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AngelOfThyNight Radio Airs Tonight READ IMPORTANT
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Fri May 08, 2009 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  AngelOfThyNight Radio Airs Tonight READ IMPORTANT

I am sorry about my absence honestly I been busy packing....and with my new gf so I have not had time to post this. But I am posting it now to let all you fans know I am about to put out a killer show tonight its Sneezers Birthday Bash & Goodbye To Las Vegas episode more then likely since I am probably moving in two weeks.
I wanted to thank you fans for being loyal to the show coming on out. We ran into a bit of a problem which I want to talk about. NOWLIVE has changed there site to paid programming only and they basically are for sale which means I NO LONGER HOST on nowlive sorry folks. Which means for now no incoming calls till we can take them through skype which will work on eventually.
All our shows from now on will be at from this point forward. I strongly urge you to come see me tonight PLEASE as I might not be on the air for a couple months. Life sometimes hits you hard believe me I know it more then any of you. But nonetheless consider tonight my gift to you come on out and enjoy this 10,000 dollar performance free! I do very well on LiveVideo the people love me there and I will be the top show trust me.
Ill be promoting our newest band Winters Thrall! The beautiful Millie our co-host will be live on cam tonight also. Come on out support our cohost sneezer also its his birthday think I am nuts? You have no idea how crazy this show can get!
I hope to see you there we will be discussing our amazing paranormal investigation up at Goodsprings....and for others reading this post keep in mind half of the show is paranormal the other half is extreme/Comedy radio! Come on out see me tonight Raw at my best!
ONLY AT: ... tRadio.htm

Lord Rick Also Known As AngelOfThyNight
A Goodbye To Las Vegas Bash.....Bring Your Beer & Grass Lets Party TONIGHT!!! Where one legacy ends a new revolution begins TONIGHT!
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