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Hollywood & Troy LIVE At AngelOfThyNight Radio....READ!!
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Jan 08, 2009 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Hollywood & Troy LIVE At AngelOfThyNight Radio....READ!!

You guys are one day away from tuning in to a whole new season of AngelOfThyNight Radio as we kick off 2009 with Hollywood & Troy. We will be interviewing them live bad asses in music its a real honor because this is one of our most famous guest to our show. We also will be covering the Mike Bitchital BS people heard his side of things now their going to hear mine since he wants to invite haters on to the very own forum that I put energy into. We will have good comedy.....Ill be talking about a couple previous places I explored/Investigated. Kai will be here at the studio...possibly another cohost etc! Our show is just that its original, raw, and live from Las Vegas. Keep in mind its comedy mainly but I do cover always a few strange paranormal things per show during the 4 to 5 hour period were LIVE. All shows are done on camera so you get to see us but tune in also. If for some reason you cannot get into the chatroom at by clicking the banner on top you can view/listen the show at live at some of these various links...just make sure you have the volume turned up on the widgets etc ... /index.php

We are pretty excited about all of this and for those that stuck with me as fans....loyal friends thanks it means a lot to me. Their is a lot of benefits as to being on staff with our show as time goes on you will understand. Kai is our newest member to the radio team he loves it and plans on getting more involved. So tune on in 7pm tomorrow pacific time and once again thanks for showing your support. We want tomorrow to hit our highest amount of viewers which we will because Hollywood & Troy have more fans then Mother Teresa and of course this is some good sponsorship towards nowlive!
Lord Rick
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