Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery (Guernsey)  is located out towards Scandia Pa what makes this place so interesting is that its a cemetery out in the woods. Very European looking as well. The cemetery is a couple hundred feet down a blocked off dirt road. Surrounded by pine trees you come to an open area. Going to this place made me feel so comfortable perhaps because it had a certain peace about it that more or less is different from a lot of city cemeteries you visit. There are no cars that go by, there is nobody but bear and deer that cross through. The cemetery is surrounded completely by rod iron fences and it is completely Irish folk that are buried there. 

Most headstones say born in Ireland so they are ancestors that must have colonized the area back in the 1800s. The front gate is torn off and most of the cemetery is so badly vandalized that deep down you feel such a sadness walking throughout it. Even Jesus is missing off the large cross in back of the cemetery.

 There is not much history that I know about this place just that the oldest stone is from the early 1800s and the oldest is 1992. I was told from Jim and even a man at the store up the road that the news on Halloween went in there to investigate an monitor the Haunting's by leaving cameras running all night long. I guess the cemetery is a drinking spot for around the local towns. 

From what I read about it there is red and glowing green balls of light, talking trees which we know is ghost talking:) and strange ghost lights. Also their is cult activity around here so be warned if you do go sometimes you will see dead animals which are hung up on the cross. I will say if you ever want to feel what a real cemetery is join the team and let your imagination run wild.

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I have alot of photos posted here because this is my favorite cemetery or one of my favorites. I get more people writing me about this place then any other place I have visited. Recently I have been told that it is haunted by a lady in white and a mentally challenged girl who was stoned to death at the age of 7 years old. Day or night people have reported to me there car will not start in front of the cemetery, a boy will follow them out, and their is a lady who is very mean who just stands there and watches you. If there would be any cemetery I would want to spend the night it would be this one. I have seen other peoples ghostly photos in this place such as a lady standing there in a dress transparent and it is HAUNTED. I do plan on visiting this place at night one time before I move out to Florida.

Another Update:

The truth about the cemetery is that it was used as a cemetery for small pox victims
(which is why there are so many children buried there from the same family).
The idea being that they wanted the bodies buried far from town to prevent
spreading even in death. The grave from 1992 was just someone who liked the
secluded ness of the cemetery. The story of the girl being stoned to death has
lead me no where It may have happened or may not, these are the types of
things that get "swept under the rug." The Irish names simply come from the
people who first colonized that rugged area of wilderness. The cross holds
no secrets It was just placed there as a decoration and the hooks on it were
originally for ivy to hang from. I would not kiss it because of the things I
have seen hung on it and it was rumored that someone used to drip LSD on it
as a joke to those who kiss it. The sad side of the story being that many
people see this as a scary place to hold rituals. I have seen everything
from cats hung form the trees to goats and deer hung on the cross. This
however does not mean that there are not what seem to be paranormal things
that happen there. Now for the real spooky stuff, My best friend lived at
the end of Wheeler Hill rd. (yes in the house behind the gate if you've been
there) now we used to hunt in those woods a lot. We have heard things not
only in the cemetery but in the surrounding woods such as children laughing
and talking. On one occasion we heard what seemed to be a young girl scream
and with us having rifles and being brave we ran through the woods to help
only to find a area of leaves raked clear in a circle of approximately 5
meters diameter and no one around. I am very skeptical about these things
and always eliminate other possibilities before I believe something and
would have dismissed it to be a bob cat scream if it wasn't for the leaves
being moved, the stoning incident? maybe. I've never had my vehicle not
start there but I know others who have and when walking out have often
turned to see who was walking behind me knowing my friends where ahead of
me. If you ever visit this place again I caution you to beware of the
grounds keeper. He will carry a shot gun around I think more to scare kids
out and keep it from being vandalized but its best to watch out just in

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Nighttime Photography

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