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Our UFO Videos From Gold Butte Check Them Out....
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Our UFO Videos From Gold Butte Check Them Out....

This is where I spent this weekend mainly at is in Gold Butte a ghost town that borders the grand canyon. Its very secluded the type of place that if you get lost or stuck it could be days till you get out of here. Anyhow their are four videos two of them are unedited and two are edited for those who do not have HD monitors. I have not finished my report on this location yet been taking it easy the last few days but Tammy has hers done. The footage comes from this location and the object did not appear till we turned are backs for a moment at a set of ruins about 4 am. At that time when I turned around I noticed a large object giving off a series of colors mainly red, blue, green with periods of white/gold. What I found strange about the object is that when I held my camera still I could see a star to the lower left that was stationary but the pulsating object refused to stay still even for a moment it was always moving left and right as if it were dancing in the sky. I have decided to share this breaking news with the public since it could be a couple months when we add the photos and evp to our site on Gold Butte. You can view the videos at our youtube....if you have troubles viewing the unedited please click the edited version since we also have the footage brightened and at a higher resolution. The downside to posting videos is that the quality and frame rate isn't as great as the original so during our events ill be showing the actual original footage. Welcome to The Paranormal & Ghost Society Ladies & Gentlemen and we hope to see you at tonight's event where we will be discussing the footage further.

Part 1 Unedited: For HD
Part 1 Edited: For Non HD

Part 2 Unedited: For HD
Part 2 Edited: For Non HD

Lord Rick

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