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Thank You For Tuning Into Fridays AngelOfThyNight Radio's
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Thank You For Tuning Into Fridays AngelOfThyNight Radio's

Let me take this time to thank all of all the viewers who attended Fridays radio show on July 22nd. Everyone was chill the chatroom was booming all night...viewers came onto guest cams and everyone had a great time. That is something I enjoy seeing is when everyone can get together and share some good times.

I want to thank everyone for their tips and contributions as well now Ill be able to buy a new EMF detector and replace a few items that were stolen from me a few weeks ago. It was nice to hear from our LIVE callers and when the show ended we ended the night being a top contender on stickam. I always hate when I end the show because some of you stick it out for 5 hours and still want more radio which is great but by then I am about to pass out lol:)

Anyhow I want to also thank our chatroom moderators and host for your help. I want to thank those who are dedicated to our show and for everyone being a part of the show. I am going to share with everyone a clip from the show Mike clipped for me do not try this at home trust me

Highlights - Episode 74 "Sinful Liberty": Political Scandals, Auto Correct, Best Of Craigslist, Starbucks Humor, Filthy Jokes, Comet Elenin, Storage Toking, The Straw Hat, Jackson Ca Robbery, Casey Anthony Trial, Devil's Ladder, Adventure In Berlin, Tragic Incident In Brooklyn, Bombing In Norway, Sierra Nevada's Blotter, Divorce Humor, Lord Ricks Leap Of Faith, Wells Fargo Humor, 395 Cursed?, 711 & Doctor Office Comedy, Bananaphobia, Miracles, Monsters, Aliens and even Dinosaurs, This episode is loaded with comedy as well as many various fortean topics and world issues.

You can catch the rebroadcast at I tried to record most of the show we had some tech issues in the beginning so I had to restart the show.

One more things....I had noticed that some of you sent me messages or you left the chat room telling me goodnight. I am sorry that I missed them during my show I rarely ever check the chat room I kind of let others operate it safely without having to jump off the TV lol:) But I did check the room and messages during breaks and said bye to some of you after you left.

Anyhow we thank you for tuning on in Id gotten this out yesterday but I was out of town at Blue Lakes doing Bigfoot field research. I hiked in the woods, through snow, marshes and lake shores. I stood on top of this plateau with a meadow full of flowers. It was a great day overall but by the time I arrived home I was beyond exhaustion. Being outdoors from morning till at night can be very tiring especially with how warm its been lately.

In Our next show id like to take more callers on our show we allow the callers to speak their openminds and share their expressive views. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and feel free to add me on facebook at as many of my viewers are also my friends.
Lord Rick
Talk Show Host
AngelOfThyNight Radio

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