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"The Road" Lets Talk About It....
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:25 am ]
Post subject:  "The Road" Lets Talk About It....

Lets face it most movies we see originally are written novels put into the big tv screen. Nothing struck me so deep then the movie called "The Road" which will be a topic on Fridays radio show so ill keep it brief. Basically the story is about post apocalyptic civilization. It is about a father and his son who do what they can to survive this includes finding food, facing the elements, injuries and even crazed out cannibals.

I am not sure humans yet understand that an end to our civilization can occur anytime. I do not know what phases this planet will take or even our universe. Hell man might destroy himself but nonetheless in a world that has gone into peril would reveal the true evils of man.

We would live in a world where we have to fend for ourselves. The food would be so scarce most of us would become scavengers. When the food is gone what then? We we eat our own pets....or will man hunt in tribes raping...pillaging....even turning on eachother just to feed their hunger?

Everything I do is to prepare myself how to survive in a world that has gone to hell. Some of you can work 9 to 5 the good people that you are....but the truth is what would you do is you woke up one morning and quakes destroyed the entire world. Lets say the earth tilts on its axis.....or we get bombarded with giant asteroids. What are some of the first things you would do? Where would you go?

Lets say you hid in your house what will you do when the electric does not work or gas? How will you cook? Bath? Would you take care of you or would you help the very few that remained? We live in a society where people often take advantage of the things that they should not. Remember up north it gets cold in a peril world lighting a fire on a cold night means a gang might kill you and rob you only because surviving in a world of what little is left means all will suffer but the ones who will suffer more then anything are those who did not inform themselves of such possibilities.

The movie goes into the fact that if you are suffering in a post apocalyptic world should you take your own life. It makes you wonder what is worth living on for? Perhaps its to seek others like yourself out there who can work towards surviving together to live life to the fullest even if its a can of corn.

I look at the last decade of my life and as a paranormal investigator I been in deadly situations. Like this weekend for example we escaped a flood. I had only a few minutes to off road on a hill dirt road water rushing in from everywhere like rivers. My motivation was to breath another day to tell my story and keep my lady safe.

I feel that in a post apocalyptic world most humans will forget that and will only think about where the next meal is going to come from. The first stages within this apocalypse will be rioting, pillaging, rape, murder, mayhem, tribes as well as gangs and eventually most human life will die off. It was said that so far on Earth their have been at least 5 apocalypses each time with man coming near to dying out. But somehow life continued on and here we are today a gift one that should be shared.

Being in my forums and a part of my group is a gift. It allows us all to be here till the very end depending on what that end is. I know that I would love to bring my fans.....loyal friends and even television a look into what it is we do and another decade more. Anyhow you can check out the trailer to this movie at: some of you one day might live to see the apocalypse some of you may not but where does the end begin and when does it stop? Have a great night!
Lord Rick
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