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 Post subject: Check Out Our Other Great Groups
PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:54 pm 
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We try to provide you with a variety of groups for varied interest here on the web. We do this so that everybody who joins has a chance at making friends or sharing varied interest with one another. Although it is not mandatory we would like to promote or have you take a look at some of our other groups. We are almost positive you will find something you like whether its an adult list, a support group, magick, the paranormal, recreation Etc. There is something for everybody. All we ask is you do not abuse the policies and guidelines that are set for each group. We want to spread the word so that everybody has a fair opportunity to share interest in our groups as well as others to join them. So please take a moment and read a little about some of our other groups if they fit your interest you are more then welcome to join them.

Paranormal & Ghost Society of Buffalo
Originally we were based in Buffalo now in Florida but we still have the group with over 1000 members from all over the world. We are one of the largest paranormal groups that has member of the year, up to date paranormal news, we go on investigations weekly. We have investigated many places in NY such as the Buffalo Asylum, Forest Lawn Cemetery, USS Sullivans Etc. We have done almost 300 investigations into the paranormal and plan on doing hundreds more. This is a great group to make friends and support our organization. We also have sister groups and anybody can join. We cover everything from UFOs, Ghost, Demons, Cryptzoology, Angels and so much more. Join our group originally where our journeys began.

Paranormal & Ghost Society Of Florida
We are now based in here in the Daytona/Orlando Florida State area and bring you a group where many Florida's can join and partake interest in the adventure. Anybody can join we just ask that you are interest in the unexplained. We share up to date paranormal news, ghost stories, experiences, have BBQs and get together, do ghost tours, weekly investigations, and mainly cover paranormal news around the state of Florida. We have some of the best ghost photos in the world, many members from various parts of Florida and we have investigated some very famous places such as the Henry A. Deland Mansion, Historical Deland and the Artisan Inn with many more investigations to come. If you are interested in joining the Adventure, Finding Friendship & Seeking the Truth join us as new journeys await.

Paranormal & Ghost Society Of California

Much like ParanormalFlorida accept this forum will be for our California members so they can get involved with us when we are based out west with the meet ups and investigations. The group is still in the building stage so please bare with us.

Paranormal & Ghost Society

We are an international paranormal organization dedicated to seeking out the truth. We share up to date paranormal news everything from Ghosts, Haunted locations, UFO's, Conspiracies, Cryptozoology, Angels, Strange Events, Miracles and so much more. We have member of the year, sell our own logo wear, paranormal equipment, books Etc. We do weekly investigations to some of the scariest locations and have some of the best ghost photos in the world. We have done 100's of investigations everything from famous Asylums to Haunted Historical Homes. We have been on television for our research into the supernatural. We have 1000s of fans, members world wide. Anybody can join and show your support as we are one of the more larger and successful paranormal groups in the country. We now are based in Florida a very mystical old state and plan on bringing you nothing but the truth. Come join as I will show you a world beyond your own! Also check out our site at

The Paranormal & Ghost Society MSN Group
Finally as requested by 100s of members we now have come to MSN bring you a very cozy paranormal message board with lots of extra features. Basically we send out the same articles a little bit less then our other boards but this group allows our members to get more involved. Since we have a wide range of photo galleries that our members can share there photos with this means more creativity should come from this board. So please join us as we share up to date paranormal news, photos, discussions and more all on MSN brought to you by PGS!

Paranormal & Ghost Society Connections
Finally a paranormal group where other likeminded individuals can find others for love, sex, romance, relationships and more. Anybody can join as long as you have the intent of finding realtime hook ups and that you are looking for something. The group is still part of our paranormal organization so if you sign up daily their will be 20-60 articles sent out like ghost stories and paranormal news. By joining you can share a joke, poem, flirt, tease, get to know others and still enjoy the paranormal. We are based in Florida and we have monthly meet ups and very few months a party for the members. This will allow you to make new friends and perhaps find what your looking for. So check it out and see what were all about. ... onnections

Paranormal & Ghost Society Myspace Group
That is right folks we are now on Myspace with one of the largest Paranormal Forums across the net. Originally we had over 5,000 members but were deleted from a hate group so were in the rebuilding stage. This is a place where I can answer your questions and get into some pretty good theories about the paranormal. Its a family...a home...and plus allows you to see eachothers and so much more. Myspace is one of the hottest services and we bring you this great group hosted by Lord Rick.

The Paranormal & Ghost Society Private BBS (No Censorship)
The BBS is owned by us personally we own it and its hosted by us. Its setup is special in the fact that you can have your own mailbox, profiles, avatars etc. The BBS is a series of forums all combined into one board. We have a huge variety of can put smilies...html...attach photos...etc in your post. The BBS is for our most loyal members. The only way to get on here is by approval only. Those that show to the meet ups, consistently donate, or are personal friends will be aloud to join. You have to register and you can check it will say no forums available that is because they are hidden until you are approved and have a user name.

The Paranormal & Ghost Society Google Forum

If you prefer to go through google our forum rocks on there! Its much like yahoo but only on google who we also are affiliated with. The google group is a great way to take things up to a whole new level as its always growing. Every so often new features are becoming available and if you have a google account this is the way to go. The group has various stats and a nice setup making it very easy for the beginners. Also this group is for more or less the adults so be over 18.

The PGS Forum On AOL
That is right we also run an articles forum on America Online. Its a very simple service you sign up I approve you and each day you get to read your articles through them. This is a great forum if you are an AOL user. The interface is simple and basically its an article sharing forum.

Fans Of Lord Rick Group
Ran by Mara this is my fan group and my most loyal members. Anything goes here off topic discussion, jokes, questions for the founder, paranormal articles, discussions etc. This is a place where those offer there services and friendship to Lord Rick the founder of The Paranormal & Ghost Society whether its donations, assistance with his forums, new ideas, joining the adventure team etc. This is a place to let loose and get to know your group owner and founder.
Our Bonus Paranormal Forums ... pId=333357

A World In Tears
A world in tears group is for those suffering from depression, loss of a loved one, heartbreak, needing advice or a friend. Anybody can join particularly if your in the state of Florida. We are here to help those who are suicidal or need a friend. I know what its like to feel as if your not loved or alone so here is a place where you can find other sad or like-minded people to lend a hand in anyway you may need it. Who knows you might find that someone special who also is heartbroken. We will share jokes, poems, links, and special notes of inspiration to lift your spirits up! Remember we are here to help you & you can do the same. Lending a hand in time of need might be the only way to save the world and eachother.

Florida Heart & Soul Love Connections
Are you in Florida and searching for Love? A soulmate? Special Best Friend? This group is for serious minded people to find someone they can connect with. We will share love poems, inspirational links, jokes, questionnaires, BIOS which are added in when you join and so much more. Anybody can join but have interest in meeting others. This is a group where others can come together without the mind games and actually find the heart. Are you ready to share your love? Come join us we would love to have you here! ... onnections

Sunshine State Recreational Fun
Are you in Florida and interested in finding others to share recreation with? Activities such as biking, volleyball, soccer, tennis, hiking, Etc.? This is a great group where others can make friends and find others to share something recreational with. Anybody can join but please try and be from Florida since we are based here in Orlando/Daytona area. Perhaps one day we will have a pizza party or have weekly get together. We hope we can have a volleyball game sit back have a few beers and members can meet one another. Whether your looking for a person to hang out with go out and do things such as the movies or your a serious sports fanatic this group is for anybody looking to get out a little and have some FUN meet other locals!! So if your looking for a place where true friendships can be formed come join our family orientated group! ... ationalFun

Bif Angels Without Halos
This adult group is for all them naughty but nice Bicurious and Bifemales interesting in finding Love, Romance, Threesomes, Lust and Friendships. We will have get together eventually, joke sends, romantic links, pretty graphics now and then sent out by members Etc. Basically anything goes even the sharing of some erotic stories or photos. The group is mainly for all them feminine southern ladies who enjoy wearing lingerie, stockings, heels with a soft sensual side. You do not have to be from Florida or the South to join but if you want to explore your deepest sensual desire with another woman then this is the group for you. Please join us fill out a questionnaire and will add your bio so other Angels can meet you!

Asians & Blondes Intimacy Love Connection
Finally an adult group where Asian/oriental/blonde women can gather make new friends,find love,hot intimacy in Florida and anywhere else. Anybody is welcome to join however I would like to see particularly Blonde &; Asian women join because that's what this group is about! We would like to see other oriental and blonde women join with serious intent on meeting others. This group is also for the men/women who have adoration for the sensuality of an Asian woman or the playfulness of a sweet blonde. You can post anything you like whether its jokes, poems, something about Asian culture, a personal ad,events,photos,anything goes! We have Bios of our members and hope to make this a fun experience as well as a social club so that others can make new friends.

Mardi Gras In Florida
A group where others can come together and party like its Mardi Gras 24/7 in Florida. We are based near Daytona Beach one of the party capitals of the nation for Bike Week, Spring Break and Wild Crazy people. Anybody can join post a local event, party, gathering, night club information, tourist attractions Etc. We have over 600 members and keep on growing. This group is also for those looking to hook up, meet, make new friends, find other party goers to hang out with. We will share real photos of girls in the sunshine state bearing themselves topless and anything goes. Anybody can join swingers, stoners, party girls, strippers, escorts, college students Etc. Also if your looking for friends, one night stands, sex, love you can post anything you desire. If you want to get in on the party join today and who knows what could happen! Rock on Florida!

Pagan Passions & Florida Romances
Are you a mystical person interested in find Love? Passion? Romance? Well, this group is for anybody in Florida and surrounding areas to find other like-minded people such as Pagans, Druids, Wiccans Etc. You do not have to be Pagan to join just share interest in forming new friendships and the occult. We share everything from Spells, Poetry, Rituals, Herbs, Pagan Art, Oils, Chants, Invocations, Incense, Recipes and much more. You do not have to be looking for romance to join we just like to share a lot of useful and great info with others. We have many members from Florida and who knows you might make a new friend. We have 100s of special people out there joining, posting Bios, sharing great magical info all within the state of Florida! ... daRomances

Central FL Bifemales & Threesomes
This is our myspace group basically for Bifemales looking for friends and lovers. This is the 3rd time we have had the group the first time my exgf deleted it the second time it was deleted when I lost my account and this time well...lets hope it last a little longer. Lets face it us paranormal investigators are out there lol were all eccentric and know how to have fun. If you want to join the group is open for you lovely ladies.

Group Owner

Love is like a ghost sometimes you cannot see it but it is There

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