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As Of November 9th 2008 Lord Rick also known as AngelOfThyNight has announced his run for presidency of the United States in 4 years. The same year that South American tribes prophesized the end of mankind. I felt that if America was a land of opportunity for each man that I would serve not this country but rather the entire world. No common man has ever really ran for presidency. All men that ran previously were men with power, riches, political careers etc but we are the most open country then you as Americans will not be afraid of the change I bring. I will bring liberation to this country and hope to the world!

I have no claim on pure or innocent as man commits acts of sins, people make mistakes, life is a learning process etc. Even being president is a learning process. We have seen time and time again politicians make mistakes are they really any different then me YES because I want to bring a utopia to the world. I want a place where everybody is free and that issues like hunger, senseless wars, tragedies, homelessness etc no longer exist.

I will give the Native American people back there lands! I will give the largest fiscal budget towards cancer, aids and stem cell research to cure ALL diseases. I will revitalize the space program despite NASA banned me from their property I want to see the space program thrive once again with trips to the moon and Mars. I will work on joint ventures with other countries towards a moon base and other projects to benefit all of mankind. 

NO MORE WAR! I will visit every country and bring gifts to all leaders including smoke hooka or pot with various world leaders talking about our children and the good ole days. I will not discriminate against any country and even the axis of evil I will visit and we will work together at diminishing WMD's and ways to involve one another in various projects such as the space program, cures for diseases etc.

I will legalize marijuana and other drugs simply because it is your right to do them as long as you are not hurting anybody. Marijuana is safer the alcohol its safer then cigarettes.  I will come down hard on drinking and driving. I will cut misdemeanor fines in half and start a children's fund so that each child has toys, clothing and food for families in poverty. Marijuana will stimulate this economy. 

I will legalize prostitution with restrictions of course which will cut down on the child molesters within our country. Our system will be set up much like Amsterdam where you can window shop for stress relief, massages and other pleasures. We will tax pot and we will tax those that decide to be in adult entertainment but you will be allowed to do both.

Free medical for all pregnant women having a child is a very noble thing and should be cherished. All mothers in America including single ones will get health benefits. I will lower the age for senior citizens to 54 years of age I am a firm believer that everybody should live their life freely and not spend an entire life working till they are to sick to stand. I will make sure children do not go hungry in America by reforming welfare. 

Instead of spending billions on war I am going to take a special fund and increase earned income credit. Install new laws against corrupt police officers and CPS workers which have destroyed many families over the years.  Like most countries trespassing is nonexistent really so in America I will make it so that you can be in a cemetery after dark considering I am also a paranormal investigator I realize the value of night versus day. Just as Ill pull the troops out which will cut down on our deficit. America needs to learn Independency within our own land before we can teach it to other countries. 

I will start a new defense program in Washington DC I will not get into details about that. I also will take military families and will not deploy soldiers with spouses and children.  Our economy can never be fixed however if I can lower gas prices and sponsor new forms of energy that will revitalize the economy.  I will rid of the Patriot Act which in some way or from does violate your constitutional rights as Americans. I will give back your guns and stop the killing of animals within the shelters. Factory workers get 4 weeks paid vacation so that their bodies can rest and they will work alot harder at production. 

I will expose every conspiracy that has taken place Roswell, 911, Project Blue Book etc The world needs a dose of reality their has to be a time when enough is enough that our country can resort back to a time when things were simple. Presidents over the years have created a society based on their own religious beliefs and peeves thus hurting the Americans who once enjoyed certain freedoms they cannot any longer enjoy. I want to fix things make them right I want to be the one man that changes the world as you know it.  Just as corrupt police officers, cps workers etc should get jail time for not honoring their positions.  An end to corruption as we see it let it be for a change about the people. 

All it will take is one person to believe and we can do it!  Nowhere in the history has someone of my kind ever ran for presidency but you as Americans must know that this country needs liberation. Remember what it was like in the 60s and 70s free love not war, peace, unity, a day at the lake only cost you a few dollars. That is what I want to bring back to this country.

I admit I am a sinner as much as the next president we all make mistakes however I will make decisions based on heart not personal preferences but because I always in the end do what is right. You may read scandalous material about how Lord Rick  trespasses into cemeteries, sex scandals, about my past marriage or even things I have done in my personal life. I am not ashamed of those things. What makes a good president one who covers those up or one who says yes I did those things. I take charge but with honesty which gives others hope to know I am a loyal friend and ally. They will realize that everything we have done was to entertain and make others smile so those that harass us are harassing a man who wants equal opportunity. 



As president I will free America new laws stop here they are only made as man sees them fit does not make them accurate or right. I will create a more greener society and illegal aliens will not get benefits which takes away from the truth American citizens. As president I will continue my paranormal functions as well so if you have a haunt you will have the president investigating for you. I will be very involved with the public and no that no man will harm me because I will be an equal just as you or anybody else not above. 

I will not preach or force religion upon this country just because a man is god fearing does not mean he does not sin. I will not pretend to play the purity act being president will not be a job but it will be like being a father to every citizen in the country. I will open up the economy to the world and we will fix this deficit we have created. 

Their will be special benefits for business owners and at the end of the year small businesses that make so much will receive those benefits as a goal to stimulate the economy. I will start a historic policy where no historic structure will be demolished but rather preserved throughout history.

Welfare, Food Stamps and other forms of government assistance will be restored to the way it was in the 1980s. A time where families went to the lake for a picnic etc. I will install special programs and workshops to help those families grow to better themselves. 

I will cut down on laws and stiffen penalties for murderers, molesters, and rapist. I will fund Marijuana farms and it will also stimulate the economy as we will tax pot farmers and sell it much like Cigars or Cigarettes. I will lower the marital age to 16 years old and will allow consensual sex at the age of 16 years old this will also cut down on child molesters. In some states still its very legal to get married at that age but if you are old enough to drive you are old enough to choose who you wish to mate with.  Love and emotions are universal nobody should be jailed for consensually sharing that. 

Felons will be offered my life changing program since some are born into crime we want them to better themselves in society so we will fund a program that will allow them to do so. We all make mistakes the Lord is forgiving and my grace will show even felons this. Felons will be allowed to vote and they still will remain citizens no less of America.

We will persevere and I will make my mark in history changing the world. We will have a government ran by the commons no more rich attorneys or politicians but someone who is fair. I am a person who over they years struggled lived a sad long tragic life therefore I can give others what they need turn that pain into positive things for a future where man can exist peacefully.

I will allow others to be themselves in society gay marriage I will support just as much as multiple marriages you chose to love who you wish. Ill be a man of nobility and that is what being a Lord is. Many years ago Lords ruled countries some were good leaders who saved there people others were not. I want to be a lord who liberates true freedom. A society so fair that all of us can live life to the fullest. I can promise you my policies will create a better society and I have no funding I am a man with just some clothes on my back and three little boys I love very much. I do not need to own a corporation, have wealth, or pretend to be someone I am not. I just need to be me and take the presidency for my children and the world. 

I have a vision we all serve a purpose the paranormal is only a part of who I am but now its my time to shine. I have never served in the military perhaps because I never agreed with how some soldiers were treated. But I also believe their are other ways around war hate never will end with hate. I want to stop that I want my sons to live in a world that is free a world without pain. Can one man do it yes but it takes a special soul one who is not afraid to admit to his sins and to try to go through life to change them. 

Everything you ever wanted this country to be everything you ever dreamed of I can make happen. See my paranormal site was a spinoff to show you how over the years nobody paid me to risk my life that I did it solely out of courage and heart. That inspires the world who would not want a leader who is willing to risk his life for a cause. I will risk my own life for world peace no more starving children no more millions of dollars on pens for the government. Lets go back and fix history make it right lets start with a run for presidency. It starts today!

Even if I were to lose the election it never would change the fact for those who believed in me that is all I ever will need. Never will I state perfection even Lords, Gods, Humans, Animals and Ghost make mistakes. But as a paranormal founder I have learned over the years how to fix them by bettering our group and being the best we can be. Much like I will make America a country based on heart and undo all the injustices of the past.  I will be the best no policies that come from me but rather a voice of the people! A simpler life, freedom and truth!

This is something I have thought about a long time and people asked why do you despise America its not the country I despite its the people who are destroying it. I am a very self motivated person and I believe I can make a brighter future for all. Now the question is are you willing to try? Place your fears aside and lets make the world TOGETHER a better place for our children.


Lord Rick



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*Simple Biography*

Name: Richard Rowe Also Known As Lord Rick For His Miraculous Life Story

City Born: Buffalo NY In 1975

Beliefs: Scientific Spiritualism

Achievements: Founder Of PGS, Talk Show Host, Father Of 3 Sons, Spiritualist, In Various Books, A CD Music Cover, & Newspaper Articles as well as a few television shows and Author.  Many Paranormal achievements of scientific discoveries of energy and spirits.

Political Stance: Independent

Brief Summary: Lived in Buffalo NY as a child where I was given up as an orphan as a child.  Over those years I came from a fairly broken home which of course always made me wonder if others in the country we call our own faced similar struggles. During those years I struggled even in school not with grades but with others to make it a point to be my own individual no matter what others thought. I graduated school where my family pushed me away ending up moving to Las Vegas where I started an education on Cryptozoology, UFOlogy, and Parapsychology. 

When I went back to NY we started our society which its intent was to scientifically prove the fact that ghost exist. We did that plus at the same time provided entertainment since 2001 and will continue to do so.  Some of that entertainment society has appalled the public while others understand that our site serves a more meaningful purpose which is to educate and provide truthful political views. Over the years people had came to me saying to me Rick if you ran for president I would vote for you because all my beliefs stem from one thing freedom. Freedom to do as you wish in your home on your property.....no violence or hate just living your life to the fullest without having to worry about being criminalized in your own country. 

I was a victim of homelessness and our own government at times has caused my family to be wronged. I want to go in and prevent these things from happening to other families. I want a greener planet, to expand our universe, and to give the next generation the same taste of freedoms I had as a child. Remember going to the lake in the 70s? Being able to smoke a joint or fill up your gas tank for 15 dollars?  It was a time where you could leave a church unlocked. Society has become rebellious to political law which has increased crime its human nature something I have studied over the years which will help me be a great president one day.

Just because a president is religious, wealthy or even college educated does not mean they make the right decisions. I want to be the leader that has experienced the ups and downs created in society by politicians who have made poor choices. What makes me an icon is over the years I have done hundred of extreme adventures living my life as a free American but also as one who has seen those freedoms dicipate.

My main focus will be on The Native Americans, Children, and Women. I will also focus on strengthening our countries coast lines but will pull troops out of every country as democracy is something learned not forced upon others. I will focus on the space program and a greener earth. But also will make it so that families in poverty can survive. I will aid other countries with humanitarian efforts and my other main focus will be to help those with disabilities and the elderly. I will lower the senior citizen age so that our older generation can enjoy their freedoms that we were born with. 

The things I will do come from a man who has been a victim of abusive cops, corrupt judges and even the state.  Laws are put in stone because freedom is visualized through another mans eyes. The freedom I want to bring comes from the heart not from a bible or from how I was raised as a child its how life should be simpler, affordable and care free.

I know by 2012 this country will need a liberator not a politician who might spend 700billion on war but I will give back to the people. I have always wanted to rewrite history time and time again I have proven the great things I have done with my paranormal entertainment site. Such as in 2003 my friend was killed by a drunk driver we pushed on and my presidency would come down hard on kidnappers, drunk drivers and serial rapist. I will not make many laws but rather remove the unnecessary laws which has created a rebellious society. 

Over the years I have self studies politics and law but even being president is not ran just by one man but advisors therefore does a man need experience to be president NO he just needs to work hard to keep his promises. I will keep the promises I made on this page  

As a well traveled man I have lived in NY, Florida, NV, and even California. I have always wanted to live in such a place like the white house not because of its wealth but rather its ghostly history. Everything I have ever done everything I am about to do is not for me but for the history of America and its previous downfalls. 

Currently I reside in Las Vegas where I continue my adventures into the unknown, host my talk show, write my books, and teach others about freedom. During the next 4 years we will work very hard to get on the ballet and be a part of the election process. I have always been about family and the one thing I cannot stand is corruption or lies. That is what I want to do by being president is to get rid of the corruption, lies, and develop a nation on a man who has sacrificed his entire life for this cause. It is the most unselfish thing anybody could ever do to want to be a world leader so that his children could someday grow up safely and experience a world where its safe and free.

It all starts on this page and I will have a better biography in months to come!  We left England to escape the inquisition lets not let those forefathers who fought so hard to create a free society be taken away elect Lord Richard Rowe for president and do not work against me work with me one man and woman at a time! America is very divided of a country people are hurting, starving, dying of diseases, and depression is a reality. As a victim of all of those things I KNOW I can make it a reality to prevent those things from ever happening to others. 



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