Odd animal mutilations are not uncommon these days. Yes animals die and they do decay but what about the ones that die unnaturally and who does this? In theory i would like to say that at least half of the mutilations are probably caused by alien autopsy. Alot of times animals are found with missing parts, genitalia mainly and triangular cuts but they are so fine that only a Dr could perform something like this based on studies. Other animals i am sure are mutilated from Cryptids such as bigfoot where you will find the animal possibly defurred and bones picked clean. There are cults who do mutilate animals but most cut out the heart. The most common type of animal mutilated is cows and cattle often they are left out at night to roam a pasture and the next day found dead with tissue missing off the face no bite marks just skin missing. Perhaps aliens are cloning or need certain parts perhaps they even make acids and protein to absorb threw the skin its really hard to speculate. Mutilations in the last 20 years have increased like the beast of ex-moore had killed over 200 cattle and the Chupacabras is said to easily drain the blood of 70 goats and sheep all in one night. To a farmer that's a huge loss but it also remains a HUGE mystery. We encountered mutilations of animals up in warren one i believe was a dog, possum, raccoon, and something else about 12 of them all dead a few feet apart. They were mutilated very oddly so all we can do really is speculate and form a theory till the truth has come out to why animals turn up this way.

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Cattle Mutilations

A world-wide problem, cattle are killed and the body is left on the farm in various conditions. On studying the body, it has been found that the body has been totally drained of blood and that there has been no trace of blood found anywhere on the ground around the body. Various incisions would also be found on the body that were so clear cut that they would have had to have been done with some sort of laser technology that we didn't have when the mutilations started (before 1970). Bones were also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut. The bodies would be missing various parts which had also shown to have been removed with accurate precision. UFOs have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bodies have been found.

Mutilations are differentiated from accidental or predatory death for several reasons. Chief among them is the manner in which the flesh has been removed from the body. Cauterization (the fusing of tissue and blood vessels by heat or chemical means) seems to be typical of mutilations. Unlike animal attack, the flesh, adjoining the area where it has been removed, is smooth and clean as if cut with a searing or laser scalpel. As well, the areas chosen for removal are quite strange. Mainly the sexual, anterior digestive tract and sensory organs are affected.(No predator differentiates so precisely). Still, no tracks of any kind can be found around the mutilation site, except, sometimes, tripod marks. Also, no carrion eaters will touch the mutilated cow even though it has plenty of flesh still left to be eaten.

 Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama, Puerto Rico, Canada, and as far away as South America, have been home to such mutilations. Speculation that it is the work of secret US government groups (paramilitary or spy)or Satanic cults therefore seem too far fetched. Surely the US government would have their own stock of cows for an experiment of this nature. Satanic cults would need to have enormous resources to carry out this type of operation throughout the world. Ranchers have witnessed strange, unmarked black helicopters fly over their herds where they will later find mutilated cattle. Some have even witnessed strange lights in the night sky previous to finding bodies. There are those who believe that the mutilations are occurring as a random radiation test by extraterrestrial visitors whose purpose is to safeguard humanity against nuclear annihilation.

Rancher C. E. Potts found one of his prize bulls alongside of the road one summer afternoon in 1990 ,late July. "We were passing down this road, and there was a thunderstorm a coming up behind us. We smelled this animal as we come by. We came back to check on it, and found it was mutilated. We examined it and its sexual organs was taken out. Its eyes were taken out, and its eyelashes were taken out. Well, there wasn't no predators. Not a predator bothered it since it was dead even. Couldn't have been killed by a predator cause all the surgical work was done by an expert. I really didn't think anything of it till it come home to me. Now I know it was bound to have been mutilated cause anyone who could see good could tell it was, Mr. Potts remembered.


What some people have claimed are the result of experimentation conducted by UFO borne aliens. Others suspect that Satanic cults used the unfortunate animals in their rituals. Another theory is that cattle are being used in secret U.S. government experiments involving chemical and germ warfare. Ranchers and skeptics seem to favor the theory that these animals have been mutilated by natural predators, such as wolves and coyotes.

Everything started when an Appaloosa gelding called Snippy from Alamosa, Colorado, met with a gruesome fate in 1967. Its carcass was found with all the flesh neatly removed from its head and neck.

Snippy's death set the pattern for a series of bizarre animal mutilations that have occurred across the U.S.A. In all cases, parts of the bodies were removed, such as the eyes, ears, genitals, or anus.

Here are a few excerpts from an article printed on Saturday the 20th of August, 1994 in an Associated Press article originating in Eagle Nest, New Mexico

"Reports of mutilated cattle, suggestive of cases around the nation 20 years ago, are on the rise again in New Mexico. In the past 16 months, nine ranchers reported 27 cattle mutilated, the largest number near Eagle Nest, ranchers and livestock researchers say." "No animal tracks were found near the carcasses, no blood. Genitals have been removed, tongues sometimes cut off at their roots, anuses often cored out, one eye usually gone. Sometimes ears are missing. Incisions seem heat cauterized." "Some people speculate aliens might be responsible. Others blame poachers or natural predators. State livestock inspector Jerry Valerio rules out coyotes, bears, birds, dogs, and mountain lions." "Valerio says he and ranchers have watched mutilated carcasses and found predators won't go near them." "The UFO phenomena fringe frustrates FBI agent Ken Rommel of Santa Fe, whose government-commissioned 1980 report blames previous mutilations on predators. Rommel says UFO buffs fan false rumors. He calls them "the garbage grapevine". Valerio says he's still infuriated by Rommel's report 14 years later."

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I have a good friend who is a rancher in Pecos, Texas about 100 miles from my home town. He spoke with me recently about a mutilated cow he found on his ranch. He told me of the missing parts (the usual ones) along with the lower jaw being removed with a precision cut. The incisions looked as if they had been made with a laser and there was no blood found on the animal or the ground. He told me that they loose cattle periodically, but this one was different. Animal carcasses don't last long out here once dead. They are usually gone in 2-3 days due to coyotes and vultures feeding on the remains. This one remained intact for weeks he said. Predators, not even insects would mess with it. He called in a friend of his who happened to be a Texas Ranger to take a look at the animal. The Ranger took a blood sample from the cow to send to the lab in Austin. They were surprised to find that the blood in the cow had failed to coagulate in the usual manner, as it flowed freely "like water" when they cut into it, days after it was dead. Some time went by and they never heard anything back from the lab in Austin. Being curious about the matter he and the Texas Ranger contacted the lab and interestingly enough the reply they got to their inquiry about the blood sample was "don't ask".

Cattle Mutilations 

Translation by George Hoskins

Since the first incident in 1967 some ten to twenty thousand domestic cattle have been found dead and mutilated, mainly in the United States. The animals have been found in fields with certain organs removed, cut open by a very sharp instrument or by laser. A rigorous investigation [JS90 p. 169-289] leads one to believe that the removal of the organs has taken place after the animal has been abducted by air: there are no traces of a struggle or of blood on the ground, animals are found in places inaccessible on foot, etc. Several theories have been put forward: predatory animals (the official version), the act of a satanic sect, abduction from space as UFOs have sometimes been sighted nearby, the work of the military since unmarked helicopters are often sighted at the scene. The difficulty in attributing this phenomenon to a human cause lies in its magnitude: what kind of organization would be able to succeed in mutilating more than 10,000 head of cattle without ever being seen by witnesses or police investigators? The media offer no solution and local authorities attempt to suppress the matter.

One might attempt to put the puzzle together in the following way, although the outcome is uncertain, by imagining that the American military is behind these mutilations. It is important to note that the technique employed may have evolved since the start of the mutilations, and that it must vary from one case to another in such a manner as to produce confusion among the investigators.

There are sometimes marks on the animals’ backs that make them visible in ultraviolet light so that they can be spotted at night [JS90 p. 193, citing the research of Howard Burgess and Sergeant Gabriel Valdez].

The animals are killed on the ground by chemical or bacteriological injection [cf JS90 p. 188, citing the research of Howard Burgess], or by microwave laser shots (aerial shot or from the ground) [GB97 p. 246, citing the work of Linda Howe, mentions exposure to microwaves]. The continuing electromagnetic, biological or chemical effect could explain why predators and insects do not approach the body. Sometimes, too, numerous insects are found dead [cf JS90 p. 197], as in certain crop circles.

An operative on the ground quickly carries out the removal of the organs after cutting open the animal with a sharp instrument (see fig. 6-a), a traditional scalpel, a laser instrument, or an ultrasonic scalpel. The animal’s blood may be removed by puncturing a vein and suction. The operative leaves no trace of footprints or vehicle on the ground, using suitable equipment.

The removal of organs or of skin is perhaps only a decoy serving to extract those parts which have absorbed chemicals or been burned by microwaves, so that the cause of death may remain unknown even if the animal is given an autopsy. This removal can also permit an examination of the degree of radioactive contamination of these organs (see below).

When the situation is favourable with no nearby witnesses, the animals are moved by helicopter in order to suggest an aerial removal of the organs thus giving credence to the extraterrestrial theory. The helicopter can be quiet if equipped with the NOTAR system (No Tail Rotor). It is not necessary to use heavy equipment: after 1969, a light helicopter of the Aerospatial Lama 315B type, weighing one ton and 13 metres long would be capable of transporting by the sling method a cow weighing 700 kilos or a bull of more than a ton. One frequently finds marks left by crampons or steel wires on a leg, or of straps beneath the abdomen [JS90 p. 173-174 and 189-193, citing the research of Howard Burgess]. The animal is dropped at some height as evidenced by broken tree branches, broken legs or ribs, etc [JS90 p. 198-199]). The helicopter maintains sufficient height so as not to disturb the ground vegetation or trees.

A deliberately staged UFO flight is sometimes used as a diversionary tactic and to give credence to the extraterrestrial theory. The operative can also produce fake landing marks on the ground, using suitable equipment, or else a heavy object is lowered and then raised again from the helicopter in order to create impressions on the ground, possibly radioactive ones [cf JS90 p. 186-187].

These "UFOs" might also be remote-controlled reconnaissance systems (drones) allowing the operators to ascertain whether there are any witnesses present. The first drones of this kind appeared during the 60s.

When, in rare cases, the ground operative or the helicopter are spotted by witnesses or when the police investigators are too efficient, the military enjoins them to secrecy. Some zealous investigators are put under surveillance [cf JS90 p. 212-213, about the research of Iona Hoeppner] or are subject to attempts of intimidation or threat of death, and others are relieved of their duties [JS90 p. 275-276]. Let us here praise the courage of John Paternoster, District Attorney for the 8th District of New Mexico, and of Sheriff Pat Oakley, for their tenacity in pursuing an elucidation of the mystery of the mutilations, which they chose to treat as carefully as cases of homicide.

In order to rekindle public interest or to confuse investigations, colourful details may be added in certain cases. For example, a medical bag was found which contained the organs of a mutilated animal and which seemed to have fallen from a considerable height [JS90 p. 181]. A document, very likely to be a fake document by the fact that it is neither signed nor dated although coming from an official source, thus making any investigation into the newspapers of the time impossible, mentions humans who have been mutilated along the same lines [cf JS90 p. 219]. Etc.


What We Do Not Know

George E. Onet, D.V.M., Ph. D.

  • What causes the death of animals that are found mutilated?

Some evidence suggests that the mutilation takes place after the animal has died. Otherwise, the body and the surrounding areas would be stained with a great deal of blood because if the animal were alive, the heart would continue to pump blood through the open vessels. Reports reveal that compared to the severity of the wounds, blood traces are scarce.

Natural causes of death in animals include: infectious diseases, severe accidents, poisoning, bloat, birth-related accidents, predators, electrocution, etc. which can be diagnosed through macroscopic examination and laboratory analyses. In most mutilation cases, it has been reported that animals died suddenly. This is based on the testimony that they were seen by the owner in good health and body condition shortly before being found dead.

If predators caused the death, teeth marks would be found around the hocks and the nose because those areas are usually attacked first. Tissues would be torn, arteries and veins would be open and bleeding would take place—which would be easy to see. Especially during the winter season, blood traces are easily detected on snow covered terrain. In other seasons, the soil and vegetation in the vicinity of the carcass would show tracks, hoof prints, and/or signs of ante-mortem struggle—signs which are difficult to miss.

During an investigation, authorities will conduct a thorough examination of the mutilated body and the surrounding areas using more or less standard procedures. Their findings are documented in legal reports. If no signs of predator attack or ante-mortem struggle are revealed, then the question is: how did the animal(s) die? One answer is natural causes, but if natural causes were not evident, the animals may have been euthanized somehow and mutilated later. What could have silently killed them without leaving any traces on the body and in the inflicted tissues?

Regardless of the cause of death, normally there is an agony phase during which the animals display contractions in different parts of the body, especially in the legs and in the neck muscles. Pedaling, for instance, will cause tracks on the soil—which would be noticeable. If tracks are not present, then the animal(s) probably died instantly without going through the agony phase. Possible causes of an instant death are lightning, gun-shots or paralyzing factors. Weather conditions, characteristic lesions on the body, and signs in the surrounding area can confirm or exclude the possibility of lightning. Gun-shots can be easily detected through a thorough necropsy. Paralyzing factors are more difficult to identify. However, a laboratory examination would have a good chance to clarify such a suspicion. If none of these possibilities exist, what else could be responsible for the death?

Special attention should be paid to situations when more than one animal is found dead under similar circumstances. When three or four animals are found in the same position, as if they were walking in the same direction, or when the position of their legs suggests that they were running, then the question remains what caused the sudden death?

Some reports have mentioned that mutilated animals were found laying in the middle of perfectly round areas where the vegetation looked as if it had been burned. What could have caused this strange occurrence? Other reports mention that large allegedly mutilated animals (cows, steers) had all four legs fractured with no plausible explanation. If one or two legs had been broken, it could be easier to understand.

According to a recent report (private communication, Dec. 1996), issued by the Criminal Investigations Division in Fort Pierce, Florida, tissue and blood samples from a mutilated animal were submitted to a state diagnostic laboratory. By using gas chromatography, they found three unusual compounds in the liver and the aortic blood: Furaltadone (an antibacterial compound), Oxipronolol acetate (a beta blocker), and Amfetaminil (a psychotropic drug).(9) How did these chemicals get into the blood stream when the necropsy report did not mention signs of intravenous injection? Their presence suggests, however, human intervention.

  • What is the logical explanation for the missing body parts and the way in which they were removed?

The most plausible interpretation which has been reflected in veterinary reports is that animal mutilations are the work of scavengers. The kind of tissues removed suggests a preference for soft easily accessible body parts (teats, udder, tongue, external genitalia, ears, etc.). In such situations, it is likely that the animals died of natural causes and were scavenged afterwards. However, scavengers do not kill animals.

A strange feature in animal mutilation reports is the apparent precision by which the tissues were cut. Examination of the remaining tissues gave investigators the strong impression that they were cut with surgical precision. However, how this was performed could not be established with certainty. In some instances, the edges of the remaining skin looked so regularly serrated that it could not be caused by a predators’ bite or tearing.(8) For example, portions of 20-25 cm skin edges were straight and regularly serrated, which suggests the use of an instrument. What kind of surgical instruments could have been used to leave this kind of cut?

In some cases, it was suspected that laser beams were used.(7,8) However, with currently available laser technology, cutting a 3-5 mm thick cow hide would require equipment weighing several thousand pounds. How could that equipment have been deployed and used in usually remote areas without being seen or leaving tracks in the surrounding environment?

  • Is the blood in the mutilated animals indeed missing?

Some reports have stated that blood was missing from the body or was only present in small amounts. In 1971, an Idaho veterinarian necropsied a purportedly mutilated horse and found that all internal organs, including the heart and the lungs, had been completely desiccated.(8) At necropsy, by compressing parenchyma tissues such as liver, lung, and kidney, one would expect that a certain amount of blood is expressed even if post-mortem coagulation or hemolysis had occurred. This is true under normal conditions when animals die without being exsanguinated. If massive ante-mortem bleeding had taken place, these organs would appear pale and the amount of blood obtained by compression is significantly reduced. But if there is no indication of extensive internal or external hemorrhage which is capable of draining blood from the circulatory system, then the lack of blood looks peculiar.

The main task would be to establish whether the blood was removed by artificial means. A thorough examination of the central and peripheral circulatory system, including the heavily vascularized tissues, should establish the correlation between the macroscopic aspect of the tissues and the microscopic images, which give more detailed information on the status of the capillary vessels and their blood load.

  • What are the morphological changes in the tissues from mutilated animals?

In some cases, tissue samples were examined in well-established diagnostic laboratories. Histology performed on over thirty skin samples from the excision lines by Dr. Altshuller, a Colorado pathologist, revealed lesions suggesting overheating. Although there were no data on the degree of autolysis of the samples, collagen and hemoglobin were significantly changed in the proximity of the excision. (7,8)

In a 1991 report, the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory of Corvallis (Oregon State University) determined that skin sections from a suspected mutilated steer showed lesions consistent with electro-surgical excision.(10)

Another element that could bring a better understanding of these kinds of processes is the bacterial load of tissues. Post-mortem decomposition usually involves a variety of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which cause tissues to decay. Compared to the surface of the affected skin, where numerous bacteria can be identified in the areas of coagulation necrosis, there is no such bacterial population. What could have caused such morphological skin changes? Only further systematic histological and molecular biology examinations, to study intimate cellular and chemical changes, could give valid clues on how these lesions were inflicted.

  • What causes the domestic and wild animals in the vicinity of mutilated animals to behave strangely?

Anecdotal reports from ranchers indicate that after an animal has been mutilated the rest of the herd behaves strangely and will keep their distance from the carcass for days. They look afraid and are in visible distress. A Utah rancher reported that the horse he was riding became very nervous when it saw a mutilated cow. The horse started to snort and would not go near the cow.

Wild animals, including predators, scavengers, and birds seem to display a similar reaction to mutilated carcasses. According to ranchers, mutilated animals will remain untouched even in areas where wild animals are commonly seen. On a Utah ranch, a carcass of an allegedly mutilated cow was in the same position with intact hide, except for the initial missing body parts, for over 9 months. The animal was laying in a wooded area which was populated with coyotes and other predators.

Animals that die of natural causes do not seem to trigger the same type of reaction from other animals. On a recent trip to a Nevada ranch (Dec. 1996), a dead cow was found on a pasture close to the highway. The cause of death appeared to be distocia. Part of an oversized calf was engaged in the pelvic tract, but the birth could not be finalized. The exhausting efforts of the cow resulted in her death. The carcass was not removed for over ten days. Animals grazing in the immediate area were not bothered by the carcass.

  • What causes the disappearance of animals?

The disappearance of animals can be attributed to a variety of causes such as rustling, running away, predator attacks, etc.

When animals are stolen, a legal investigation is usually initiated. In some cases, tracks or other clues lead to a firm conclusion that the animals were stolen even if perpetrators are not identified.

When animals run away, there are indicative signs such as broken fences and tracks. Later recovery of the animals is a chance to verify such situations.

When predators are the cause of animal disappearance, different tracks are left behind such as blood, hair, skin portions, body parts, foot prints, etc. In most cases, it is not difficult to come to a conclusive answer from these findings.

Reports of unusual animal disappearances have been filed with sheriff’s departments and other investigators.(1) Certain cases were finally clarified, but there were situations in which no traces could be found and the cases remained unsolved. In the last couple of years, there have been some reports of disappearance of large numbers of animals under circumstances in which theft was ruled out by authorities.

  • Could individuals or cult organizations be involved with animal mutilations?

Over the years, investigators have focused on the possibility of certain individuals or groups being involved with animal mutilations. Officials have even obtained confessions. However, the confessions came from imprisoned persons who were seeking lenient treatment. If satanic cults were involved, this would not explain the widespread and high incidence of mutilation cases throughout the years. In spite of all police, FBI, and other investigators efforts to gather solid evidence, no one has ever been arrested or convicted for such a crime.(1)

In order to answer these questions, thorough clinical, morpho-pathological and laboratory examinations need to be conducted. Only by carefully analyzing the results of such scientific research can pertinent conclusions be drawn. By looking for intimate changes in tissues from mutilated animals, down to cell and molecular levels, can valuable findings be correlated to help us define what in fact had happened to these animals. The first requirement to accomplish such a goal is to have necropsies performed as soon as possible after the animals’ death, and to have proper tissue samples collected for complex laboratory analyses. The second requirement is to perform an expanded array of tests when the animal tissue samples are in pristine condition. No matter what the outcome of an in-depth research on animal mutilations would be, economic losses and ranchers’ worries make searching for the answers to these questions perfectly justified.

Acknowledgment: Sincerest thanks to the President of NIDS, Mr. Robert T. Bigelow, for his steady



Possible causes?

From the very beginning, this phenomenon has baffled investigators and pathologists alike. Many experienced ranchers and sheriffs who have been handling cattle mutilations for decades are convinced that these particular cases could not possibly be the work of indigenous predators, such as coyotes, wolves or mountain lions.

In some of the cases in Alabama investigated by UFO researcher and documentary-maker Linda Howe in 1993, the mutilated animals' capillary veins had been drained of blood, which would not have occurred had the livestock been attacked by predators. Besides, what predator could be capable of surgically boring out the genitalia of a cow?

As successive investigations failed to establish any natural causes, other theories were put forward. One of these was that satanic cults were abducting the animals for ritual ceremonies, although nobody could explain what kind of devil worship involved the use of fleets of helicopters and bulky medical lasers. In any case, echaustive undercover by US and Canadian state authorities have failed to reveal any trace of a link between occult activity and these mutilations.

Another theory was fuelled by reports of mysterious, low-flying black helicopters - often silent and bearing none of the identification numbers required by US federal regulations - appearing in the area either immediately before or after the discovery of a mutilated carcass. On a number of occasions, the helicopters were seen to be spraying the area where mutilated animals were later found, giving rise to speculation that livestock was being used - presumably by government agencies, for testing biological and chemical weapons.

The mystery was further complicated by reports from civilians who photographed these helicopters, alleging that they had been threatened by men wearing black uniforms without insignias ... Men In Black??