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What happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas join The Paranormal & Ghost Society as we host this diverse event once a month. All our invited to come out Urban Explorers, Paranormal Investigators, TV Producers, Editors, Fans Of Lord Rick, Pagans, Spirtualist, Authors, Stoners, Porn Stars, Sluts, Goths, Freaks, Animals, and even our members can attend. Anotherwards I do not care if your Mother Teresa or Ron Jeremy because all of you are welcomed to attend. Once a month your founder, talk show host, author and one of the most active Paranormal Investigators in the country Lord Rick you will get to party with and enjoy what could be The Last Supper lol. Come on out party with the group in Vegas!

Each month we will hold an event at a different locations pubs, lounges, casinos, and even restaurants. For now however we will have one more meet up at the Voodoo Lounge! Look further below to find out our next event and where its at! If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Click Here: To Email AngelOfThyNight


Meetup Sponsored By.....

The next meet-up is:

January 19th 2011 Wednesday 7PM

Last Gathering In Las Vegas Please Say Your Goodbyes & Attend

Top Of The Rio 

At The Rio Hotel & Casino On 3790 South Las Vegas BLVD At The Voodoo Lounge with live 50 stories above Las Vegas in a cozy atmosphere! After 8pm is live entertainment 50 stories on top of the world! Come on out to one of the hottest lounges in Vegas and party voodoo style!  Our meet ups will be held for the next few months at the Voodoo Lounge with dance/techno music and later in the evening a live band usually Reggae Music.  Directions and more information below!

Hours of Operation:
Daily, 5 P.M. to 2:30 A.M.
Decor: Trendy.
Dress Code: Casually Elegant attire suggested.
Valet Parking: Yes, available at the Rio.
Required Age: Legal drinking age required Unless Eating At Restaurant


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Click The Above Banner If You Wish To See Some Of Our Videos From The Voodoo Lounge

Click Here To See Map Of Location

Click Here To See The Rios Site Then Click Voodoo Lounge Then Watch The Video

Click Here To See A 360 View Of The Lounge

Click Here: Lord Rick's Rio Videos On Myspace

The Sea Of Love Atop Of Las Vegas

When I say meet ups is a place for members of our paranormal organization, freaks, myspace members, personal friends, news editors, producers, models from OMI, romance groups etc to come on out meet with me and get together to make friends. Topics vary every meet up some we talk about haunted places, theories etc while sometimes we talk about nothing. Its a way for us to get together for burgers, beer and fun. I do not put restrictions on who attends its here for anybody and everybody to attend. Some meet ups we recruit new investigators others are non paranormal related. But I host them and if you wish to attend just show on up or contact us to let me know you will be there!

The Paranormal & Ghost Society is one of the largest paranormal organizations now on the west coast with over 800 paranormal investigations, 10000s of photos, and we have completed many achievements. We throw parties on the holidays, have member of the year, do ghost tours, sell our own paranormal equipment, as well as our own logo-wear such as t-shirts and coffee mugs. We cover many topics whether it would be Cryptozoology, Ufology, or Parapsychology. But PGS is more then just a group of ghost chasers were one of the top of the line paranormal entertainment groups and the only kind in the world. Our meet up is sponsored by me Lord Rick host of the AngelOfThyNight Adult Radio Show!

 The meet up group is a way for all of us to meet in a cozy atmosphere have a few drinks talk about what our goals are, perhaps sign up some new investigators, make some friends and get more people involved in what we are about. We have so much to offer you as a member we even been on television a few times, have a book coming out and were become one of the top paranormal groups in the state of Florida. We are based here in Las Vegas/Sacramento but all are welcomed to partake in various activities and adventures no matter where you are from. 

All of Lord Rick's forums, fans, members will attend including his other forums which deal with singles, stoners, couples, paranormal enthusiast, pagans and goths. Lets get crazy come on out and party with The Lord! We solely are based on Truth, Friendship and Adventure are you ready to join us for a unforgettable journey? Living Starts here!

Paranormal & Ghost Society
11310 Prospect Drive #10 PMB 29
Jackson CA 95642


Photos Above taken at the NY NY meet-up July 23rd 2008 First Meetup In Vegas Ever

 Few Photos From Previous Meets In Other States PA and FL

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