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Happy New Year's......Address.....
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Mon Jan 04, 2010 7:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Happy New Year's......Address.....

Each year I write an overview of the New Year.....but I also try to inspire others a little bit so they can look forward to the new year. The new year is about change its about being better then you were the year before. As some of you know I run many groups....websites....and I am pretty actively involved online between my radio show, paranormal organization and other projects. First and foremost I would like to wish everybody a great New Year I hope it was blessed with everything you could possibly want. I had to cancel the party because nobody would show or everybody had prior plans. I spent the New Years making two pot roast....playing games.....toking up.....and drinking champagne. It was a nice time because nothing makes me more happy then being a father.

This is a little late considering I would be late for my funeral lol. Its better to be late then it is to not show up at all. Anyhow I am still stuck in Vegas but I come to realize that its not the terrain but about who you know. I made so many great friends last year ago people I have toked with, drank brews with and hell even lived with.

It was a hard year for me in 2009 I went through a divorce still going through it.....lost three women I truly loved and cared about....had 3 surgeries....and found out the rest of my life my knee would never be the same thus as I even type this the pain I am in is very high.

Last year ago I moved to four places......thus settling to live with Tammy who helps me with my explorations and is my little naughty nurse lol. I was the guy in 2009 who spent most of it in pain alone. I finished it off though on a good note totally turned my life around in Nov. and Dec. Now all I can do is look forward to the New Year.

Last year ago I did not do many paranormal excursions but I did do some pretty major ones. I had a television producer contact me....our radio show hit record numbers.....and so many little things were accomplished. I rid of my Subaru I laugh now about it because the car lasted most of last year and it was falling apart. Now when I drive I drive a sports car and its fast is good:)!

I still have goals in my life such as politics so please sign my petition.....and I hope to meet many of you. I plan on this year visiting England....Paris France.....and hopefully getting my own television series with the right network. I will be upping my excursions....and hopefully by summer I can leave Vegas and get based out near Sacramento California.

I may have to mark 2009 as my craziest year yet considering I was an outlaw for awhile.....and Sneezer got jailed at the animal humane society. Not to mention the fact that I seen something not of this world although I will not get into the details. I do know I spent 2009 suffering often then realized that you have to suffer before you rise above.

I want each of you to remember that each new year brings growth to learn and each time you learn brings growth. I know what needs to be done this year and ill be working much harder on my groups, paranormal organization and hopefully will inspire others to live on.

AngelOfThyNight Radio is forever....and all the things I did last year were done purposely to create a utopia for this upcoming year. I will never forget last year ago and the amount of haters I dealt with. I have learned to ignore haters and when they do not get my attention they attack the women I love...the groups I own....and the sites I operate. Will people like that ever learn? No but you as members and friends can learn to climb the highest of mountains no matter what trials or tribulations stand in your way.

I hope this year brings you this year I am planning on having more kids as in a way my life is starting over. I plan on bring you more extreme radio....just as more crazy excursions into the unknown. I plan on enjoying some of you ladies to this year ha! I want to thank each of you for being my friend and being a part of our society no matter what group it is you are part of.

I want each of you to know you are not alone and my name will live on forever. What will 2010 bring maybe more disasters.....maybe new lives.....hopes....dreams....and miracles. Either way I want the world to know I will be there each and every step away even if I have to walk with a cane. So I say let 2010 be a year full of toking, adventure, good times, new found friendships, loves and most of all love.
Lord Rick


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