Ghosts & Hauntings

Alas one of our oldest and truest legends of all. Everything our organization works for almost is because of the existence of apparitions. I will try and cover the levels of haunting's, the types of ghost out there, and a dictionary on this page you can use to help you understand what you are dealing with. The key to understanding a haunting is to respect what is haunting it. Ghost cannot really hurt you there are cases where they can push you some have been scared so bad that they died of fright or fear. Very simple in theory what a ghost is. A ghost is what it is the spirit of an animal, human or living being but it goes beyond just that. Its about energy residue from the past. Sometimes this energy is negative, sometimes it dramatic, sometimes its good but that energy sometimes is left over and does not go away. There for we are haunted by the past. When an area becomes so quiet it becomes a dead cell many reasons for it perhaps there is not enough energy for the spirit to absorb, maybe nobody is within the area in years to recognize the spirit, or perhaps the spirit finally found someone they are comfortable with. How a spirit movies objects is simple for example lets say you got a group of people in a room and a ghost lets say the ghost wants to slam a door; well the ghost needs energy to do this what I mean by energy is living souls within its range. By absorbing our flashlight batteries, are intense souls giving off fear and adrenalin they are able to have just enough energy lets say to slam this door. Its like a light switch you can light the bulb by turning it on and feeding electricity threw it. However most ghost are very quiet and depressed alot of them want to be left in peace so alot of them are found in dark abandoned places. Places even nobody has died in just places that usually do not have alot of people, sunlight, or noise. Many spirits become alive when there are things familiar to them what i mean alive is they react to only certain people, objects, scents and things. When we went to Central Terminal Station on the train platform the ghosts there seemed to react to cigarettes apparently most of them smoked 50 years ago while waiting for the trains. Ghost still remain a mystery since we do not have all the facts about them. Why do they only show up sometimes my theory is because perhaps ghost cross between the spiritual realm and ours, or perhaps its the right time and place, or maybe we happen to walk in on them caught in the act. Spirits will show themselves in they want to this is why some photographers get better photos then others some spirits are more comfortable with certain types of people but more so then others they are as curious about the living as we are the dead. Ghosts can do many things yes they do talk, yes they give off scents such as roses, they normally feel like ice cold spots and sometimes all they are is a blur of light or foggy cloud. Not all ghost are good natured some intentionally get a kick out of scaring you at least the ones that do know they are dead. The sad thing is many of these spirits do not know they are dead so they keep repeating history roaming down halls perhaps checking someone's bed at night thinking they are checking on there kids. Ghost do have a conscious yes you can talk to them and yes they will react. Not all ghost are of people or objects some are animal spirits. If you go into a barn chances are you will get lots of ghost pictures mostly they are of chickens, cows and horses because that is where most pass away. Ectoplasm in theory is the ghost itself my organization and myself have taken many photos of ectoplasm some of the best ghost shots ever taken I think were by me where I have had human faces, features, within this misty ectoplasm itself. Although common colors of it are white, blue, and pink at least for the photos I take. As far as orbs I have taken them many times motion streaks, them traveling in circles up down etc. There are 2 types of orbs the type snow and rain create and the type that are energy balls of the deceased. Orbs are ghost as well I have seen orbs giving off brilliant ectoplasm I have even seen them with the naked eye however they are fast. Those that work a lot with the dead know that when the soul leaves a body it usually is just a ball of light. Perhaps not all orbs are ghost some may be alien probes to watch us while others maybe a undiscovered species that travels in the air. Some orbs have faces on them and you can usually tell a fake orb from the real ones because a real one gives off a corona while the center remains transparent. Now vortex's in my theory are orbs that spin so quick that it gives off a tornado type of anomaly. Last off all phantoms they are also ghost but phantoms are usually people that killed themselves, passed away in a violent or sudden way or were murdered these are common. Its a ghost that repeats itself over and over which becomes a residual effect repetitive effect. Most civil war ghost are phantoms in the middle of war they were killed some instantly they had no chance to make amends therefore there business remains unfinished and sadly until someone helps guide them they probably will always remain. We must respect spirits learn about them. They will show up on photos the camera is quicker then the eye just remember that they are everywhere. If you want to see them you first must believe in them.

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Types Of Ghost

Written By Rick-AngelOfThyNight

    Orbs:  Orbs are very commen entities and best taken with a 35 mm camera. They are also referred to as globes of light, globules, energy balls etc. Some of them appear in different colors some are white and transparent. Some have faces on them and some give off brilliant light. Others can be seen with the naked eye but its rare because they are always moving or high up in the trees, corners, closets and hidden areas. I speculate there intelligence since when you talk to them and ask them to show up in photos they usually do. They are always found in most haunted places as opposed to nonhaunted. They show up night or day and often have a conscious as if they are trying to tell me something in photos like one I took was on a rail on some tracks where alot of deaths have occured. They are harmless and you can feel them sometimes blow past your face. When orbs are in motion and they have tails on them or motion trails there called plasma or plasmoid trails or streamers only a camera can catch this. Most orbs are transparent in the center and my believe is there color may actually be what there aura was once like or reflects how old of a soul they are. Orbs I believe can manifest with enough energy the more energy they gather the brighter they become. Some skeptics say they are dust or errors in digital cameras however I have gotten them on many types of cameras in nondusty environments even as high as up in trees.

    Ghost Lights:  Also called will o' the wisps, spooklights, and earthlights this phenomenon is unknown and there is many areas that have ghost lights such as the ones on Brown MT in NC, Seneca ghost lights  including the famous marfa ones as well as many more. This is not a new ghostly happening talk about ghost lights existed in 1656. What they are is most likely many spirits traveling together and with enough energy light is given off. Although scientist have theorized that its possible that these are marsh gas rising up, UFOs,  sub-atomic particles burning up, Many who have followed these lights have gotten lost, disapeared or even faced death. They are a big mystery sometimes they look like 100s of glowing balls traveling perhaps they are gateways to the spiritual world and the dead travel together through them. Alot of areas that have ghost lights have had tragedies happen in them areas train wrecks, massacres things of that sort. I would post a photo but what they actually look like is headlights from a mile away seeing them is alot better I can imagine.

    Apparitions-Disembodied Spirits:  These are rare but an apparition basically is a ghost in its full form same clothes usually, appearance before they died, they will not hurt you they may scare you since they appear tranparent. The only time they appear is when they want to tell you something and at times they become deperate to gain attention. They will move things around, make noise, talk, cause disruptions with appliances such as lights, televisions, sterios etc. They are basically the deceased and they know they are dead. If they still live in a house they died in they may go around and tidy up or even try to fix something in the kitchen. Most of the time talking to them generates a response. You may see apparitions of your family members they may come to visit you perhaps relate a message by making things happen familiar smells, opening a book, calling on the phone etc. They do seem to show emotions happiness, anger, sadness so they must be treated like us.    

    Spirits: Departed souls of the dead generally they do not have a form just a blur or cloud of light perhaps. Everything has a soul on earth animals have spirits and so do we. Most people call them guides spirits that will stick by your side and help you deal with lifes tribulations.

    Residual: These are most commen as to where the the ghost, spirit, or entity repeats its last moments before departing. This can be quite dramatic and terrorfying. These types of ghost are called phantoms they do not know there dead and there imprint from the past is left for the future. An example of this type of phenominal might be an anniverary of someones death, or lets say a sailor is lost at sea the ghost of his lover might show up on the beach every night at 1am looking for him because he did not return. These ghost ignore you I mean you can talk to them, shine lights on them and they just keep going about there business.

    Ectoplasm: This generally is a thick mist, fog, plasma type of material that shows up on cameras generally in most ectoplasm it looks like swirls however I have gotten faces, morphed souls within it. This ectoplasm is a sign that an apparition is either manifesting or has just got done manifesting. It can appear in many colors mainly white or blue but I have seen red and pink as well. 

    Vortex: There is 2 types of vortexes ones that are funnel like entities and ones that are a swirl of souls together like a gateway to the spirit realm. These forms are rare and often are said to be camera straps. Generally the center of them is darker and the outside lighter most appear in white. They most likely are caused by orbs when they move downward then stop all of sudden.

Picture source unknown

    Shadow Ghosts: These are very elusive ghost many theories come about them saying they are entities from other worlds, live underground, are ghost, demons etc. But they fit all the categories as a ghost there usually solid or transparent black most are seen near walls as if the shadow has become alive. Often the shadow ghost have red eyes there very quick and once you notice them they either vanish, fade, move quickly away. They appear to have a human figure very tall, thin, arms, legs just that most have no neck. They do not seem threatoning nor are they very outgoing unlike the apparition.

Source unknown

    Poltergeist:  This means a noisy ghost however to me a poltergeist is an angry ghost who cannot accept they are dead. The easiest target is children  since feeding off its fear gives it energy, momentum, and the attention it wants. Poltergeist are said to move objects, bite, growl, scratch, scare, hit, push, vandalize, start fires and so much more. Poltergeist also are the ghost we create with our mind like a false ghost our minds create when usually our brain is overwhelmed meaning a form of psychosis. Nobody is sure if these are even ghost or souls they may be an entity of some other kind not as bad as demons perhaps but they will scare you.   





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Poltergeist were usually thought of as very violent spirits where they would feed off of your fear and grow in power however new studies show that its very possible they are manifestations of our own psychosis what I mean by this is lets say john doe is real stressed out perhaps he keeps his emotions in well his brain manifest these emotions into the form of objects violently flying in a room, voices, things of that sort but below is the levels of hauntings not just for poltergeist but they apply to some ghost activity as well.

Here are the five known levels of Poltergeist/Ghost activity.

Collected From

Gentle Fawn
Level 1.  Senses Attack
Cold spots, hearing voices, not able to understand what they are saying, strange noises, odd odors and smells, hearing foot steps, unusual animal activity (like dogs or cats running from rooms, ect.) feelings of being watched.
Level 2. Communication
Presence felt.... No longer mind tricks
Whispers, laughs or giggles, moans or shrieking, moving shadows, breeze in closed areas, visible clouds (base apparitions) strong static, electricity, marks on the floors or walls- not writing.
Level 3. Electrical Control
Lights and other electrical appliances turning off and on, unseen hands grabbing or touching people, writings on the wall or pattern markings, doors open and close or lock and unlock, hearing voices or words clearly, full apparitions or dark figures, showing levels of communication with living people, strange telephone calls.
Level 4. The Trickery Stage
It gains knowledge of what scares you....
Flying objects, moving objects, objects disappearing and reappearing else where, shaking furniture or beds, fire starting, appearing as frightening entities, pushing or shoving people or shaking them, creating visions or illusions, speaking in ordering tones, people feel dizzy, nausea or sick to their stomach, windows, mirrors or other house hold objects breaking for no reason.
Level  5. The Danger Level
Dangerous activity, biting. slapping or punching, rape, animating objects- possession, use of house hold electrical systems to cause harm, fires and burning, blood on the walls-floor or ceilings, attacked by unseen forces, held down, hair pulled, flying knives or other sharp objects, heavy objects falling, treating writings or visual signs.
 Poltergeist last for an unknown period of time, but after level 5 it'll lay dormant and then back to level 1 and
it builds up again

Ghost Classifications

By Manalapan Ghostbusters

CLASS I - This type of spectre is defined as an undeveloped form, insubstantial and difficult to see. The Class I's interaction with the physical environment is limited and enigmatic (i.e. spectral lights, voices, sounds).

CLASS II - A ghost that begins to have actual visible characteristics and can physically manipulate things (i.e. poltergeist). Class II forms tend to be vague and inconsistent, like hands or a face just floating there.

CLASS III - When a ghost begins to take an actual distinct human form (i.e. face, torso, arms) it's classified as a Class III. III's can often change their forms as well.

CLASS IV - When investigation reveals the former identity of a Class III ghost, it is reclassified as a Class IV. Usually indistinct from the chest down.

CLASS V- An ectoplasmic manifestation of definite but non-human form. Theory supposes that Class V's are formed from emotionally-charged events or locations. (i.e. Slimer/onionhead: see films based on GBI)

CLASS VI - A non-human "animal" ghost.

CLASS VII- A Metaspectre with extra-dimensional powers far beyond human ken. Powers often include the ability to change form at will, dematerialize objects, summon pests, or possess people and animals just to name a few.


Demons:  These are the fallen angels or ancient beings. We can call them lower dimeaning spirits where there is so much evil or hate that there soul reflects the true form of a demon. They can materialize but often they sit back and observe. Demons off have a rotten stench, they usually are humanoid looking or half beast with horns but human features. Demons are said to have different levels of powers some can possess, others can be a nuisance, and even some are after souls. They are masters of trickery and most hate anything holy or human. Alot of hatred comes with these creatures as they do not feed of negative energy but rather make it in your life. Demons want to be seen and many cults with call upon them or deities to do its bidding so more or less these are entities most likely older then ghost and powerful ones. Many haunted places may have a demon in it and many of the ghost in that area will try and warn you since even spirits are afraid of it.

Angels:  They do show up just as an apparition on VERY highspeed cameras. They do not haunt more or less they are smart, surve a bigger purpose perhaps they keep away the demons and other lesser beings. Often they look human but do usually have wings.

Source unknown

Rods: These beings seemed to be found near alot of orbs, vortexes or in haunted locations. They definately are not orbs of light traveling fast but rather stick like beings that seem to be on the move. Not much is known about them just yet but they can appear in a variety of colors. Some rods are seen in the sky and are large said to be fast moving ufos. But when you look at a rod up close most look like barbed wire. Below is a shot taken near albany crossing near an airplane. Of course I have seen photos like this taken inside peoples homes such as bright yellow ones, white as well. 

Courtesy of fox 23




Interactive Former Human Spirit Pattern Location Based Haunting Non-Interactive Psychokinetic Non-Human Entity 
Phantom Residual Haunting General PK Angels
Apparition Spirit (Psychic) Burn Poltergeist Demons
Classic Haunting Psychic Echoes Psychic Attack Elementals 
Graveyard Spectres Phantom Craft Psychic Disturbance Banshees?
Etheric Revenant Vortexes Psychic Vampire Ghost Lights?
Spirits Ley Lines Thoughtforms Wild Hunt
Ghost  Power Points Astral Projection Spirit/Animal Guides?
  Feng Shui  Bilocation/Double Lower Astral Entities?
  Spiritual Residue Time Slips Etheric Larvae?
  Imprints Artificial Ghost Animal Ghosts

Remember that these are just labels for convenient use, and it is not to say that any of these particular entities/events actually exist. They may also be known by other names, belong to more than one group or subgroup, and be in flux or in conjunction with other types of paranormal activity.

This is a minor listing of terms ghostbusters will use. I know there probably is 100 more out there but this will give a general idea if you need to refer to something in general that we talk about or cover when investigating.

Agent: A human being, typically a teenage female, who unknowing directs poltergeist energy.

Altered State of Consciousness (ASC): Any state of consciousness that is different from "normal" states of waking or sleeping.

Amulet: An object that has the power to ward off ghosts and evil spirits.

Angel: Benevolent spiritual beings who help and watch over people.

Apparition: The disembodied soul or spirit that can be seen visually.

Apport: When a solid object seemingly appears from out of nowhere, with the help of the spirits in the presence of a medium.

Asport: When a solid object is teleported to a different location with the help of the spirits in the presence of a medium.

Astral Body: The soul of an individual projected outside of their bodies.

Astral Projection: See Out-Of-Body (OBE).

Atmospheric Apparition: Not actually a ghost or spirit, but instead a "visual imprint" of people and events that was left behind in the environment that continues to replay.

Aura: A field of energy believed by some to surround living creatures.

Automatic Writing: A type of communication with ghosts or spirits where they take control over the writer's hand and write out a message.

Automatism: An unconscious or spontaneous muscular movement caused by ghosts or the spirits. Automatic Writing is one form of Automatism.

Banshee: Omen spirits of Scotland and Ireland.

Channeling: A form of spirit communication where an unseen entity possesses a medium in a controlled environment to impart guidance, wisdom or future events. The channeled entity could be a deceased human being, an Angel, Demon, Elemental or other higher plain spirit.

Charms: A spell or object possessing magic power.

Clairaudience: A persons ability to hear spirits.

Clairvoyance: Either an internal or external vision of present or future events, spirits, objects, places, and people.

Cold Reading: A psychic reading given with no prior knowledge of the sitter.

Collective Apparition: A ghost or spirit sighting simultaneously by more than one living person.

Collect Unconscious: Form of analytical psychology developed by Carl lung. It is the collective memory of all the humanity's past and is held somewhere inside the unconscious mind.

Crisis Apparition: Ghosts that appear to loved ones and close friends just before or soon after their death.

Cross Correspondence: Information received from the spirit world.

Crossroads: Point where two roads intersection. Said to be a focus point of supernatural energy.

Death: The grim reaper perhaps the spirit that is behind your fate or guides your soul after death to where its going.

Death Bed Apparitions: See Crisis Apparition.

Demon: Fallen angels associated with evil.

Direct Voice Phenomenon (DVP): The voice of a ghost or spirit being spoken to the sitters of a seance. The voice usually comes from some point near the medium, but not through the medium. Sometimes a spirit horn or trumpet is used. Direct Writing: When ghost or spirit's handwriting appears directly on a previously unmarked, unwritten surface.

Drop-In Communicator: A ghost, spirit or entity that makes its presence known at a seance.

Dowsing: The paranormal detection of underground water or mineral deposits ( or lost persons and objects) using a divining rod or pendulum.

Dybbuk: A Jewish legend. The restless soul of a deceased human being that enters the body of a living person and takes possession.

Earth Lights: Luminous phenomena typically shaped in ball form or irregular patches of light appearing randomly and defying explanation.

Ectoplasm: Ectoplasm can be either a solid, liquid or vaporous substance produced by ghosts or spirits, It is usually a milky white color and has an ozone smell. Some forms of ectoplasm are known to move in lifelike patterns.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP): EVP is the attempt to capture a ghost or spirits voice on audio recording tapes. Typically there is no voice heard to the people present in the recording but after reviewing the tapes there are strange voices recorded.

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Detectors: Handheld scientific instruments that can pick up electronic and magnetic fields over different frequencies. They can read changes and distortions in the normal electro-magnetic fields.

Elemental Spirit: A spirit associated with one of the classical four elements (fire, earth, air and water).

Energy Vortex: see Ectoplasm.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP): The acquisition of information by means beyond the five human senses.

Exorcism: A religious rite used to cast out a ghost, spirit or entity from a living persons body or a particular location.

Exorcist: A religious "holy man" who conducts an exorcism.

Fairy: Small, human-like mythical being. May be benevolent or malevolent.

False Awakening: An experience in which a person believes he or she has woken up, but actually is still dreaming.

Family Apparitions: Ghosts that haunt one particular family. Their appearance usally means that someone within the family is about to die.

Focal Person: Person who is at the center of poltergeist activity.

Ghost: The visual appearance of a spirit or soul of a deceased being, human or animal. The disembodied soul or lifeforce.

Ghost Catcher: A wind chime like device that makes noise as a ghost or spirit passes by it.

Ghost Hunt: An attempt made by the living to find and see a ghost or spirit.

Ghost Hunter: A living individual who searches out and sometime finds and identifies ghosts and spirits.

Ghost Investigation: A scientific endeavor, in a controlled environment, set up to communicate, record, and capture visual evidence of the existence of ghosts.

Ghost Lights: See Earth Lights.

Ghostbuster: A living person who can remove an unwanted ghost, spirit, entity or poltergeist activity from a particular location.

Ghoul: Evil spirit or monster that robs graves and feeds off of the flesh of the dead.

Gray Lady: The ghost of a woman who has died at the hands of a lover or waits for the return of a loved one.

Guardian Angel: An angel believed to protect the individual.

Halloween: All Hallows Eve, is the night of October 31 st when the spirit and nor- mal world allegedly become one.

Hallucination: A false and distorted perception of reality.

Haunt: A place where a ghost or ghosts frequently return.

Haunting: The continuous manifestation of inexplicable phenomena associated with the presence of ghosts or spirits attached to a particular location.

Haunted Objects: Jewelry, furniture, clothing, etc, that seem to be haunted by a past owner or have been cursed.

Hypnotism: An induced trance or sleep state.

Ley Lines: Invisible lines that run between sacred objects or locations.

Levitation: The paranormal raising or suspension of an object or person.

Lucid Dreams: A dream where the dreamer does not know that they are dreaming.

Luminous Phenomena: The experience of strange lights or glows, often around objects or people.

Magnetometer: A technical device used to study the strength, direction and fluctuation or magnetic fields.

Marian Apparition: The appearance of the Virgin Mary.

Materialization: The manifestation of physical objects, animals or people.

Medium: A person with a gift to communicate with ghosts and spirits on behave of the living.

Modern Apparitions: "New" Ghosts of deceased individuals. They appear in fashion from the current time.

Near-Death Experience (NDE): A phenomenon in which a person clinically dies or comes very close to death only to be revived and then can recall in great detail stories of spiritual worlds and other supernatural events.

Necromancer: A person usually considered a wizard or sorcerer, who can raise the dead and command the spirits to obtain information about the future.

Necromancy: A form of prophecy preformed by a necromancer.

Omen: A foretelling of a future event.

Oracle: A seer who can communicate with ghosts, spirits and Gods to obtain information.

Orb: A mass of energy in the shape of a ball, there are several classifications depending on size, ghostly appritions are usally always associated with an orb and are present.

Ouija Board: A board with letters and numbers used by people who are attempting to communicate with ghosts or spirits.

Out-Of-Body (OBE): Also called Astral Projection. The phenomenon in which a living person's spirit can exit their body, travel the earth and other spiritual worlds and then return back to their bodies.

Paranormal: Beyond the normal.

Parapsychology: The scientific study of unusual events associated with the human experience and PSI subjects.

Percipient: A living person who sees a ghost, spirit or paranormal event. Phantom Animals: Ghosts of deceased animals.

Phantom Hitchhiker or Traveler: A ghost or spirit that haunts a particular stretch of road or route. Phantom Hitchhikers ask for rides only to suddenly disappear when they reach their destination.

Photographic Apparitions: Ghosts and spirits that you can't see, but appear in photographs after they are developed.

Planchette: A pointer used with a Ouija Board to communicate with ghosts, spirits or higher plane entities.

Poltergeist: "Noisy Ghost." Poltergeists are invisible masses of spirit energy that may or may not be connected to a living human Agent. Some of the most common poltergeists activities include loud unexplained noise, levitations, the moving of objects, and electrical problems.

Possession: When a persons mind and body are taken over by ghosts, spirits or other supernatural entities such as demons.

Precognition: The paranormal awareness of future events.

PSI: A general term used to denote the unknown factors responsible for a variety of paranormal phenomena.

Psychic: Popular term used to denote a person who regularly uses, or who appears to be especially gifted with, psi abilities.

Psychic echo: When sounds from the past have mysteriously recorded themselves into the natural environment.

Psychokinesis (PK): Mind Movement. Psychokinesis (PK) is the apparent ability to influence the environment by intention alone.

Purgatory: The place where the souls of those who have died must go to be cleansed of all their sin before they can be admitted to Heaven.

Radio Voice Phenomenon (RVP): The voice of a ghost or spirit communicating through a regular radio.

Reciprocal Apparition: An experience where both the agent and the ghost or spirit see and react to each other.

Recurring Apparitions: Ghosts or spirits that appear in regular cycles, usually once a year, on the anniversary of their dead for example.

Reincarnation: The belief that a soul can be reborn into a new body after death.

Repressed Psychokinetic Energy: A theoretical psychic force unconsciously produced by an individual while undergoing a physical or mental trauma.

Retrocognition: Paranormal knowledge of past events.

A type of prophecy where an individual can see future events by staring into a shiny or reflective surface, such as a mirror or crystal ball.

Seance: The gathering of a group of individuals for the purpose of communicating for the ghost of the dead.

Sensitive: Someone who is aware or can detect paranormal events beyond the range of their five human senses.

Screaming Skulls: Human skulls that protest with poltergeist activity when their final wishes are not fulfilled.

Shaman: A witch doctor or medicine man who communicates with spirits while in a trance and who has the power of healing.

Sixth sense: Popular term for ESP.

Sleep Paralysis: A frightening state of seeming to being awake but unable to move.

Soul: The spiritual life force or essence, carrying an individual's personality and consciousness of all actions.

Spectre: A ghost or apparition.

Spirit: Often used to define the soul of a person, but it can also be used to represent places such as sacred lakes or objects, shrines, and elemental entities.

Spirit Detection: The reading made by scientific equipment (EMF Detectors, Temperature changes, etc.) when a ghost or spirit is present.

Spirit Photography: Photographs of figures or faces, believed by some to be those of deceased persons.

Spirit Profile: Researching the background and history of the ghost or spirit, then determining it's consistent patterns as a result of the findings.

Spiritualism: Belief systems that ghosts and spirits can and do communicate with the living.

Spook Lights: See Earth Lights.

Stigmata: Unexplained markings on a person's body that correspond to the wounds of Christ.

Super-ESP: A more powerful form of telepathy that allow certain individuals to pick up information about a deceased person from other living people.

Supernatural: Something that exists of occurs through some means other than any know force in nature or science.

Time-Slips: Moments where the past and present collide at one point. Telepathy: Mind-to-mind communication.

Telephone Calls From The Dead: When a person receives a telephone call from someone who is dead. The person may or may not know that the caller is deceased.

Teleportation: Paranormal transportation of an object from one location to another, even throgh solid objects.

Transportation Apparitions: The appearance of ghostly cars, trucks, ships, bicycles, carriages, trains, airplanes and anything else that carry people. They haunt their old routes.

Vampire: A supernatural creature (undead) that can only come out at night and lives by drinking the blood of the living. There are pyschic vampires as well.

Vortex: A opening or doorway between our world and the spirit world.

Wild Hunt: A group of ghost horsemen or packs of ghostly dogs see at night.

Witch: A women with supernatural powers.

Wraith: A ghost that comes back to avenge its own death. Considered an omen spirit.

Types of Hauntings
by Dave Juliano

 There are basically three types of hauntings.

The first type of haunting is exactly like a video playback of a historic or tragic event.  This is called a residual haunting.  The event unfolds in front of you and there is no interaction between you and the ghosts.  They seem to not notice you and go through the motions of the event that occurred in the past.  This event has been imprinted on the area or building and is replayed back later when conditions are right.  The ghosts that you see in this type are not earthbound spirits, they are just visual play backs.  Since everything is made up of energy, the theory is that some of the energy from an event can be recorded by certain materials and played back when the atmosphere triggers it.  Remember that video and audio tape is just oxidized (rust) film that enables the images and sounds to "stick" to it.  This type may be frightening when you see it, but you are in no danger so enjoy the experience.

The second type of haunting is an interactive spirit that manifests in many ways.  You may see a full bodied or partial bodied apparition.  More frequently than that, you may here voices, music, footsteps, etc.  You may also smell odors which sources cannot be found (i.e. pipe tobacco when no one smokes).  You may also see orbs, mists and other light effects.  You may feel touches, cold spots, and other light physical contact.  This ghost is the spirit of a deceased human being.  They may be stuck here (earthbound) for reasons such as tragic sudden death, fear of moving on, guilt or unfinished business.  They also could be here visiting loved ones or to warn or pass along a message.  These human spirits are the same as they were in life, so they may be good or bad, but not really evil.  Think of all the people you know, probably a bit of good and bad, some worse than others.  This type can cause some scary situations but you must think about the situation they are in, you don't see them but they see you.  They will try to get your attention any way they can.  Many times this is the terrifying event people will write to me about like the lights going on and off, items moving, noises, etc.  For the most part these are just attention getters and nothing more.  There are a few more mischievous human spirits that will do these things to bother you and scare you on purpose.  They may just be a prankster or maybe they want you to leave the old home or not to change something in the home.  They have all the same motivations you and I would have.  These human spirits account for a majority of the hauntings we encounter and are relatively harmless.  Yes, there are extreme cases and sometimes they can cause dangerous situations, but this is not the norm and is rare.

The third type of ghost you may encounter is not a rare one, but is rare that they interact with the living.  They are non human spirits, commonly known as demons and devils.  They are mentioned in the bible numerous places in both the old and new testaments.  People like Ed and Lorraine Warren have been dealing with this type of spirit for years.  This type is dangerous and can cause you harm.  I believe that if there is good, there must be a counter balance, evil.  These non human spirits often disguise themselves and friendly and helpful human spirits.  They often appear in cases dealing with Ouija boards, black magic and satanic worship.  This is why I recommend not trying to contact spirits and doing ghost hunts without some understanding of what's out there.  It's also why I recommend you go with or learn from experienced people before hand.  That way you can ghost hunt with relative safety from these entities.


Digital Photography and Photographing Ghosts

There has been a lot of speculation in this field in regards to the
validity of Digital Technology for use in modern research of life after
death. In order to validate or dismiss a piece of equipment for this
research one must first gain a better understanding of the device in
question. What I intend to do is dispel some of the myths in regards to
Digital Cameras and show how these devices are better suited for our
research than old fashioned film cameras.

A Digital Camera is much like a film camera, it collects light and
transfers it to a CCD array as opposed to a piece of film. A
charge-coupled device or (CCD) is a light-sensitive integrated circuit
that stores and displays the data for an image in such a way that each
pixel (picture element) in the image is converted into an electrical
charge the intensity of which is related to a color in the color
spectrum. For a system supporting 65,535 colors, there will be a
separate value for each color that can be stored and recovered. CCDs are
now commonly included in digital still and video cameras. They are also
used in astronomical telescopes, factory automation, remote fiber optic
sampling, Thermo - Triangulation, Infra-red detection, Endoscopes,
scanners, bar code readers, and Nasa's Hubble Telescope to name a few.
The devices have also found use in machine vision for robots, in optical
character recognition (OCR), in the processing of satellite photographs,
and in the enhancement of radar images, especially in meteorology.
A CCD is a tiny collection of diodes, which convert Photons into
Electrons. These diodes are referred to as photosites. Photosites are
sensitive to light; the brighter the light that hits the photosites, the
greater the electrical charge that accumulates on that photosite.
Photosites on a CCD array are especially sensitive to IR light.
In the past Digital Cameras did not use a CCD array, instead they used a
complementary metal oxide semiconductor, or (CMOS) technology. A CCD array uses a special manufacturing process to create the ability to
transport charge across the chip without distortion. This process leads
to very high-quality sensors in terms of fidelity and light sensitivity.
CMOS chips, on the other hand, use completely normal manufacturing
processes to create the chip, the same processes used to make most
microprocessors. Because of the manufacturing differences, there are
several noticeable differences between CCD and CMOS sensors. For one,
CCD sensors create high-quality, low-noise images. CMOS sensors,
traditionally, are more susceptible to noise. This noise is what has
been referred to as "pixel filling." The noise created by CMOS sensors
created a grainy, snowy effect on the images. It did not however produce
"orbs", or anything remotely the size of the anomalies we capture on
In order to help a digital camera adjust the white balance, on some
cameras a "hot mirror" is placed on top of the CCD array to block IR
light and ease the compensation these cameras make. Not all cameras will
have this "Hot Mirror." When using this device for the photography of
anomalous activity, you want a camera that does not have the "Hot
Mirror" installed on the CCD array. The Toshiba brand digital cameras do
not have the "Hot Mirror" installed. If you are uncertain if your
digital camera has the "hot mirror" there is a simple test you can
conduct. Turn your Digital Camera on as if you are going to take a
picture. Point a remote control for a TV or VCR at the lens of the
camera. When you press the button if you can see the blinding white
light from the remote your camera does not have the "Hot Mirror" on the
CCD array and is sensitive to IR light. "Orbs" are infrared in nature, and most digital cameras are designed to capture IR light. It is only logical to use a device designed to capture IR light for anomalies that are IR in nature. This is simply using the right tool for the job. Considering all CCD arrays are IR sensitive Sony has used them in ALL of their Night Shot products. A Sony "Night Shot" camera, both analog and digital are based on Digital Camera technology.

The Parapsychology of Ghosts

Ghosts appear in many forms.  The most common of these forms is what
we refer to Electromagnetic Luminaries or EML's.  EML's, if you were
to break it down to a very basic level, are balls of electrostatic
energy with what seems to be a conscience.  They seem to be able to
reason and have some sort of intelligence.  From EML's, a 'ghost' will
manifest into what is referred to as a free formed vapor.  This vapor
appears like a mist.  Most of the time it will not have a definite
shape.  From this vaporous mass, a 'ghost' will then manifest into a
full human form which is extremely rare to see and even more rare to
catch on film.

Many people who see a full form floating apparition or 'ghost',
notice that they seem to be dressed in clothing from the period in which
they once existed.  As we know, clothes do not have souls nor do those
leisure suits from the 70's have an afterlife, however, there are a few
reasons we have to take into account why these 'ghosts' appear the way
they do.  First, many of the 'ghosts' are not aware they are no longer
alive.  Going by what we know, 'ghosts' are nothing more than EML's
that go through a manifestation period of balls of energy to a vaporous
mist to full form.  During the period of the vapor manifestation is
when the energy begins to take shape.  This shape, being whatever form
it chooses to take and not knowing that it is no longer alive, usually
takes the same shape it had in life.  In life, when we perceive
ourselves, we see ourselves clothed, as do these apparitions.  This is
the reason they will form with clothing they are familiar in. 
Children will often be seen with their toys once they manifest to full
form.  Some spirits know they are deceased due to a violent demise and
choose to stay behind in the world of the living.  This is why those
who did indeed have a violent demise can be seen with wounds that
pertain to way they were killed.