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Friday The 13th Tomorrow Were Going LIVE For YOU!
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Friday The 13th Tomorrow Were Going LIVE For YOU!

Do you dare to "Face Off"? Well now its you the listeners who can take our show on a wild ride and all of you will have your chance!

Tomorrow night we are LIVE straight out of Sin City for an evening full of comedy, entertainment and paranormal blotter with our special theme called "Face Off With Lord Rick". If you dare to face off no matter what the topic may be AngelOfThyNight Radio will keep our lines open for our callers whether you love us or you hate us!

The best part is that your all invited to tune into the show at which will boast a chat room for all users internationally. We also have many other widgets where the show can be heard at across the web.

The show starts at 7pm as we bring in the night with music of the dark wave from our sister show Nightfall Radio in between breaks. We only do a couple shows a month do not miss out as other radio show host from the network are will also be invited to call in and share a little bit of information on what their radio shows are about.

Lets make it an unforgettable Friday The 13th Tomorrow LIVE 7pm PST 10pm EST
You can Skype our program during show hours at AngelOfThyNight or by calling into the shows number below! I look forward to everything and anything you can throw at me or perhaps it might just be the other way around!

+(1) 702-442 0903 Ext.188 Nevada

Lord Rick
Talk Show Host


Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Friday The 13th Tomorrow Were Going LIVE For YOU!

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for attending Friday's show we did quite well on LiveVideo featuring a top spot throughout the evening. We sort of lost allot of our viewers when LV's server went down a few times. Usually when that happens all you can do is try back a few minutes later as the show sometimes needs to be restarted or reloaded. I think allot of times the server goes down due to the fact that we have so many viewers all trying to view the show all at the same time. But for future reference for our viewers if this happens just come back a few minutes later or keep on trying to get in. Tammy is now our chatroom host to our show and she told me that she had gotten a message stating our chatroom was full and it took her to an alternative chatroom which I think is what happened to some of you. I always run the show for 3 to 6 hours and the show is not over till I say my farewells Lord Rick style lol. We had a great show though we had three callers......allot of viewers....and I ran for almost 7 hours because I know some of you work late and try to catch the show at a later hour. Unfortunately only 2 hours of the show archived so their isn't much of a rebroadcast but from our studios here in Vegas I did record the entire show which ill be giving away in the future. Here are the highlights to Fridays show.

Episode 66 Friday The 13th 2010: Goodsprings Blue UFO, Lord Rick's Great Escape From St. Thomas, Screams Of Fletcher Canyon, Custom Lasso Panties For The Women Of Craigslist, Call Ins From Mike Dijital Founder Of The Network.....Member Sister Sky Love & Tammy, Pahragnat Courthouse Adventure, Review Of "The Road", Pissing Off The Airforce, Cum Bay Ya Lord Ricks New Song, Grizzlies, James Jesus Was Almost Stoned To Death In Lord Rick's Driveway, Casa Cocina, Tribute To Lori Our Longtime Member & Friend, Oakland Ca Approves Marijuana Cultivating, Adventures In Finding A CL Co-Host, The Rockman, My Encounter With Propane, Craigslist Hookers Infiltration, Toking At Parking Ramps, Lord Rick Lassos Panties & Dances LIVE, Street Racing & Loads Of Strange & Fortean Tales Including Friday The 13th Urban Legends and Even Million Dollar Speeding Tickets along with much more.

It was a great show more like one of our classic programs. I almost could not do the show because I pinched a nerve near my tail bone and prior to the show I couldn't walk. So I had to drink allot to numb the pain but we ran from 7pm till 2am al almost and well that has to say allot. The show is better viewed LIVE though its great to listen to it but to see it on film from our studios makes it all the more worthwhile. Not allot is going on anymore on LiveVideo so when we go on the air we try to turn this into a big event. Our next show will be in 2 or 3 weeks. Lastly it was great to see others call in the show our Nevada number does work and of course now we know the haters who hate on us are nothing but cowards since I did give them the opportunity to call in they did not lol. But for those that called in and were a part of the show you guys rock man. I think
our next show I might do a cooking special LIVE could get messy lol...peace & thanks for coming out and partying with us it was fun!
Lord Rick
Talk Show Host

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