bell HO"
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Tune In To AngelOfThyNight Radio's "Jingle Bell HO"

I just love each doing our xmas show and I expect this show to be even better then the last. You are invited to attend AngelOfThyNight & Nightfall Radio's "Jingle Bell Ho" Wednesday December 22nd 7pm pst 10pm est!

We will feature music, comedy, paranormal blotter, live calls and hell maybe even Santa himself lol. I look forward to bringing the viewers a show they will never forget.

I expect a full chatroom along with allot of viewers so if you have any questions please call the show by skyping us at AngelOfThyNight its free to download at as our Las Vegas number is currently down or hasn't been working.

I do strongly encourage you to tune in have a good time grab a brew and lets party. In addition to the show on New Years Eve ill be hosting a 1 hour special to wish all of you a Happy New Year. Our numbers look good we have allot of good callers and we hope to continue the show on a path where its fun for everybody especially during the holidays.

Come on out and chat Dec. 22nd and let us appall you LIVE ONLY at Stickam during show hours December 22nd 7pm PST sharp room....guest cams.....and broadcasting will be taking place in the courtesy of your homes!
Happy Holidays

Lord Rick
Talk Show Host

SKYPE The Show At AngelOfThyNight during show last about 5 to 7 hours!

Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Tue Dec 21, 2010 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tune In To AngelOfThyNight Radio's "Jingle Bell HO"

All of you are in for a treat tomorrow evening as we kick off our winter holiday show in a LIVE event that we host annually. If you wish to call into the show you can skype it just by calling AngelOfThyNight then we can take your questions or if this number works which sometimes it doesn't you can use (1) 702-442 0903 Ext.188 we will have our chatroom, live guest cams and be taking calls all night. That is addition to the entertainment, comedy, paranormal blotter especially on our topics of the month and good times.

We will also have some music between intermissions from our sister show Nightfall Radio and as always Ill be giving away a couple seasons of previous episodes. Please keep in mind I do not host the chatroom our mods do so any questions must go to them then they get to me or you can call directly in which is the most convenient way.

We hope to see all of you there our numbers and amount of viewers is pretty high and generally the crowd who tunes in has been tuning in for years now. We are always looking for new listeners to be a part of the show and come on out to have a little fun.

The show kicks of 7pm PST 10pm EST and can run up to 8 hours at times going past midnight so if you are running late please stop in say hi. Come on out and chat Dec. 22nd and let us appall you LIVE ONLY at Stickam to see who has been naughty and who has been nice TOMORROW evening LIVE and to see the jolly man himself.
Lord Rick
Talk Show Host

Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  NOTE & Thank You For Tuning Into Last Nights Special Show!

I wanted to take the time to thank those who tuned into last nights show. I know the first hour we lost power a few times maybe a fluke who knows. But I still managed to put out a good 5 hour show and 90 percent of it can be watched and heard at

As some of you know Jan. 31st I will come on out for about an hour or two to host an end of the year recap show it will be fun so stop in lets wish one another a happy new year LIVE. After that show it will be our last show for a few months due to the fact that soon I am moving and going to be getting a bigger studio to house AngelOfThyNight Radio and The Paranormal & Ghost Society. That studio will boast a ceiling cam and we may be buying our own phone line so others can call the show without having to worry if our skype numbers are in service.

We did not have to many viewers but we had some I will be returning to Fridays in the future I know weekdays can be a little rough and with the busy holidays. But for those that stuck it out tuned in we had some good laughs last night.

I will be sending out paranormal articles actually allot of them to my paranormal forums. This might be it for a few days due to the holiday season and due to the fact that tomorrow I am leaving out of state to check out some paranormal hotspots up in the death valley California region. You can sign up for this but ill have you know that Ill be leaving in the morning and probably wont return till after midnight. Every year we do a special trip somewhere near Xmas tomorrows trip will be one hell of an adventure so if you snooze you lose.

If you want to be a part of it please get in touch and again make sure you check out the rebroadcast which is split into 6 to 8 segments from the bottom to the top for those that just could not make it. It is a hard time for our group we are in such dire need of batteries...cameras etc Tammy went out to buy me a night vision cam paid for it and best buy screwed up giving it to someone else trust me I was pretty upset about it. Because what I want to start doing in the future is taking night video then putting the clips on youtube so some of you can see the rock climbing that we endure at night and some of the more dangerous hikes we parttake on as we seek out strangeness in the high and low desert of NV and CA.

I will have a further announcement of when we go LIVE on Jan. 29th it will not be a long show but I will be on for awhile keep in mind that will be our last show for a couple months be there be a part of it. Lets bring in 2011 with a stellar beginning.

Anyhow here is the highlights from last nights radio show and check us out at yeah I know I am behind in updates my other pc is down and I just been sick on and off for months on end. But 2011 may be our busiest year to come and I expect us to excel in all areas of the paranormal and extreme adventuring into some new country. Have a wonderful holidays.
Lord Rick
Founder, Talk Show Host and Author

Highlights - Episode 70 "Lord Rick's Jingle Bell Ho": Mongolian Death Worm, Bad Santa, Devilish Xmas Carols, Wikileaks Blotter, LA Swamp Thing, I Am A Toys R US Kid, Hobo Clause, Oak Island, Amazonian Teachers Conference, Adventures Up To Kingman & Cottonwood Cove, WinterFest, Magical Forest, Xmas Angel, REAL Scrooges, Holiday Odd News, Gene Splicing, Dec. 2010 A Month To Remember, Sippy Cups, Ulta Adventures, Crazy Xmas Concerts, Adult Holiday Drinks, Tales Of A Cummerbund & So Much More A Special Holiday Episode Filled With RAW Comedy & Serious Blotter Combined!

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