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AngelOfThyNight Radio Is Back.....Friday The 13th!
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:24 am ]
Post subject:  AngelOfThyNight Radio Is Back.....Friday The 13th!

I am very proud to announce that AngelOfThyNight & Nightfall Radio will be returning as of Friday the 13th. Lets admit it I wanted to come out with Season 7 on a day nobody ever forgets lol. I will be LIVE on camera with RAW stand up comedy along with talks about some of our explorations.....and other topics of interest.

Attached is our newest banner for our opening show in 2010 and we hope to bring you guys radio for many more years. I know most of you been asking when we will be back but I had to take a break between seasons. Nobody pays me or other radio show host online we put on shows and performances free to our fans and members so sincerely please try to show say hi....if you ask a question in the room ill respond.

I am looking for a NEW LadyOfThyNight someone perhaps local in Vegas who wants to work with me maybe out of our studio. I am always looking to sign new gothic or any type of bands really for a forever lifetime of promotion no pressure the offer is their if you want to offer your pieces to the show and fans.

Our shows do go for sale on disc I am as honest as I can be I put hours upon hours into our show even days ahead or weeks and some of those shows are worth thousands but we put them on disc very cheap to. Mike ill send you the xmas show I been behind with other projects sorry buddy.

You can tune in LIVE right from one of our gateways at Livevideo at for chatroom, cams etc If I can ill try to set it up so I can have live phone calls this season. Your all welcome to attend so tune on in Feb. 13th for our Valentines Day RAW Special called "Be My Valentine" 7pm pst 10pm est thank you and hope to see all you Fuc**rs partying with me!
Lord Rick

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