Subj: [ParanormalGhostSociety] Tonight's Stellar Investigation Reports...  
Date: 1/17/2004 3:24:45 AM Eastern Standard Time 
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Tonight was a really productive and stellar night despite all our slips and falls on the ice and my roll of film magically disappearing while on board a haunted naval ship everything turned out okay. It was a pretty chilly night probably about 5 degrees. Mark and I tried to visit places with great historical meaning.  

We had a lot of fun despite the heavy snowfall and even captures some really nice apparitions on film. We do hope that you will enjoy the work we did with these places tonight. The places we visited tonight were the USS Sullivan's, The Erie Basin Marina, Kleinhans Music Hall and the Buffalo Museum Of Science. We basically focused on the outside of these places and found all 4 areas equally haunted. We left in the later part of the evening and so our adventure begins here.

USS Sullivan's & Buffalo Naval Serviceman's Park

We were lucky to get on board here as you know our organization loves ships but venture on to a haunted naval one is even a bigger treat. The first place we ventured was to the giant cannons on board. I did not feel any discomfort on board although being near the lake it was quite cold. We started to realize that the activity on board was picking up right as soon as we boarded. Not many noises were heard but hollowing wind and a clink sound occasionally of the flag pole on board. We also noticed that the snow on deck was quite high so getting near the railings and looking down at the cold water and ice just make it even a bigger rush. 

We worked our way to the front of the ship where there was small missiles but on our way there I noticed a dark hallway and you could just feel something standing there watching that area probably was the one of the Sullivan Brothers. It was just a different type of feelings and at that point I did not feel very alone. We did walk around the ship at least most of it and the plank to the other destroyer was not connected so we could not check the other ship out. So we continued to focus on the larger destroyer. We noticed a series of decks higher up some ladders we climbed led to nowhere. But we climbed a few and ended up near a gun, a satellite dish, and some other odd doors with windows on them. 

We were thinking about exploring the inside of the ship but honestly it is a museum and I am not sure they would understand our intentions there so we walked the upper decks explored some other areas such as a life boat and part of the control tower. I have to admit everything was covered in ice so it was rough climbing some of the ladders. This ship is so large we only covered about only a quarter of it. But we had a lot of fun and it turned out to be a nice little investigation before I move to Florida. 

After exploring a few more decks which seemed pretty high up despite there were even more higher areas to climb up we decided to head out and visit are other locations for the night. I did take a photo and seen and orb in motion on board you could just see the ball of light and motion trail as it faded out. So there is definitely activity on board and Mark captured some nice digital photos. I mysteriously had film disappear I have no idea where it went so I feel bad but ghost can be playful and on that roll I captured something because I seen on it the flash maybe something that does not want to be seen.

For the most part the ship was quiet not to much activity but the wind chill, climbing ladders, the ice water below really made it a difficult investigation but we spent a good hour walking around just feeling out the ship. Then we descended to some lower decks and headed back to the mainland to take some photos of the torpedo, memorials and the submarine that is docked here.  Then we ran back to the car to get warmed up. What we concluded from the ships is there are ghost on board most of them are very quiet or rather they stay to themselves. I found the ship to be more haunted then the naval park itself which is next to the ships. Although to me it did not matter how many ghost we captured just the fact of being on board a naval warship was a adventure in itself. After all our fun and excitement we decided to head off to the Erie Basin Marina.


USS Little Rock

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Naval Park Area

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USS Sullivans

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More photos from this investigation coming in the future!!