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Ask Lord Rick This Friday At AngelOfThyNight Radio......
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:05 am ]
Post subject:  Ask Lord Rick This Friday At AngelOfThyNight Radio......

Tune in Friday grab your AngelOfThyNight Radio..... THIS FRIDAY 7pm PST 10pm EST I am now doing something new you visit the chatroom ask me any question at all and ill answer it lol. I expect this to be a huge hit in future episodes. Expect me to advertise the show allot more the next couple of days to up our viewers. I expect a huge turn out!! Please try to show I put allot of effort into our performances and so forth.

Lord Rick
Talk Show Host
AngelOfThyNight Radio


Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ask Lord Rick This Friday At AngelOfThyNight Radio......

I wanted to thank all my friends, fans, members and even those on livevideo for tuning into last nights show. For awhile we held pretty good in the ratings I noticed when I talked about the paranormal more the ratings went up. If people want to talk about the strange all you have to do is go into the chatroom ask me anything and ill elaborate my theories more. Our show has been running for quite awhile and its been great so far every single episode I have ever done.  You have 7 days to catch the rebroadcast if not it will eventually be up for sale for you guys to own. It was a great show last night over 5 solid hours of radio....I may do what they call reruns of last nights show all week long by adding them into my player allowing people to catch the various segments I probably should but if not you can listen to the rebroadcast at the link below in the archives. Anyhow here are last nights highlights from our
"Welcome To Hell Debut"
Show Highlights: The AngelOfThyNight Matchmaker Game, New Song By Winters Thrall, The LIVE Brenna Pot Roast & Bloopers Throughout The Entire Show, Demonic Possession, Lord Ricks Bid To Jump Into A Volcano....Millie Tears, Lord Rick's Trips To The Orthodontist....Dr Dick.....& Radiation Man,  2012 Apocalypse Blotter From The Movie Knowing, Lord Rick & The Atlantean 4th Of July Crystal, Legalization Of Marijuana In The State Of CA, Tooth Fairy, Hospital Hallway Races, Kelly & David Two Peas In A Pod, Free Gasoline, CL Humor, Hellish Jokes & Demonic Radio & Lastly Lord Rick Bad....Welcome To The Birth Of A New Age With ASK Lord Rick Anything!!
If you want to tip last nights show I would appreciate it I work for my tips even if each viewer tips a dollar or two for our performances at our paypal. Our Next show is July 25th thank you and love to all my fans.

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