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The Paranormal & Ghost Society is an educational resource to provide students historical references in relation to the areas culture, scenic beauty and paranormal occurrences in relation to the tribe as well as the Pyramid Lake War of 1860 in regards to other Paiute sites we have visited!

The Paranormal & Ghost Society is a travel and educational site that commits to various outdoor projects as well as geological finds!

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There is no lake in the world like Pyramid Lake when I moved up here Tammy had made it a goal that for my birthday in 2011 we visit here to uncover its secrets.  Labeled to be the most beautiful desert lake in all of NV I would have to agree it truly is an oasis one that you can camp on and enjoy its large cutthroat trout that have been caught for centuries by the natives and outdoor enthusiast such as myself.

Allot of the locations that we investigate and explore are outdoor places although do not let its beauty fool you at one time this lake was the site where the natives drowned there young if they were deformed or to weak to survive. Not to mention the fact that those who vanish or perish in Lake Tahoe often end up being found afloat in Pyramid Lake. Thus some of the urban enthusiast locally have felt that there is an underwater tunnel that connects this lake to Tahoe. I felt that perhaps this isnt the case but rather the more plausible explanation may be that the raging Truckee River which dumps itself into Pyramid Lake perhaps was responsible for carrying bodies down stream. Nonetheless over the years there are rumors that the lake shore surrounding this place is said to be haunted by its ghost of the past and those that perished in the Pyramid Lake War.

John C. Fremont was the first American to gaze upon Pyramid Lake in 1844 and was named based on its tufa rock formation that is seen on the Eastern Shore which actually resembled a pyramid.  On the western shore of the lake is an area called the needles which also is the site of geothermal energy which steam rises up from the ground. The needles are a series of rock formations that protrude right out of the ground and are submerged by the lakes pristine greenish waters.  

Sadly over the years vandals have ruined some of the most sacred areas of the lake thus most of the area today is now offlimits. I am hoping to get in touch with tribal police in hopes they will let our team continue our research in this region as our goal is to preserve such sites not harm them.  Rumor has it that when you steer out into the lake it almost looks four dimensional its the oddest thing I do not question it I just try to relax my mind and understand that enchantment cannot always be explained.

At one time most of Nevada was underwater as the Lahontan Sea consumed allot of northern NV. When the sea began to fade it formed many lakes in this region including the forming of Pyramid Lake.  The lake is the largest remnant today of the ancient Lahontan Sea and was at one time the deepest part totalling 890 feet in depth.  Today is just under 400 feet deep and some of the locals have claimed that a serpent dwells upon its bottom depths. This may be true considering some unlucky fisherman that have been pulled in were never found or seen again.

By 1888 it was used for commercial fishing and by that time most of the Paiute Indians had moved northerward into the Black Rock Desert.  Bu 1912 the natives became the employees as 10 to 15 tons of trout per week were caught and sold to southern NV mining camps.  Sadly the lake eventually became overfished that is when the method of stocking trout began here in 1950. Without stocking the lake there would be no more fish to catch or eat and so today it still is a number one fishing spot in NV.

Hell in 1925 a Paiute named Johnny Skimmerhorn caught the worlds largest cuthroat in this lake totaling 41lbs.  Just as Clark Gable who loved to fish for cuthroat use to come up here to catch cutthroat. It is not uncommon even today for fishing enthusiast to catch a 10lber.  Rumor has it that centuries ago 60lb trout were not uncommon here they were the monsters of this lake.

However the lake is not the only attraction that one can enjoy here after all their are thousands of acres of mountains and canyons. From my first journey here it wasnt hard to point out various caves and paths leading up into the mountains. When Fremont arrived at this lake he stood on a peak looking down on it and id like to someday try to perform a similar journey so that I could see the lake the same way he seen it with his eyes.

Some of those canyons are lined with petroglyphs just as some of the mountains hold caves that were once dwellings for the ancient natives. I read recently bones were excavated in one of the caves so it definitely is an area that deserves to be explored and being that we are based in the area we look forward to uncovering its secrets.

I do not think I will have to look to far to find the answers I seek afterall over the years many stories have accumlated about those hearing sounds of screaming babies and even some seeing ghostly natives dancing around there camp fires. I have heard that Pyramid Lake is very sacred that many ceromonies took place right around its pyramid structures. There are many ancient mystery sites in our world Pyramid Lake is another one just awaiting to be unmasked.

Copyright By
Lord Rick
Author, Producer and Talk Show Host

Pyramid Lake War
Courtesy:  http://www.onlinenevada.org/pyramid_lake_war

The Pyramid Lake War of 1860 was the single greatest confrontation between American Indians and whites in Nevada's history. It was caused by the onrush of thousands of settlers to the Washoe country, lured by reports of valuable silver and gold deposits on the Comstock, combined with the lack of any effective organized government in the area. By the spring of 1860, the often unruly influx of Euro-Americans approximately equaled the Northern Paiute population in the area, impinging on their scarce resources and food supply. Incidents between the whites and Native Americans in the nearby Honey Lake area heightened tensions.

Consequently, in May 1860, a large band of Paiute Indians, along with allied Bannocks and Shoshones, met near Pyramid Lake for the annual fish run and to discuss options. The great majority of the leaders advocated war without, however, suggesting any specific course of action. Only Numanga of the Pyramid band foresaw the futility of the effort, advising against war, declaring that if there were a confrontation, "They will come like the sand in a whirlwind and drive you from your homes. You will be forced among the barren rocks of the north, where your ponies will die; where you will see the women and old men starve, and listen to the cries of your children for food."

Meanwhile, events outpaced the debate. Two brothers at Williams Station, a stage and grog stop on the Carson River, had kidnapped two American Indian sisters of about twelve years of age, molested and then hidden them. When members of their tribe discovered this, an enraged group of warriors, including the girls' father, rescued them, while in the process killing two of the Williams brothers, along with three other whites, and burning the station. When the news reached the tribal enclave at Pyramid Lake it sealed the case for war, upon which Numanga reportedly and regretfully said, "There is no longer any use for counsel; we must prepare for war."

When news of the carnage at Williams Station reached the Comstock settlements, it was immediately determined that the Indians had to be taught a lesson. The settlers perceived the non-aggressive Paiutes as mere "digger," and the prevailing mood was that the punishment would be easily administered. The universal feeling was that the venture would be a joy ride to victory over a passive enemy. Four detachments of men, totaling 105, were organized from Virginia City, Silver City, Carson City, and Genoa. Since no effective government existed in the area, this was very much a vigilante, squatter effort. Perhaps inevitably, there was no recognized, uniform command of the group, although Major William Ormsby attempted to fill that function.

It hardly turned out that way. On May 12, 1860, Numanga's army lured the motley force into a trap on the banks of the Truckee River southeast of Pyramid Lake. An estimated seventy of the white combatants died, but were it not for the advancing darkness which gave cover to the fleeing troops, probably everyone would have been killed. Major Ormsby himself was slain. This engagement resulted in the loss of more Euro-American lives than had been the case for any Native American-white confrontation for the previous sixty-nine years. It was a stunning surprise.

The survivors skedaddled as rapidly as possible back to the settlements, where panic now prevailed. A makeshift, homemade wooden cannon was improvised in Gold Hill which, in the only time it was used, blew up on itself. In Virginia City, an unfinished stone hotel became an impromptu fort. The mines completely shut down and many settlers fled the area. Since typically the settlers belittled the Northern Paiutes as fighters, and perhaps remembering the recent notorious Mountain Meadows Massacre, many ascribed the disaster to the hidden hand of Mormonism—the general feeling, as reported in a letter by Alf Doten, was that the Paiutes should be utterly exterminated and "the old arch traitor Brigham Young hanged."

A telegraph to California resulted in the arrival of 544 volunteer soldiers from California and the Washoe Country under the capable leadership of Colonel John Coffee Hays. They were joined by 207 regulars of the United States army, led by Captain Joseph Stewart. This was probably a superior force to what the Native Americans could muster. On June 2, 1860, the Paiute and white forces met in a second battle, fought near where the previous one had occurred. For safety's sake, American Indian women and children had been hustled off to the Black Rock Desert. After three hours of fierce fighting, the battle seemed a draw. Only three whites were killed, and the number of Native American losses was unknown, but probably light. Although the battle had been closely fought, the Paiute forces slipped away that night, leaving the strategic victory in the hands of the whites.

Thus the Comstock area was put solidly under Euro-American control, and never again would Native American forces be able to muster any effective resistance to white population incursions.

The Water Babies of Pyramid Lake

Courtesy:  Click Here: Reno Mythbusters

One of the most enduring urban myths in the Reno area involves Pyramid Lake, located just a few miles north of town on the Paiute Indian Reservation. Call it a myth at your discretion - nearly every spring an unlucky fisherman, angling for a record-sized cutthroat trout, disappears. Their bodies are seldom recovered. Some attribute their disappearance to the 350-foot depth of the lake, while others claim, "It's the Water Babies."

Just who, or what, are the Water Babies? Since no one has lived to tell the tale, it all depends on who you ask. It is an established fact that before the white man arrived at Pyramid Lake members of the Paiute tribe threw ill-formed or premature babies into the water. The tribe members felt that this was a necessary task to keep the tribe strong in the harsh desert environment.

According to one version of this Reno urban legend, the angry spirits of the unfortunate infants took hold of the lake over the centuries. Now, nearly every spring, these tormented spirits take their revenge on lake dwellers.

The Paiutes who live near the lake, however, tell a different story. According to staff members of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor Center, this urban myth began with a family vacation, of sorts, to the California coast. While there, one of the Paiute sons met and fell in love with a mermaid-like creature. He was determined to marry her, and brought her back to Pyramid Lake with him to meet his fellow tribe members. Upon seeing the strange creature, the Paiute tribe members insisted that he take her back to the ocean. But before they left, the rejected creature put a curse on the water.

Shortly thereafter, two sisters were washing clothes in the river. One sister had a small infant who she left in the shade of a large tree while she did her chores. Unbeknownst to the sisters, a serpent emerged from the river, eating the baby and assuming its form. When the young mother went to feed her child, the demonic infant began to devour the young mother. After the poor mother's sister and several tribe members failed to make the baby release its grip, a Medicine Man was summoned. A fateful deal was made: the demon would be free to inhabit the lake if the young mother was restored to health.

Reno mythbusters and ghost hunters are still baffled by the paranormal presence that looms over Pyramid Lake. People still report that they hear the dejected cries of an invisible baby or the laughter of ghostly children. Such noises constitute a bad omen, according to the Pyramid Lake natives. As one Paiute man tells it, "If you hear it, it's bad news; if you see it, you're dead!" All I can tell you is if you're planning a trip to Pyramid Lake, it's best to fish near the shoreline. Better yet, admire the beauty of the lake from a far yet safe distance, and move on.

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitor Center
709 Hwy 446
Nixon, NV 89424
Mon, Tues CLOSED
Sun, Wed-Sat 10:00AM-4:30PM





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