Griffis Sculpture Park is over 400 acres of trails, woods, rolling hills filled with 100-200 sculptures by many well known international artist. I do not have a lot of history but should have some in the future when I can further research this place. The park is owned by Ashford Hollow Foundation for the Visual and Performing Arts. There is many different sculptures such as a submarine you can crawl in, a castle tower, a giant turtle, a space ship, giant insects and so much more. It has an Easter Island type of feel to it. Besides the sculptures it is a great place to have a picnic at. There is a lot of nature and the park is separated into 2 different parts. I will post a few pictures from various sources for educational purposes only which means we have no claim that they are PGS's photos accept for the ones we claim as our own. But wow what a great place this is.

There is a story about this place before it was a sculpture park and it goes like this. There was a witch in Ashford Hollow called Sophia. Before it was Griffis Sculpture park it was once a prospering farm. Sophia lived with her parents on the farm but the towns folk said she had the ability to curse or persuade. She was a strange lady she did not bare children, have a husband and eventually when her parents passed on she remained by herself living within the rolling hills of today's park. The people feared her because she was not like others always keeping to herself. She would curse the towns folk even at her old age when she reached her 70s. She use to say when I die I want to make the entire community remember how they mistreated me. Then one winter day she was out chopping some wood and died perhaps from a heart attack or stroke. A friend did not find her for days and when she did Sophia was frozen in place. Today her grave can be found somewhere not far in the woods where Griffis Sculpture Park is today. The sculptures remain frozen in time as the Ashford Hollow purchased the land to make this into a very beautiful place of art and nature. Does Sophia the Ashford Witch haunt this park? Does she watch others? Did she watch or follow us around during our investigation here during a terrible snow storm? You decide!

Why did we decide to investigate a park such as this? Well simple really as a child I went here a couple times. I remember climbing onto the tower reading the little map you get telling you where each site is such as a maze or a specific sculpture. So I wanted to go back. Honestly when you think about it this is a place of happiness, peace, serenity, and articulate creations. If you were a spirit wouldn't you want to spend your afterlife where you devoted your time? Which is art. So thoughts of it being haunted were not sounding as outrageous to me at all. 

We had a few nice photos coming out of our investigation here. Although I have to admit this was not an easy investigation. When we visited here it was a white out almost we could not even see most of the sculptures even being 6 feet away from them and the 2 and half feet of snow made it almost impossible to venture farther in. So we basically focused our investigation a few hundred feet into the park and on the road that separates the park. There seems to be a lot of history behind the park think about it. The creations of these sculptures portrays what is in the artist's heart. Whether it is death, sadness, love, or hate that energy perhaps might even be carried into the park itself and there is where you get various energies perhaps some kind of residual energies. Plus we have the witch who froze to death here if I would have knew about this earlier I'd worked with her but I have a feeling she did watch over us.  But this park is really great and I wanted to be able to share a part of it with everybody.




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