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Tune On In To AngelOfThyNight Radio This Friday In E.R. With
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Author:  AngelOfThyNight [ Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Tune On In To AngelOfThyNight Radio This Friday In E.R. With

Each and everyone of you is invited to our summer season opener this Friday night LIVE at 7pm. I was suppose to do this show a couple weeks ago but it didn't happen and now it happens ONLY at AngelOfThyNight & Nightfall Radio.

Currently I am looking for guest to interview, bands to sign up with us permanently and a couple new permanent co-host for our show. Please email me at for all venues and interest.

If you are a listener you will have the opportunity to view the show live on camera and listen live. By tuning in LIVE all of you have the opportunity to call into the show at anytime. You also have the opportunity to listen to some great music and listen to serious topics as well as extreme radio.
Tune On In To AngelOfThyNight Radio This Friday In E.R. With Dr Lord Rick!

From now on we have a new contest going on within PGS. Members of the year get 4 to 6 seasons of our show on disc free to there homes trust me its golden. Also for anybody who help me co-host the show for at least two seasons get over 60 episodes free to there homes as our way of saying thanks. In addition to that anybody who dedicates themselves to tuning into our show all the way till December 17th will by xmas get a copy of all 6 seasons directly to there homes.

We want you to enjoy our show since they not only circle around our groups but also because it is a way for me to get you tokers, smokers and crazy motherfuc*ers out to have a good time. AngelOfThyNight & Nightfall Radio are a mix of fortean stories, adult comedy, music and so much more. I am hoping now that the show is returning we can build a whole new mix of crazy fans. I know most of my friends in Vegas will be tuning in from our various widgets so if you feel you need to call on in bust my chomps go for it I like a challenge.

I host the show free of cost I am the producer of it the skits etc we put out are my own productions as our show is one of the reality kind. I miss the days thousands tuned in but this is not about numbers its about me connected to you so how about it this Friday at 7pm pst 10pm est all you do is click the link its free to create a chat room name now I cannot guarantee this show will be archived for seven days so if you happen to miss the show and its not my apologizes. In our studio we do record the show and we later sell it on disc to the public. But really we sell the raw comedy since I spend countless hours working on my show.

Since we been around for a few years I look forward to seeing some of you and you are invited to come on out smoke up, drink up....and hell rant about whatever you want. I have a special feature ask Lord Rick allowing all fans to interact with the show and during breaks will play some pretty good sound quality music. We will be doing a LIVE roast as well I love it and you do to!

I will send out continuous reminders and you must be 18 and older to view this show strong language content beyond your wildest dreams lmao. I do the show because I enjoy it I do it for EACH and EVERYONE of YOU so please come on out my doors and my studios are open to all of you. As we have a new theme song.....and music by Winters Thrall! Yeah!
Lord Rick

Call In Numbers

+(1)646-3583480 Ext.481 New York
+(1)305-8901835 Ext.987 Florida
+(1)407-5060407 Ext.242 Orlando
+(1)213-3664016 Ext.426 California
+(1)702-4420903 Ext.188 Nevada

PS Please feel free to save the banner put it up on your sites......use it as a promo....or save it an add it to your collection!


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