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 Post subject: Note As Of Today AngelOfThyNight Radio Is Back On Disc...
PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:01 pm 
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As of today AngelOfThyNight Radio is back on disc and for sale. Own the collection trust me its the one thing you will own that was molded by my own creation. Sure you can purchase T-shirts, gear, mugs etc off our paranormal site but to physically own our show right in your home with over 100 hours of solid paranormal, stand up comedy, extreme, entertaining radio is priceless. One day when I pass on those episodes will be worth more then you ever realize.

The show is my own energy my charisma and now that its out I am sure other major radio stations will have a chance to look at our work as well. Right now only Season 1 through 3 are on disc....season 4 goes on disc next week...and season 5 will be on disc sometime in the future depending on if I can find a new place to work out of. AngelOfThyNight Radio is forever in the hearts and minds of men. Our callers, fans and even the appalled are just as much part of it. You guys shaped the show how it is I only took all of it and created a radio like you never heard before.

You have to realize that the episodes are edited with better sound quality....gaps of silence removed....and enhanced. Even if the past you owned some of the episodes back in the nowlive days allot of the show you do not own or have not heard. Some of you cannot make the show some of you only been a fan recently so if you want ALL our work here it is on disc.

I want you to know that AngelOfThyNight Radio was born many years ago but it was just a trial I do not have those episodes it was way back then when I had a partner. Then we stopped for almost 4 years until I reformed it into our current show as of today which has been running since 2007!

I do owe some of you an apology you see we did have the show for sale back in the early part of 2009 it was removed by our wholesaler because bands turned me in for copywritten violations. Sadly I trusted these bands and thought I could do things the verbal agreement way considering we give bands unlimited promoting on our show for exchange of us doing what we wish with the show selling it etc. I do not like to be F***ed and used trust me Ill find ways around things. Anyway's I no longer have to worry about that because I spent the last two weeks removing all music period from previous seasons from those couple of bands. On a good note Winters Thrall signed a contract with us so in Season 4 and 5 you will get music with the show when you purchase future episodes and I got other major bands signing on with us. I send thousands to these bands in turn it generates revenue for them and free advertising.

Bands have much to gain because if we get promoted to a major radio station in the future Ill be taking those bands....cohost....staff etc with me. The ones who stiffed me get on your knees and blow me. I never said I was the pope nor did I say I am a little angel sprinkling goddamn fairy dust bringing you rays of sunshine. I am here for one thing that is to teach, help others, and entertain. Now of course some of you will not spend the money but think about this for a second when Eddy Murphy Raw, Cheech & Chong, George Carlin did their performances people bought them in the early days and guess what? People still buy them on disc NOW presently.

Click the link below add them to the cart....season 1 is not very raw its pretty much paranormal like the calm before the storm. Then season 2 and 3 we put the show into the full effect. You can do whatever you want once you own the show put them on your PC for listening, ipods, burn them on them at parties etc some episodes last 6 hours of nonstop comedy and entertainment. Everything from crazy strange even Satan....and drunk Santa Claus to even naughty girls....and well some of you may think I am joking but within my show there are secrets revealed about the end times to death to even the way the world works. If you are smart enough to decipher them then I wish you luck I speak metaphysically and only a select few are special enough to understand my greater message. Own the show buy it today become a fan you will NOT regret it. Tomorrow the summer finale of season 5 will occur live and I plan on going out with a blaze of glory!!!

Lastly for my forums you might not understand the basis for the show but its a way for me to unite my paranormal fans, myspace friends, forum members etc together as one. The show serves as a form of peace between everybody because its the one common ground I have. I will never reveal what is in those episodes you cant just own one disc you have to own them all to understand. Most of you have not heard our newer shows but they are even better so.....get your copies today and thanks for being a part of "AngelOfThyNight Radio" ... ondisc.htm

Talk Show Host,
Lord Rick

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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